Nature – Life – Responsibility

It is apparent to me that if we do not care for ourselves, we will not be able to care for others, nor for any other species in this world.

The other day my friends told me about what amazing organisms bees are, and the incredible work they do. How each bee just lives for her task at hand and is deeply dedicated to it, how the whole hive works together to keep the queen alive and strong, how the whole system works in harmony, and how incredibly hardworking they are for all.

We marvel at nature, we enjoy nature, we swear on the beauty of nature and its natural rhythm, we seek nature in times of hardship or to relax in, we stand up for nature as we can see our interdependence with it and the responsibility that brings, but when it comes to ourselves and our part in the universe, we are completely ignorant of our own rhythm and purpose. Above all, we remain ignorant of the responsibility we have within the cycle of the all, starting with the planet we are living on, our mother earth, out to the limitlessness of the universe.

We do what we like and live our life that only holds ‘me’ in the centre and completely ignore that there are not only another 7 billion people in this world, but that the planet we live on is in the grandness of the universe and thus an integral part of the universe; part of this clockwork of interdependence.

There is so much beauty in nature and around us but we do not see it for what it truly is as we do not appreciate and understand our part in it.  We see ourselves as detached from all that is going on around us, so that we can behave like little bubbles that are hermetically separated from everything around us, unless we choose it differently.

But this is not how the world or the universe works. We are part of it and thus we always play a part in it in every moment of our life, whether we want it or not.

I have always loved nature, from the gigantic landscapes of the big continents like Africa and America to the littlest detail of a flower bursting into bloom; from graceful elephants and joyful dolphins, to the busy bee humming in the scented meadow and trees. I have always stood in awe, appreciating what a beautiful planet we are living on BUT, and this is a big but, I didn’t ever appreciate myself in it, or what I bring to the world. I somehow knew I was part of this grandness but did not see how.

This has changed dramatically since I was first introduced to Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon.

Through the understanding that I matter, and matter greatly in this world, by the mere fact that I am part of this gigantic universe, I started to invest greatly in myself, not by being selfish, but by learning to be self-loving and self-caring. For, in truth, I am unable to support anybody else if I am unable to help myself. My every choice either contributes to, or diminishes, the all that we belong to.

This turning towards and taking deep loving care of myself has rekindled the fullness of my whole being, it has brought me the understanding of my part in this world, and everybody else’s, and has made me aware of the responsibility we all have.

Today I still love nature and I am in awe of its magic but I do not stand in separation to it, feeling it is grander than me. Today I can feel my part in it and how, through the reflection of nature, I can be confirmed in my own grandness and/or be reminded of this grandness I am from.

Our interdependence comes with responsibility.

However, if we do not have appreciation for ourselves, we will always stay an admirer of nature, but in truth will keep using it and abusing it instead of living in it and knowing how to be part of it and live accordingly.

By Esther Andras, Delmenhorst, Germany

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698 thoughts on “Nature – Life – Responsibility

  1. There are so many aspects in nature to us to learn from to start to understand the grandness we are actually from.

    1. Yes. I agree. And I love the word ‘grandness’ as an invitation to consider the bigness of all that we are part of, so much of which is beyond our view and immediate understanding.

  2. We are all part of the universe whether we like it or not, so we are under the constant pull to evolve and be more of the greatness that we truly are, answering this call is the only way forth as resisting it is the negating our own natural right to be in connection with the all.

  3. Sometimes I find myself getting all worked up about why we aren’t taught from day 1 that before we can be anything in this world, we have to be ourselves. This fundamental principle determines how we behave in society. Many of us are disillusioned by what we think is us, but is in fact a version of ourselves that has purely been created to fit in, or in many cases – to seperate ourselves. All of which is not our true selves. recognising our purpose, like the bees do and moving from that would be an absolute game changer.

  4. Brilliant blog Esther. You provide great insight into the true causes of pollution and disregard for the natural environment. Human life can seem far from natural at times due to the many artificial layers we have constructed over ourselves.

  5. It is interesting that we ourselves the most evolved species yet nature is clearly far more responsible than we are…We have a lot to learn about life by observing nature, and this will support us to evolve into the true beings we are…

  6. Far too many of us in today’s world do not have a true appreciation and understanding of the absolute grace of nature and what it reflects to us.

  7. Nature is so beautiful and inspires us to grow and nurture ourselves and those around us as it does.

  8. However, if we do not have appreciation for ourselves, we will always stay an admirer of nature, but in truth will keep using it and abusing it instead of living in it and knowing how to be part of it and live accordingly.

  9. I love the celebration of bees here and the appreciation of the inspiration they offer in their uncomplicated dedication to work together. In acknowledging it, I am, as a part of nature, then inspired to consider these qualities in me.

  10. If we start to honour and take true loving care of ourselves this will automatically be transferred to everything we do and thus the answer regarding our treatment towards nature does not lie with nature but within ourselves.

    1. I agree with you Ester, we tend to look always outside for the answers to life, but actually we have to look inside as all the answers to life are already there even before we have the question in mind.

  11. By stopping to make it only about others in life and taking careful care for oneself first instead, we not only are honouring our true nature but with that the whole constellation, which is living on this planet earth with all the nature and with all the people we share this planet with, we are part of too.

  12. Yes the reflection nature gives us is there to inspire and remind us that we are reflecting something too. Knowing this brings a huge responsibility because what quality do we reflect to the universe? Here responsibility is not meant as that heavy thing it is made to be, but as a grace to start loving ourselves as that then will be what we reflect outwards as well.

  13. Just this morning I witnessed the absolute determination a bubble bee has when it wants to get inside a property through the tiniest of holes, in this case an air vent. It was amazing to watch how it did not give up and was focused beyond anything I have ever seen before – definitely a message there.

  14. I absolutely love nature, I’ve always loved the absolute harmony I feel when I’m in the mountains for example. The more I connect, the more I begin to hear the different songs of the birds, and other little animals that are occupying the areas around it’s always just so beautiful!

  15. I love the simplicity yet the power of what you have expressed here Esther; what a responsibility we have to contribute to the all;
    “My every choice either contributes to, or diminishes, the all that we belong to”.

  16. Bees are absolutely amazing and I could watch them for hours; they have sentries, undertakers, nursery workers, nectar collectors, cleaners – every bee knows their responsibility and nobody takes drugs or goes on holiday, they just love what they do and give it all they have.

  17. This is a brilliant blog and very humbling. In that I am guessing that there are many like myself who would consider themselves to be appreciative and aware of the amazingness, beauty and grandness of nature, yet don’t take the responsibility to see themselves as part of it. What you have written is a very insightful angle on the topic and one that I hadn’t considered in the wholeness with which you present it. Thank you.

  18. What a beautiful appreciation Esther, appreciation of the grandness of you and the grandness of every thing around us, of which we are an equal part;
    “Today I can feel my part in it and how, through the reflection of nature, I can be confirmed in my own grandness and/or be reminded of this grandness I am from”.

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