Divorce – A Gift of Love

by Cherise Holt, Australia

When I was 21 I married my best friend and in total we shared 11 years of our life together. Our relationship was happy and loving. We were easy going and always made sensible, grown up decisions for ourselves. We were great with our money, dedicated to our work and study, we had built our dream family home and planned out our future together. Our motto was ‘together forever’ and we would add ‘TF’ to the end of almost every text message and post-it note.

When I first saw my practitioner 20 months ago I had introduced myself, spoken about work, food, lifestyle and I slipped in “I should also mention my husband has suddenly left one month ago”. I had felt the shock of the situation but I never felt that I was a victim of it or of him. I had never asked him to come back to me because even though he struggled to give me a few reasons as to why he was leaving he had said to me “he didn’t feel like he was being himself”. Amongst the questions that I had in my own head I couldn’t deny that these words he had spoken were completely true. I could feel exactly what he meant by them and I could see it in his eyes.

The divorce process for me was nothing like I would have previously perceived one to be or had seen it play out in other relationships in life. I learnt that it was not a situation to be ashamed of or to feel we had failed. I was given the gift of grace and space to allow myself to be with me and to begin to unfold who I truly was. I have an abundant amount of appreciation for this, for I too was feeling that there was more to being me.

Once I had even nominated this to him and to those close around me, that I was looking to be more confident, yet I was still looking outside of myself for the answers. I was numbing my inner discontent with food and wanting so desperately to have a baby, for this was the next step for us and even through my numbness I could feel that this could be a solution to bring more love into our lives.

I continued with my practitioner to have Esoteric Chakra-puncture sessions and introduce new self loving ways into my life. My practitioner was supporting me but it was me choosing to become more self loving, for me. She was simply sharing the self loving ways in which she lives her life. As this self love for me was growing I was supporting myself to make true decisions. My ex husband had thanked me for being amicable through the whole process to which I replied, “I was just being me”. Friends would say have you heard from him, how is he doing, so long as you are doing a little better than him, right?!” to which I truly felt to say, “no not at all, I wish for him every happiness in his life”. Keeping in any contact with me was not his wishes, this I respected. Amazingly though I have found so much love for who he is. More love than the amount I ever held for him in over the decade we were together. In fact, as much love for him, equally so, as I now have for myself. Just this past weekend my 10 year old nephew asked of his whereabouts and why he had left, It was so lovely to share honestly with him. He asked me to name two things that I had liked about him, and before I knew it I had easily given him three.

We said ‘I love you’ and hugged each other every single day we were together, right up to the night before he left, yet those words feel so empty in comparison to the true love that I now feel. Have you ever heard the term “you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself”? This actually makes so much sense to me now.. for how could we have truly loved each other so much and yet were not connected to the great amount of love that we simply already are . .

I have discovered that I am love. I am blossoming to show this love to myself each and every day and in turn I cannot help but want to be this love to others who I know and meet.

I have received many beautiful compliments of how well I have handled this experience in my life. A doctor at my work said to a fellow nurse “wow, if this is what a divorce can bring, everyone should go through one”. What he was seeing was not the divorce exactly, but me beginning to truly take care of myself and nurture my body.

This true love I feel is creating a confidence in me and a support of myself that I had never experienced before.

I have abundant appreciation for the loving support that I have felt from my practitioners, Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and myself as I continue to unfold who I am and excitingly discover the true love that is deep within me. It is present within each of us and is the most exquisite gift you will ever receive.

171 thoughts on “Divorce – A Gift of Love

  1. We cannot find true confidence outside of ourselves, we will only go into a picture of what we think confidence is. Once we build a loving relationship with ourselves, our way of being with ourselves changes and confidence will be naturally there from within.

  2. This blog touched me deeply Cherise, in fact it brought tears to my eyes. It is beautiful that you stood so strongly in the love that you are at a time that you could have easily moved in quite the opposite direction.

  3. We are each walking our way back to love… It is always super inspiring when you are around people who do not hold back all the love they are.

  4. Bringing it back to our relationship with ourselves is key, for otherwise it can be all too easy to demand from another what we are not prepared to live for ourselves.

  5. In this article I can feel that the key to ‘going through’ any challenging situation in life is to bring to it all of ourselves. To love ourselves dearly and be able to understand the situation we find ourselves in and most importantly surrender to the true path of living love in our lives that our bodies desperately want to live by.

  6. This is such a beautiful, and deeply inspiring blog. I love what you say about how being self-loving supports us making true decisions. It is very beautiful to feel your commitment to live in this way.

  7. This is a great sharing Cherise, to actually honour each other and admit that your relationship was stoping each of you from being who you truly are, and through the space divorce has offered you a chance to reconnect to the love you truly are.

  8. “I have discovered that I am love. I am blossoming to show this love to myself each and every day and in turn I cannot help but want to be this love to others who I know and meet.”
    This is so very true, the more love I hold myself with the more love I share with others. This feels so beautiful, as no amount of telling another you love them comes even close to saying nothing but feeling absolute love for another.

  9. Love can be found behind and beyond any form or picture by which we may had been living, as love is what remains after all.

  10. I feel that once we begin to discover what is true within ourselves it’s easy to let go of what’s not, and to understand others as well.

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