Nature – Life – Responsibility

It is apparent to me that if we do not care for ourselves, we will not be able to care for others, nor for any other species in this world.

The other day my friends told me about what amazing organisms bees are, and the incredible work they do. How each bee just lives for her task at hand and is deeply dedicated to it, how the whole hive works together to keep the queen alive and strong, how the whole system works in harmony, and how incredibly hardworking they are for all.

We marvel at nature, we enjoy nature, we swear on the beauty of nature and its natural rhythm, we seek nature in times of hardship or to relax in, we stand up for nature as we can see our interdependence with it and the responsibility that brings, but when it comes to ourselves and our part in the universe, we are completely ignorant of our own rhythm and purpose. Above all, we remain ignorant of the responsibility we have within the cycle of the all, starting with the planet we are living on, our mother earth, out to the limitlessness of the universe.

We do what we like and live our life that only holds ‘me’ in the centre and completely ignore that there are not only another 7 billion people in this world, but that the planet we live on is in the grandness of the universe and thus an integral part of the universe; part of this clockwork of interdependence.

There is so much beauty in nature and around us but we do not see it for what it truly is as we do not appreciate and understand our part in it.  We see ourselves as detached from all that is going on around us, so that we can behave like little bubbles that are hermetically separated from everything around us, unless we choose it differently.

But this is not how the world or the universe works. We are part of it and thus we always play a part in it in every moment of our life, whether we want it or not.

I have always loved nature, from the gigantic landscapes of the big continents like Africa and America to the littlest detail of a flower bursting into bloom; from graceful elephants and joyful dolphins, to the busy bee humming in the scented meadow and trees. I have always stood in awe, appreciating what a beautiful planet we are living on BUT, and this is a big but, I didn’t ever appreciate myself in it, or what I bring to the world. I somehow knew I was part of this grandness but did not see how.

This has changed dramatically since I was first introduced to Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon.

Through the understanding that I matter, and matter greatly in this world, by the mere fact that I am part of this gigantic universe, I started to invest greatly in myself, not by being selfish, but by learning to be self-loving and self-caring. For, in truth, I am unable to support anybody else if I am unable to help myself. My every choice either contributes to, or diminishes, the all that we belong to.

This turning towards and taking deep loving care of myself has rekindled the fullness of my whole being, it has brought me the understanding of my part in this world, and everybody else’s, and has made me aware of the responsibility we all have.

Today I still love nature and I am in awe of its magic but I do not stand in separation to it, feeling it is grander than me. Today I can feel my part in it and how, through the reflection of nature, I can be confirmed in my own grandness and/or be reminded of this grandness I am from.

Our interdependence comes with responsibility.

However, if we do not have appreciation for ourselves, we will always stay an admirer of nature, but in truth will keep using it and abusing it instead of living in it and knowing how to be part of it and live accordingly.

By Esther Andras, Delmenhorst, Germany

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744 thoughts on “Nature – Life – Responsibility

  1. One only need look at the sheer amount of plastic and waste in our oceans to see how much we still need to learn when it comes to living responsibility with the all and ourselves.

  2. We are all connected… Deeply and irreversibly so. This is the revelation and the experience that will lead us to the letting go of the separation that is simply totally foreign to who we truly are

  3. I know when I did not appreciate my worth, I was always looking outside to admire something or someone in expense of myself. When I started to appreciate myself, it is natural to appreciate ourselves and others including nature together and equally. The quality is the key.

  4. So true, I can see that if we see nature as separate to us we will be more likely to abuse it, to not see our part in that beauty and our responsibility as well. The same for the relationships with each other, if we see our self as individuals we will fall victim to selfishness and competitiveness, even jealousy and comparison.

  5. It has occurred to me, or perhaps it is because I can feel how this blog reminds us all that we are all part of the same source of love, that when we abuse ourselves we abuse others and when we abuse others we are abusing ourselves. It is a question of how aware we are of what constitutes abuse, how much we are prepared to feel the level of normal we have accepted for ourselves. Goodness this is a big topic but so fundamental.

  6. ‘My every choice either contributes to, or diminishes, the all that we belong to.’ Very true Esther, many turn a blind eye to this level of responsibility. If we nurture and deeply love and care for ourselves the ripple effect is felt far and wide, likewise if we abuse ourselves and others and make harming choices, equally this is felt far and wide and adds to the harm and abuse so many struggle with on a daily basis. The quality of our choices is key to bringing true change here.

  7. Reading this reminded me of a cactus I had once that only flowered once a year for one day, and I have to say it was the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. And we were totally in awe of its beauty, but maybe if it did flower more often we would have taken it for granted, and what I feel now is that it was reflecting back at us our own hidden beauty.

  8. This is an awesome reminder of the bigger picture. As humans we have the ability to reduce ourselves to our own selves, even to lock ourselves away in our own minds, to occupy such a small space with our focus when we are actually part of the entire universe. The universe we are a part of is pretty big compared to the smallness we play.

  9. So true, Esther. We appreciate and marvel at nature and how beautifully everything fits and works together in harmony but we forget each and every one of us are also part of that ‘everything’ and we actually know and are harmony within ourselves already, and our body proves this so. If what surrounds us is reminding us of this truth, and our body is made of this truth, it makes much sense to move accordingly. Being ourselves and doing what is there to be done is all we are ever being asked of.

  10. Nature is there as a reflection for us to know we are truly grand, it can help support us to reconnect to the grandness, if only we allow this and surrender to what is there to be revealed.

  11. Do we admire nature because we know that we are more than capable of living and working in the harmony than other animals do? Nature certainly gives us constant reminders of what is possible and what is natural in the order of the universe. It is only in our arrogance of feeling we are somehow separate and above all that, that we lose sight of this.

  12. This has been a beautiful, healing read, and its an interesting study into appreciation and self care. So often we feel our value is in what we do, but your words are communicating the bigger picture we are part of, our value is not limited to human life, as we are each a grand and precious part of the universe.

  13. Nature is a beautiful beautiful reflection, without it we would be very lost. What’s even more beautiful is that when we learn to live in harmony with ourselves, than natures reflection is a confirmation of that lived essence of harmony.

  14. Beautifully shared Esther. We all are intrinsically part of the great cycle or movement of the universe, of which we can never truly be separated from. As such we are always in a relationship with this truth. It is only when we resist our responsibility of moving with this truth that our relationship then is one that is abusive.

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