Universal Medicine: Wow, what a Celebration!

I have to say Universal Medicine knows how to put on an end of year celebration, and Saturday’s was without a doubt the best one yet.

Not only did we get to move and groove to the oh so funky beats of Glorious Music, but several students took part in a concert for the rest of us. And while each performance was completely different, from the joyfully playful Juzzie Smith, the angelic Victoria Carter, the stylish and soulful men’s choir with Chris James, to the outrageously truthful Baldwin sisters, Rebecca and Sarah, and the deeply inspiring songs of Michael Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon, you could feel the absolute dedication to life, humanity and true expression in each one.

I laughed, I cried, I clapped and cheered and I got up and sang along when we were invited to. It was an amazing feeling to be part of such a joyous celebration. I am incredibly inspired and had so much fun just being me. And all of this without alcohol or drugs, and best of all, no hangover!!!

The other wonderful part of this whole day was the knowledge that amongst this gathering of over 300 people, my 6 year-old son was completely safe even though he wasn’t sitting with me or with me on the dance floor. He’d found something far more interesting – the sound desk! He was just allowed to be himself as all the children are at Universal Medicine events. They are welcomed and as much a part of the celebrations as everyone else. No better way to describe this than as a true family.

To Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team, a heartfelt thank you for your continued love and commitment to us all and for inspiring in me the ongoing development of joy, love and harmony in my life.

By Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane

97 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Wow, what a Celebration!

  1. I liked the bit about your son finding the sound desk and being safe to enjoy himself amongst 300 people. I feel it’s important for children to have role modeling in every part of life, including how we celebrate, and that a party can be done without trashing the body with alcohol, drugs, junk food, etc, as the greatest celebration is to simply be the essence of ourselves and share that together.

  2. The Joy of celebrating with others who we are can’t be emulated or acted, but just confirmed in a party like this, because being ourselves is something daily lived. No wonder that nothing else is needed as everything is already complete in itself.

  3. Celebrations like this one with Universal Medicine shared by Michelle, are important – we often forget to celebrate in a truly uplifting way and currently in our society, a celebration is synonymous with getting drunk, overeating and or having a late night and feeling terrible the next day (certainly not uplifting and inspiring). Larger celebrations can be markers but can only be true markers if we have celebrated in smaller ways each and every day. Hence a large celebration is really the end result or culmination of all the little celebrations that then begin another cycle of celebrating. This means that life can actually be enjoyed all of the time!

  4. Michelle, it is so beautiful to read of your heartfelt appreciation and inspiration from having attended this (and surely other) celebrations with Universal Medicine. I agree, there is so much on offer for everyone, and the beauty of the day stays with us for many days after and always remains as a memory and inspiration deep within.

  5. In my teenage years, when i was amongst people who I had not seen before, when I went out was never comfortable. It was like I had to control, to be careful about my bag or even about myself. Sometimes when we got drunk I could feel that I was completely alone even though I was between many people. The hangover the day after was horrible but I didn’t have any other model to see another way to have fun. Coming accross Universal Medicine was like opening a new door to see the most natural way to enjoy and celebrate with others that I could ever see. It was really funny without any need of alcohol or drugs, weird but familiar at the same time…a new way of having fun to explore where I could feel safe and very free to express. I love this kind of celebration because it leaves me full, very content with myself, vital, more alive and truly joyful. A very special moment to claim, celebrate and enjoy all the preciousness inside us.

    1. Universal Medicine certainly know how to organise a celebration, ‘I love this kind of celebration because it leaves me full, very content with myself, vital, more alive and truly joyful.’

  6. Love reading about such a celebration like this Michelle. It feels very open and inclusive for everyone regardless of the gender or age. Being in a place where we can be just ourselves and enjoy who we are is very rare to see in this world, but very needed and valuable. Thanks for sharing

  7. These events bring nothing but an invitation to connect with yourself and truly let your hair down – move to the beat of your body, sing from your heart. What a better way to end a year and start a new one?

  8. Never have I enjoyed big events or celebrations as much as I do with Universal Medicine – they are remarkable in that it’s just amazing to enjoy being with people and totally feeling at home with hundreds of people.

  9. The beautiful thing about the performers at the Universal Medicine events is they aren’t held as special or superior because of their skills, they are simply learning to express through music soulfully and sharing that with everyone. The music is very different in the sense that it’s not written or performed with emotions, but it is sharing the truth of who we are and supporting our evolution back to our souls and to God.

  10. Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team indeed provide a space for true celebration, ie.everyone being and expressing who they truly are.

    1. It makes you realise how little celebration there is in most celebrations, even birthdays where we have the opportunity to really deeply appreciate someone have become perfunctory and more about the cake or the presents than cherishing the amazing people in our lives.

