There is Another Way To Be

by CB, Belgium

How would it be if you met someone who simply lets you be who you are, who does not need anything from you, does not want you to change, does not push you into something or expects you to be a certain way or do something for them? How would it be to be truly met for the amazing beautiful person that you are? Who does not judge the choices that you have made and does not identify you with your defence mechanisms and behaviours? Someone who simply loves you and shows you you are that love too? 

Wow, wouldn’t that be special? But not very realistic you say? That’s just not the way people are?

But it is: I have those people in my life now and know many that are learning to be that way once again as I am myself. Through being a student of  Universal Medicine and therefore a student of myself and life, I have found that there is another way to be, both for myself as with others.

We all are all that innately but through our experiences and hurts we have left our true selves. But we do not have to stay that way, we have a choice. A choice to return to the loveliness we are and always have been within, in our innermost. That is the esoteric.

141 thoughts on “There is Another Way To Be

  1. It has been the most healing thing to receive to be met for who I truly am. To be honoured for how deeply sensitive and tender I am as a man, and be accepted for what I know and feel.

  2. Through my choice to be a Student of The Way of The Livingness, I too have felt met, loved and accepted for who I am. Through my commitment to the Way, I have been learning to meet myself with the same love and acceptance I have been met with by Serge Benhayon and now others also committed to the Way. Cutting myself some slack in other words!

  3. CB thank you for sharing and for me to find my true self again was also very healing. It is really that simple, what made it complicated is the comfort which I chose instead of being responsible for every choice I have made and will make.

    1. I agree Ester – the world is dense with comfort and offers us every alternative that is completely opposite to the love and wisdom our Soul is offering. That’s where complication arises because we have dampened the ability to feel the truth of life and have settled for everything that is not.

  4. CB, to met in such a way can indeed be life-changing, awakening the inner spark within that may have long lain dormant. What you speak of here is no ‘fanciful’ or ‘fluffy’ thing, but the true, all-encompassing nature of love, that sees you for the all that you are – from the innate exquisiteness of your essence and your true power, to the complications and ‘imperfections’ that may well be lived to this day.
    When all of this is so held, we can be deeply inspired… to let go of that which isn’t true and step into our true light. For it is this that can then so re-inspire another, and nothing less.
    Thank-you for sharing so openly here.

  5. Serge Benhayon offers us a reflection of the all encompassing love that is God’s love; an absolute love that knows and loves us all equally for the love that we are.

  6. What you have shared highlights the sad fact that we have accepted the way we currently exist as a humanity as ‘normal. Yet in-truth we crave for much more because we are so much more, deserve to live so much more and can live the more we are as it has never left actually us. It is only us that chooses to live less than who we are rather than in connection to our essence within.

  7. Yes indeed unconditional love is possible and all we need to do it allow ourselves to be it, it is not that hard, but in a world where all love comes with conditions it can be extremely hard to do and only by being willing to work on our hurts and deal with them so they no longer have the power over us to make us hold back from letting love flow in and out of ourselves, can we do so.

  8. What a great question to ask….

    “How would it be to be truly met for the amazing beautiful person that you are? Who does not judge the choices that you have made and does not identify you with your defence mechanisms and behaviours?”

    This sentence and article have reminded me of the kind of person I am naturally but sometimes lose through my own hurts. I have the inspiration and experience of a team of people that live in a way that always loves me, always pulls me up but never puts me down or writes me off. As you have felt, this is inspirational and it cannot be owned, it’s for everyone equally and it is possible.

  9. Such is the nature of true love with all it’s beautiful upholding qualities, emanating from our inner heart which is held by every human being whether they have connected it or not.

  10. Are we talking about a simple true connection, one that starts with how we are with ourselves, knowing that for every point after that that true connection then walks out everywhere. What better way to live than to live whatever you see is needed first. No talking required as all is communicated before your mouth moves. It may seem idealistic to some and then to others it’s an actuality, it’s the truth. Neither are right or wrong as everything is our choice on how we see things. For me, true connection with how I am feeling at every point is a growth and expansion that walks me differently to the world in every moment, the appreciation of this “growth and expansion” gives me a platform to step to the next part. When I write this, it makes life and what I do so so simple, truly connect and appreciate what you feel from there and repeat.

