It Defies Common Sense!

by Jeanette Macdonald. RN (palliative care), Esoteric Healing Practitioner (EPA accredited), Tauranga, NZ

On the one hand we have people gathering together in a public place, by choice, to listen to someone (Serge Benhayon) who openly and consistently presents simple loving ways of living and being in the world: by openly, I mean the doors are always open and have always been at any Universal Medicine presentation I have attended.

And on the other hand, David Millikan, who Serge (due to his open door policy and having nothing to hide) had generously agreed to give the time and space to go on stage so that he could ask questions, supposedly prepared for those gathered. 

But he revealed a different colour and delivered instead rants and accusations in an effort to incite and inflame the audience to some kind of action /reaction.

It was patently obvious that this was a deliberate ‘sideshow’, set up solely for the benefit of a known TV channel’s concealed cameras that he had stashed amongst those present.

All this it seems, for the manufacturing of a ‘juicy story’!

What I want to know is this:

If you are the minister of a church (which Millikan claims to be), a ‘man of God’ so to speak, is it loving, respectful or in fact, responsible to:

  • Lie about motives and intentions
  • Condone and set up filming of those present without their express permission
  • Be guilty of prejudiced opinion
  • Make unfounded allegations, rant and rave in a manner that seriously frightens people, particularly the children present.

Or to put it in perhaps more apt words:

  • ‘Rev it up’ (pun not originally intended) for his own ends and the agenda of the TV channel that, it transpires, he was being paid by.

From my understanding of love, respect and responsibility, or indeed acceptance of another’s way of being….

No, it is not!

This display was in direct contrast to why people were actually gathered, and I feel saddened that he didn’t choose a more respectful and responsible way to engage with everyone there. It would have been so easy to do so, as it was so obviously welcomed.

Though I was not present on Friday night, I spoke with many who were, independently of each other over the next few days, and each gave in essence the same shocking account.

What I gleaned from them was that they were expecting to be met with genuine enquiry – without bias – and an opportunity for truth and understanding to be arrived at, for the benefit of all.

I believe this would have been fair and responsible – but they were hit instead with something that was not: something that sent shivers down my spine and felt more in keeping with the Dark Ages. Something that vilified and hectored (hectoring, n. to treat with insolence; to threaten; to bully) ordinary every day people for their opinions/beliefs and their chosen way of living.

Here? Now? Australia today? Surely not!

I understand that the resulting footage and likely selective editing will make it possible to show only the TV channel and Millikan’s view of how they want it to look. This is depicted in Barry Levinson’s film “Wag the Dog” – a revealing look at ‘spin doctoring’ at its most chilling!

But the over 150 people present know the truth of what happened! Their loved ones, family members, friends, work colleagues et al who were not present, but who know their integrity, will also know the truth of what happened.

Such a shame that David Millikan had been paid to run an angle on a story, that the angle was decided before he even met the people he was reporting about, and that he didn’t take the opportunity to simply engage in normal conversation with them.

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  1. For any reporter to ask the True questions, first they would have to align to their essences and live a life full of decency and respect so that integrity can return to journalism and be a True reflection for all.

  2. It does appear that the ‘dark ages’ have never in fact gone away. That there is a want to suppress the truth. My question has to be what it is about the truth that certain people do not want to hear or know, what are these people frightened of that they would want to whip up public hysteria. What are they trying to hide from the rest of humanity?

  3. True integrity and responsibility do not appear to be part of David Milikan’s life – this was a planned ambush on unsuspecting people.

  4. There is no love in what David Mililkan did and there was no search for truth. It is sad to see someone who purports to represent God sink to the low to playing a media puppet and the behaviour is entirely reminiscent of eras gone by.

  5. When a man can stand in front of a crowd and accuse them of whatever dogmatic belief he’s wrapped in, he is able to do much worse when they’re not around. When empty, seeking for recognition, to be right and the sort – we are able to cause great harm just to fulfil our insecurities.

  6. Indecency hides its right to harm others behind many facades including in this case being a minister in religion, and those who feel justified to abuse others by working for the media.

  7. History shows us how we have killed another in the name of God. We like to believe that this hideousness occurred back in the Dark Ages, yet this same consciousness is still rife today through religious vilification. How contradictory it is to pursue a public vilification of another/different benign religious group in the name of God, and to be under the illusion to think that this is doing ‘good’ not only is self-righteous and hypocritical but completely defies common sense.

    1. An example of how arrogant we become when we choose to remain ignorant of the truth. There is no honouring in this, in any respect.

