Universal Medicine & the Media: Why the Elephant is more Interesting than the Fly

There’s an old tale I’ve heard and it goes something like this:

‘Once there were four blind travellers who came across this ‘Big Thing’ in the jungle. One bent down, felt around, and said, ‘No sweat! It’s only some tree stumps’. Another felt the middle and said, ’It’s a wall – we can’t get around’. Another felt a swish against his face and said, ‘Hey! It’s a flying insect!’. The fourth reached up, got a fright, and yelled, ‘Run for your life – a snake!’

The ‘Big Thing’ was an elephant. One blind traveller felt its legs, one its side, one its tail, the other its trunk, and so came to a conclusion. Each told a different story about The ‘Big Thing’, and what we human beings seem to have, is just so many limited, biased, culturally and linguistically relative perspectives, ideals, beliefs, narratives and language about this ‘Big Thing’! Could it be possible that what we think and believe we see, is often tainted by what we want to see or want to believe?

So far, the things I have been reading in the media about Universal Medicine are mostly from the perspective of a few disgruntled men who are looking for someone to blame for their problems. It seems that the media are only listening to a persistent fly trying to annoy the Elephant. I am waiting for a journalist who will see the grandness of the Elephant that stands before them.

There are so many amazing stories of people who have made the most awesome health and well-being changes in their lives, inspired by the love and dedication of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Why are we not reporting and celebrating this in mainstream media? One only needs to read the plethora of blogs here to be inspired and see what is really going on…

    • Stories that defy the odds
    • Stories of health and well-being turnarounds that really are quite miraculous, especially when you look at the statistics of illness and disease that are on the rise
    • Stories about real people making real changes
    • Stories about people who have the courage to speak openly and honestly about dark experiences of where they have come from… and the joys of where they are today
    • Stories of people claiming their awesomeness
    • Stories that touch the heart
    • Stories that are about love
    • Stories that everyone can relate to
    • Stories that inspire
    • Stories that are not make-believe but are REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES from people of all ages, race, religion, gender and occupations.
    • Stories that I feel humanity would want to hear about

I look forward to the day that the mainstream Media does some unbiased research on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to show the complete picture – the truth of what is really going on. I for one, amongst hundreds of others, have had profound changes to my health and well-being.

It could be one of the most profound discoveries on the topic of health and well-being ever found by journalism!

By Anonymous

152 thoughts on “Universal Medicine & the Media: Why the Elephant is more Interesting than the Fly

  1. It will be great when someone from mainstream media has the courage to stand up and express the truth no matter what.

  2. ‘Unbiased research’ – a rare thing in today’s world. All depends on who is funding it and what they want to prove. Cynical? Maybe, but there is so much corruption these days…….

  3. I know so many people who have made profound changes in their life, taking responsibility for their health and way of living. A great story to be told by a journalist who loves truth not lies.

  4. “Could it be possible that what we think and believe we see, is often tainted by what we want to see or want to believe?”
    I would say yes to this question based on what we have been brought up to believe, we are influenced by our siblings, parents, our circle of family, friends, school, universities. We absorb this cocktail of ideals, beliefs, pictures so that what we see and what we hear has to be tainted. When we then have an investment in this cocktail I don’t think we would take too kindly to someone coming up to us and pointing out that what we are drinking is actually poisoning us, because we don’t want to be caught out in the lie.

    1. Beautifully expressed Mary. The thing is that when someone who is out of those believes and investments comes up to freely express what we deeply know is true, some need to create a lie to not allow it to change their created world.. and that lie has consequences. Subscribing to that lie or not, is a choice, but no matter what we create to avoid it, truth always remains untouchable within us. Sooner or later it will be revealed again.

  5. The story about the elephant is a great analogy about how we all interpret life differently, with different perspectives and different outlooks… at the end of the day, in this story, the truth was that the ‘thing’ not being fully understood was the elephant. How much of life are we missing the full picture of, but all adamantly stating we know it, when it’s just a part that we are describing?

    1. I’ve always loved the elephant analogy. A lot depends on our perception and what we want to see / believe – the parts rather than the whole truth. There is thus a difference between ‘my’ truth, ‘your’ truth and The Truth.

  6. There is indeed a great story here to be told about many people making real lasting changes to their health and well-being, not through following anything or anyone, but through self-empowerment and greater awareness of their lifestyle and the impact that this has on their health and well-being.

    1. I believe that the changes will come by those people who have made the changes to their health and well being which is living a different model of life. To take your comment deeper andremooney26 it’s actually the only way if we want to evolve ourselves out of this plane of life.