  11. So true, being surrounded by people who are living from who they truly are is awesome to be around. When things are upsetting, hurtful, this offers us a reflection of the next thing that needs to be healed instead of holding them to ransom for years or centuries – love it and truly freeing.

  12. To me, this blog is describing our relationship with God – He who does not judge and constantly holds us for the purity and divinity we are and never less than that.

  13. It is an amazing feeling to have the type of people in one’s life as you have described. It has been 10 years for me now that I have had those type of people in my life and I may still be a student but I am becoming one myself filled with love and light for all.

  14. It is very unusual to meet someone who doesn’t judge you and simply allows you the space to be yourself. Most relationships are based on having certain conditions met even when it looks like there are no conditions…

  15. That person was Serge Benhayon for me in this life. Showing me what love is, that I am that same love and that even though I have defence mechanisms and behaviors he never saw them as me – in this way I started to feel that I was indeed something else, not the mechanisms and behaviors I had identified with – but this loving beingness I got inspired to re-connect to by seeing Serge Benhayon and the family living. It was by their simple movements: how they did the washing, how they folded up the towels to how they would eat and prepare the food etc. Equally to how they would speak in such gentle matter to people with so much respect, in how they would approach people making no difference between family members or people on the street. I have observed them closely and got inspired by their movements – how steady they were within themselves; which was palpable to how they would treat themselves, talked about themselves and how they would have these full days but never forgot themselves in it! Profound.
    A beautiful experience to see how love is being lived and being so close a testimony was the moment my light switched on, or actually I chose to switch it back on; with a little help… A very true supportive help – reflection, my experience with this family.

  16. I struggled through many years of this life, with its many ups and downs, but all the while having a sense that there was “another way to be”, another way to live this life that I was finding so hard to live. It was not until I found Universal Medicine that I discovered that the life I had suspected was possible actually was; that was the moment I felt as if I had returned home to me.

  17. It is incredibly supportive and inspirational to have people in my life that do not judge me but accept me for the beautiful woman that I am and to build upon the markers in my body to remind me what that feels like. It exposes those moments when I have felt judged by another and instead of observing I allowed the thoughts to affect me because I went into comparison with an expectation instead of holding the love I am. To know what it feels like to not be judged and claim it within my body inspires me to look at my relationship with judgement and how it plays out in my life.

  18. Allowing someone the space in which to make their own changes, in their own time, is a great gift we can offer ourselves and others. It’s not about being the silent observer – there are times where what we observe needs to be expressed, for another to hear it, but the way we do this, and the space we offer with it, matters.

  19. It’s interesting to witness that once you open yourself up to the possibility that you don’t have to ‘try’ so hard and that you might just already be enough, you start to attract the kind of support that will help you turn that possibility into a reality as they remind and confirm you that you are enough, and that they don’t want or need anymore from you than what you have to offer.

  20. Thank you CB, I appreciated these words about how people can inspire us, someone “who does not need anything from you, does not want you to change, does not push you into something or expects you to be a certain way or do something for them?” That small sentence encompasses so much about what is unsupportive and unhealthy in relationships, the needs, expectations and arrangements, and how imposing these things are. Love in it’s true form is something that transforms relationships because there is no need or picture, there is space to be all that you are and exactly where you are at with no expectations, and love meets you in the truth you are. I have experienced this continually from Serge Benhayon, and it’s amazing.

  21. It is deeply healing to be met for who we are, all that we are in essence, and in experiencing this with Serge Benhayon, I have been inspired to explore all that I innately am and here to live. A deep sense of trust is restored when we meet another for who they are in essence, as we begin to break down the walls of protection we have erected from our hurts of not being loved for you we are, by ourselves and by others.

  22. When I read the first paragraph, I get a sense of how we have been so deeply conditioned to live in a constrained world, not knowing the grandness of who we truly are, that it feels as though we actually need someone to need something from us, expect us to be a certain way, want us to do something for them to feel like there’s a purpose/structure in life, that we are actually very scared of being totally free.

  23. Thank you CB for your sharing, when we let go of expectations, pictures, and live in the fullness of who we are there are no boundaries to what is possible.

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