Universal Medicine Presentation Hijacked by the Media!

by Hannah Flanagan, Assistant Accountant, Byron Bay, NSW Australia

On Friday night (12th Oct 2012) I went to the Lennox Head Community Centre to attend a lecture on Esoteric Medicine, as I do once a month, about eight months of the year. I go to these lectures because I am interested in what is being presented, but rather than walking into the presentation I was looking forward to, I walked into a media ambush – which I still can’t quite believe.

A man (David Millikan, who only later revealed he was on a retainer with a well-known television station), was invited to come on stage at the start of the presentation as he wanted to ask the group a few questions for the book he was researching. This was actually a blatant lie.

His tone changed, he became aggressive and it seemed like he wasn’t addressing us – he was actually addressing the two or three under-cover cameras that had just popped up in the audience.

What right does anyone have to film myself, my friends, family members and acquaintances without asking permission and with the obvious intent of making the group that I am a part of look sinister and wrong?

I was part of a group of people who sat in a hired public space, and had paid to attend a lecture but before I knew it, there was a TV crew at the door. I was shocked and could not believe this was happening. It felt very intimidating to not only have a crew trying to get in the door but also a woman circling the room with a hand-held camera, filming everyone without saying a word and refusing to leave when asked repeatedly to do so. At no point was I told there would be cameras and at no point was permission to film requested.

I had paid to attend a lecture but instead left feeling harassed by a group who were not interested in reporting or investigating the truth – but creating an emotional, disruptive and dramatic situation to fit the story they wished to portray. This was not journalism but a bullying attack.

It is outrageous to be subjected to this and have no rights – all I can do is write my account of what happened and let as many people as possible know – this is most definitely not ok.

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  1. So many things have changed but one-thing remains the same Truth is being attacked because of the investment that is held in the lies. Is this not corruption and bigotry once again trying to rule the roost?

  2. The media will always try to sensationalise what is going on until we stop demanding drama. Our need for a distraction of our woes feeds the media to want to present stories in such a way. For when we start to take responsibility of our lives, don’t engage in the highs and lows but remain steady as a humanity, the media will no longer have people to sell this to, so it will naturally cease.

  3. I guess what you all saw was the level of integrity and professionalism that abounds out there. That these things can happen shows where the bar is set on decency and respect for other people.

  4. To justify the story they wanted to portray they needed to create an emotional turmoil and a very difficult situation. Otherwise, if what they film is the truth, no one will pay credence to them.

  5. I find it fascinating the lengths and deceit the media will go to in order to get the story they want regardless of the truth or the disturbance they cause, it is definitely time the media were held to account for their actions, and began putting decency and truth before sensationalism.

  6. This type of behaviour cannot be accepted if we want to live in a society that values people. Such irresponsibility by David and the media this is the real story that ought to be broadcasted…

  7. The ambushers came with a clear (false) idea of the pathetic deceived people they were about to ambush. Yet, in truth, the only pathetic ones were the deceivers. Their degree of pathe-tism run very high.

  8. How the world has changed, the integrity, the honesty and just the care is no longer there at the first point. I remember growing up in an era where people did have a genuine care for each other and it wasn’t deep down either, it was on the surface. How can anyone, media or otherwise justify this quality of behaviour to themselves? Who are we when anyone can treat a person like this and hide it in a title of their work? I don’t agree with it and I know this is not how we are raising our family. It’s not that we need to turn back the clocks but we need to hold onto the values that build our communities and one of those is true care for people. We do need to bring it back because we did have it and now we seem to be stepping further and further away.

  9. “This was actually a blatant lie.” The entire abusive charade was a lie set up to endorse other lies and in complete contrast to the purpose of Universal Medicine, to present the truth.

  10. Its crazy really, that you can just get away with shoving cameras in peoples faces, calling them names and then put it on National TV if you please, we really have to review our laws in Australia and the world in regards to this type of set up, good on you for writing about the actually evening, for record of what actually went on is so needed.

  11. I appreciate the effort you have gone to to speak out about David Millikan’s deceptive and abusive behaviour. It is so important that the truth is told.

  12. You sum it up perfectly when you write: “This was not journalism but a bullying attack.” It’s shocking that people think it’s ok to behave like this, and also shocking that there are no consequences for ambushing and attacking people against their will. It goes against every single one of our basic human rights, and surely there should be legal ramifications for such irresponsible and harmful behaviour.

  13. Yes Hannah it was definitely not ok. Some of those audience members sat near me and they sat there out of place. They did not feel a part of being together like the congregation usually felt. Once they started to film it was very much an invasion and imposition on our freedom and rights and superiority of ‘we know better’. I challenge this fact. This was over 4 years ago and my quality of life has deepened quite a lot with all areas of my life improving out of sight. This is something truly worth filming only after my consent.

  14. It’s surprising that anyone can get away with this kind of behaviour. Put anyone in the same position and they would feel the same way, including the perpetrators of this ‘ambush’. How we are with each other matters, whether we know each other or not.

