True Love, my way forward

by Leonie, Mackay QLD

I have been involved with Universal Medicine and have attended Serge Benhayon’s presentations for two years now and I have experienced a huge development in my personal attitude and approach to life.

I first approached a Universal Medicine practitioner to help improve the issues in my relationship with my partner. We wanted to try to find some solutions through this ‘esoteric’ way of being. Neither of us knew exactly what the term ‘esoteric’ meant, or where these sessions would lead us. After some period of seeing this UniMed practitioner I started to feel differently about myself and also about the common issues we face as human beings. I felt that for the first time in my life I was ready to truly take responsibility for who I was and who I was becoming. I learnt so much about myself and I started to feel the scary truths, that maybe I was in a pattern of abuse with money, food and even my own body. I could see how I would give my power away freely and would then wonder why I felt so out of control of my life.

The first time I met Serge Benhayon I felt a lot move inside me. I felt in some ways all this man was saying made perfect sense, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it that way before; then on the other hand I didn’t want to believe what Serge was presenting as I would have to feel how I had to take more responsibility for my actions, and what and how I was expressing. I felt after having met Serge Benhayon that I had truly been seen by someone for the first time in my life and that he saw me in all my realness. This made me even more curious about these teachings. I felt very challenged at times by what Serge presented, he made things seem so simple it was silly really. He says all we need to be and express is Love and this comes from the inside out. But did I even know the true meaning of Love? Had I ever even felt what True Love was?

I can now honestly say that “Yes” I now know the True meaning and feeling of Love.

Looking back over my time spent living these teachings, I have no regrets and feel that I have found my place in this life.

And I look forward to where this direction is taking me.

365 thoughts on “True Love, my way forward

  1. Giving our power away to another can be draining, and can happen in many subtle ways, ‘I had given my power away to others to be liked and accepted’.

  2. Learning about energetic responsibility brings a new level of understanding and awareness to our lives, that is very much needed.

  3. “Had I ever even felt what True Love was?” A magnificent moment when you reconnect to the love of the inner-heart.

  4. “… maybe I was in a pattern of abuse with money, food and even my own body.” We tend to go deeper into self harm when we need support. We eat junk to ‘treat’ ourselves, hit the booze, smoke more, withdraw and not respond to life… the list goes on. The simplicity Serge offers that I have learnt, is to reconnect to the love within and respond from there. When the chips are down and life is challenging, go deeper into love as a way of being and of living.

  5. ‘I was ready to truly take responsibility for who I was’, is seldom admitted. In a world of chaos, whether it’s the rushing and doing, or in a world where it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, as long as I am okay in my little nest or cocoon, has nothing to do with me.

    When you find the truth behind love, and then true love is behind you, responsibility is there. Because you then know and realise, that life is not sustainable without it.

  6. The Esoteric has opened so may people to a simple way of living the love we naturally are, and this inspirational way of being starts with us making the choice to re-connect to our Essences, Esoteric or Inner-most, which are all one and the same. So as you have shared Leonne, there is a “huge” difference in living from the Esoteric our most divine connection!

  7. I guess we all go through the process of learning about ourselves, exposing the scary and ugly truths of how we have been living – then the question is, then what? I can feel how I have being using shame and regret to stop seeing clearly what is not true, and instead actually stubbornly holding onto where I am at.

  8. The esoteric is neither complicated or mysterious, but simply learning to connect to your inner most, the true and real you and learning to express this unreservedly out into the world. It is a beautiful and effortless way to live.

  9. If true responsibility was taught in school and fostered in us as children, our understating of who we are, the great love we are and what life is truly about would be very different today, as would be our current degree of evolution. When we live in connection to and guided by the truth of who we are, we then live with true power.

    1. Absolutely Carola, pre-school would be a great place to prepare us for living a way of life that examines who we are and a responsible way to live and then follow that up with the rest of our education.

    2. Love is what’s missing, if we look at the fact we have more educated people and qualifications that ever before, yet such high rates of illness, mental health issues, addictions, suicide, corruption, etc, we can see we are in a real mess. It’s only being love that can change the way we are living and the outcomes of that livingness.

