A Woman And Her Family Start to Make Loving Choices

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. DipT (ECE), BEd (ECE), Business Owner

I was introduced to the work and modalities of Universal Medicine in 2010, just over two years ago. One of my daughters had become quite ill with asthmatic symptoms to the point where she was missing many days off school. In the months prior, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with glandular fever and was also challenged with poor health as a result.

As parents, up until that point, we had prided ourselves in electing the alternative and natural medicine approach, and had largely avoided conventional medicine to treat any illness or symptom our family experienced. We felt we had a healthy lifestyle as we ate organic (wherever possible), and all participated in physical activity or sport on a regular basis. We didn’t eat fast food, my husband and I didn’t smoke, we didn’t have tattoos or body piercings, we didn’t drink excessively, and we capped our espresso coffees at 2-3 per day (we loved our coffee!). 

Although I was personally aware that it would be better if I cut down on my coffee drinking altogether, or to avoid alcohol or the occasional sweet treats (chocolate, cake etc.), I always found this difficult. I defended this by telling myself that these things were ok in moderation, and that in respect of the ‘good’ diet and lifestyle I felt I had most of the time, that these things were part of a healthy lifestyle as long as they weren’t done in excess. In fact many, if not all of my friends and family, who had also adopted a similar attitude toward health and diet, also regularly drank alcohol and coffee. We felt our diet was a big improvement on the diets of most of the population, and therefore relatively speaking we felt we had taken responsibility for a ‘healthy’ lifestyle.

In saying that, our home and relationships were not always (and rarely in truth), harmonious and happy, and our business was oftentimes demanding and stressful. To counter this, my husband and I delved into various personal and professional development workshops and programs in an attempt to address and find a solution to the ongoing issues in our relationship and business. Our investment of time and money resulted in improvements or changes that were short-lived (mostly providing temporary relief), but invariably we found ourselves back confronting exactly the same issues with ourselves, and within our relationships. Despite believing that we were taking responsibility for ourselves, and not suffering any major illness or disease, the feelings of being sad, angry, stressed, depressed or tired remained.

Although I always had a sense that there was more to health than diet and exercise, and felt that factors such as emotions and relationships could also influence health, I believed at the time that the alternate therapies we had chosen to support our family were addressing the root cause of whatever was presenting. When a symptom or health issue arose we would address it with these therapies – and there always appeared to be a relief of symptoms and a feeling of physically feeling ‘better’ which followed. Although I had always struggled with my weight, together with digestion and bowel issues, I considered that this had little to do with my ‘healthy’ lifestyle and had come to accept my state of being and body as ‘normal’ for me.

When it came to my daughter being very sick, I was running out of options. No matter what we tried, her poor health continued to the point where she lost considerable weight and barely had the strength to get out of bed for several weeks. I could feel that something else wasn’t right and needed to be addressed, but couldn’t identify what that was.

As soon as my friend introduced me to the Universal Medicine esoteric modalities and practitioners, I knew instantly that this finally made sense. Although I didn’t grasp all of the details, I knew without a doubt that what was being presented was ‘true’ and complete, and at the same time I knew that I knew all of this already.

There was no imposition by the practitioners telling us what to do, or trying to fix us, or promising us solutions (including improved health). There was no feeling of judgment for the choices we had made up to that point or would continue to make, and there was no feeling of betterment or that they knew what was better for us than what we did. This differed markedly to the other alternate therapies and practitioners we had seen up to that date because even with perhaps the best intent, the treatments had always been about abiding by a certain set of rules in order to improve health (i.e. diet, exercise, etc.). In retrospect I have identified that we had given power away to previous practitioners who we upheld as having the answers to improve our health, and that it was ‘they’ who had the power of healing.

However, what we experienced with Universal Medicine practitioners was different to anything previously experienced. Through the esoteric modalities, they simply supported us in connecting back to, and listening to our bodies – and the choices we made in relationship to that connection were ours.