  11. What I have learned from my experiences with Celebrations given by Universal Medicine, is that it is not meant to be an escape or distraction away from truth or reality in life. But an extended confirmation of what we have build in our lives that truly works, so far.

  12. Gorgeous and really love the fact that at such a big event everyone, especially children and young people are so safe, and respectful of each other yet allows themselves to have an amazing time. This is my experience with all Universal Medicine Celebrations ✨

    1. Absoulutely Vicky and these amazing times of joy are also then lived out every day as we can not seperate from the amazing-ness we are and share at these events.

  13. By and large we play extant scripts of what is a celebration. These tend to include a self-harming aspect that we love to engage/indulge in. What Universal Medicine brings on board does not play ball with any of that. That is why is feels so beautiful. There is no self-harm, just joy.

  14. Even when I was a big drinker I felt uncomfortable about having young kids at parties that had alcohol and ashtrays around. It is so lovely to be able to have a dance with your kids and have fun with other adults in a family friendly space.

  15. Universal Medicine celebrations are the epitome of what celebrations are truly about. A coming together in honor of the glory of who we are and how we religiously choose to live. As such a true celebration is a religious ceremony, whereby we come together to rejoice in our Soulfullness and the joy of what we live together.

  16. There are not too many things you can do these days without the influence or addition or alcohol. Whether to drink or not isn’t the issue for me but it’s more about the difference in the quality of what goes on and the people around you. We are all great people but from experience when you add alcohol that greatness is diminished and so any function that gives people a chance to genuinely and truly chat and interact has my vote.

  17. Beautiful to read how you could let your hair down and have such a great time, just a room full of people who are able to celebrate themselves and each other without the need for alcohol or drugs.

  18. I’ve attended only one end of year celebration and I loved being in the presence of like minded people and could feel the love. It didn’t matter whether I could sing or groove, I was part of one big divine family.

  19. I love the way children are welcomed at Universal Medicine events and as you say Michelle are allowed to just be themselves – so beautiful they can see and feel adults having a wonderful time without absolutely no drugs or alcohol.

    1. As a parent it is a joy to attend a celebration or event and for my child to feel at home, to celebrate equally and to know that he is cared for by everyone who is there.

  20. These Universal Medicine celebrations have confirmed the fact that we can have fun with others without medicating ourselves. What on earth were we thinking when we actually believed we were connecting with others when we were under the influence of substances that numbed us and perhaps were used to brace ourselves to be with others without getting hurt?

  21. “I am incredibly inspired and had so much fun just being me.” Certainly something to celebrate and share with others.

  22. Universal Medicines end of year celebrations are so much fun to be a part of with so much joy being expressed in the celebration of true family true brotherhood enjoying what each and everyone brings in their unique expression of appreciation for all that has been offered and chosen throughout the year.

  23. You make a great point, a party where your children are safe and taken care of is rare, its quite sad really that the only way that most of us know how to have fun together is through getting inebriated. What does that show our kids? What example are we setting for them to then make there own choices as young adults? The beauty of Unimed end of year events are they are showing us that the fun you have at a party is not because your wasted, its because you are dancing and expressing and coming together.

  24. I grew up sharing a Birthday celebration with my sister each year and my parents having parties. I then continued going to parties and having many of my own including hosting one of the biggest celebrations in my place on the Gold Coast which was a party destination. The difference between these “2 live’s” was emotions, alcohol, drugs and stimulation, to freedom in the body and feeling a whole lot of joy. Universal Medicine knows how to celebrate especially with music.

  25. Yes every celebration with Universal Medicine has that wow factor and they just get more and more glorious.

  26. Each of the celebrations are a marker and an opportunity to claim what has been lived and where we can go from there. I enjoy that everyones different expression is valued and celebrated.

  27. The Universal Medicine parties are amazing – it’s a celebration of love, joy, harmony, brotherhood and incredible dancing and music! The food is pretty awesome as well. In real terms of what most celebrations are today it stands out because there are no alcohol or drugs and everyone is safe. The celebration is really of what we live – and not an escaping of what we live. These are true Soul-full parties!

  28. Life is worth truly celebrating – and we can certainly do this without alcohol and drugs or harming our bodies, but instead simply from the joy we experience from living naturally and honestly every day.

  29. I love going to celebrations and parties these days and waking up hangover-less which is a complete contrast to my past when I thought to mark any celebration, reward or accomplishment an alcoholic drink was required to heighten that feeling.

  30. Being at “parties” where everyone is equally welcome, and without any form of alcohol or drugs is priceless, as it of course should be. We are however used to the opposite. I love when children, parents, friends are all included. Feels like one big family is celebrating.

  31. Yes Michelle, the end of year celebrations held by Universal Medicine are a joyful night for all who attend – the feeling of brotherhood and love at these events is what true family is all about.

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