David Millikan: Night of the Inquisition

by Sue Kira, Gold Coast, Australia

On Friday 12th October 2012 I sat down expecting another exceptional night of education from Serge Benhayon at a Universal Medicine presentation at Lennox Head. Prior to his presentation, Serge introduced David Millikan to us as a Uniting Church Minister. At first I was pleased to hear this, as I knew that the Uniting Church had an open mind to different religions, and views on a God who loves us all equally.

Serge told us how he and David had previously spoken for hours, discussing their viewpoints and how the media had been saying we were a ‘cult’. David Millikan had suggested to Serge that his view was that Universal Medicine was not a cult, and he wanted to speak to us briefly at the beginning of the presentation about how we felt. David said he wanted to include Universal Medicine in a chapter in his book.

I thought to myself, great, here’s a man with an open mind about what Universal Medicine and those who attend the workshops are all about. But instead, Mr. Millikan stood on stage with his arms folded at first, then pointed at us saying we were all in a cult and we were being led by Serge Benhayon. As he started to speak, a group of people with video cameras suddenly stood up in the hall and started filming the audience of adults and children at close range. I could also see there were film crew cameras just outside the front doors filming us through the glass. No permission had been given to film, and when asked to stop they refused.

What was this, an inquisition? It all felt really weird. I went into shock and disbelief that such a thing could be happening in a so-called free country – where I was under the impression we could choose whatever way of life we wanted to be involved with so long as we didn’t hurt anyone or break any laws. How are we a cult when we come and go as we please, we are responsible for ourselves, we love all of humanity equally and know a God who loves all equally? There are heaps of different religions and other ways of living in the world, so why is Universal Medicine labeled a cult?

This is not just about challenging the false accusations being hurled at Universal Medicine. It is about the behaviour of a man who professes to be a ‘Man of God’, treating us like a bunch of naughty children who needed to be punished, for what, we are unsure. It is clear that this man and the others that came with him, had an agenda to sensationalise a story that was paid for by a well known Television Network; and to have fodder for their own personal gain.

This kind of behaviour needs to be addressed and stopped.

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  1. Agreed Sue. It goes to show the might of the controlling force of the media barons. Disrespecting lives and indecency shown to the worse degree. We are allowing this media barrage. It does need to be addressed and stopped.

  2. When mud is slung in this type of slanderous way, then we only have a problem when we get caught in justifying a position. The True purpose of The Students is to show us that in no way are the Student body a cult, but once that word has been used it’s now up to the Student of The Livingness to share what True Love is, so the shoe will be on the other foot.

  3. I’ve never had an experience of a cult, I’ve heard of cults from TV shows and the media, but never seen it in real life. I have however attended University, Presentations and Workshops – all of which were presented in a similar style to what Universal Medicine offers. There’s a process to register online, with in-depth information about the event, there are breaks, discussions, opportunities to ask questions and so forth. If a person is displeased with the event, they can ask for a refund, if they decide to leave halfway through, that is perfectly fine too. Free will is all ours, it is a bit childish and immature to say that a person can be brainwashed, just an excuse we use as a society to avoid responsibility for I know that I have a clear mind which can discern whether somebody is lying, trying to manipulate etc. and what Universal Medicine presents is absolute gold, super enriching of my life and I absolutely adore going to these workshops, learning more about the unseen, unspoken of things of our daily lives and deepening my understanding.

  4. Sue thank you for highlighting that this behaviour no matter who it’s addressed to, is not on, not correct and not the way we all deserve to be treated. As you say it’s not just about Universal Medicine, it’s about the fact that our media and others (in this case a man of God) consider it fine to treat others like this. This we need to stop.

  5. To someone living the cult that we could say is humanity then Universal Medicine might seem different and it is but only because humanity has strayed so far from what is natural and true. And this Universal Medicine reflects in such a wonderful way.

  6. We as a civilisation are still far from living the potential of who we are in essence; the supreme love, intelligence, harmony and multidimensionality of our Soul. Even through we inaccurately champion ourselves as advancing, we clearly are far from being free from living run by the consciousness’ that incite abusive behaviours on ourselves and each other. The only way for us to be free from this is to live it for ourselves, in the face of all that is not of love, to hold steady in our connection to love, to who we are, so it is these imprints that are left and felt for all to know that this too, is who they are.

  7. We fall for the other being open minded. But it is not about this. It is about feeling the truth of what is there. When you accept that this is the discussion, it is about being open hearted.

  8. Great question, Sue – there are many religions out there and why is Universal Medicine being picked on? Could it be that it shows that there is actually only one Way that no other religion has ever been able to show? That must be quite unnerving for a ‘man of God’ whose behaviour does not even correspond to what he claims he represents.

  9. Why the need for all the clandestine drama? Surely if David Millikan really believes Universal Medicine is a cult he can say so without ‘going undercover’ and using deceit to gain entry to an open meeting. Perhaps it is because his experience is that when he ‘infiltrates’ real cults they are not so open, honest and willing to listen.

  10. The way in which this ambush was carried out was not acceptable. How lost are we to live in a world where we have but no choice to stand up and speak truth to defend what is thrown at us but if this is the case then so be it.

  11. Thank you Sue for sharing I found it interesting how David Millikan a Uniting Church Minister, wasn’t able to be up front and truthful right at the beginning, the ability to be truthful or not says a lot about a person.

    1. So true, I agree Sally as it certainly reveals the quality of his relationship with religion and the principles that he stands for and deems are acceptable, highlighting just how far we are from living true brotherhood. From this I take great inspiration as to how important it is for us to see and feel falsities, the lies, the corruption and the abuse that is still rife today as the antidote to all this is to live the steadiness of love we are and the power of truth we know within our bodies, in every aspect of our lives and relationships.