    2. The concerning thing is we can think the Dark Ages has gone because the scenery around us looks different with technology, cars, infrastructure etc, yet the disturbing attitudes, beliefs and emotions, etc, that were behind abhorrent behaviours in the Dark Ages are still a part of human life today.

  8. It really does defy common sense – how anyone can even think that they can hold a position of righteousness whilst employing all kinds of deceitful maneuvering. It just self-exposes the shoddiness of being right.

  9. When we come at life with an agenda, what we generally get is confirmation of that agenda – because we make sure we do. But does that get us anywhere? Not in my view. To truly understand requires openness, transparency, willingness to listen – and to admit we might just be wrong.

    1. Yes and the behaviours of David Millikan and his entourage were also devoid of decency and respect.

  10. The fact that an incident like this can take place at this point in our history reveals that we are still not a very mature society. Whilst we may parade around looking as though we know what we are talking about the corruption, as in the case with David et al. here, is obviously seen and felt…

  11. What a shame David Millikan already had a dishonest agenda, when there could have been an open discussion that would have been a very honest sharing from individuals who have chosen to make changes to their life, and the difference it has made not only to them but the community as well.

  12. You highlight some valid points here Jeanette about the lack of integrity and calculated way in which David Millikan conducted himself on that evening, it is astounding how some of the Media manipulate and lie about anyone and everything for their own gain.

  13. Transparency can be abused by opaqueness. Yet, the real test is whether transparency keeps being the way to go. Serge Benhayon has kept it. So, the ultimate goal of that dark force failed.

    1. Thank you Eduardo, how easy it is to lessen our love, integrity, joy, and transparency, etc, when we come under attack of any kind, but as disturbing as such a force coming at us can be we can stay steady. And yes, if we can the dark force ultimately fails.

  14. If David Millikan had chosen respect of others’ choices he could have attended the Universal Medicine meeting to learn for himself what was presented at a Universal Medicine event instead of allowing himself to be used as an instrument of harm and abuse.

  15. “Such a shame that David Millikan had been paid to run an angle on a story, that the angle was decided before he even met the people he was reporting about, and that he didn’t take the opportunity to simply engage in normal conversation with them.”
    As you mention above David was on the payroll for a main stream media T.V station and to me it is a known fact that a normal conversation and discovering the truth doesn’t get ratings. That does not make what happen on the 12th any less shocking. A true man of God would never sell out and exploit others for ratings, using their so called “love for God” to gain trust of innocent people only to rip the rug out from under them and film them unknowingly whilst they do it is bottom of the barrel in my opinion.

  16. What I also find interesting is that Millikan didn’t act alone. He had many people with him, camera men and women scattered throughout the audience all set up to do ‘their job’. What I find fascinating is that these people know how traumatic it is to be abused and assaulted by someone and then to have a camera shoved in your face while this is happening – they weren’t there to ‘expose’ something. They were purely there to create something to ‘entertain’ people. Their actions were totally abusive and against fundamental human rights.

  17. I was apalled when I heard this – how terrifying must it have been and what a gratuitous performance for the cameras. If he had any care for those present, any love, any concern, this would not have been the way to go. He clearly painted a picture for himself and the TV company about what he presumed was happening and just went in like a bull in a china shop. He got it so so wrong.

  18. When a story is run in the media only from a particular angle it can easily slant the outlook for the viewers and readers into bias.

  19. I’m still open to meet David Millikan. I wonder where he is at since not only exposing the students of Universal Medicine but also exposing himself – this is what it is all about being exposed. Are you loving and respectful towards others or does your actions derive from self?

  20. Well and fairly said Jeanette. I was present at the evening you describe, and it was an abominable display of disrespect and abusive behaviour (collectively – David Millikan and film crew combined). An opportunity existed for a true and open discussion with those present that evening, on topics of religion, philosophical understanding of life and more – and it was not only sadly lost, but brought a great deal of distress to a great number of people. The ‘assaulting’ nature of Millikan and co’s approach was deeply shocking.

  21. In a country that is a democratic country, we need to ask ourselves; are we really? How is it that some can go around and condemn or persecute others, for this is an example of what we are doing to each other. We are very good at blaming governments and leaders for our woes, but we allow each other to get away with ‘blue murder'(so to speak) This is only one example for there are others who are facing the tide of public opinion for their beliefs, the way they look, who they know. This is the very dangerous territory and we do know it very well, but we are choosing to ignore it.

