I have Watched and am Now Inspired

by Sandhya Mistry, Brisbane, Australia

Today I was truly inspired by my partner of 26 years.

Over the past few months, I have watched while my partner and others have had to endure constant harassment on blog sites that a few disgruntled people who blame Universal Medicine for the break up of their relationships, have been writing on. They have blatantly told lies, have manipulated information to incite hatred, are constantly barraging them with insulting comments, and are now trying to ruin their professional reputations with completely unfounded allegations.

I have watched while she has been lied to by journalists to firstly obtain an interview, then be interviewed for up to an hour, to then only have one line manipulated to fit their story.

I have watched how the media have tried to threaten her with another false story to ruin her professional standing when she has objected to their behaviour.

I have watched while the media have portrayed women as being weak and unable to think for themselves, and being mindless followers of Universal Medicine’s founder Serge Benhayon, and tried to use my partner as an example of this.

I have watched the media and journalists tell lies about Serge Benhayon and his family, and label Universal Medicine and all who are associated with it a ‘cult’.

As I write I observe my partner’s reaction to everything that has happened. Even though there is a risk that her name, reputation, professional standing, family and business could be adversely affected, she does not change who she is and what she portrays to the world: she does not shy away from criticism or make herself inconspicuous, from fear of what the repercussions may be. Instead I see her stronger than ever before, more vocal in the truth of who she is, working tirelessly on her business which she now has even more passion for. I see her not be afraid of calling out what is not right with the media’s exploits and the trolling that is happening on these blog sites; and this is all done not with any anger or malice, but from the true love for humanity that she has.

So I am inspired! Inspired to be all of who I am, and not hide it away for my own self satisfaction or comfort. Inspired to call out when something is not right: for by saying nothing, I am condoning these lies or actions to be acceptable. Inspired to stand in my truth and allow the world to see this in all that I do.

355 thoughts on “I have Watched and am Now Inspired

  1. It is through our truth lived in its absoluteness that we herald what is true and expose the lies. At the end of the day you cannot deny that the quality of living from those who are inspired to live The Way of The Livingness is evident that there is another way to live which embraces self-responsibility and honors being guided by a connection to love and truth from within.

  2. Yes, I am inspired as well. To stand for truth and true love like Serge Benhayon does. This man is amazing, and I think I am in position to tell, after having studied and worked with the many of today’s worlds leaders and guru’s.

  3. The ability to keep your heart open when people lie or mistreat you is incredible, I have so much respect for people who can maintain steadiness no matter what – they essentially show us all how it’s done and that no matter what comes our way we don’t need to wobble.

    1. It sure does Meg, offer an amazing and inspiring reflection of how our true power is lived when we live in connection to and guided by our love, truth and inner-wisdom from within.

  4. Someone not willing to cower from false accusations and lies is incredibly inspiring. Someone claiming the truth of who they are, knowing this is also the truth of us all, and never holding back from expressing this in incredibly inspiring.

  5. I love the appreciation you have for your partner, for her strength to stand up for what is not true, it’s such a beautiful sharing. Thank you

  6. Do we ever stop to consider how the way we are living may be affecting others? There is nothing more valuable than our innate ability to inspire ourselves and one another.

  7. Yes it’s very inspiring watching how people can stand in their truth and the truth being more important to express than worrying about the abuse that might come back at them.

  8. To stand strong amongst a barrage of lies and manipulation, and to stand up to them as well and to continue to bring more truth, power and passion to the situation and to life is truly inspirational. It is too easy to crumble against the pressures of life, and to resign ourselves to ‘that being just the way it is’.

    1. Yes, when people stand up to lies and manipulation, it shows me the power of truth and how much I love it and how ugly lies and deception, manipulation and corruption is – how we live with rot when we allow them to have a hold.

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