No Claims to Cure Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective

My work as a registered Nurse with a cancer organisation entails my supporting people with cancer and their families, with treatment information as well as emotionally. It is work that I love and feel very committed to. The NSW Cancer Council recently was reported to state that ‘breast massage cannot cure breast cancer’, a statement I completely agree with. This statement was made in response to allegations made in a number of media articles that reported that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine had claimed that esoteric breast massage could cure cancer.

As a woman and health professional who has willingly attended Universal Medicine events, and been a recipient of multiple breast massages, I can categorically state that I have never heard Serge Benhayon, or been told by any Universal Medicine practitioners, that esoteric breast massage can cure cancer. The truth is that Serge Benhayon has consistently stated the importance of seeking professional medical help, and that the modalities that Universal Medicine presents were a great support to western medicine. In fact, when I first attended some of the Universal Medicine workshops, Serge Benhayon’s position of being so pro-medicine was difficult for me to understand, despite my experience working with western medicine.

After practising as a nurse in the public and private hospital system for over 20 years, I had begun to question if western medicine was truly the answer to all the health issues I was witnessing. In reaction to this I explored some alternate health therapies while continuing to nurse in the western medicine model.

After a number of years, I developed an immune and endocrine condition. At first I attempted to treat it with alternative therapies, but ultimately I needed medication from the mainstream model. With the combination of these treatments my body eventually was functioning well enough to get through each day… but it was still a struggle. At this stage I felt I had done all I could with my daily intake of supplements and medications, and I started consulting a Universal Medicine practitioner. Throughout the next six months I had regular sessions while continuing with my other medications.

At no point did the practitioner I was seeing comment negatively on my medical treatment, nor did she suggest her sessions would cure me. What I found over the months was that I started to naturally take better care of myself.

For the first time in my life I was listening to my body. I had always known that certain foods affected me badly, but I often still ate them despite this. I knew I should regularly exercise, but that too was never maintained. Through becoming aware and listening more to my body, I slowly eliminated food that upset me. I started to do more regular exercise, to go to bed when I felt tired, and most importantly I began to understand that caring for me first needed to be a priority in my life.

As a mother of seven children and working as a caring professional, I had developed a pattern of always putting everyone else before me. I feel that the treatments from Universal Medicine were a true complementary therapy that enabled me to connect to a part of me that strengthened my ability to care for myself (this is still an ongoing process). With this pattern of self-care established, my health improved dramatically, and within six months and with support from my GP/doctor I was able to stop all my supplements and medications, From a woman who felt unwell most of the time, I can honestly say that three years later I rarely get sick, and I am known at work for my energy levels and never needing to take any sick days.

Despite my need to use western medicine and the failure of the other alternative therapies I had used, I stubbornly still held a belief that western medicine was not the first treatment option when sick. After hearing Serge express repetitively how much western medicine is needed, I started to consider my own experience up to that point. I came to understand that I had falsely put my faith in alternative therapies and thought they could heal me, when in fact the healing I needed was to support my body with medications as well as, when the time came, addressing how my own lack of self-care was impacting my health.

This affirms Serge Benhayon’s position that the esoteric modalities are there to support the body and assist in its healing, in combination with medical treatment. These modalities are not claimed to ‘cure’ illness and disease – contrary to what is currently being peddled in the media.

I know of many people like myself who have recovered from various medical conditions by using western medicine combined with Universal Medicine esoteric therapies; these therapies foster people’s own ability to truly care for themselves, which then assists in their own healing. In fact, the wholehearted support I can give to cancer patients and their families in the much needed, but at times challenging treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has been greatly enhanced by what I have come to understand from attending workshops with Serge Benhayon.

What I have heard Serge say about the nursing profession has only been positive. In one discussion with him he talked about the amazing job that nurses do, and that I as a health professional had a great opportunity to provide true care for people. Not long after this I gained employment with the Cancer Council, and every day I look forward to supporting people who are dealing with all the issues that having cancer presents.

