Life and Love and My Responsibility in it

by Esther Andras, Stuttgart, Germany 

When I first came to Universal Medicine I felt the way Harry Potter must have felt when he first came to Hogwarts. I didn’t feel abnormal any more and life started to make sense.

I always (had):

  • felt that there is more to life than meets the eye
  • sensed that we feel a lot and do not only rely on our five senses
  • had a deep yearning of loving everyone, and equally so
  • had a distant knowing within me that life is about harmony, not fighting and competition
  • felt that we are in fact one big brotherhood, not billions of individuals fighting for their own cause.

But only when I came to Universal Medicine did I start to allow myself to pay closer attention to this part of me.

The more I let this part of me open up, the more I could see that we are all longing for a more harmonious and loving world: but I could also see that we do not acknowledge that, and thus do not live that way.

Instead I realised that we rather choose to drag, push and beat ourselves through life and have a million excuses why we have to live the way we do. Our overall assumption: the world is that way (hard, cruel, demanding, loveless…), hence we do not have a choice but to follow the rules expected of us.

But then the question strikes me – “isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?”

As I have observed, it is definitely not the animal or plant kingdom asking us to live the way we do. Quite the contrary, they patiently endure our irresponsible way of living and consistently continue on their evolutionary path despite the havoc we, the human race, create around them.

Or have you ever encountered a tree lashing out at you because you are entering its space or because it dislikes what you are doing? I haven’t. Whenever I go for a walk I find every single tree just standing there in its own beauty reflecting back our beauty, regardless of the weather conditions or the mood I am in.

So to me it seems it comes back to us. It is us who make the world as it is. Thus we can make a world to our liking. And why not make it a world that is full of love, joy and harmony, something we are all longing for?

I know that it is not that easy as the world is as it is and we often get caught up in it, falling back into our familiar patterns. But the fact is, if we don’t make more loving choices the world will stay as it is… and most likely only get worse.

As for me, I have over the past years focused on the quality I am in everything I do: with people, with things, with myself. And I have learned the more loving I am with myself, the more loving I will be with others, and in everything I do.

And the most beautiful thing I discovered is that there is a true beauty and loveliness in all of us, despite the rough and often tall walls we have build around us in order to protect us from the world.

And I can see now that the harshness I see in the world is only an outer layer – and that I tended to just see that outer layer instead of focusing on the true beauty in each of us.

233 thoughts on “Life and Love and My Responsibility in it

  1. One of the best blogs I’ve read Esther. I love what you are sharing here. This means that what is destroying the world the most is us being emotional. If you take away all the emotional reactions in people would there be any war? Just like you say would a tree lash out at you? Definitely not but as humans we have made it normal to think bad of people, hate people, treat people in loveless manners. Would we do that if we were to just observe life and Respond accordingly, like nature does with us? I don’t think so, but it’s hard to turn this around when being emotional has been mainstream these days. We don’t have to be emotional, we can start to feel instead and we will see that there is a life beyond the emotional life of ups and downs. Some people say that that is what life’s about, the ups and downs but that is just a sad excuse for not really knowing how to live life otherwise. Detach from all of that and it’s actually possible to observe life and not get caught up in it. Doesn’t mean you become a robot but you can be in life much more present and there for people in a much clearer way. You know what they say you cannot help someone unless you’ve first helped yourself. In other words you cannot be a clear reflection for others if you are still caught up in the problem you see before you. So nature provides a very solid reflection here, it’s just for us to actually see the gold of it.

    1. Thank you Matts, you describe so clearly how emotions literally stand in our way of being truly with each other there for each other. We have, as you say, so much bought into emotions that we cannot imagine a life without them or think we will be heartless then, but this is not true, there is another way, a way of feeling and responding as opposed to emotion and reaction.

  2. I love this Esther! If we can’t stand how life is and the world we live in… why aren’t we asking the question, “How do I contribute to how it is?”, “What am I doing that either supports it staying the same or supports it changing?”. It’s amazing how subtle the changes can be when we start living with more awareness, understanding and love but on an energetic and consciousness level, the changes are huge and can be felt by all.

  3. There is so much every single one of us can contribute to the world, we are not aware of it and we are also not told but our every move has a ripple effect and this shows that the quality we choose to be in is most important and worth putting our attention to.

  4. Thank you Esther.. great reminder that it is us who make the world as it is.. we all have a part to play in what we see around us, all have a responsibility in how we are in the world, what we allow and align to.

