There is Another Way To Be

by CB, Belgium

How would it be if you met someone who simply lets you be who you are, who does not need anything from you, does not want you to change, does not push you into something or expects you to be a certain way or do something for them? How would it be to be truly met for the amazing beautiful person that you are? Who does not judge the choices that you have made and does not identify you with your defence mechanisms and behaviours? Someone who simply loves you and shows you you are that love too? 

Wow, wouldn’t that be special? But not very realistic you say? That’s just not the way people are?

But it is: I have those people in my life now and know many that are learning to be that way once again as I am myself. Through being a student of  Universal Medicine and therefore a student of myself and life, I have found that there is another way to be, both for myself as with others.

We all are all that innately but through our experiences and hurts we have left our true selves. But we do not have to stay that way, we have a choice. A choice to return to the loveliness we are and always have been within, in our innermost. That is the esoteric.

171 thoughts on “There is Another Way To Be

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, to simply let you be you. Not pleasing, performing, restricted, moulding, false, trying, for personal gains and the list could go on. Just to simply be you, and see you for who you truly are. Yes, that is what Universal Medicine offers and more, if you so wish.

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