Words from the Male Minority

by Steve Matson, England

I shall briefly digress six years – a bit about myself and my life. I am in my third marriage and third set of children and work in a maintenance department in a prison. I had quit smoking about 5 years before this period (50 a day) and replaced it with eating and added a few pounds (sounds less than kilos) and got a bit fat. I also liked my drinking, that also helped me get fatter. During this period I never really got ill, I figured with all the toxins in my body even the bad stuff would not grow.

On caffeine from the time I got up till about six at night, I would then wind down the day as a couch potato, and at about 10pm I would have one or two or more night caps to sleep or pass out (I did like ice cold vodka). Sprinkle a little on-line roll playing gaming and that was my life. I thought I was doing alright for being in my early 50s. I was coasting in life just fine.

During the above period I had started looking for something else in life, not too hard of a look, but just bored and looking for something else.

I had gone through a few modalities on my search. Some were really out there and others were close to something but they just did not feel like the whole truth.

About five years ago a friend of mine told me about this new guy and that what he was presenting was amazing, to the point that my friend could not really tell what it was about. It took six months before the guy would be back in the UK before I could go and hear what he was offering.

My wife, her friend and myself signed up for a Universal Medicine workshop. The Saturday in June came and we went to a rented room at some college in London. We were hanging around the back of the room because we knew no one in the room, my friend had not yet arrived. While we were waiting for whatever this was to start, there was some guy setting up more chairs in the back row. The guy could have been the caretaker but he had a kind of non-imposing presence. The handyman was Serge Benhayon. At the end of that day I knew that I was home. I do not now remember what he presented, but knew it for the truth that it was. In a world of un-truths, the truth is like a snowflake in a coal pile.

I have not been ill or sick off work in the last five years. This is not from some kind of magic stuff, unless you call making choices that come from feeling your body, and not your head, magic. We all go through life doing and eating what we are told by others, things that they say are good for us. This would include, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, “men have to be hard”, and on and on.

In regards to me giving up anything on the list of stuff that I did or ate – this was not until I could feel what it was actually doing to my body. I was willing to try anything, but give up bread? What would I put my ham and cheese with lots of butter on? I slowly reduced the amount of sugar, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and dairy in my diet to see if I could feel the difference. I was either not trying, or so numb that it took a few years before I could feel the difference in my body. The real truth will always be there when you come back to your body. Nicotine by itself is a Class A Poison, you would not drink it… but it’s ok to smoke it? For anyone who has ever smoked or tried to smoke… on your first inhale… what did your body try to tell you?

If I were never to see or associate with anyone associated with Universal Medicine again, I would not change anything in my life I currently do, because everything has been my choice. I do continue to associate with Universal Medicine and to grow more in myself, allowing me to be amazing in a world that is not. Now, that is a choice!

All good stories have a bit of sex in them. I have had my share in this life, but the first time I made love was two years ago, this was a choice.

What kind of brotherhood would have doctors to dirt farmers (l like people who grow things) and everything in between? One that doesn’t care what you do, but only who you truly are – and that is just love.

I am still, and will always be the student, someone I know says that all the time.

124 thoughts on “Words from the Male Minority

  1. I like the question you ask the audience about when we first started smoking “What did your body try to tell you? For me it really hurt my throat, it made me dizzy – made me stink, I felt like vomiting and of course I coughed, now if that’s not a clear sign to stop but the more interesting question is why?

    1. Yes Sarah the signs are obvious about what is supportive for our bodies and what is not when we choose to listen. Simple really although when a need gets in the way we override what our body is communicating and just continue to live recklessly.

  2. I loved what you shared Steve, I had the same experience of coming home when I first heard Serge speak I knew this was the truth that was being presented to me, my whole body knew, To be held in absolute love for who you truly are by Serge is indeed a life changing experience.

  3. Settling in life is the perfect setting for realising that life is not it. If you are struggling, you know that life is not it. Yet, you are still under the illusion of what could be it.

  4. An amazingly real story of how life is for most of us, not exactly obviously but in the way we settle or almost resign ourselves to being a way that is far far from who we truly are. I love the freshness that comes with everyday, it’s not wondering what is next but more walking consistently through each part to unfold what’s next, like an explorer in a way. Life wasn’t always like this, there was a dread, a pain nearly to each part. There were happy parts that were often short lived, in those times what went up would always and inevitably always come down. Life was so so up and down and it was truly painful. Now life holds a consistency, a constant flow that brings with it a joy to be anywhere doing anything. As is said, it matters not what you do but who you are that’s important and the key.

  5. “At the end of that day I knew that I was home”. I got goosebumps when I read this Steve as this is what I too experienced at my first ever workshop with Serge Benhayon. In fact I probably knew I was on my way home the minute I decided to attend the workshop but at that time I wasn’t really connected to who I am so the message would have got lost in translation. And I know that you and I are not the only ones who have had this knowing as it is one that has been shared by many others over the last 17 years.

  6. I just found this blog and had forgotten I had written this one. What a difference five years make! The life I have left behind is the total opposite of how I live today. Joy, harmony, self-care and love were words that were not in my vocabulary let alone living them! And, I have never in my life expressed anything, be it written or spoken! I was the poster child for the silent majority. Serge Benhayon has shown me and many others over the years the door we all can walk through back to our true selves, it is a simple choice that many have accepted and never looked back!

      1. Hello Adele, I am amazed every day at the world we live in. I welcome mistakes as they allow us to learn and grow. We all live in a magical world when we feel and read everything around us. So the answer to your question, how I am today, I am returning to be one of the stars in the sky at night, shining brightly for all to see. It is better than the old; Fine, how are you!

  7. I love the delightful simplicity, openness and honesty of this blog. Thank you Steve.
    I too recall the first day of attending a Universal Medicine event. After years of attending one workshop or another I expected someone to look like they are above and more important than everyone else to walk on stage. After a while of waiting in a very full room, I noticed a member of the crowd who a lot of people were saying hello to as he walked around and many people warmly hugged as if he was a close friend. And then this person stepped on stage and started talking. From that day to this day I have never been lectured to, but have always been treated as an equal.

  8. Excellent blog Steve. I absolutely loved your honesty and its clear to me from this blog the male minority have a lot of practical wisdom to share.

  9. We sure do live in a world of un-truths, and if we live guided by the un-truths that surround us, we end up losing sense of who we truly are. What is so inspiring and empowering about what Serge Benhayon presents, and lives, is that the truth of who we are resides within, and when we connect to our body and being, we are guided to live in a way that represents the realness of who we are, with a far greater lightness of being.

  10. “If I were never to see or associate with anyone associated with Universal Medicine again, I would not change anything in my life I currently do, because everything has been my choice” – me too. Nobody is telling/asking me to live this way. “I do continue to associate with Universal Medicine and to grow more in myself, allowing me to be amazing in a world that is not” – yes, me too. I actually live very far from where they do presentations, but travelling many hours by plane to be there is a choice that I make, knowing how that supports me to commit to living the way that feels true to me.

  11. “In a world of un-truths, the truth is like a snowflake in a coal pile.”
    I so understand this statement. The truth is so refreshing and it brings light to all those parts of life in which we have lived in the darkness.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience Steve, I too can say that I have changed many of my choices through listening to the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and every day I am thankful for having come across Serge because my life is so much fuller and meaningful, and there is still so much more to discover.

  13. ‘ In a world of un-truths, the truth is like a snowflake in a coal pile.’ How beautiful is this analogy and how true it is indeed.

    1. Truth is evident and crystal clear, and it’s seen when we want to see it. The free delicacy of its movements can’t ever be tainted… the strength of its presence can’t ever be denied.

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