A Cancer Patient’s Experience of Complementary Treatments with Universal Medicine

by Virginia, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

All of my life I have suffered from an ever increasing range of symptoms which became more severe as I grew older. At the age of 43, I was finally diagnosed as being extremely sensitive, in fact about 100 times more sensitive than the average person – all of my totally unrelated symptoms were allergies.

My body had reached crisis point. Within two years of this diagnosis my gallbladder was surgically removed. A year later I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer – malignant multifocal infiltrating ductal carcinoma. I had the lump removed but refused chemotherapy; with the severe reactions that I had had in the past to western medication I felt that chemo would have been the end of me. That was six years ago, and although the tumour grew back and metastasised to my spine, much to the amazement of my doctors, I am still here!

I started researching all possible medical modalities. After reading about and meeting with people who had utilised Biological medicine, I travelled to the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. Their diagnostic testing is superior to anything we have in Australia. The results from the tests showed, amongst many other issues, my parasympathetic (relaxation) and sympathetic (action) nervous systems were totally out of whack.

My sympathetic nervous system was shown to stay on permanent guard, suppressing my immune system and making me vulnerable to illness, and leaving me unable to fight diseases like cancer. In short I was constantly in fight or flight mode, unable to relax, unable to sleep. I had to learn to find a balance, to de-stress in order to give my body a chance to heal itself.

Back in Australia I discovered Universal Medicine, in particular Serge Benhayon. I decided to set up an appointment. The waiting list was unbelievable, over 10 months I think at the time. Thankfully, Serge understood that Stage 4 cancer waits for no man or woman, and he found time to slot me in.

From the moment I met Serge I connected strongly to him and his message. I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, peace and sensibility in his presence, I felt heard and understood. In our sessions he used a combination of esoteric counselling and healing, chakra-puncture, and the holding of specific points. I have NEVER felt so relaxed! I had endeavored to achieve this same result over many years of attempted meditation, struggling to stop the constant chatter in my head. Much to my distress I always failed. Yet here I found a process that worked!  It relaxed my body… relaxed my body so deeply that my head followed suit. The constant chatter quietened, the stress relieved.

Serge’s views, I believe, come from the highest integrity. I can feel it in the way he talks and expresses himself and his philosophies. Without waxing too lyrical or turning Serge into some modern day saint, he is without doubt a reflection of true care and love. His desire to help humanity is only matched by his enormous level of integrity.

The good news is that since undertaking my sessions with Serge, it appears I have found a far better balance in my life. My sympathetic nervous system is now capable of relaxing. I have managed, without anxiety or exertion, to throw away the bad habits that my stressors craved and caused: no more cigarettes, chocolate and sleepless nights. No willpower or force was needed – I just stopped! I am calmer and have a far better skill-set to deal with my journey to health, hence a much more positive view of the future. Whilst I still have my tumour, thanks to the treatment and skills Serge has given me I have been able to move forward with a better perspective. I now think, feel and act a lot more positively.

In conjunction with treatment via other holistic modalities, my cancer has halved in size. The complete healing process has a long way to go, but like my other treatments that I know to be successful, I will stick with Serge Benhayon.

Every time I leave Universal Medicine I feel at peace with the world, my partner, my life and myself. The restoration of hope and faith in my life makes my journey a lot easier and I believe is a key factor in making a full recovery.

180 thoughts on “A Cancer Patient’s Experience of Complementary Treatments with Universal Medicine

  1. What Serge Benhayon offers is healing like no other, he brings understanding to what is truly happening in the body, and what caused the ill health to manifest.

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