  5. The world we see is a reflection of our inner-world. There is much beauty to appreciate and be in wonder of. It is in and all around us, if we choose to see.

  6. I remember always feeling there was more to things, more to the world but I just couldn’t grab hold of it fully. The feeling always sat there but was faded back into the distance and very rarely stood tall at the front. The great thing about Universal Medicine was it supported me to be able to listen to those feelings that were already there. It was like there was a thousand things going on in my head at times and not knowing which one was the one. Within a few group presentations I was already starting to be able to grasp more of what I knew, it was like it was being pulled to the front. Life I could say never made sense and often I would find myself on a road and look around and say to myself, “come on there has to be more then this”. Universal Medicine supported me to make sense of what is already there. The world I was living made it so I couldn’t truly touch what I was feeling. So it was simple really, choose to live another way and then it feel like everything was in my reach.

  7. I’m starting to really appreciate those around me who are consistent in the quality they choose to live life with and just how much this has supported me to start to trust that it is safe to live in a loving way – I don’t have to live by the rules the majority live by in the belief that to survive life one has to be tough or harsh and defensive. I’m realising I can be consistent too and not drop below a level that isn’t open and warm and keep building this foundation with others. Life is so much more fun this way.

    I’m observing how there are people I know who have this idea of why they are being ostracised when actually it’s their disrespectful behaviour that alienates them; and then there are others who are different from the norm but because they are open hearted and warm have warm interactions with others. How we are does make a huge difference to how the world is.

  8. If we wait for the world to change we can wait forever, as how can it change when everybody is waiting and not changing their way of living instead contributing to a world we do not want. It does start with every single one of us living the truth we deep down know, step by step, to then bringing back the truth so it can be lived every day more.

    1. Absolutely Esther – well said. The world does begin to change the instant we embrace our responsibility to live and be moved by the love we are, and surrender our bodies to express the light of our Soul. This is the power we all hold within, and with everyday lived we have the opportunity to reflect and remind the world of the truth, of who we all are, and the love we are here to live.

  9. When we are sold a picture that harmony is something far from us and impossible to really achieve for all, we give up. Not only do we give up on the big picture, we also give up on our part in it. A similar example is when we don’t think we can afford what is truly supportive for us, then we just give up on saving money and rather just spend what we have on what we can afford but not really want or need. This is then a guarantee that we will not have what we know is true.

  10. The power of our choices and our movements play an integral role in our life. When we look at the state of the world today we can give up on harmony and connection, because we see how the world is in such disarray, but if we bring it back to simplicity and that even our simple daily movements can not only bring change to our lives, can it also offer more to the world too? What if these small movements can actually hold more power than we truly knew possible? What if the way we opened doors or got into our cars showed us a reflection of not only how we are living but the world was living too?

  11. This outer layer of protection your mentioned Esther is only a thin layer sitting on top of what is truly magnificent, absolute beauty and love waiting to be shared and expressed.

  12. Esther , I love your first paragraph as I too felt a home coming when I attended my first Universal Medicine event. I felt it so powerful yet completely natural to be there.

  13. These are great observations Esther – it is us who make our world how it is. Of course we can not make people and systems around us change but we can change how we are in it and we can also change if we accept things or don’t.

  14. Esther, my whole body smiled when reading this blog. I just loved it, thank you. I felt all my particles in my body tingle and a strong knowing that I was connecting with the truth. I particularly loved this line – “but then the question strikes me – “isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?”…. so so so true, and it is up to each and everyone one of us as to what reflection we offer the world.

  15. Esther, I can feel this too, ‘And the most beautiful thing I discovered is that there is a true beauty and loveliness in all of us’. The more I feel my own beauty and loveliness, the more I am aware of and see and feel others beauty. More and more I am losing my judgment of others and instead, having the understanding as to why someone may be as they are. I see this with children who are hurt and put up a barrier of protection and may behave in a way that is not loving; I can feel the hurt and so understand why this is happening.

  16. This question has come to me too Esther “isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?” and therefore the responsibility that each one of us has to make our living one of absolute responsibility for the quality of all that we bring in all that we do.

  17. Focusing our awareness on the quality in which we are doing things enables us to feel the truth of what we are feeling and make choices that allow us to deepen our connection to our essence and inner wisdom knowing this comes with a responsibility to live and claim the truth we feel.

  18. We are so used to complaining about how things are and still need to grasp how our every move contributes to the all that we then live in.

