No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

by Simon Bradley, UK

Four years ago I met and worked with one of Serge Benhayon’s students. I was having problems with my knee which resulted in my visiting my osteopath every week. Whatever treatment I received, the result was the same – a day or so of relief and then back to square one. My colleague offered to treat me on a number of occasions, and eventually my pain and misery overcame my cynicism sufficiently to give it a try.

It was a revelation. I didn’t, and don’t, believe in mumbo jumbo and magic. But something happened which was profound – a long term, apparently chronic injury, was resolved using a couple of stones and half an hour’s relaxation and breathing technique.

It’s nonsense, of course. So much so that I took three days unpaid leave (I work as a contractor, so all leave is unpaid) and went on an introductory course so that I could try to understand what happened and, perhaps, learn to do the same.

I arrived expecting it all to be smoke and mirrors. I left a wiser, humbler and distinctly less sceptical man. There is no smoke. There are no mirrors.

What I learned has had a profound effect on my life, for the better. I haven’t put it all into action yet, but I’m getting there. I can see the effect of my words and actions on others, and I can see the effect that others’ words and actions could have on me if I chose to allow it. I am calmer, more at peace, happier and healthier. I have made no commitment to anyone except myself. Nor have I been asked to.

Like other correspondents, I have found myself examining my life and finding areas of it wanting. This has been my choice – nobody else’s – and correcting those areas, or not, is my choice as well. Some things I will live with because I’m not yet ready to take that next step. Others I am in the process of correcting, and it’s a cathartic process.

Whether I end up choosing to become more involved with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine or not is still undecided. But wherever my choices take me, the experience and understanding that I have been shown are something I treasure.

Thank you for that.

378 thoughts on “No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

  1. No smoke, no mirrors, no fanfare or attempts to make what is presented flashy and attractive. If anything it’s the most unattractive thing I’ve ever experienced. This work isn’t designed to hook you in, but like a warm fire on a cold night it is certainly inviting without investment if you stay close or not.

  2. I love the simplicity of this blog. It is up to each and every one of us to decide for ourselves, no smoke and mirrors, no contracts, you either want to engage or you don’t. What I suspect is so confronting is the fact that our choices can harm or heal us, the body decides which it is to be – our body – nobody else’s. We have made decisions about our body all our lives and here, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we are reminded of this simple fact.

  3. Yes correct, there is no ‘mumbo jumbo, smoke or mirrors’, even hot coals to walk on either.

    There is only the truth, it’s what you do with it, is the question. Do you react or respond? Do you accept your part, or do you make it about others and blame them? Much to ponder on…

    1. At the end of the day the choice is yours, ‘ Some things I will live with because I’m not yet ready to take that next step.’

    1. The Livingness is simple, and it is everyone’s choice whether to live it or not, ‘ I am calmer, more at peace, happier and healthier. I have made no commitment to anyone except myself. Nor have I been asked to.’

  4. “Some things I will live with because I’m not yet ready to take that next step” – I find this so healthy. We often want to rush into what we perceive as ‘good’ or even ‘ideal’, and being a student of the esoteric is no exception, as this way of trying to be where we are not, is how we get conditioned to strive for in the current education system and the life that follows, and that really puts us out of touch with what is in our inner-most.

  5. Many people have looked at their life and found it wanting, and many people have attended the presentations of Serge Benhayon and found them to be supportive in making those changes that we may have wanted to make, but never had the courage to actually go there. A bit like a New Year’s resolution, the idea seems great at the time but life gets in the way and we never stick with our best intentions to make a change. I have found the support I needed to make changes in Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and his family. As you correctly say, some things I live with because I’m not ready to take that next step, I go at my pace and make my choices. What I am beginning to understand is that I live with myself 24/7/365 and so my relationship with myself is everything first, and the miracle is that from this deepening self relationship all my relationships deepen naturally, I don’t have to do a thing. It all seems to flow just from me being more loving with myself. Imagine if we all lived this way, surely it would make a difference within our society?

  6. I totally agree with you Simon that there is no commitment to anyone except myself, life is all about the choices we make that there is no right or wrong just an opportunity to learn. My whole life has changed since meeting Serge Benhayon no more depression or mental illness for me

  7. One of the many beautiful aspects of The Way of The Livingness is that it offers us the opportunity to explore the truth of who we are and our purpose of being here, all of which is our own personal journey guided by our relationship with truth from within us. This is what makes it so empowering as we are led only by our connection to love, the love from within us.