  22. The transparency shown throughout this encounter says much in my view. To open the doors and say, ‘come on in, we have nothing to hide’ speaks volumes and David Millikan and his crew will have been aware of this fact. How transparent were the television channel in their dealings with Universal Medicine and its students? It seems to me they have more to hide that UniMed and Serge Benhayon does.

  23. This is another example of a man ‘creating’ an illusion to divert people from the truth, something men have been party to for a very long time – maybe unwittingly so – but party to none the less. It is also a clear reflection of how we are fooled by sensationalism, glamour, ‘the bright lights’, fame etc. It is time we questioned everything we see presented by our media.

    1. Sad but true, we cannot take anything at face value and therefore we would do well to rekindle the skill of discerning truth by feeling the energy and the intention behind words and deeds.

  24. So often the way we live ‘defies common sense’. Our modern day pursuit of a purely mental based intelligence seems to negate the innate intelligence we all have in our bodies and felt by all – intelligence that was once upon a time known as ‘common sense’. For me, a return to the ways of common sense would be a great thing.

  25. I totally agree Jeanette that there was not one ounce of responsibility in the actions of David Milikan with this senseless hi-jacking of a Universal Medicine event, where people, including children, had gathered to listen another wonderful presentation by Serge Benhayon. Just imagine if Mr Milikan had actually attended this event truly wanting to know more, what an amazing opportunity he would have been offered to know that there is another way to live in this crazy upside down world of ours. But of course that wouldn’t have been sensational enough for the TV company and their ratings.

  26. When a person has to be paid to create a story regarding another I cannot but wonder if statistically it is more likely to be biased?

  27. Great points Jeanette… there is great harm in assumptions made without fact and that was clear when David Millikan played his out at the expense of the many people absolutely undeserving of them or his treatment.

  28. After being present at this meeting and seeing how the media and their presenter David Milikan behaved it makes me wonder is there any truth in any television or other media outlets purporting to give the public the facts when it was so obvious after the event how meticulously they had set up their plan of action to set the stage for their own intended result. But it didn’t work because we the audience there didn’t react in the way which they ‘thought’ we would. In fact apart from the original shock and disbelief of the accusing and loaded questions that David Milikan fired at us we remained steady knowing we are the real deal. After seeing this display I am beginning to realise the media are professionals in making and twisting a story to suit them and truth isn’t part of their agenda. David Milikan a man of God, maybe, but obviously not living it.

  29. David Millikan and his media gang ‘attacked’ a peaceful open gathering – ranting at them, making false accusations and attempting to film men women and children against their wishes and with the malicious intent and express purpose of portraying them in a false light as being brainwashed followers of a cult. Forget about love just for a instant, where is the basic respect and decency we could each afford to another human being. or maybe we should not forget about love and make that the absolute basis of every interaction, then this kind of behaviour would never have the chance to get so out of control.

  30. The actions by David Millikan that night were irresponsible and harmful – to claim he is a ‘man of God’ and then act in this abusive way is the exact opposite I believe.

  31. “If you are the minister of a church (which Millikan claims to be), a ‘man of God’ so to speak, is it loving, respectful or in fact, responsible to:
    •Lie about motives and intentions
    •Condone and set up filming of those present without their express permission
    •Be guilty of prejudiced opinion
    •Make unfounded allegations, rant and rave in a manner that seriously frightens people, particularly the children present.” Some good questions you raise here Jeanette. How would they be explained by the man in question I wonder?

  32. When people act in an offensive, arrogant and dominating way to silence and vilify another way of being that is different to their own it is usually because they feel caught in the spotlight of truth that they don’t want to accept.

  33. Thank you for sharing Jeanette, as you say it defies common sense. It only takes a quick look at facts to see this stunt was purely done upon self-serving agendas and not in the rational of public safety…

  34. Often if we take away the veil of nowadays glamorous surfaces one can still feel the energy of the dark ages being expressed: in the current wars, political discussions, debates about woman’s or minoritie’s rights, illness and disease rates, abuse, … and as you correctly outline, Jeanette, in the media. It would be honest for us as a humanity to admit that we haven’t learned from the past yet.

  35. It is obvious David Millikan had an agenda that night and he did not care who he hurt or shocked with his attack. He totally disregarded the truth and was intent on smearing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and abusing the basic human rights of everyone present that night all because he wanted a sensationalist story that would stimulate viewers and boost his ratings. Luckily the story never ran, due to some decent human beings who were concerned about David Millikan’s appalling behaviour.

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