Universal Medicine: There are no Damsels in Distress here…

It has become tradition that Universal Medicine celebrates the conclusion of each year with the ‘usual presentations’ followed by entertainment from the student body. Each year more talent comes forward to strut their stuff – in a very wholesome, entertaining and, this year, extremely funny way.

Juzzie has been entertaining families on the North Coast for years. You can see him at markets or busking on the streets. Now he has added juggling while he is performing on musical instruments. Part of the joy is seeing how much fun he is having.

Chris, leading any choir, is a delight to the ears and heart. This year his newly formed men’s group (Sounds Deep) was deeply astounding.

Victoria’s performance left a footprint of love, as did all the other performers on the day.

But I am going to give the award to Rebecca Baldwin and Sarah. They were remarkable in so many ways. Firstly, I didn’t know they could sing that well. Didn’t know they could write such funny but truthful lyrics. Didn’t know they could dance. Even more surprising, they can dance and sing at the same time and change styles of music without missing a beat. Even getting their aprons entangled in the microphone headsets felt like part of the entertainment.

I can assure you, there are no damsels in distress here.

In the next performance, Rebecca’s two male support dancers were a fun addition – but who could take their eyes off Rebecca? I’m not sure if it was the magnetic pull of the magenta dress or the open hearted smile that conveyed how much fun she was having. In either case, she stole the show.

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow NSW Australia

123 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: There are no Damsels in Distress here…

  1. That’s true Gayle, the women studying the Ageless Wisdom with Serge and Universal Medicine are very empowered, we do not fit the stereotype often presented by the media as docile and somewhat helpless sexual objects. As women when we reconnect to our essence we are not dependent on what the outside world delivers to us, instead there is an immense purpose to bring all of who we are to the world, and a deep settlement and contentment to simply be ourselves. There are elements of this I am still working on, but overall I feel more empowered than I ever have and enjoy the beauty of how my essence feels.

  2. There are truly so many people discovering and expressing their qualities within the Universal Medicine attendees – each and every one of them are an inspiration and give us permission to simply let our qualities out to be seen too. It is the space provided that also allows and supports such natural expression.

  3. Such a simple evening that is such a joy to be part of and thus we all have our contributions that allow us all to partake and feel what it is like to celebrate and stay in connection to our essences with any of the usual distractions.

  4. Something ignites inside me when I see and listen Chris James and others preesenters from Universal Medicine on the stage singing. I find it inspiring because I can recognize within myself the same qualities that I’m enjoying to see in them. Same joy, same beauty, same ease to move and express…By feeling this I realize what’s the true purpose of music and performing is about, nothing to do with entertain or to impress the audience but to remind everyone that the same spark of light is equally inside all of us. Being open to that reflection is a blessing to receive.

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