I have Watched and am Now Inspired

by Sandhya Mistry, Brisbane, Australia

Today I was truly inspired by my partner of 26 years.

Over the past few months, I have watched while my partner and others have had to endure constant harassment on blog sites that a few disgruntled people who blame Universal Medicine for the break up of their relationships, have been writing on. They have blatantly told lies, have manipulated information to incite hatred, are constantly barraging them with insulting comments, and are now trying to ruin their professional reputations with completely unfounded allegations.

I have watched while she has been lied to by journalists to firstly obtain an interview, then be interviewed for up to an hour, to then only have one line manipulated to fit their story.

I have watched how the media have tried to threaten her with another false story to ruin her professional standing when she has objected to their behaviour.

I have watched while the media have portrayed women as being weak and unable to think for themselves, and being mindless followers of Universal Medicine’s founder Serge Benhayon, and tried to use my partner as an example of this.

I have watched the media and journalists tell lies about Serge Benhayon and his family, and label Universal Medicine and all who are associated with it a ‘cult’.

As I write I observe my partner’s reaction to everything that has happened. Even though there is a risk that her name, reputation, professional standing, family and business could be adversely affected, she does not change who she is and what she portrays to the world: she does not shy away from criticism or make herself inconspicuous, from fear of what the repercussions may be. Instead I see her stronger than ever before, more vocal in the truth of who she is, working tirelessly on her business which she now has even more passion for. I see her not be afraid of calling out what is not right with the media’s exploits and the trolling that is happening on these blog sites; and this is all done not with any anger or malice, but from the true love for humanity that she has.

So I am inspired! Inspired to be all of who I am, and not hide it away for my own self satisfaction or comfort. Inspired to call out when something is not right: for by saying nothing, I am condoning these lies or actions to be acceptable. Inspired to stand in my truth and allow the world to see this in all that I do.

299 thoughts on “I have Watched and am Now Inspired

  1. Thank you Sandhya for a truly inspiring blog, standing for truth in the face of all the lies and manipulation of truth takes so much strength and commitment on your partners part and an amazing reflection for you and us. I have started to step up and call things out that I feel are not truth, with no attachment, even if it does rock the boat at times.

  2. Sandhya I have to tell you that I am also inspired about your partner and about you – thank you so much for not holding back as with that you show the world that speaking up without reaction is something very needed to stopp such supremacy energy.

  3. It is hard to be under attack. If we add being under attack for something false, this is even worse. It may lead to all kinds of reactions. Yet, when you know that what is being attacked is something true that you hold dearly in your heart by people who are bothered by that truth because they do not wish to choose for themselves, things change. You understand the game and simply carry on.

    1. Beautifully said Eduardo. If we observe the energy that is directed at us without takeing it personally we get to see the bigger picture and there is no room for reactions.

  4. You can very practically feel your partners steadiness in your description, despite the onslaught, and how that has inspired you and I am sure many others. To show them that being that steady is not only possible, but what a positive effect it has on everything… super cool.

  5. Thank you Sandhya, and I am inspired by all you have shared. When we consistently stand up for what we know is the truth then the truth will be known by all.

  6. In this age of keyboard cowards it is easy for people to sit in the dark comfort of their offices and type abuse to people they have never even let alone know anything about. Which is why we need to clean up the internet so that it is a safe and supportive environment for not only children but adults too.

  7. Sandhya this is a beautiful blog expressing your deep appreciation for your partner and all that she brings to this world – I absolutely agree with all you share here as I have also known your partner for many years and am always inspired and delighted as well by their amazingness and their choice to be who they truly are.

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