In regards to the idea that the media is portraying that people, especially the high number of women who choose to attend Universal Medicine events or have esoteric healings, are in some way being ‘controlled’, ‘have a mental illness ‘or simply do not have the ability to discern for themselves’: I find this to be a highly inaccurate and disrespectful statement. Yes, there are a large number of women who attend, including a significant number of health and business professionals, and they share an honesty and openness in acknowledging that the way they were living their lives was just not working. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are many men who also attend the presentations of their own choice.

Together, we simply want to make our own lives, and the way we live with our families, more caring and loving.

The simple fact is: the many women and men, including myself, who are involved with Universal Medicine, are everyday people who have decided that caring for our bodies, having more loving relationships, feeling more confident within ourselves, and thereby contributing in a more harmonious way in our workplaces, are all things truly worth investing in.

By Sharon Gavioli, Registered Nurse, Grad Dip Childbirth Education, Adv Dip Counselling, Australia

169 thoughts on “No Claims to Cure Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective

  1. The last part really summed it up so well, those involved with Universal Medicine have felt that there is more to life than material wealth or anything that this world can provide. And this is what Universal Medicine endlessly provides, a quality of life that is Universal and available to us all, we are after all within the universe and not ever separate from it regardless if we are focused on or aware of this or not. When applying this understanding to life rather than focusing on everything we can achieve on and from earth life changes and just it goes to show that we are much more than what is physically around us.

  2. I was not that keen on Western Medicine before Universal Medicine, now I sit in so much appreciation for people working in the heath care system. I am so inspired by Nurses like yourself Sharon whom genuinely love your job and look forward to caring for others. Imagine you were still suffering from an autoimmune disease, in pain, 7 kids and working in the system…. there is a high possibility of burnt out.
    What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine brings should be deeply valued by the media because he is literally re-inspiring doctors, nurses, dentist and heath care professionals to truly get back to enjoying people and their job, what a gift considering the current heath epidemic.

  3. I too relate and appreciate your comment that Universal Medicine is not anti traditional medicine at all, it is clearly in favour of it. I really appreciate that it is such a support for seeking mainstream medical approaches, rather than being in conflict with it all.

  4. ‘I had always known that certain foods affected me badly, but I often still ate them despite this’. Sharon this same principle can be applied to many other things in our daily lives from indulging in emotions, attitudes and beliefs to tolerating a relationship of poor quality with ourselves and or others – we continue to do them despite knowing in our hearts they are not loving for us. As a collective humanity we really need to ask why this is so??

  5. What I can sense in this is that the way we conduct our bodies in life is the root cause to illness and disease and that this is the reason we need Western Medicine as a resolution to this in basis unhealthy way of living. Could it be that in that construct we tend to not appreciate the Western Medicine for what it truly offers because we do not want to become honest with the fact that our way of living is the main reason for Western Medicine is so much needed in our societies?

  6. Through implementing the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine my life has changed dramatically. Instead of being a stressed, burned out nurse I now absolutely love my life and my job and all that it entails. This all occurred because I chose to love and care for myself and to deal with my hurts.

  7. Universal Medicine Therapies are amazing Complementary modalities. I’ve always heard Serge Benhayon be very specific about them being complementary to conventional medical care and never an alternative. Never has there been any talk either of them being able to cure cancer, to say otherwise is simply not true.

  8. During my training in Stress and Health Management many years ago now, it was made very clear that there is a relationship between our lifestyle choices, the thoughts we choose and the way we process experiences in our lives – and the incidence of stress. It is also clear that there is a relationship between stress, and illness and disease. In my six years experience of Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon, there has been no talk of cures for cancer. Never once. But in my view, it is common sense that the way we choose to live has consequences and if we choose to be more self-loving and self-caring, listening to our bodies rather than abusing their innate ability to heal – then it is more likely we will have a harmonious relationship with our physicality. However, it is also true to say that perhaps we do not yet have a full understanding of illness and disease and that should remain open to deepening our awareness of how and why this occurs in our lives.