  15. Thank you Hannah for sharing your experiences of the night the Media bullied and attacked the audience, this type of behaviour should never happen in today’s society and shows the lack of accountability and responsibility from some of the Media who are willing to attack an innocent group of people to boost their show’s ratings.

  16. You can feel the disrespect that the media has for people when they focus on getting a story at any cost. What you have described feels horrible and should never be allowed to happen in today’s society. It is great that you have spoken up and exposed it for the abuse it was.

  17. We have the right to be able to attend a presentation put on by Universal Medicine or in fact any other presentation or workshop that we wish to attend. Yet David Millikan and his television crew appear to think they had the right to push their way into an assembly of people with total disregard, under false pretensions, using bullying tactics to get a ‘story’. As you express Hannah, “this was not journalism but a bullying attack”. Bullying in all forms is totally unacceptable and needs to be stopped.

  18. Thank you Hannah. I was there also and it was a complete ambush by David Millikan and the people hiding in the audience with cameras with absolutely no regard for anyone in the room and they certainly weren’t there with opens hearts and minds to learn the truth of what Universal Medicine is really about. If they had been then they would have had a major story on their hands – one that would have provided the viewers/readers with truth and not the sensationalism the tv network was after. Appalling behaviour.

  19. “I had paid to attend a lecture but instead left feeling harassed by a group who were not interested in reporting or investigating the truth – but creating an emotional, disruptive and dramatic situation to fit the story they wished to portray. This was not journalism but a bullying attack.” Thankyou for sharing your account of that day Hannah. Bullying and abuse is not on. Sadly three years on there are still revenge attacks on Universal Medicine, when some simple research would prove these attacks as lies

  20. I can feel the distress and unfairness of the Millikan event in your blog Hannah, after all: “What right does anyone have to film myself, my friends, family members and acquaintances without asking permission and with the obvious intent of making the group that I am a part of look sinister and wrong?”

  21. Thank you for writing about your experience Hannah as it shows to what depths the Australian media are willing to sink to. Such behaviour shines a light on the fact it is no longer acceptable to stand by and not expose the rot that exists within our current media. Sharing stories like yours to me shows that we do not have to sit silently by while lies are aired about our association with Universal Medicine, we can show what truth, integrity and real journalism is all about – expressing the facts.

  22. Absolutely! Well said. It was disgraceful…. A deeply disturbing pre-meditated ambush on those absolutely undeserving of such appalling behaviour.

  23. The media often waves the banner, ‘freedom of the press’ but what does this truly mean if you ambush, invade, bully and intimidate a group of people to get a reaction so as to formulate a very craftily edited sensationalistic ‘news’ story, but where is the freedom of the individual/group to not be persecuted for their beliefs. So freedom of the press means freedom of what? Maybe the Truth!

  24. Thank you Hannah for sharing your experience of that night’s events. It is very important that we speak out when anyone is subjected to bullying unacceptable behaviour.

  25. I agree Hannah, the way David Millikan and his media companions behaved ‘was not journalism but a bullying attack’.

  26. Thank you Hannah for expressing so powerfully how it feels to be subject to a media ambush and the appalling behaviour of David Millikan ‘His tone changed, he became aggressive and it seemed like he wasn’t addressing us – he was actually addressing the two or three under-cover cameras that had just popped up in the audience.’

  27. That does sound very intimidating and zero respect to the people that chose to attend this presentation. Well explained as the simplicity it was of being unfairly treated.

  28. I stopped at the image “of woman circling the room with a hand-held camera, filming everyone without saying a word and refusing to leave when asked repeatedly to do so.” I cannot but wonder what kind of armour does one have to wear in life to be able to do something like this and what kind of ideals and beliefs govern this kind of person.

    1. It’s a good point emfledman. What motivates people to behave without any regard, decency or respect for themselves or others? Ironically Serge Benhayon has answered this exact question countless times. It appears to me that the same energy that was unleashed on people attending this presentation was present in witch trials, inquisitions and Nazi Germany.

  29. “I had paid to attend a lecture but instead left feeling harassed by a group who were not interested in reporting or investigating the truth… ” All of that intrusion and lack of respect and not one bit of news worthy information was shared with the public. It is clear that there was no intention to “investigate the truth” but rather aim for a sensational quick fix. Great that you challenge this, through writing this blog.

  30. Hannah your account is disturbingly accurate. The innocents of reporting of news as in Clark Kent style journalism was lost on this occasion to sensationalism at a low ebb. A news worthy item such as the Universal Medicine presentations should be heralded from the roof tops.

  31. Thank you Hannah for sharing your experience of that nights events. I, like many others share your outrage at being subjected to this betrayal of trust. As you say, it’s hard to believe that this type of behaviour is allowed to go on, especially in this day and age, and it is definitely not ok.