  10. When something is true, we just know. I knew after first listening to Serge speak for a few minutes that he spoke the truth. The truth has an undeniable quality that we can accept, deny or even fight, but the truth remains and it is untouchable. It’s really up to each of us if we want to live from the truth within ourselves (or not), and that is what Serge has inspired me to do.

    1. Absolutely Melinda, the truth is ‘undeniable’. Even as young children, we have this knowing that something isn’t ‘right’, but there are no words for it. Or, it is over ridden by an outside influence, because they don’t want you to voice what they have denied all along, and then, this is exposing what they have denied too.

    2. As a human race we have a pride that we don’t want to admit our mistakes. It’s silly really, because what’s on offer through our own honesty and humility is a return to our own essence, a true state of being, and one that is of love and truth. Living without that is not worth the pride.

  11. When we are presented with truth it can often be challenging, as it asks us to address aspects of our life with which we have become comfortable and gives us a sense of security even though they are not enhancing for us and the security, in truth, is an illusion.

  12. I find it fascinating how we can resist the truth when its presented. For me when I first heard Serge Benhayon present I wanted to hear more, but not everything I heard was easy to hear. I was obviously ready to hear what he was sharing at some level. I have certainly processed much, changed some things and not others, and I see that as my responsibility in my own time. Accepting that I am love is a big one, simply because I have lived for so long ignoring this and therefore not living this. But I also know this to be true, so I chip away at how I live everyday and the quality in which I do all that I do.

  13. How lovely to read this Leonie, thank you. I enjoyed how real and open you were in what you shared. I find at times things Serge shares confronting but I prefer to keep exploring because living the truth is so important, and I can feel the gift Serge is to this world and what he is offering.

  14. The moment when we feel inside the Love that we are us is very unique, for this realization changes all. The way we move, relate, walk and be in life is very different when we are in Love with ourselves, then we can truly love others in the same way.

  15. What Serge Benhayon presents makes so much sense and makes me wonder ‘why no one else have came to such a revelations?’ because it feels so simple and so obvious that if we want to have harmonious lifes we can’t deny, abuse or diminish ourselves and the body that we carry with daily in any shape or form. The principles he shares are going to be all over the world – actually is already happening – for all who is ready to bring care and true love in to their lives. It is the way to find the true joy that is within all of us.

  16. In the past I often thought to myself, “my god, where is life taking me” but through starting to take responsibility of how I am, the thoughts I have and everything I do. i begin to see a light through the clouds.

  17. Taking responsibility for how our life is unfolding and remaining eternally on the front foot, is key to mastering the challenges of human life.

  18. Being met by someone who sees the real me has been one of the most liberating things I’ve ever felt. That feeling of no needing to hide anything and at the same time being embraced without any judgement for the choices one day I made. This makes me feel the love I can hold in my own gaze and life too, when observing at me and others..

    1. Amparo thank you for your description of how love feels, to be met for all we are and embraced without any judgement for the choices we have made – it’s an amazing feeling and inspires me to be the same.

    2. “… being embraced without any judgement for the choices one day I made” enables one to not judge oneself for unloving choices once made and in doing so, one can then move forward in life without the anchor of shame, guilt and regret pulling one back.

  19. Its the reason I daily want to bury my innate awareness about all I feel going on around me and that is because I feel more responsibility. What usually is a part of this responsibility is appreciating all that I consistently offer in terms of how much I cherish and adore people I come into contact with. People are beautiful and to think we are not exposes the lies we allow in our families and society.

    1. Beautiful Matts – I agree. I also can feel that when we are at one with love and its stillness, we are at one with God. Being held within this space there is nothing more at all that is needed, as the fulfillment felt is literally off the charts in contrast the anything this world has on offer.

  20. Leonie, I only can agree to what you have written about Serge Benhayon: “I felt in some ways all this man was saying made perfect sense, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it that way before . . . ” He is such a great eye opener and it is a joy to listen to him even if what he is presenting is a bitter pill to swallow.