  9. Over the years I have been attending Universal Medicine presentations I have often heard Serge Benhayon present about his pro-medicine stance. In stark contrast to the many spiritual events and practices I used to go to, which were often very anti western medicine. I fully embrace western medicine myself now and find the combination with esoteric healing to be hugely healing and transformative, because esoteric healing enables me to get to the root cause and doesn’t just treat symptoms.

  10. Before attending Universal Medicine I too developed a behaviour where I would put others before me including my children. I am finding that learning to love and care for myself is not only supporting me to live harmoniously and in connection to myself but it is also supporting those around me including my three children.The way I choose to be and live with myself inevitably affects those around me and beyond.

  11. Sharon this concluding paragraph says precisely why Universal Medicine is the leading light in complementary therapies.
    “The simple fact is: the many women and men, including myself, who are involved with Universal Medicine, are everyday people who have decided that caring for our bodies, having more loving relationships, feeling more confident within ourselves, and thereby contributing in a more harmonious way in our workplaces, are all things truly worth investing in.”

  12. Thank you Sharon for setting the record straight here for as we know from recent experiences with Brexit in the UK and now the controversy surrounding the newspapers here in the UK, when the media prints lies it can be very harmful and misleading and can actually result in people missing out on having contact with something that would greatly benefit them.

  13. As a health professional myself, in ten years or so that I have been attending Universal Medicine workshops and presentations, I have also never heard any claims being made about the Universal Medicine modalities being the only treatment required for any condition or that they can cure anything. They have always been presented in the true context of complementary health – supporting and assisting conventional medical treatments which are also still very needed.

  14. That is what comes through in this, that you begrudgingly fell back on Western Medicine…. so interesting how we turn our back on it. I know the mentality well, and yet there are miracles within Western Medicine that are difficult to ignore. Sure it does not have the answer for everything, and certainly needs help from other areas which is why complementary medicine is such a successful approach.

  15. Western medicine does a great job but the problem is that we human beings are not choosing to take responsibility for our own health but instead have laid this in the hands of our medical systems. We live with the mentality that I can do whatever I like and when things go wrong the medical system will fix me and then I can continue in living this irresponsible life. As we can now see is that the medical system we have created is not able to comply to our needs anymore as through our irresponsible behaviour we are exhausting the system financially and medically and on top of that, because we do not truly heal our illnesses and diseases, we confront our medics now with multi symptomatic disorders to which they do not have the answers yet which puts even more stress on the system.

  16. ‘What I found was that I naturally started to take care of myself’ – inspiring to read Sharon that within 6 months you’d turned the state of your health around, simply by listening to your own body and doing what you knew it needed – no magic formula or potions, just allowing yourself to take better care of yourself and make simple changes to the way you were living your life.

  17. I recall many years being dissatisfied with Western Medicine and hardly seeing the Dr for anything. Since attending Universal Medicine presentations it was Serge Benhayon that inspired this changed for me, he has always spoken highly of Western Medicine and how it works beautifully with the Esoteric Modalities to allow the body to truly heal, so I now don’t hesitate to see a Dr if I need to.

  18. When I first began attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops I was very much into alternative medicine but as time went by I began to change. I started to listen and be open to conventional medicine and what was on offer. I also began to let go of the dismissiveness I had and welcome conventional medicine into my life. I have come to the conclusion that conventional and esoteric medicine go hand in hand and this change has taken place due to being inspired by Serge Benhayon.

  19. My Mum recently passed away following her own journey with stomach cancer. It’s my first experience of the oncology department, the Macmillan nurses, and the whole support team that provide the care and we were both blown away at just how impressive it was. The fact that Mum chose to supplement that with Chakra-puncture (an Esoteric modality) once a week made perfect sense to her… it helped her in the period immediately after an infusion to stay with her body, to allow the chemicals to do their work but for her not to lose herself at the same time. Why would we not use all the tools available to us, not only in extremis, but in our general day to day health care?

  20. I can not believe you have 7 children Sharon, and have equal commitment to yourself, your family and your job. Amazing! And thank you for setting the record straight re: Universal Medicine and the false allegations. You are a wonderful example of what is possible!

