No Claims to Cure Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective

My work as a registered Nurse with a cancer organisation entails my supporting people with cancer and their families, with treatment information as well as emotionally. It is work that I love and feel very committed to. The NSW Cancer Council recently was reported to state that ‘breast massage cannot cure breast cancer’, a statement I completely agree with. This statement was made in response to allegations made in a number of media articles that reported that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine had claimed that esoteric breast massage could cure cancer.

As a woman and health professional who has willingly attended Universal Medicine events, and been a recipient of multiple breast massages, I can categorically state that I have never heard Serge Benhayon, or been told by any Universal Medicine practitioners, that esoteric breast massage can cure cancer. The truth is that Serge Benhayon has consistently stated the importance of seeking professional medical help, and that the modalities that Universal Medicine presents were a great support to western medicine. In fact, when I first attended some of the Universal Medicine workshops, Serge Benhayon’s position of being so pro-medicine was difficult for me to understand, despite my experience working with western medicine.

After practising as a nurse in the public and private hospital system for over 20 years, I had begun to question if western medicine was truly the answer to all the health issues I was witnessing. In reaction to this I explored some alternate health therapies while continuing to nurse in the western medicine model.

After a number of years, I developed an immune and endocrine condition. At first I attempted to treat it with alternative therapies, but ultimately I needed medication from the mainstream model. With the combination of these treatments my body eventually was functioning well enough to get through each day… but it was still a struggle. At this stage I felt I had done all I could with my daily intake of supplements and medications, and I started consulting a Universal Medicine practitioner. Throughout the next six months I had regular sessions while continuing with my other medications.

At no point did the practitioner I was seeing comment negatively on my medical treatment, nor did she suggest her sessions would cure me. What I found over the months was that I started to naturally take better care of myself.

For the first time in my life I was listening to my body. I had always known that certain foods affected me badly, but I often still ate them despite this. I knew I should regularly exercise, but that too was never maintained. Through becoming aware and listening more to my body, I slowly eliminated food that upset me. I started to do more regular exercise, to go to bed when I felt tired, and most importantly I began to understand that caring for me first needed to be a priority in my life.

As a mother of seven children and working as a caring professional, I had developed a pattern of always putting everyone else before me. I feel that the treatments from Universal Medicine were a true complementary therapy that enabled me to connect to a part of me that strengthened my ability to care for myself (this is still an ongoing process). With this pattern of self-care established, my health improved dramatically, and within six months and with support from my GP/doctor I was able to stop all my supplements and medications, From a woman who felt unwell most of the time, I can honestly say that three years later I rarely get sick, and I am known at work for my energy levels and never needing to take any sick days.

Despite my need to use western medicine and the failure of the other alternative therapies I had used, I stubbornly still held a belief that western medicine was not the first treatment option when sick. After hearing Serge express repetitively how much western medicine is needed, I started to consider my own experience up to that point. I came to understand that I had falsely put my faith in alternative therapies and thought they could heal me, when in fact the healing I needed was to support my body with medications as well as, when the time came, addressing how my own lack of self-care was impacting my health.

This affirms Serge Benhayon’s position that the esoteric modalities are there to support the body and assist in its healing, in combination with medical treatment. These modalities are not claimed to ‘cure’ illness and disease – contrary to what is currently being peddled in the media.

I know of many people like myself who have recovered from various medical conditions by using western medicine combined with Universal Medicine esoteric therapies; these therapies foster people’s own ability to truly care for themselves, which then assists in their own healing. In fact, the wholehearted support I can give to cancer patients and their families in the much needed, but at times challenging treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has been greatly enhanced by what I have come to understand from attending workshops with Serge Benhayon.

What I have heard Serge say about the nursing profession has only been positive. In one discussion with him he talked about the amazing job that nurses do, and that I as a health professional had a great opportunity to provide true care for people. Not long after this I gained employment with the Cancer Council, and every day I look forward to supporting people who are dealing with all the issues that having cancer presents.

In regards to the idea that the media is portraying that people, especially the high number of women who choose to attend Universal Medicine events or have esoteric healings, are in some way being ‘controlled’, ‘have a mental illness ‘or simply do not have the ability to discern for themselves’: I find this to be a highly inaccurate and disrespectful statement. Yes, there are a large number of women who attend, including a significant number of health and business professionals, and they share an honesty and openness in acknowledging that the way they were living their lives was just not working. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are many men who also attend the presentations of their own choice.

Together, we simply want to make our own lives, and the way we live with our families, more caring and loving.

The simple fact is: the many women and men, including myself, who are involved with Universal Medicine, are everyday people who have decided that caring for our bodies, having more loving relationships, feeling more confident within ourselves, and thereby contributing in a more harmonious way in our workplaces, are all things truly worth investing in.

By Sharon Gavioli, Registered Nurse, Grad Dip Childbirth Education, Adv Dip Counselling, Australia

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  1. “addressing how my own lack of self-care was impacting my health.” This has been key for so many people studying with Universal Medicine, and it’s been a very supportive and ongoing process for me also. Looking at the way I do everything including how I think, exercise, wind down and go to sleep, begin my day, the way I move, eat, communicate, all has an impact on the body.

  2. Never ever Serge speaks about cure of illnesses with practising one of the esoteric modalities.
    This is not the way that his teachings are.