Initially, I took my daughters for treatments with the aim of supporting them with their physical health. As I began to understand more about the modalities, I could feel that I had hardened my body to not feel, and that underneath, my body was also giving me clear signs that there were things to look at. So I began having esoteric healing sessions myself, and began attending Universal Medicine workshops and presentations with Serge Benhayon. The more I did this, the more I realised how disconnected I had been from my body previously, and the ‘actual’ state my body was in.

Initially when I began to slow down and start to listen to my body, I realised that I was actually exhausted, and was functioning and running on constant nervous energy. I could then feel how I used coffee and also certain foods as a stimulant to ‘get’ me through the day. The questions I then asked myself were: why was I so exhausted, and how was I living that would lead me to be so exhausted? When I was honest with myself, I became aware that I was using alcohol as an escape and distraction from my life. Then I had to ask myself: why did I need to escape and what was I escaping from? These were all very exposing questions which required me to be really honest with myself about exactly what was going on in my body and my life.

The more honest I became and the more prepared I was to actually honour my body and what it was saying, the more I began to become aware of my relationship with food, sleep, exercise etc. By being gentle with myself, and feeling the impact of how I was living on my body, it was easier to make supportive choices around my diet and sleep, and also around my relationship with myself and others. So the choices I made in relation to choosing to not drink alcohol and coffee etc. were not difficult because they were not coming from a directive from anyone else, nor from an intellectual or mind decision or an ideal or something imposed upon me, but rather based on what I could actually feel these things were doing to my body.

Over the past two years, each family member has had the opportunity to experience the healing the esoteric modalities offer; healing that simply allows us to connect to our own bodies and thus be aware that we are truly masters of our own healing, and that true healing comes from within. Each of us has made changes within our lifestyle (diet etc.) based on what we are each ready to feel and take responsibility for.

Of course there have been times where I have been challenged, and I am lovingly aware that there are times when I over-ride what I feel in my body, but throughout this process neither I, nor any other family member, have ever been judged by Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon or any of the esoteric practitioners. I have learnt to be more gentle with myself in relation to my own unfolding, and am learning to be more gentle with others in relation to where they are at, and the choices they are making. And thanks to the example of Universal Medicine I am learning to be less imposing and judgmental on the individual choices of others and to simply live my life with gentleness (to the best of my ability) around my own choices.

At the age of 46, I feel more ‘me’ and more connected to my body than I have ever felt. I have lost excess weight without ‘trying’ and without any conscious effort, and feel more comfortable in my body and appreciate more beauty in myself than ever before in my life. I take better (and more gentle) care of myself, have more energy (I no longer rely on nervous energy to get me through a day), have more awareness of what is truly going on for me and for those around me, and more appreciation for me just being ‘me’.

I enjoy regular gentle exercise, and feel (and look) better in and about my body than I ever did when I was heavily into running and regularly at the gym, and have an appreciation for western medicine that I previously criticised and defended against. Having spent a lifetime constantly feeling there were things I had to ‘do’ to be a ‘good’ worker, mother, wife, friend, daughter etc., I am gently becoming aware that the basis on which I ‘did’ all of these things was false, and that it was about fitting in or being accepted, and nothing to do with what was true for me; and that all of these things have been held in my body. I am gently re-learning that it’s not about the things I’ve done or continue to do, but who I am. Who I am then becomes the expression of the things I need or choose to do each day.

I have recently separated from my husband after a 21 year marriage. The separation has been more loving and supportive than I could ever have imagined for both of us and our three daughters, and has been based on an honest awareness that our marriage was never based on true love, but rather was founded out of need which grew into familiarity, convenience and comfort. Had we separated prior to Universal Medicine (as was the potential outcome many times during our marriage), the separation would have been in reaction to our relationship and the hurt that has been held there for a long time. We currently still have a business which we are working together, which prior to Universal Medicine, I could never have imagined or considered the possibility of occurring in consideration of our separation. We still have our issues presenting and are being offered the opportunity to heal these during this period. We both choose to still work together, and although far from perfect we have a more truth-full, honest and loving relationship now than we have ever had.