  21. Universal Medicine invites us to work harmoniously with all, no one excluded and that includes conventional medicine practitioners. The real difference is ourselves and what we bring to the consulting room. When we visit our GPs and other medical practitioners do we meet them as equals, enter consulting rooms knowing who we are, are we curious to understand more and take full responsibility for our health or are we arrogant, defensive, passive and expect another to fix us?

  22. Sharon, your blog certainly sets the record straight that no practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies has ever claimed that any of the therapies could cure any cancer. What Universal Medicine is all about is a healthy relationship with any illness, your body as a whole, taking responsibility for it, and embracing the western medicine treatments as a big part of the healing. Many have benefited greatly from the powerful combination of these two streams of medicine; Fiona McGovern here shares her experience:

  23. There is a wholesomeness in how you describe a healing process to be in that the most important part is that we start taking true care of ourselves and learn to listen to what we know is good for us and practice to abide to this knowing.

  24. Powerful Sharon… you have put to bed with this blog many of the false accusations and assumptions about what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers. I can concur with everything you have shared, I have a similar story and I have witnessed hundreds who can attest to the same.

  25. “…many women and men… involved with Universal Medicine are everyday people who have decided that caring for our bodies, having more loving relationships…” and it is being educated and made aware how self care and self love are the foundations of true and vital health… living harmoniously (dealing with your issues or hurts) makes for a harmonious body.

    1. There can be no harmony in the body if we’re perpetuating our hurts and issues through our thoughts, movements and emotions – if we’re re-living the past in our heads then we never truly move on and let them go. Once we accept that we have a greater purpose in life, and connect to that, it becomes easier to let the hurts go – because there is so much more to life, so much more to live, than our past choices and hurts.

  26. It’s great that you share this Sharon, not only to correct falsities being ‘peddled’ by irresponsible arms of the media as you rightly say, but also, to offer a great deal to the reader through your own experience.
    I have also found the marriage of allopathic medicine and esoteric medicine to offer an all-embracing approach to one’s own healing – that is, if one truly wants to not only alleviate symptoms, but actually address the deeper underlying causes, inclusive of our own behavioural patterns, that can contribute to any condition we may have.

  27. Well said also Sharon, in regards to the biased slant portrayed in some media quarters, that students of Universal Medicine are ‘mindless followers’… What ‘greater’ way to diminish the voices of people such as yourself, with a vast wealth of experience in regards to medicine and healing, who have found something very, very significant here in the presentations and teachings of Universal Medicine. A ‘missing piece’, if you will, in regards to changing our whole outlook on health, well-being and true vitality in life. The ancient Greeks (and many others) considered ‘the whole’ of the person/being in regards to any particular ailment – in the marriage of esoteric and allopathic medicine, we are doing the same.

    1. We do great harm when we negate the voice of those who speak from experience. It seems to me incredibly arrogant to judge and dismiss in that way and shows me fear rather than intelligence.

  28. I find it fascinating that working as a nurse you questioned the validity of western medicine, I would agree that it’s absolutely amazing what doctors can do, yet on its own it’s not enough, for a true life change to occur it needs to be married with learning why the illness occurred and learning to live with a daily responsibility, of which taking care of our health is an important and very necessary factor.

  29. I used to live where as long as I went to work and was in a relationship nothing else really mattered. I longed to be more confident within myself and to have open and honest relationships but I thought that that was never going to be possible because that was just how it was, but this attitude to life has changed thanks to Universal Medicine. Life is not all about work and money but the relationship I have towards myself and others which I agree Sharon, is indeed well worth investing in.

  30. The terms ‘complementary’ medicine and ‘alternative’ medicine are persistently put together in one basket but they are poles apart. Alternative takes you away from the wisdom, expertise and dedication of conventional medicine but the complementary medicine of esoteric medicine works in mutual support with the wisdom, expertise and dedication of conventional medicine. It complements the conventional medicine treatment by supporting you in understanding your part in any issue and what changes you can make to support the healing process.