  19. It makes no sense that we complain about the way the world is set up yet we are not willing to take full responsibility for the quality in which we live, express ourselves and interact with others. With the majority of the people in the world behaving in a similar way the behaviours we adopt in order to cope with life are accepted as the norm and then no one questions whether that behaviour or way of coping in life is actually true.

  20. Esther, beautiful. If we focus on the outer layer we will miss the gold underneath and it’s there in all of us, no matter how hidden.

  21. This is very beautiful Esther, and so very wise… With your every word, I can’t but feel the re-igniting of the fire, the joy, the love and the life within you.
    That we need not give up in this world, in the face of all its hardness, abuse, pain and corruption – but that the love of which you speak is what’s is so desperately needed, that we may, yes, turn this ship around. It will take every one of us.

  22. This is a gorgeous and wise blog Esther, with so much said here. The last few lines struck me strongly this morning, and the responsibility we have around this: “I can see now that the harshness I see in the world is only an outer layer – and that I tended to just see that outer layer instead of focusing on the true beauty in each of us.”
    I’m realising how irresponsible it is to focus on the user layer – there is a grandness beyond words within each one of us, and the choice to see this regardless of their behaviours is always there. This choice is one of love or not – when we choose to focus on the outer layer only, we choose to reduce the human being to so much less than it actually is.

    1. Well said Katerina. And we must ask, if that is all we are choosing to see (a reductionist view of what is stupendously whole and amazing…), in what light are we actually holding ourselves?
      The true light of divinity can only be seen in another when it is acknowledged within – and my how our view of life changes, the deeper we go in our reclaiming of the true beauty that we are.

  23. So true – we often talk about the world as if that is something separate to us, out there – but every single one of us is in it, the world is simply reflecting back the sum total of how we all have been living. This makes me realise that being self-loving is actually not selfish, but it is actually responsibility/power we should be claiming.

  24. Looking back to my first Universal Medicine workshop I can feel that it was definitely a “Harry Potter” moment, when suddenly I no longer felt like the square peg trying to fit into a round hole and that I no longer felt “abnormal” as all around me there were many others who had lived feeling exactly the same way. That was one big ‘aha’ moment for me followed by the next incredible moment when I suddenly felt throughout my whole body that I had finally returned home.

    1. Yes, me too Ingrid! I smiled as I feel like we are remembering a magic that is available to every single one of us. It simply lies waiting for us to reconnect to it and plays with us, dropping in little moments of playfulness to keep the tension of not re-connecting to that magic aka love close enough to the surface that we don’t completely forget we are, actually, from that!

  25. It is so often the case that we see only the layers of protection, the hurt and loveless behaviours in each other and forget that within we are all deeply loving beings, equally Soulful in essence. In exploring our connection to our love within we discover that this is and our natural way of being, a quality that represents who we all are, and our responsibility in life is to reflect this innate quality in the world.

  26. I see many people during the day in very close proximity and I love to look them in the eyes and greet every single one of them. It is most beautiful to see someone in their beauty without being distracted by their looks or behaviour.

  27. I have attended Universal Medicine events, presentations and courses for over 10 years now and you can tangibly feel when in a room of sometimes well over 150 people that everyone has the same goal which is to truly make it about love including the choices we each make every single moment. This is not goofy or gushy or looking outside for answers and there is no trying. It just is. And each moment and day this is built on with all in everyday lives. The solid and loving foundation this has created for humanity is pretty awesome and I have not known anything like this in my life before, but as you shared it was very much something I could feel growing up, knowing that how we were/are living currently in the world did not match to the truth of our essence within. However thanks to Universal Medicine and the students of Universal Medicine this is now changing.

    1. Beautifully said Vicky and very true, Universal Medicine has supported thousands of people to re-connect to their essence and to build a solid and loving foundation – this is something to deeply appreciate and celebrate.

  28. When we focus on the external layers and emotions of ourselves and others, we miss the true beauty that is there underneath: it’s the same depth and quality that is in everyone, in equal measure, and expressed in many different ways outwardly.

  29. Esther, it’s so easy to see that outer harsh layer you mention here and not understand that life indeed is about us living it, and in fact we can choose how we choose to live it. Underneath everyone is so much more than we often let show, but if we choose to live in a way that allows us to connect to that life is very different.

