No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

by Simon Bradley, UK

Four years ago I met and worked with one of Serge Benhayon’s students. I was having problems with my knee which resulted in my visiting my osteopath every week. Whatever treatment I received, the result was the same – a day or so of relief and then back to square one. My colleague offered to treat me on a number of occasions, and eventually my pain and misery overcame my cynicism sufficiently to give it a try.

It was a revelation. I didn’t, and don’t, believe in mumbo jumbo and magic. But something happened which was profound – a long term, apparently chronic injury, was resolved using a couple of stones and half an hour’s relaxation and breathing technique.

It’s nonsense, of course. So much so that I took three days unpaid leave (I work as a contractor, so all leave is unpaid) and went on an introductory course so that I could try to understand what happened and, perhaps, learn to do the same.

I arrived expecting it all to be smoke and mirrors. I left a wiser, humbler and distinctly less sceptical man. There is no smoke. There are no mirrors.

What I learned has had a profound effect on my life, for the better. I haven’t put it all into action yet, but I’m getting there. I can see the effect of my words and actions on others, and I can see the effect that others’ words and actions could have on me if I chose to allow it. I am calmer, more at peace, happier and healthier. I have made no commitment to anyone except myself. Nor have I been asked to.

Like other correspondents, I have found myself examining my life and finding areas of it wanting. This has been my choice – nobody else’s – and correcting those areas, or not, is my choice as well. Some things I will live with because I’m not yet ready to take that next step. Others I am in the process of correcting, and it’s a cathartic process.

Whether I end up choosing to become more involved with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine or not is still undecided. But wherever my choices take me, the experience and understanding that I have been shown are something I treasure.

Thank you for that.

372 thoughts on “No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

  1. To have a long term chronic injury resolved is evidence to me that the treatment you experienced is worth studying formally, as chronic pain and chronic injury is debilitating to those who suffer them.

  2. There is certainly no smoke and mirrors around Serge Benhayon or the rest of the Benhayon family. What you get is absolute truth and love and if you want to accept that and take it further it’s up to you.

  3. Life can be a gentle unfolding, never in a hurry to be there but fully present where-ever we are. Full commitment to self allows veils of illusion to part and our level of awareness deepens.

  4. I like the the simplicity of this blog and wisdom gained. To become aware of how the quality of our energy impacts every other human being is profound: all our movements are either a choice to align to truth or not, no middle ground.

  5. Everything in our life begins with a choice. The understanding of this fact, brings us back to the responsibility we hold with every movement we do.

  6. ‘I have made no commitment to anyone except myself.’ – the simplicity of what Universal Medicine offers and invites everyone to do if he likes to do so. That´s the esoteric, the connection and commitment to one´s essential being.

  7. Even meeting Serge Benhayon and getting his reflection once is a treasure for all upcoming lifetimes. Where do you get a reflection ever like that ?!

  8. Simon thank you for sharing your experience with Universal medicine. I love your honesty and simplicity. And I agree it is important to only change things in life when they are ready to change otherwise I dismiss myself.

    1. If you are coming from your head instead your body´s impulses, you will never experience the true magic that occurs when you say YES to yourself and express that in full. Coming from the mind seeks to better life, but not truly let go of the individuality and control that we identify ourselves with.

  9. The area where we are not yet willing to go and change is respected, but more so it is best to be honest about it and not pretend. It leaves us with more openness to eventually deal with it later, which is much more supportive of our health whenever we choose to be ready to deal with it.

  10. When we stop and examine how we lived our lives prior to Universal Medicine can we reallly say we felt fulfilled, loving and open? I know I can’t. My life has changed in so many ways, through me making more self loving choices and searching within rather than constantly looking outside myself for answers. Always our choice.

  11. What is so beautiful is that we are left to feel by this blog how open love is and that it has no bounds.. It is not related to just a person, but it is a connection made. It is an forever train of love that we have, when we choose to step in and surrender to it’s move.

  12. Walking this path is about fully appreciating where we come from and where we are and at the same time seeing that there are many more steps to take, so is good to be humble about that.

  13. Awesome sharing Simon – the simplicity of what is available to us and the only choice that really matter in life which is the choice of the quality of energy.

  14. If the ‘non-sense’ truly helps us, it is time to consider that perhaps it’s not so much nonsense after all and to ponder that perhaps there is a deeper understanding at stake that has to be appreciated and valued.

  15. There is no smoke or mirrors with any of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present. And why would there be? The teachings imparted are based purely on the utter truths of life. There is simply nothing to hide. And this is what makes it so profound.

  16. ‘No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice’ I just love this title and the truth of it. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are transparent and open in what they bring and the quality we can choose to live at any time, it is as simple as this.

  17. After attending one of these courses by Universal Medicine, there if definitely no doubt that ‘healing’ and ‘medicine’ do not just apply to our physical body but to our entire being. When we see healing and medicine only associated with the physical body and not so much with our being we are left short of the truth and the underlying conditions remain undealt with.

  18. The curiosity and willingness, without expectations of an outcome, to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, both seen and unseen, is a valuable quality to have.

  19. Loved the simplicity of what you write Bradley. Indeed there is much of what is on offer that Universal Medicine presents, but it is up to us if we take the next step. For me, now I know this path is the path of truth and love, and therefore is impossible for me to not take these next steps on offer. It can take a while, I can resist but I will go on.

  20. Really our science knows so very little as yet, and I don’t expect that as human beings with the limitations of the human body, we can ever be truly aware of everything about and beyond the physical world. It’s good to be open to “magic” and allow the wonder and awe of life, a life that does not fit the box the mind wants to stuff it into.

  21. There is definitely no ‘smoke o mirrors’ with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Everything is open to be seen – transparent – and everything makes sense, if not common sense, and practical.

  22. “I can see the effect of my words and actions on others, and I can see the effect that others’ words and actions could have on me if I chose to allow it.” It’s so simple isn’t it. Everything we do, say and think has an effect on everyone else which brings to the fore the responsibility we have to pay attention to the quality of our everyday expression.

  23. ‘ Like other correspondents, I have found myself examining my life and finding areas of it wanting ”
    This is a huge learning , to know one can examine their life and come to an understanding as to why their life truly is not as great as they thought or assumed. To be able to recognises areas that need changing or support is a huge learning.

  24. Bringing awareness to the quality of our choices and how they impact our body and our lives, is what allows us to discern and understand the quality of energy we are aligning to. It is only ever us that chooses what we are aligning to, through which every move thereafter is result of this quality. As such in every moment we are offered the opportunity to be moved by the vibration of love, of our Soul, our true way of being.

  25. The only true choice we have in life is the source of energy that determines our subsequent choices, for we are either in relationship with that which is from truth and therefore, healing for all or that which is not true and always in need to fill the void within.

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