  3. Esoteric Breast Massage has never ever claimed to cure cancer, this is one of the many lies used against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to try to belittle this amazing modality. What Serge presents and what you show here Sharon, is that women are no longer looking after and caring for themselves and instead putting everyone and everything before themselves and their own health and wellbeing, and as you have experienced for yourself leads to illness. Esoteric Breast Massage allows women to feel their fragility and their tenderness and for many of us shows us how far we have moved away from this natural way of being, and I therefore feel it is a modality that is very much needed in a world where women have lost their sense of true purpose of what it means to live as a woman and fully embrace this.

  4. Over the last 14 years, since I have been a student of Universal Medicine, I never once heard Serge Benhayon claim that any of the Universal Medicine modalities that are on offer cure cancer, or any other illness or disease. But what I have heard him say on many occasions is that, “the esoteric modalities are there to support the body and assist in its healing, in combination with medical treatment.”. And that I have also discovered for myself; my lived experience.

  5. We have physical bodies so conventional medicine is essential to our bodies healing process. But what conventional medicine does not yet fully acknowledge is the actual root cause of disease and illness on and energetic level of which esoteric medicine does. That is why they work in harmony so well together as you yourself experienced Sharon.

  6. Perhaps the reason we give up on conventional medicine and so many people look down on it arrogantly is because we are not taking responsibility for our illness first and foremost. So we go to the doctor, ask for a pill and when that pill does not work the way we want it to, we say that western medicine does not work. Isn’t that just a bit arrogant?

    1. Maybe the reason many people say that Western Medicine does not work is that they are living in such a way that doesn’t support their healing and that they are not getting ‘fixed’ as quickly as they want to be, and in the way that suits them. This is such an irresponsible way to live, placing the responsibility for our healing on to someone else, and definitely not a way which supports the healing of our wonderful bodies.

  7. Serge Benhayon offers support for Students of The Livingness to get medical treatment and then the care in supporting them with The Esoteric Healing Modalities has always been on offer and in the case of cancer the support is usually before hours and for free!

  8. It says a lot about the state of the media and some of the journalists that so many lies, all debunked here in this blog, have made it to publication. I’ve never heard Serge Benhayon say anything about curing cancer, in fact he is deeply respectful of medical professionals and Western Medicine. I was also someone who had issues with Western Medicine and Serge changed my mind on that by presenting a common sense approach to self care with medical support a vital part of looking after ourselves. Thank you for sharing the truth here Sharon.

  9. To care more deeply for ourselves and how we live, that’s what I’ve learned from attending Universal Medicine presentations and I can understand how much you’ve learned in this and how you’re applying it in your profession of nursing – this is amazing and something that we could do with having more of in the world. Life as we’re currently living it is not working for us overall as a humanity, so anything which asks us to look at this and deepen our care is to be celebrated. Thank you Universal Medicine for reminding so many that so much is in our own hands.

    1. I used to also feel something was missing in caring for my health and wellbeing, I would try out various modalities that were considered alternative or complementary medicine however it wasn’t until I came to Universal Medicine that I stopped looking outside and began to realise the power was in my own hands in the way I could listen to my body and care for myself. I now use the Universal Medicine therapies and Esoteric Medicine as my complement to Western Medicine as they are so supportive in assisting me to understand myself and what blocks my own self care and self love, but the big change is really in the responsibility I take for myself. Working with Universal Medicine has definitely empowered me in that self responsibility and self care.

  10. It does seem absolutely crazy that caring for your body and looking after your health should be seen as a crime. It is everyone’s choice to do what they feel is true for their body, all Serge Benhayon does, is presents facts about the body that are not fully known by western medicine so that we can have a deeper understanding of why we are ill and make choices that are not only supporting the illness, but support us for the rest of our life.

  11. Strange how people who choose to care for their bodies are vilified rather than appreciated for the reflection they offer others.

  12. When diagnosed with cancer some women, alienated by conventional medicine, choose to cure themselves supported by complementary medicine and making dietary changes. If in the company of one who has made this choice, I always share wisdom gained from Serge Benhayon to consult both complementary and conventional medical practitioners and that they can work well together.

  13. It seems like caring for ourselves unlocks something within us that is by essence healing. And in a way it shows that the way we live on a day to day basis keeps this natural healing at bay. So in a sense what we need to do is to stop ill patterns and let the healing that is naturally there to come forth. Sounds simple and I feel that it actually is that simple.

  14. As nurses we are taught to observe the body but we are never taught to listen to the body. It was only through listening to the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that I have come to know about the importance of listening to the body.

  15. What is shared here is a level of care, love and integrity that we are all capable of and by the fundamental rights of being a human being, should be shared from birth and during our growing years so that we in turn can then share the same with our own children.

  16. Serge Benhayon really has never made any claims to cure cancer, the lies about that are so wrong in the way they detract from the true support that he offers many people, complementary to conventional medicine, working alongside it and never in competition.

  17. No one will claim that vaccinating against chicken pox cures this condition once you get it. In the same way, no one will say that the esoteric breast massage cures cancer. We tend to be clear regarding the difference between the realms of preventative medicine and the one that deals with whatever we get. Yet, what if this modality introduces a healthy challenge into this understanding? EBM can help women to move in life, to adopt habits that do not go against her body. So what if this could help to avoid conditions in the first place affecting the breasts? What if once the condition is there, if her body can afford it, EBMs can also be part of what may help a woman to change the way she lives and to change the patterns of movements that led there in the first place? What if this could do that bit for a woman? What if that bit could be said that helps?

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