The quality of support, love and care I have experienced with Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and his family, and the esoteric modalities is second to none. And what is most observable now in retrospect, is that what was inspiring back then (and continues to be so), is the consistent way in which the esoteric practitioners live and the integrity with which they practise. They practise nothing less than what they live, for which I am deeply appreciative.

It was, and is, truly inspiring to be supported by practitioners and an organisation with the highest code of ethics and integrity that I have seen anywhere, and who never impose, but simply present who they are, and by reflection, who we also are – love. I am immensely and deeply grateful for the work that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are bringing to humanity, never out of need for self, but always from service – and always and only ever, by reflection of love.

285 thoughts on “A Woman And Her Family Start to Make Loving Choices

  1. You describe the perfect family picture – the beautiful house, the beautiful children, successful business, healthy lifestyle – the dream. Yet, as you say, these things were not it, we can build a life however we like, and create a scenario where we are either the victims of life or the winners of life, but until we connect to true love and truth, we will remain in this illusion we call human life.

  2. Practitioners are conventionally seen as being the ‘healers’ and being the ones that ‘make’ things happen and this is in fact a very disempowering approach towards to client. However, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has presented that a true practitioner is simply one who hold the space with a deep level of love whilst one does the healing – this in itself is a very empowering approach and also allows one to take it where one chooses and not as directed or imposed upon. “In retrospect I have identified that we had given power away to previous practitioners who we upheld as having the answers to improve our health, and that it was ‘they’ who had the power of healing.

  3. Awesome sharing Angela and a wonderful way to show your appreciation of true support and the true choices and changes that you have embraced in your life today!

  4. When we approach our wellbeing based on pictures, we tend to have a limited understand of what it is that you do not do (the obvious ones are clear) and by extension, of what is to be done to go to newgrounds.

  5. What Universal Medicine imparts is nothing new in the sense that it is deeply known to us all. What I am learning through my own developing awareness of life as inspired by Universal Medicine, is that the world is jam packed with lies and irresponsibility. So many avoid true responsibility at all costs and the consequences are evident in our ever shocking health and well being stats which show that over 90% of the world has at least some form of pain or illness. We cannot ignore this much longer and have to start questioning whether the way we are living is truly true for us all.

  6. The one thing about Universal Medicine that I embrace is the constant checking back in to where I am at. Living from the mind has no concept or base to actually know and feel where you are at. The mind does not hold truth: Therefore I have more of an understanding and settlement for who I am when I feel my body and be honest with myself.

  7. When we give ourselves the space to slow down and feel what is going on in our body it is amazing what it can show us. To feel how exhausted we really are and how much we are running on nervous energy to get through the day is something I have found for myself, much less so now, but the more aware I am of my body the quicker I am able to stop and see what is causing me to go into drive and push my body out of its natural rhythm.

  8. It is inspiring to read that if we do choose to split up from our spouses there does not need to be that hate and discontent which quite often lingers for many years after the break-up.

    1. Well said Julie – amicable separations are sadly rare these days, but great to have some walking and breathing examples around to show that it indeed can be done!

  9. “All things in moderation” is a trap we wallow in, to avoid talking responsibility for what we know deep within us is the truth.

  10. The thing is, before Universal Medicine became a part of my life, I would have said that I looked after myself well, I didn’t drink too much alcohol (most days!) or so I thought, I ate a healthy diet or so I thought but my body was telling me otherwise yet I was mastered in ignoring it. What I have come to realise is that there is a very dishonest part of me that I would allow to lie to me and accept its lies. Thanks to Universal Medicine I am learning to see these lies for what they are and to listen to my amazing body.

  11. “The more honest I became and the more prepared I was to actually honour my body and what it was saying, the more I began to become aware of my relationship with food, sleep, exercise etc.” I have found it quite amazing what I have discovered and re-discovered about myself and my world as a consequence of listening to and honouring my body.