  30. If we can’t stand how life is and the world we live in… why aren’t we asking the question, “How do I contribute to how it is?”, “What am I doing that either supports it staying the same or supports it changing?”. What great questions to ask Esther: how is my every thought, word and deed affecting not only myself but people, the world, and the planet we live on? What a huge responsibility we have in the quality of our day to day livingness.

  31. It is on us to change the world and I love it what you have shared as this is a wonderful way to start this change immediately: “And I have learned the more loving I am with myself, the more loving I will be with others, and in everything I do.”

  32. I can so relate to the Harry Potter analogy as I too lived so much of my life feeling abnormal, the square peg sitting uncomfortably in the round hole and always on the outer of any group, but all the time longing to belong. And like you “it was only when I came to Universal Medicine” that I finally began to see that I was not in the least abnormal because all around me were so many wonderful and loving people who had grown up feeling exactly same. And from the teachings of Serge Benhayon what had at times felt so overwhelmingly abnormal has slowly been exposed as actually being totally normal.

  33. We can live an entire life ignoring and turning our back to very deep feelings we have about life and people. Yet, when we stop doing this, life flourishes before our own eyes and what was a very submerged part of ourself surfaces. Life ceases to be what it was and becomes what it truly is.

  34. “And why not make it a world that is full of love, joy and harmony” This is one of the magic messages of the Ageless Wisdom that when we feel the love and harmony that is the essence of everyone of us we realise that the harsh conflict and aggressive exterior is a misplaced protective barrier that is keeping us away from the beauty of being a One humanity with a shared purpose to return to love, joy and harmony that we naturally are.

  35. The ways of the world will not change unless we take responsibility for changing the way we are with ourselves first. We can complain and blame ‘society’ all we like, but it won’t help changing anything because we are part of society and true change starts with us.

  36. We change our disposition, our attitudes and our unloving ways and our whole outlook on the world changes and we do see . . . ” . . . that there is a true beauty and loveliness in all of us, despite the rough and often tall walls we have build around us in order to protect us from the world.”

  37. ‘But the fact is, if we don’t make more loving choices the world will stay as it is… and most likely only get worse.’ A great point to highlight Esther and remind ourselves that our loving choices send a ripple effect into the world to ignite and inspire others to also make choices that are more loving and true.

  38. Wow, I only chose to see the outer layer – that last line really struck me because it really gives us an out to feel so hurt and horrified by what we see that we have an excuse to throw up our hands and give up. It gives us an out to just go with the flow feeling we cannot change anything. Yet, as you say, “isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?” Yes it is! So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work to be more responsible in what we are reflecting to each other.

  39. I have been one of those people who has wanted to change the world, I was someone who knew the world could be so much more, but how to go about it? As I have matured and aged I can see that it needs to start with each person, and that this can come about by the inspiration of someone truly living in brotherhood, and in love, joy, and harmony. We have almost given up on this possibility because invariably the role models we have had have failed, disappointed, or have been killed. Or they have been deified and made out of reach. Serge Benhayon has made living in love, joy, brotherhood and harmony the new normal, entirely possible, and available to all equally. And this is because it’s who we actually are, a return to our true being.

  40. I agree Esther, we make the world to our liking by what we have been led to believe, that we have to go along with what society says is normal or acceptable not realising everything is a choice and that we only need to start being responsible and claiming an inner quality of what is true and what is not to be able to initiate true change.

  41. The more I started opening up to myself, the more I realised how hard we are on ourselves too, as soon as we start to be more loving with our everyday choices the more we are able to feel the love in our own body and at the same time feel and see love in another too.

  42. When you talk about the outer layer and the reminder of seeing our inner layer instead – I am reminded of the loveliness that we each all have inside us and that we need to give this our full attention and appreciation.. For from this we will grow and expand our future within.

  43. “And why not make it a world that is full of love, joy and harmony, something we are all longing for?” when we look at the state the world is in today this sentence looks like an impossibility as we look from the outside, but when we have reflected to us a more loving way of living as Serge reflected to me I knew and could feel in the moment of meeting my own love being reflected to me, this is what the world is destitute of by not knowing that love, joy and harmony lives deep within them, by us living with this loving responsibility we provide a reflection for others to feel and be inspired by, so that one day the whole world will live this way.

  44. It is true, we are the creators of the world we live in and cannot blame nature or anything else for the less than love-filled world we have. Hence it is up to us to change it all for the true better rather than giving in and passing our ills onto the next generation as has occurred many times before.

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