  21. Exactly that — being moved by your own love when you connect to who you are. It’s profound where the inspiration comes from, in this case given and shown(reflected) by Universal Medicine. I am in forever joy that I am part.
    Thank you Serge Benhayon for listening to your heart and bringing the teachings of the Soul back to earth.

  22. With regard to Serge Benhayon “ all this man was saying made perfect sense.” I so agree I felt this way too. It all seemed so obvious – and still does. My whole body just says yes and resonates to the truth of his words.

  23. I first was drawn to Universal Medicine because I was unhappy in my relationships and was seeking some counsel and help with improving these, but little did I know at the time that I would be offered so much more in terms of love support and healing and Truth. So beautiful to feel this and overwhelming in many ways too. But none the less, what is on offer is amazing and for us to embrace as we feel to.

  24. Love and its true meaning can deepen the more you build a relationship with it. It changes in a beautiful and more supportive way the more you embrace it.

  25. When someone is able to hold us in all our realness, we get deeply held in a quality that is quite unusual. This also ignites a process of feeling into this more than is even clear to us at the beginning, although we can all feel it.

  26. ‘ I felt very challenged at times by what Serge presented…’ I have also been challenged by what Serge Benhayon has presented. But I’ve also had to admit the way I was living wasn’t it, and I’d tried every which way to make things work. Working through a lot of resistance, born from hurts and wanting things my way, I’ve come to feel for myself and know what challenged me was a part of myself that wanted/s to carry on being super wayward – wanting to devour all the cake at the party, feel ill and want to blame the world for making the cake, which I helped to bake in the first place! What’s lovely is that a lot of this resistance has passed. I know there is more to let go of, but I appreciate how much I’ve allowed myself the grace of acceptance.

  27. I have evaded self-love for years but now am realising how deeply needed it is if I am to know love and live from love. My world changes in it’s entirety when lived from love. What I once wanted to believe was ok is seen for the pervading ugliness it is. But seeing it for what it is I can now say no to it and accept love more fully.

  28. It is challenging to see the truth as it means instead of blaming others we have to accept responsibility for the choices we have made that have resulted in whatever situation we are in.

  29. Indeed it is so simple that in the moments when we touch that simplicity we are shocked to see how complicated we made it all.
    Love is there always, within us and everywhere. It is just a matter of bringing our patterns to a stop and feeling ourselves again and allowing ourselves to feel the love.

  30. ‘And I look forward to where this direction is taking me.’Yes, it’s wonderful to let go of control and see what plan is laid before us should we surrender to it.

  31. “And I look forward to where this direction is taking me.” This is how I felt when I first came across Universal Medicine. When I met Serge there were no bells and whistles, everything just made common sense and was quite simple. What I did feel was that I liked the direction of the path that was there for me to step on.

    1. A spherical path of Love that takes us back to who we are so we do not miss any area of our lives where ill energy can precipitate into our being. Thus closing the door on evil.

  32. ‘I felt that for the first time in my life I was ready to truly take responsibility for who I was and who I was becoming.’ Reading this I feel that though I’ve been irresponsible a lot in my life there is nothing more honouring and powerful than this and it doesn’t matter how many times I may drop the ball when I pick it up again and again.

  33. A beautiful sharing on when we open our hearts to love and feel it deeply within, there is nothing else that can surpass love, and at the same time it so normal — no ‘ra ra’. I once was lost too, but now I am back and feel the love within myself and others every single day, without perfection ofcourse.

  34. In the light of true love, everything that we have accepted as ok starts to show its real face, and it can be very confronting and in my case, it felt like the ultimate denial of what I was about – yet, there was nothing else that was worth saying ‘yes’ to.

  35. When we start being honest with ourselves, it is confronting at first to realise just how much abuse (self-inflicted or otherwise) we accept and allow in our lives, but ultimately empowering as we begin to honor more and more the love we are and by saying no to abuse of any degree.

  36. When we start to get honest about how we are living, there is a lot that we need to take responsibility for, as our choices outline the irresponsible patterns of behaviour that we take comfort in, rather than taking responsibility for.

    1. As a human race we often choose comfort over responsibility, ‘ our choices outline the irresponsible patterns of behaviour that we take comfort in’.

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