Life and Love and My Responsibility in it

by Esther Andras, Stuttgart, Germany 

When I first came to Universal Medicine I felt the way Harry Potter must have felt when he first came to Hogwarts. I didn’t feel abnormal any more and life started to make sense.

I always (had):

  • felt that there is more to life than meets the eye
  • sensed that we feel a lot and do not only rely on our five senses
  • had a deep yearning of loving everyone, and equally so
  • had a distant knowing within me that life is about harmony, not fighting and competition
  • felt that we are in fact one big brotherhood, not billions of individuals fighting for their own cause.

But only when I came to Universal Medicine did I start to allow myself to pay closer attention to this part of me.

The more I let this part of me open up, the more I could see that we are all longing for a more harmonious and loving world: but I could also see that we do not acknowledge that, and thus do not live that way.

Instead I realised that we rather choose to drag, push and beat ourselves through life and have a million excuses why we have to live the way we do. Our overall assumption: the world is that way (hard, cruel, demanding, loveless…), hence we do not have a choice but to follow the rules expected of us.

But then the question strikes me – “isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?”

As I have observed, it is definitely not the animal or plant kingdom asking us to live the way we do. Quite the contrary, they patiently endure our irresponsible way of living and consistently continue on their evolutionary path despite the havoc we, the human race, create around them.

Or have you ever encountered a tree lashing out at you because you are entering its space or because it dislikes what you are doing? I haven’t. Whenever I go for a walk I find every single tree just standing there in its own beauty reflecting back our beauty, regardless of the weather conditions or the mood I am in.

So to me it seems it comes back to us. It is us who make the world as it is. Thus we can make a world to our liking. And why not make it a world that is full of love, joy and harmony, something we are all longing for?

I know that it is not that easy as the world is as it is and we often get caught up in it, falling back into our familiar patterns. But the fact is, if we don’t make more loving choices the world will stay as it is… and most likely only get worse.

As for me, I have over the past years focused on the quality I am in everything I do: with people, with things, with myself. And I have learned the more loving I am with myself, the more loving I will be with others, and in everything I do.

And the most beautiful thing I discovered is that there is a true beauty and loveliness in all of us, despite the rough and often tall walls we have build around us in order to protect us from the world.

And I can see now that the harshness I see in the world is only an outer layer – and that I tended to just see that outer layer instead of focusing on the true beauty in each of us.

271 thoughts on “Life and Love and My Responsibility in it

  1. “It is us who make the world as it is. Thus we can make a world to our liking. And why not make it a world that is full of love, joy and harmony, something we are all longing for?” And it all starts with the simple loving movements that we make each and every moment.

  2. “Isn’t the world made up of us living in it and making it the way it is?” – so true. By not choosing love for ourselves, we are allowing lovelessness for everyone.

  3. Our greatest form of communication is our reflection! So as we build a Loving body, those around us get to feel the Love we all can be. Then the True beauty that is in us can blossom, as a True Student understands we all have to deliver ourselves out of our respective own messes.

  4. Thank you Esther, I always enjoy reading this, it’s deeply touching. I agree, we each have a deep inner knowing about how life can be, such as loving and harmonious, but we don’t give enough value to our knowing or necessarily live from it. The brutality of the nightly news can be enough for people to close down and believe that it’s not possible, to give up, but actually what I’ve learned is that if we all honour (instead of deny) these truths within ourselves of how life can be, and begin living it ourselves by setting standards, then we can begin to restore the world to the love and harmony it can be.

    1. I agree Melinda, not giving up is the key, and understanding and observing the impact our every move has, is what helps us to see that there is so much we can do by simply living our deepest truth. Then we understand that all we need to do is to live this truth in everything we do, building ourselves a strong foundation of the truth we know, and not waver from it regardless of what the world is and asks of us.

  5. It is difficult to imagine that every single person, regardless of what they have done or has been done to them has a beauty deep within. But, it’s true – we do and this beauty is not the “nice” facade we imagine, and deep beauty to be based on our social standards, but it is much deeper and bigger than our simple brains can imagine.

  6. We underestimate the power we have in every moment. Our every choice matters and either contributes to a more or less loving world.

  7. Living in this world is so simple and yet we have made it so complicated. There is so much love but we stubbornly hold on to our loveless ways.

  8. Words spoken from a true lover of people, someone who knows the nature of harmony, eventually getting to realize that it is possible and not just a faint or even desperate knowing and hope within. Universal Medicine shows that it is possible by living it, that we can evolve out of the mess and develop the livingness of what we all know inside to be the only one true way no matter what the hindrances and challenges are we have created. We can and need to undo what is not of harmony and brotherhood, starting now and doing it again and again and then again until we get to see life to change and become what it always was destined to be.