  32. Thank You Hannah Flannagan for writing your account and two years later your voice is being heard by people like me on the other side of the world. It is very easy to say that I was not there so how does this affect me. Well to be labelled a cult and be attacked for a sensation story on TV for viewing ratings is disgusting. Why are we the public putting up with this type of behaviour in modern society?
    ‘It is outrageous to be subjected to this and have no rights’ – your words summarise the voice of all those attending and all those associated with Universal Medicine worldwide. It is outrageous and to stand back and do nothing is the real problem. Two years later writing about what I know is Truth and be counted is the only way I can say No to this type of abuse. This is not a campaign or a mission but one more voice saying No this behaviour is Not Acceptable.

  33. Thank you Hannah for sharing your account of what happened. It really is time the media are exposed and held to account for the disgusting way in which they cause disruption and harm to others in an attempt to get “the story”. Shamefull indeed.

  34. It is totally outrageous Hannah, an abuse of power and a violation of the rights of individuals present, just horrible.

  35. Well said, Hannah – about an horrific incident. It is hard to describe what happened to people who were not present, in its intensity… yet it felt like an ambush, an attack, and a complete violation. Children were crying. Men and women were attempting to stop it – but were clearly distressed at suddenly feeling they had to respond to this. Absolutely SHAMEFUL on the part of the media – they and DAVID MILLIKAN sought ONLY to create a reaction that would feed a machine that has lost all credibility and thrives purely on sensationalism. We will keep bringing the truth, and calling them to it.

  36. Thank you Hannah – as I read these posts and the account of Friday night, I am reminded of the abuse and violation of human rights that occurs in the instance of rape. It feels like the abuse in this instance was not much different… a total imposition of power and abuse over another and an absolute disregard and respect for the rights of an individual or organisation to say ‘no’. This is definitely not o.k.

  37. Thank you Hannah for such a good account of what happened . I was there and it was awful what the media were up to. .

  38. I cannot understand why they need to be so sneaky. It is obvious that there is nothing there so they have to try to make something up themselves, and by ambushing innocent people and minors then they, in their twisted way, feel that they will get the sort of footage that they can cut and paste so as to try to make out that there is something there.

    We have done and are doing nothing wrong and have nothing to hide so therefore there is nothing to expose. Universal Medicine has always had an open door policy for people to come and go as they please, to discern for themselves what they feel, the media has been given this choice also, however it obviously doesn’t sell papers or give them ratings, hence the ambush on Friday night.

    The behaviour of the media is disgraceful and shows the fact that they have absolutely no morals what so ever. This is not journalism, this is pure bullying to the tenth degree and no-one should have to experience this sort of behaviour from anyone, ever.

  39. A total abuse of power and position by the media who seem to think they are above the law in the name of geting a story where there is none to be had irrespective of who gets caught in the cross fire. There were children at that meeting who were terrified and traumatised too. What a farce – but no one who was at the event or who knows people who were there is laughing, this is an infringement of peoples human rights and freedom to choose how to live, it is persecution under the guise of reporting a story. The media can print lies and fabrications, show them on TV and then simply post a quick apology to cover their ass once the damage and harm to reputations has already been done. As you rightly point out it is bullying not journalism.

    1. Thank you Hannah and Rachel, I agree, the media have very little if any integrity and obviously will run roughshod over anyone to get the story they want.

  40. Great post highlighting how the group in attendance were the innocent victims of a media ambush.

  41. I was there, and I too was horrified at what played out. I never knew that the media played such cunning antics to push and bully people and I now understand why you see those stories on TV where people are putting their hands over the camera. I didn’t realise how much the whole evening effected me until the following day at another Universal Medicine event I heard a man from our group at the front door say camera’s (by this stage we had a team of people prepared for this and out the front of the building to not let them in), but when I heard them say this my heart raced, breath stopped and I got a bit shaky. It was only then that I recalled that I had this same reaction in my body the night before, I got a bit shaky in my body and my heart raced as I was sitting there stunned and feeling somewhat trapped at what to do, with a camera going around the room and a large TV camera trying to film through the glass windows. I can’t believe that this type of bullying and harassment is coming from a so called ‘well developed’ democratic country, it was surreal.

    1. Hi Danielle, This blog and your response made me stop and think about other things which are going on in the world for example treatment of prisoners during war and I wonder if there are many things which happen across the world that I would still be shocked by. That here we are in the 21st century and yet some behaviours seem to be very similar to those we would have seen many centuries ago. What has really changed? Is it that the behaviour is more subtle or just more hidden? I find the fact that these behaviours still exist, despite the levels of education available to many, disturbing and revealing of the true state we are in.

  42. This is so true. There was a complete violation of our privacy and the most basic human rights. That the media will stop at nothing to get a scoop is a sad reality, including bullying tactics, underhanded, unscrupulous activities and now dictatorial brainwashing tactics to encite fear and division within a peaceful community event – all to get the story that was clearly written, prior to the event, all sewn up and premeditated and just missing the footage that they cunningly masterminded a way to produce also – by misleading good, honest everyday people before proceeding to fire a battery of insults and accusations at us all – children included. This is dispicible behaviour of any human being.

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