True Love, my way forward

by Leonie, Mackay QLD

I have been involved with Universal Medicine and have attended Serge Benhayon’s presentations for two years now and I have experienced a huge development in my personal attitude and approach to life.

I first approached a Universal Medicine practitioner to help improve the issues in my relationship with my partner. We wanted to try to find some solutions through this ‘esoteric’ way of being. Neither of us knew exactly what the term ‘esoteric’ meant, or where these sessions would lead us. After some period of seeing this UniMed practitioner I started to feel differently about myself and also about the common issues we face as human beings. I felt that for the first time in my life I was ready to truly take responsibility for who I was and who I was becoming. I learnt so much about myself and I started to feel the scary truths, that maybe I was in a pattern of abuse with money, food and even my own body. I could see how I would give my power away freely and would then wonder why I felt so out of control of my life.

The first time I met Serge Benhayon I felt a lot move inside me. I felt in some ways all this man was saying made perfect sense, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it that way before; then on the other hand I didn’t want to believe what Serge was presenting as I would have to feel how I had to take more responsibility for my actions, and what and how I was expressing. I felt after having met Serge Benhayon that I had truly been seen by someone for the first time in my life and that he saw me in all my realness. This made me even more curious about these teachings. I felt very challenged at times by what Serge presented, he made things seem so simple it was silly really. He says all we need to be and express is Love and this comes from the inside out. But did I even know the true meaning of Love? Had I ever even felt what True Love was?

I can now honestly say that “Yes” I now know the True meaning and feeling of Love.

Looking back over my time spent living these teachings, I have no regrets and feel that I have found my place in this life.

And I look forward to where this direction is taking me.

328 thoughts on “True Love, my way forward

  1. Superb sharing, sharing with us the inspiration of changing your life by finding your truth and purpose to life… How often do we hear this? Let alone see someone truly making every aspect of his or her life loving… So these, the teachings of Universal Medicine truly show humanity another way to move forward from. Love. And this goes step by step.

  2. When in the face of true love, there is not other way to feel we are all the same and that it is something that we have walked away from long ago, saying yes to it, is the first step in our own unfolding back to reclaiming who we truly are and to enjoy the simplicity and joy of life.

  3. Understanding it is my responsibility to be love in relationship – with myself and hence with others – has transformed all the relationships I have because it all arises from this relationship with myself first. There is no blame to be had anymore, just a whole heap of responsibility.

    1. So true Steve – in building a loving relationship with ourselves we realise that we are so much more than we think as is our purpose here. So much to explore, reveal and embody it’s awe-inspiring.

  4. When we are faced with a true reflection of love, we are pulled to be honest with ourselves and look at the lifestyle choices we are making. Learning about energetic responsibility and looking more closely at the way in which we are living and holding ourselves through life brings a far deeper awareness of our responsibility and the quality of our being and how we initiate true change when we come from love.

  5. The feeling of returning to something long forgotten resonates as a deep confirmation within. Inspired by another supports us to go there for ourselves…

  6. Discovering True Love is one of life’s wondrous learning’s, thanks to Serge Benhayon’s presentations and sharing. There is a fair bit of un-learning what I thought love was – which is all the stuff that I had picked-up in the way of ideals and beliefs, clearing these out is like breathing the clearest freshest air and leaves space for the true love to rise out of me rather than the imposing on me and likewise onto others.

  7. That is very inspirational Leonie – the teachings of Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine, make absolute sense even though something inside us might at times resist those truths, they are our inspirations and the one thing we all deeply want in life – love, something we do not need to long for when we connect to our inner-most, were his teachings are all about.

  8. When we are truly met by another, every part of our bodies feels the truth of who we are – it’s an expansion that can be expressed through our movements allowing a deeper trust of our inter-connection to the vastness of the universe.

  9. When we start to get honest about how we are living, there is a lot that we need to take responsibility for, as our choices outline the irresponsible patterns of behaviour that we take comfort in, rather than taking responsibility for.

  10. When we start being honest with ourselves, it is confronting at first to realise just how much abuse (self-inflicted or otherwise) we accept and allow in our lives, but ultimately empowering as we begin to honor more and more the love we are and by saying no to abuse of any degree.

  11. In the light of true love, everything that we have accepted as ok starts to show its real face, and it can be very confronting and in my case, it felt like the ultimate denial of what I was about – yet, there was nothing else that was worth saying ‘yes’ to.

  12. A beautiful sharing on when we open our hearts to love and feel it deeply within, there is nothing else that can surpass love, and at the same time it so normal — no ‘ra ra’. I once was lost too, but now I am back and feel the love within myself and others every single day, without perfection ofcourse.

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