    1. Yes, it is a step by step process, we don’t and can’t do it all at once but one breath and one step at a time builds us a very solid foundation of love if we do so consistently. Whereas giving in to what the world has become only contributes and magnifies that what the world is already – cruel and loveless.

  9. ‘It is us who make the world as it is’. And it is us who have the responsibility to correct all the disharmony that we have created.

  10. You have a beautiful understanding of life Esther. I love this line: “But the fact is, if we don’t make more loving choices the world will stay as it is… and most likely only get worse.” The question is – what kind of world do we want to live in? And are we prepared to lead the way in ensuring it happens?

  11. To come to know that “It is us who make the world as it is” calls us to account for the way we are living and places the responsibility for every single choice we make firmly back into our hands. Therefore, understanding this we can easily see that every choice of ours does not just impact on us, but also on the world… so it then follows if we change our lives we will naturally change our world. A big responsibility but not one, as I have discovered, to fear but to embrace.

  12. And that true beauty we all long for, me also, to be the norm in this world. Most of us have forgotten it being possible to have this amongst us again and many things have obscured it from being simply there.

  13. “It is us who make the world as it is.” Well said Esther, and if we learnt to take full responsibility for each of us to contribute our part in it, the world would start to reflect back to us all a true quality of living and we would naturally be far more loving in the way are with ourselves and each other, as this is our true nature and way of being.

    1. I totally agree Linda, imagine if we all started to understand that our every moment, our every movement is actually contributing to the quality of the world we live in, and that no one is an innocent bystander but in fact an equal architect – would we make today different?

  14. We need to learn to live and be in the world where we see everything for what it is: the wars, the bullying, the greed, corruption and destruction – while at the same time knowing that this is not who we are, and that ultimately, underneath it all, we are all the same. We are absolutely responsible and accountable for all of our choices and their consequences. But until we see one another as absolute equals, then we will keep perpetuating the us and them, the me and her/him, the wars, the hatred, the separation and divisiveness.

    1. ..and it starts with us: do I see myself as an absolute equal to everyone else on the entire planet? Or do I calibrate and moderate myself according to who I’m talking to and how I think they need me to be? Perhaps it starts with acceptance: the more we accept ourselves, and the responsibility of who we are and what we’re here to bring, the more we naturally start to express this with everyone in a more equal way.

  15. The power of who you are is the opposite power we have often endured in life.. hence the world is quiet the opposite of the power we know truly to be, and it has become rather a force. So, we must become aware of the reality of what we have created by not living our power.

  16. Thank you Esther, it’s true that we often “see that outer layer instead of focusing on the true beauty in each of us.” Reconnecting to that beauty within is a great way to begin meeting that same quality in others, and knowing we are all equal by virtue of our essence.

  17. For our world to be a more loving and joyful place we must first embrace these qualities within ourselves, this is our individual responsibility to the whole of life.

  18. “But the fact is, if we don’t make more loving choices the world will stay as it is… and most likely only get worse.” This is so true and we still need to grasp this, that it is every single one of us who brings the change to the world we are longing for. Let us not give up on the truth we know deep down and allow ourselves to live this consistently, one step at a time, bringing back the love we all so fully deserve.

  19. So true – we make the world what it is. No one is going to change it for us, it is each and every one of us. I can feel how I have recoiled from love in my hurt and reaction, and that is exactly how lovelessness gets multiplied.

  20. Exposed it is that our focus is key. We can distract ourselves with another set of keys so to speak, meaning that when we replace our true focus for another we can pretend we are doing a good job. Hence, when our focus is chosen to be one of truth, nothing will wander off, as it is and keeping its focus on its core – truth.

  21. As much as we may try to avoid it, we cannot escape the fact that we are responsible for the way the world currently is, through what we it we are choosing to live as a result of what energy we are choosing to align to. When we are willing to embrace our responsibility, it is then that we are willing to see the great effects of what we are choosing has on everything.

    1. I agree Carola that “we cannot escape the fact that we are responsible for the way the world currently is” but this is exactly what so many try to do, blaming the state of the world on ‘someone else”. Coming to know that someone else is actually us can be very confronting but it offers us the choice to become more responsible, if we choose. But it seems to me that so many are not choosing this responsibility, instead choosing to be in total denial of the fact their choices can have an effect on what happens in the world; a very irresponsible choice to make.

  22. I used to react to the harshness in the world and closed myself off to people, but I now understand the more connected and open I choose to be, the more I am able to stay with myself and see beneath the harsh outer layers that are presented, to feel the inner beauty that people really are within.

    1. Yes Linda, it’s great that the more we connect with our loving beauty within, the more we allow others to also feel and live theirs. We should not underestimate the power of our reflection

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