  12. It is not until we are truly honest and truthful does true healing occur and then miracles happen – like a separation being more loving than staying together – and then miracles become the norm.

  13. This is an amazing example of how it is not possible for true healing to just fix a problem and not have a ripple effect all around as life is one big sphere and we are all interconnected with each other.

  14. In the hustle and bustle of modern day life we are rarely gentle with ourselves, but when we are it is literally like a breath of fresh air for our body.

  15. There is a strong case for finding something to fix what is clearly unsettled or just plain not working in the relationships at home and I too looked to alternative therapies at one point, hoping they would give me the answers to bring back all the love and joy we once had which seemed to somehow just disappear with out either of us even noticing how or when they became gone. But then, when the key to true love and joy in the home was revealed to me as coming from the inner-heart, a place where the soul resides, everything changed because in an instant the responsibility for the quality of our lives was firmly placed in to our hands and as a result, it turned out that we actually held the power to make happen what we felt was true for us. Beautiful and amazing, the inner-heart is the place from which true living can really be discovered and explored.

  16. I used to believe in the everything in moderation approach as my parents gave me this example as a child but the more I honestly stopped and listened to my body the more I realised that that there was a difference between just functioning and getting by and truly living with joy and vitality and a deep connection with myself, and I realised that there are some things that are simply not supportive of this connection no matter how much or how little you have of them.

  17. The more honest we are prepared to be with ourselves, the more we begin to feel which foods support us and those that don’t, and as we take the opportunity to change our choices we begin to feel the benefits in our body, our general health improves and we have more energy than we had before.

  18. Just by being honest to our body, really honest, it will show us the truth. In fact, the truth is always there within us, but we distract and numb ourselves so much in not wanting to know, but when we are honest and humble enough to get out of the way, life unfolds.

  19. The depth of inspiration offered from Universal Medicine, and consistently so is out of this world. We all know what is the most loving way to be with ourselves and other, the magic is when we are actually inspired to ‘go there’. Serge Benhayon walks what he talks this is why there is so much power in his presentations.

  20. ” experience the healing the esoteric modalities offer; healing that simply allows us to connect to our own bodies and thus be aware that we are truly masters of our own healing , and that true healing comes from within ” Thank you for sharing this is a huge learning .

  21. ‘It was, and is, truly inspiring to be supported by practitioners and an organisation with the highest code of ethics and integrity that I have seen anywhere, and who never impose, but simply present who they are, and by reflection, who we also are – love. ‘ I totally concur with this. The integrity you mention isn’t just in working hours, it’s a lived integrity 24/7. No double standards just genuine transparency that’s supported me to trust myself and humanity. I’ve been inspired commit to life again in every detail, in every way.

  22. The ‘as long as it’s not done in excess’ mentality excuses any number of indiscretions that allows us to live a less than optimal life so long as it is ‘better’ than a worse extreme. We ought to challenge this common belief in society if we truly want to live our true potential as a community…

  23. Angela, this article is interesting to read, I used to consider myself having a ‘healthy’ lifestyle in comparison to the majority in society, but in truth it was not healthy as I overrode my body often, pushed myself carrying things that were too heavy, was unconfident in myself and so even though what I ate and the fact I exercised looked good and ‘healthy’, the truth was that how I thought about myself and how I was in life was not healthy, I can feel how in society we often limit being ‘healthy’ to just what we eat and exercise rather than our whole way of being.

  24. When we are ready to address what is really going on rather than resorting to solutions and quick fixes, there is no better recourse than the Universal Medicine Therapies which are based on The Ageless Wisdom.

  25. A thought provoking sharing Angela. There is so much we have to learn about what we eat and how we are affected by these foods.

  26. I would have previously described your early choices in life to have been pretty reasonable too Angela, relative to my own choices at that time too. But what comes across is how we can reduce abuse without actually changing anything, because the energy has not changed and we kid ourselves that we are ‘better’. You describe a lack of harmony in the relationships that needed changing and the way that worked out with your amicable separation sounded much more loving than your previous way of living.