  12. One thing is for sure, people don’t have the right to invade a gathering and start hurling cunning accusations.

  13. How often in life or in situations do you find yourself jumping to conclusions or having a view based on something you have just heard. It would seem as people we do this a lot and yet most of the time we find ourselves getting another view that shows our ‘jump’ was in the wrong direction. I am seeing more and more that listening to what is going on is an art, listening truly to what people are saying or what people are sharing. Not jumping with a judgement but truly listening and then if needed gathering more information or asking more questions about whatever the topic is about. I see that this way isn’t supported generally in the world, we are moving that fast that the details are not as important and we base our view on only part of a story, in other words we have become use to ‘jumping to conclusions’. It’s time to turn this back and for us to slow down and truly listen as there is always more to things then a headline conveys.

  14. ‘How are we a cult when we come and go as we please, we are responsible for ourselves, we love all of humanity equally and know a God who loves all equally?’ Great point Sue, the use of the word ‘cult’ is a deliberate attempt to reduce and destroy the enormous truth, love and wisdom that this true Religion brings to humanity.

  15. That night turned out to be more educational than usual (considering the level of education every presentation gets to is very high). David Millikan helped the students of Universal Medicine to open their eyes to the real fact that evil can come from every angle, even from a ‘religious minister’. So, thank you D. Millikan. You have done a great service. There is a before and an after that night.

    1. I second that Eduardo, as a Student Body we have come such a long way since the D. Millikan attack on Universal Medicine; such a low level of decency, integrity and respect has definitely inspired me and many more to develop a true relationship with truth.

  16. I like that you call it an inquisition.
    We pride ourselves that we as a humanity have evolved from being primitive to being highly advanced and so much better off than our ancestors. But are we not fooling ourselves? When we look around we still have practices that were custom in the darkest of the Middle Ages. We might have advanced our technology and sophisticated everything you can build and create but the way we are with each other is absolutely loveless, and it does not start with the many wars and terrorist attacks etc., the loveless way of being with another is very prevalent in our own homes and communities.

  17. I wonder how a man who appears to have used lies and deceit to attend this Universal Medicine event to get a fabricated story, can be called a man of God?.

  18. Nothing very uniting in the actions of this member of the Uniting Church.

  19. The sheer volume of people effected by this incident is one thing but what is most shocking is that everyone attending a peaceful gathering was ambushed by strangers with cameras being told that they are in a “cult”?? Even though they are free to come and go as they please, there is no sign up fee or obligation to attend any events, no rule book or prerequisite for attending, apparently these “cult” members deserved to be publicly shamed, even though they are hard working tax paying involved active community members. A “man of god” has spoken…? AKA David, man of god? Doesn’t seem like an act of integrity or decency to me.

  20. It’s shocking to think that this can occur in a country that espouses freedom of religion and belief. Whilst it may be recored somewhere it’s not how we live as a society. It’s very much do as I say but not as I do, and it’s not about walking your talk. I have been re-listening to some of the presentations recorded by Serge Benhayon and what has been raised is that in our western countries where we live we are not under the rule of a dictatorship (which on one level one can say thank goodness), however how we treat each other as individual people of even groups within society feels no different that what it would do living in a dictatorship. Even though those in power may not be controlling society we do it to ourselves through how we are with each other. Sue this example that you have shared is a prime example of this. What was David Millikan think he was trying to do? Yes there was the shock value and TV camera’s, but why was he even interested in this, other than to demean a group of people who may have different beliefs than him, different religious practices. But really so what. If one was so content with their religion why would they even bother, bothering others? Why not leave them alone? The sad thing with this and many other similar instances where a person or group of people are vilified for their choices and beliefs (and that seems to be happening more and more) what we are not seeing is that we have far more in common that we do differences. Our so called differences are actually skin deep and when we look at this surface level we miss out on the Gold each one of us lives with every single day.

  21. Another dubious act apparently done ‘in the name of God’. Not the God I know, the one who beholds all his ‘children’ in unconditional love and would never ever judge them.

  22. I love what you say Amanda – do Millikans’ actions pass the test of true love… I don’t feel there was a skerrick of love, of truth, of acceptance, of understanding, or of equalness and unifiying, in his actions of that night.

  23. David Millikin’s methods certainly seem underhanded. Why go to such elaborate lengths to get some kind of dramatic story? There is no drama here, which is the point really. What I have found while studying with Universal Medicine is that I no longer seek drama and emotion to fuel my life. I find that love is enough. For all my movements and moments I consider – am I coming from love? Is this truly love? Am I holding another in love and honouring the love that they are?
    Even if David Millikin thought that he was doing the right thing, could his methods pass the test of true love? Does the end justify the means? I don’t feel that it does. I feel His methods were there to create shock and mistrust.

  24. There are several accounts of the events of this night that can be read on this site and others, but one thing that is common throughout, is the unnecessary harm that a self proclaimed man of God caused many unsuspecting and undeserving people, coupled with the shock that this kind of behaviour is somehow legal or acceptable in our society.

  25. “How are we (Universal Medicine Students) a cult when we come and go as we please, we are responsible for ourselves, we love all humanity equally, and know a God who loves all equally?” It was very clear that David Millikan and the TV crew that popped up amongst us, was a worked out planned set-up and never was going to be a true account of Universal Medicine and what it represents, for how could it be when it was based on lies and deception. I agree Sue “this type of behaviour needs to be addressed and stopped”.

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