    1. Yes, I love that too, it is a very personal relationship that deepens in every moment. There is no need to go to all the courses but I love it when the opportunity arises because the opportunity to feel my next step is then for me to test and embody at my own pace.

  8. Being a student of the Way of the Livingness is such a beautiful process of unfolding, peeling away the layers to reveal something else that needs addressing, each time going deeper and feeling more content with who you are. I couldn’t go back to not living this way now, life would feel so flat and soul-less without looking at the layers of protection we hide ourselves behind.

  9. After having made my way through the myriad of new age modalities that were on offer, and which in the end brought no change to the way I was living, arriving at my first Serge Benhayon workshop I did not know what to expect. But, in hindsight I am glad I had no expectations for there was nothing to cloud the incredible wisdom that was presented me over those two days. You mightn’t always agree with what he is saying, but there is no judgement and no expectations; “There is no smoke. There are no mirrors”, simply the presentation of the truth as lived by this very humble and wise man.

  10. Simon what a breath of fresh air to have someone write of their experience in such a way and there are thousands of people who’s lives have been touched by Universal Medicine and the healing on offer. I feel that if we could marry Universal Medicine with conventional medicine then we would really see a difference to the way we approach our health issues and one day in the future this will happen.

    1. That was exactly how it was for me too Sylvia. In fact I am sure I started waking up the day I first heard his name mentioned a few months before, such was the feeling inside my body. Serge Benhayon has simply reminded me of everything I already know, and always have; I had just chosen to forget.

  11. The humbleness is felt in your words, thank you for sharing your experience so openly for us all to read.

  12. To have a long term chronic injury resolved is evidence to me that the treatment you experienced is worth studying formally, as chronic pain and chronic injury is debilitating to those who suffer them.

    1. Yes and we have to ask ourselves what kind of intelligence does not want to look at how such things can happen. Perhaps the attachment to thinking we know better is what is making us so sick.

  13. I agree Bryony, for in the hustle and bustle of modern day life in many ways we have disconnected from the responsibility that all that plays out in our life comes from the simple lifestyle choices we make every day.

  14. There is certainly no smoke and mirrors around Serge Benhayon or the rest of the Benhayon family. What you get is absolute truth and love and if you want to accept that and take it further it’s up to you.

  15. Life can be a gentle unfolding, never in a hurry to be there but fully present where-ever we are. Full commitment to self allows veils of illusion to part and our level of awareness deepens.

  16. I like the the simplicity of this blog and wisdom gained. To become aware of how the quality of our energy impacts every other human being is profound: all our movements are either a choice to align to truth or not, no middle ground.

  17. Everything in our life begins with a choice. The understanding of this fact, brings us back to the responsibility we hold with every movement we do.

  18. ‘I have made no commitment to anyone except myself.’ – the simplicity of what Universal Medicine offers and invites everyone to do if he likes to do so. That´s the esoteric, the connection and commitment to one´s essential being.

  19. Even meeting Serge Benhayon and getting his reflection once is a treasure for all upcoming lifetimes. Where do you get a reflection ever like that ?!

  20. Simon thank you for sharing your experience with Universal medicine. I love your honesty and simplicity. And I agree it is important to only change things in life when they are ready to change otherwise I dismiss myself.

    1. If you are coming from your head instead your body´s impulses, you will never experience the true magic that occurs when you say YES to yourself and express that in full. Coming from the mind seeks to better life, but not truly let go of the individuality and control that we identify ourselves with.

  21. The area where we are not yet willing to go and change is respected, but more so it is best to be honest about it and not pretend. It leaves us with more openness to eventually deal with it later, which is much more supportive of our health whenever we choose to be ready to deal with it.

  22. When we stop and examine how we lived our lives prior to Universal Medicine can we reallly say we felt fulfilled, loving and open? I know I can’t. My life has changed in so many ways, through me making more self loving choices and searching within rather than constantly looking outside myself for answers. Always our choice.

  23. What is so beautiful is that we are left to feel by this blog how open love is and that it has no bounds.. It is not related to just a person, but it is a connection made. It is an forever train of love that we have, when we choose to step in and surrender to it’s move.

  24. Walking this path is about fully appreciating where we come from and where we are and at the same time seeing that there are many more steps to take, so is good to be humble about that.

  25. Awesome sharing Simon – the simplicity of what is available to us and the only choice that really matter in life which is the choice of the quality of energy.

  26. If the ‘non-sense’ truly helps us, it is time to consider that perhaps it’s not so much nonsense after all and to ponder that perhaps there is a deeper understanding at stake that has to be appreciated and valued.

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