    1. It is very sobering and humbling to be honest enough to see that reduced levels of abuse hasn’t changed anything as the energy has not changed. So I can be at an ideal weight for example but if I’m eating in a way that doesn’t nurture my body – I’m starving myself, then overeating to avoid feeling something, I may look ok from the outside, but inside I’m not being loving with myself, accepting of life, of where I’m at, or seeking the support I need to deal with certain issues etc. to name but a few things.

  27. What a lovely headline this blog offers. ‘A woman and her family start to make loving choices’. Real news, real lives, real change…real media.

  28. Many will be able to take much from your great sharing Angela, now and in the future. Re reading your blog reminds me to appreciate just how amazing the Universal Medicine Practitioners really are and so supportive never putting pressure on anyone to change but rather supporting us to do what feels right for us.

  29. I love the reflection offered here that a relationship separation can be a truly loving choice. I once believed that relationship separations were devastating, but now I see that was because I was very needy in those relationships. Once I came to the awareness that it is my responsibility to be the love that I am, this all changed. Now, relationships are all about the choice to be together – every day, in every moment – and the freedom to make the choice to not be too. There is great liberation in this and it is a true foundation for a loving partnership.

  30. Whether a food or drink is consumed in moderation or excessively to me it is still abuse to the body. Every food or drink taken into the body that does not support it harms and disregards the body, a vehicle of expression that is to be taken care of and looked after so that the love of God flows through and is there to be expressed.

  31. Connecting back to, listening to and honouring our whole body’s signals and communications re-connects us with an innate source of wisdom that we all have – 24/7 – it’s just whether we want to be aware of it or not…!

  32. Thank you Angela, I appreciated this line “By being gentle with myself, and feeling the impact of how I was living on my body, it was easier to make supportive choices around my diet and sleep, and also around my relationship with myself and others”. Relationships are an area we can really be unsupportive in with our bodies, but because it’s no under the umbrella of health like diet and exercise is, we may not consider their full impact on our wellbeing.

  33. Its interesting that you describe a very good standard at the start – quite a high bar with health food, exercise etc… but that bar is only ever as high as the areas where you drop in between. The checking out periodically, the feelings of sadness etc that come up from time to time. That is why we are always searching … and in raising those gaps to the same level as the rest of life we start to feel the consistency, and so become ready for the next step up.

  34. I was a supporter of the ‘everything in moderation’ brigade too, that was until I started attending the Universal Medicine presentations, where I slowly came to realise how I was using this false belief as a cover to give myself an excuse to indulge in occasional activities that were harming to my body and wellbeing. Harming substances are still harmful even in small doses.

  35. Love that Doctors or the media’s advice is that things in moderation are OK, or even provide health benefits (thinking of the chocolate and wine here – although equally I’ve read articles on how natural and fine Cannabis is). All that does is legitimise them, allow them, and so when you are feeling OK then you have them in moderation. But when the chips are down and you start to struggle where do you go for solace… you binge on those same things because they are already part of your support system.

  36. I was shrouded when I considered that 2 -3 coffees per day was normal and is it considered excessive – I was lucky to have one every now and then and I sort of enjoyed the taste. I more just drank it because it was the social thing to do. What we never stop and ask is, why are we needing all of these stimulation and distractions in the first place? Yes it may seem like extreme discipline to consider what it would be like to truly eat a clean and healthy diet, but we don’t think about why the excesses in the first place?

  37. We can get so caught in trying to fit in, to be accepted that we often forget what is the truth for us and how living in that way impacts us, and in fact compromises our expression of who we truly are. To be able to come back to us is a true gift, and the Esoteric modalities are a huge support in finding our way to express and be us in the world.

  38. You share that there are layers and layers underneath the image we present to the world. These layers don’t go away, they fester and we have coping mechanisms that mask what is truly going on till our body gives us a very honest and blunt reflection of what it has been trying to cope with. Thank you for illustrating that so well.