  7. The stories by students of Universal Medicine are all those things, heartwarming, deeply touching, raw and real, relatable, and extraordinary in what people have left behind, and the joy, love, and deep self care that they are now living. Despite what the media writes we keep on writing and recording the truth, that way humanity can make their way to what’s on offer here and to the many real stories and testimonials of people resurrecting themselves out of every kind of abuse, trauma and background to live the light they are with the support of Universal Medicine.

  8. Maybe as we deepen our Livingness society will start asking for the media to shift its perspective and when enough people do the media may start asking us to live in a way that is evolutionary.

  9. How beautiful would it be to read the truth in the media, not just about universal medicine but about anything that is presented? Imagine news paper articles without the senselisation, without the need for excitement and drama but just the pure facts of what has occured. But we don’t want that because if we have that, it will call for us to be way, way more responsible.

    1. A newspaper called Positive News sadly folded many years ago. It seems that society wants sensationalist stories, hence the popularity of magazines like Hello and OK etc.

    2. We have a long way to go to read the truth in the media, only this morning I was reading about how more and more lies have been uncovered in relation to a pandemic.

  10. When we only focus on one part of a story our understanding of the whole will always be incomplete and as a consequence, often misinterpreted.

  11. I agree that the focus of the media is completely in the wrong direction – there are amazing stories to be told, not just about flies, but that inspire change, rediscovery and opportunity.

  12. What is going to happen when the pink elephant in the room is exposed and could that exposure have something to do with true responsibility and the facts surrounding reincarnation? No one is left out we are in the same room everyone included, including the media, until we understand how this relationship works. So incarnation life and responsibility come together so we can move and adjust our living ways to remove any ill ways of living then our next time around or incarnation we can continue to evolve.

  13. Even now it seems that no-one in the media is asking if what they have heard about universal medicine..is it true or not? There is an assumption because what has been published in the media, has been in print many times, that it is. Just because something is in print or in the media, doesn’t mean that its true.

  14. If we were to feel things then life would be quite different. Maybe we’re not there yet as a collective but it’s great to have those that can reflect something else so that people feel inspired to make the change when they are ready.

  15. In the end media will pick up on Universal Medicine, Marika. I would guess this after Medicine has ” officially” discovered that the people who are living according to the teachings that Universal Medicine is spreading, which are in effect old, and nothing new, are living against all trends, living more joyful, healthy, vital and productive than most of society.

  16. Marika, it begs the question why mainstream media has not reported the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.. It is because the media barons have their own agenda.

  17. We miss so much when the stage is set and we can only see the picture of our own creation. We are more powerful as creators than we may choose to see and yet so much is available to us when we broaden our vision.

  18. What are great analogy! And what’s more is that all those that see only parts of the elephant are reacting or identifying with what they “find”. It is this reaction and individuality that blinds us from seeing the bigger picture.

  19. The elephant just stands there being an elephant irrespective of what a fly does or if anyone only sees it’s legs, trunk or tail. The elephant is always the elephant.

  20. The thing is that our experience defines our truth, but the problem is that we stay confined within our own perception, compare our own versions of ‘truth’ against others’, trying to be the ‘right’ one, a head above the rest, making others ‘wrong’. But what if everyone was telling a truth, a part truth, and there could be a bigger truth that unified the all?

  21. It’s interesting that often a fly buzzing around pestering us, can take our sole focus and we loose sight of all else.

  22. There is a grand elephant to report on alright. I searched for the stories like the ones found on this site the world over and when I found them they blew me away. We have a case of supply and demand and the majority of people are asking for lies, drama and entertainment. One day when the excitement is revealed for the empty pursuit that it is. the majority will ask for truth.

  23. Yes agree Marika, Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness is the most profound discovery of this era and the impact on the countless many lives who have embraced this way of living is phenomenal. These have not only been documented in the many testimonials that are available to access but more evidently can be witnessed every day in how the students of this religion live with greater sense of well-being, vibrancy, purpose and joy for life. This is absolutely worth reporting however we are not yet truly asking for the answers, or seeking the truth, and until we do we will continue to be supplied with news that keeps us in the comfort of avoiding to live with responsibility, honesty and truth.

  24. That’s a brilliant analogy for how we all see life differently and how the part we see determines our experience, response or reaction. The question is.. are we truly seeing what is before us to be seen?

  25. Stories that entertain, don’t challenge the consumer and confirm their prejudices. That seems to be what is happening and it seems to be getting worse.

    1. I agree Christoph it does seem to be getting worse – it seems that the more we are allowing the world to slip into lovelessness and normalising abuse, the less we want to feel our responsibility in it.

  26. We only see what we want to see and don’t see what does not fit into the prefabricated picture; it is called confirmation bias.

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