  31. Complementary Medicine is a great term when used to describe Universal Medicine, it is not an alternative medicine but one that takes into account our responsibility for our choices in life and how they impact on our health, when we learn to make self loving choices along with what Conventional Medicine provides the healing process can be assured.

  32. The Esoteric Breast Massage does not cure cancer of course. Yet, this does not mean that it supports women immensely either who have cancer or that do not have such condition.
    We have to value the modality for what it brings not for what it does not (and no one claims it does).

  33. “Together, we simply want to make our own lives, and the way we live with our families, more caring and loving.” . . . This is a great testimonial to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as Sharon you have covered it all.

  34. It’s not unthinkable to think that people have been scared off western medicine for a reason – for the most part the information we hear on television and media is false and has ulterior motives, but saying that there are some amazing things that medicine does like surgery and understanding systemic conditions and how to manage them – but there are so many things that change with western medicine and the “evidence base” and “best practice” is changing all of the time it can’t be thought of as an unquestionable institution.

  35. What is it about self care and people taking better care of themselves that at times causes reactions in people? As Sharon notes here ‘I began to understand that caring for me first needed to be a priority in my life.’ this is to be applauded and celebrated and we need to learn and understand each and every one of us how we can do this for ourselves in our lives and what supports we need, with medicine and otherwise to allow us to do so. This is living a life of true care, something to be celebrated.

  36. The women I have had the pleasure to know from attending Universal Medicine events are far from being ‘mindless followers’ or ‘controlled’ in any way, shape or form. In truth these women and men alike, are choosing a way of life that supports them to understand life and their relationships better and they commit themselves to living love and truth to the best of their ability each day – not just for themselves and their own families but for the love of all. What a shame the Media missed these very valid points and instead chose to write a story based on lies and many false allegations.

  37. Sharon this is a great share. Isn’t it fascinating as soon as a person takes responsibility to care for their body and understand that there is more to life, how they treat their bodies and mind this is supportive to modern day medicine?

    I continue to take medications for an Endocrine conditions for 7 years and I am also under an Ear, Nose & Throat specialists too and I combine those services with the Esoteric modalities – I personally have chosen that support, no one has forced me and after trying other modalities, Universal Medicine therapies is the one for me too.

  38. I have known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for over 10 years and absolutely I would categorically also say Serge would never ever have said or say that breast massage cures cancer. It just goes to show not only do we have fake news but also completely bastardised information (or rather should I say lies). When will we as humanity start demanding the absolute truth so as to completely erase all of these .. fake news, bastardisation and complete lies. This is a beautifull testimony showing that our health really does lie within our hands and can change the moment we start taking more care of ourselves also in how the Esoteric Modalities alongside conventional medicine support the person do to this.

  39. It sounds simple but listening to our body can have profound effects in our life when we also honour what it is that we are feeling/sensing or becoming aware of – and they may have been things we’ve been feeling for a long time such as needing to take more care our ourself with food or sleep or exercise or the way we are with other people or our-self and acknowledging what we know from our body gives us the impetus to action it.

  40. I am not sure I would do ‘alternative’ anything any more. What the Universal Medicine therapies, workshops and presentations have shown me is that we are a key part in our healing, that we need to get support from western medicine and take a responsible body to get that support. That means that we don’t abdicate responsibility for how we got there and be very much a part of the health plan going forward such as healthy eating, exercise, support from professionals, medicine if called for and the willingness to understand how we got to the illness so we can understand what our own bodies are communicating with us.

  41. A great blog Sharon. It is a shame that people are so ready to put down some thing they know nothing about such as Esoteric Breast Massage as a complement to Breast Cancer treatment. Just the gentle and loving modality is healing in itself on a Soul level.

  42. Every person has a human right to their own choice of healthcare, this is a well established tenant in Australia and many countries overseas. When people are attacked for choosing how they would like to care for their body this is a violation of that human right…and also communicates that people are not intelligent enough to choose their own healthcare. Clearly when there is proven harm accountability and consequences need to be in place, but it is not to take away people’s right to choose for themselves.

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