  39. Images of a good diet and of a healthy life abound. So, it is about organics, whole food, growth hormone dairy free, etc as much as it is about acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopaths, etc. At some point these pictures break down and the disbelief is massive. Yet, this is a good thing since it reveals the extent to which they are simply images.

  40. “It was, and is, truly inspiring to be supported by practitioners and an organisation with the highest code of ethics and integrity that I have seen anywhere, and who never impose, but simply present who they are, and by reflection, who we also are – love.” So powerful is the reflection of true love lovingly lived, in it’s power to bring change in the lives of others.

  41. Imagine if every child was taught that their health is in their hands . . . that there are health consequences for being anything other than our selves in the way we think, walk and talk . . . Universal Medicine presents the responsibility we have to connect to our body and listen to what it is telling us as our own health is our concern and our choices do affect in our body. Thank you for sharing your story Angela

  42. I was like you Angela and thought health consisted of a good diet, exercise and a ‘balanced’ lifestyle, all of which I did quite diligently; being a trained naturopath and acupuncturist I certainly had all the knowledge to attend to these things with quite some finesse. I still however suffered all sorts of minor ailments that I couldn’t shift, along with a recurring sense of sadness with no idea its cause. Not until coming across Universal Medicine and the modalities offered did any of this change… and all within a year or two, without ever actually trying to work on any of them.

  43. “Although I always had a sense that there was more to health than diet and exercise, and felt that factors such as emotions and relationships could also influence health, I believed at the time that the alternate therapies we had chosen to support our family were addressing the root cause of whatever was presenting.”
    My idea of health now, compared to before I began studying with Universal Medicine is truly worlds apart.
    Health needs to be all inclusive, meaning the way you relate to your family and your relationships and how every organ in the body responds to what ever it is you are choosing.

  44. We don’t have to be told what to do, how to behave or what to choose. The stunning thing about the Esoteric modalities is the way they let your body speak clear. And if you are just willing to listen it will keep relentlessly showing you what is true and what is not. It will never leave us but keep Loving us till the day dot. So why don’t we show it this Love right back? Thank you Angela for this reminder of how life works and the big changes that come from honouring us.

  45. This is a great piece of writing. I especially can relate to the ‘all in moderation’ way of thinking and I hear it said a lot by other people too. To me, this seems to be the great excuse we give to ourselves to just not take that one extra step all the way in to absolute and complete responsibility – a state of being which I reckon actually comes very naturally.

  46. I too used to say that ‘everything in moderation is ok.’ That is until at Universal Medicine presentations I was faced with the truth that consuming what is poison to my body in moderation is not good for my health.

  47. It is true that there are incredible health benefits to be had when one learns to eat a “balanced” diet or in :moderation”, but only if you are comparing such a diet to the excesses of an extreme diet. And sure, you can get through life quite successfully in that regard. But a balanced diet is very much a bit of an ignorant approach in many regards. It is like the amateur stockmarket analyst who spreads their money across all types of shares in the hope that the good will balance out the bad. And as a strategy, it works. Although its success is limited of course by the bad trades that invariably end up in the mix, and is no where near successful as the fervount analyst who observes and looks at risk in a much more detailed way, and so eliminates to the best of his ability ALL bad trades. Our approach to diet in many ways should be no different. Sure, if function is what you are after, then balance will serve. But if true vitality is what you are after, if you want to truly know what is ours to behold by way of life force, then a balanced diet will not serve. The human body is of course remarkably adaptable, and capable of sustaining itself on almost anything, but that is not to say that in doing so it is operating in its most harmonious state

    1. mmm, much to consider here. Makes total sense and debases balance over what is true and serves our bodies. We cannot do a one-size-fits-all as each of our bodies has experienced something different therefore it will need to be supported in the way that is specific to it – not a blanket approach. It really asks us to pay attention to ourselves and the communication coming from our bodies.

    2. Love the parallel of investing here, and something well worth remembering when making a choice: What am I investing in?…

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