The Best Way I Know How To Thank Serge Benhayon

by Nicole Mansfield, Dental Nurse, Goonellabah, Australia

I first heard about Universal Medicine through some colleagues at work a couple of years ago. I was curious, and so went along to a Livingness 1 workshop, started reading one of Serge Benhayon’s books, and I think I’ve attended everything I can since!

I live with my partner and our 2 ½ year old son. My partner and I have a “normal” relationship, I guess – we chat, watch movies, go on holidays, play with our son, and visit our families… Until recently however, we never really connected with each other. We were great at running the house and ourselves like a kind of “business”, if you like – we were good at organising everything and we knew a “good” relationship must involve “our” time and some sex. I made sure that myself and “all of it” was under control; everything ran smoothly and looked great. But was it really great?

Soon after I started attending events with Universal Medicine and getting some regular esoteric massage sessions, I began to notice A LOT in the way I was living! I started to change little things I was doing in my life. For example, I felt how my belly was after eating certain foods – and even before I ate the food. I actually stopped, and thought about what that food would feel like in my belly, instead of just shoving food in just because it was there. This resulted in me changing my meals to suit my belly. Who would have thought!

But I didn’t just stop at my belly! I started feeling the rest of my body… I found that when I watched TV at night, lying on the couch, I felt “hooked in”, as if in a trance of some sort. I knew (in myself) that I should get off the couch and go to bed, but I remained “hooked” – I had to see what happened next! Finally, when I did turn the TV off, I could feel straight away how exhausted I was, and I would literally crawl into bed. The sad thing was, I had no care or energy to even say goodnight to my partner – some nights I would leave him asleep on the couch. Now I go to bed early because that is what my body likes best. And as a result, I wake up early and have time to prepare for my day. Amazing. Beforehand, I would just eat, get dressed and have to run out the door!

During this time, my partner was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. He suffered horrible migraines amongst other symptoms. There was a six month period where he needed to take some strong drugs, during which he wasn’t able to drink alcohol at all. His specialist said that because in his case his thyroid levels were so high, he didn’t have high hopes for the drugs to work, and that he would most likely need to have his thyroid removed.

My partner has also been a big coffee drinker. After he was diagnosed, I spoke to him about the effects of caffeine on his nervous system. He had spent the past six months or so watching me make the changes I’d made in my life, including the caffeine, and seeing the difference in me. So he decided to make some changes himself. It was either “give that a shot”, or the specialist’s prognosis of removal of his thyroid.

I asked the specialist if there were any lifestyle changes he should make that would give the drugs a better chance of working, and he replied “No”.

What was amazing, was that my partner started feeling better straight away. He drank tea for a few months, then cut out caffeine altogether. He also started changing his meals – and found he slowly lost weight and had more energy. He started coming to bed with me at a much earlier time, too. He could only be on these drugs for six months, and the specialist was sure his thyroid levels would escalate once he had stopped the treatment. The specialist however was surprised to see that they didn’t escalate. To this day, his thyroid levels are still in normal range.

The week after he finished his treatment, I was certain that he would come home with some beer. But no, he told me that he felt better without drinking alcohol. Bear in mind, my partner is a plumber. He works with hundreds of men on construction sites in a remote location in the mines. He does not waver when he tells his workmates he doesn’t drink – which is unheard of in the industry! They don’t understand, but they do respect him – because he is being himself.

Over these past couple of years then, I can truly say that both of us have naturally made more loving choices for ourselves, and our son. We see our relationship very differently now, with a huge amount of respect for each other. The way my partner talks to me now, is AMAZING. He shares how he feels about me, what I say and do, how that affects him, and vice versa. And it’s more than that – he’s in touch with how he’s feeling and is able to communicate that with me. Wow…   We still have our “days”, but we are growing more and more love in our home each week. He has commented on how my moods are more consistent – that I don’t have as many high and low days now, but just really consistent days. He’s even found himself more open with his workmates, and has commented that he seems to get a better outcome if he takes the time to connect with them. He’s also noticing that he’s not reacting as much when things don’t go to plan. With the communication issues we’ve had, I’m not sure if we would have still been together in another few years, had we not made these changes. Before, it was always too hard or too uncomfortable to talk about the deeper “how we feel” topics. We would just skim over them and hope that they would disappear.

My partner has only ever attended one presentation by Serge Benhayon, but he has seen and felt what I have been bringing home, and that has only ever been positive.

What I have been able to re-connect to within myself thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, words cannot describe. The best way I know how to thank them, is to do my best to walk beside them every day.

Thank You Serge. I’m Walking!

491 thoughts on “The Best Way I Know How To Thank Serge Benhayon

  1. When we walk with ourselves, we walk with all…every person who has not heard about Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon gets to feel your walk and can make their own choices to do the same.

  2. Our body speaks for itself about what works and what doesn’t, no outside proof is necessary which makes for a very simple life…

  3. “My partner has only ever attended one presentation by Serge Benhayon, but he has seen and felt what I have been bringing home, and that has only ever been positive.” This so beautiful to hear and shows us that people observe much more than we realise and sometimes words are not needed, just living what we know to be true is enough for another to see that there is a different and more loving and caring way to live.

  4. “The best way I know how to thank them, is to do my best to walk beside them every day.” Absolutely, I would love for the whole of humanity to walk beside us, no need for special thanks, simply choosing to love ourselves again is the ultimate thank you.

  5. The realness and practical implementation of self care and respect in this article is very confirming that “TheWay Of The Livingness” is a true way to live. One that supports us in every aspect of our lives.

  6. I appreciate how your relationship with your partner deepened in its intimacy as he began to care for himself more and express what was happening for him.

  7. This blog shows us what can be achieved when we make a few changes to our lives and those changes are not that huge either. I remember when a family member decided to reduce and then stop their coffee consumption, they said it was like coming off a drug, their body shook, they felt ill and suffered with headaches, all this lasted a few days. And of course science has proven that coffee alters the chemicals in the brain, it races the heart and the nervous system. Given all this I do have to wonder why we drink it?

  8. There are now several members of my family that have made other changes to their diet and the effects have been, as afar as they are concerned spectacular, especially losing the excess weight they were carrying because they knew they were eating the wrong foods but had no will power to do anything about it.
    This shows me the power of reflection, my family are watching me far more than I appreciate and they see the changes in my life style and are making some changes to their way of living and are reaping the benefits.

  9. It is interesting to realise that we are always noticing what others are doing and how they are living, further demonstrating the responsibility that we all have in living who we truly are to the best of our ability.

  10. There are so many aspects of our lives that we can look at the quality of presence that we bring and from that many of our relationships can flourish and deepen.

  11. When the crunch comes we know which way we need to go. But why do we wait till we are almost squished like a fly to finally follow what we know is true? The beautiful thing you show Nicole is just to be loving with ourselves when we move. We will make mistakes, but our common sense will suppprt us whatever we choose.

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