The Way of The Livingness at University

I am a student of The Way of The Livingness, and no lesser am I now a student at University. I have the same commitment for both, knowing that they interlink and complement each other every day. Life has become beautifully simple once again.

Being a student of The Livingness is nothing complicated or unattainable. It is simply about living in a way that allows you to connect to the real you within and to express this in everything you do thereafter.

For me, it is about being in touch with my innate and essential feelings, my truths of life, and my tender and sensitive ways that I have as a man. By committing to my Livingness in this way, I am able to have a more solid flow and balance within my everyday life. This includes my University studies. This inner balance means I never allow my studies to take over my life and take control of me. I am not ever defined by them.

My Livingness allows me to create a point that I can come back to when I am not feeling myself. This is important because it allows me to not stray too far away from the person that I know I really am.

Without The Way of The Livingness to guide me in my way, my life would not be as rich, as deeply rewarding, connected, as fun, purposeful, or as beautiful as it has turned out to be.

I have learnt that committing to life is also about committing to who you are and what you take part in; committing to my friendships and the connections that are around me; committing to what I study and making sure I keep up with where I need to be; and committing to expressing joy and fun as best I can in my every day, letting this level of commitment light the way for others to feel that they can do the same, if they so choose. Commitment is all about feeling and knowing what you can bring to the things you do in your everyday life, and not holding any of it back.

I love being myself and expressing this in the world around me. I have found that people really appreciate the reflection of another person who is bringing true commitment and dedication to what they set their body to each day, whether it be working in an office, studying, or raising a family. I have learnt that it is important to commit in full to the world that we live in, bringing all of us to everything that we do. 

I have come to understand that my living way is felt by everyone and that I have, in every minute and every second, the choice to feel the beauty of who I truly am.

By coming back to my Livingness and the love within me every day, I solidify my constant relationship with life. For me this is all about learning, appreciating, feeling, and expressing who I truly am.

 I now have an ever-deepening appreciation that there is beauty before me in the day because of how I allow myself to be open to it. Sometimes I may not always like what I see, but if I hold who I am as best I can, I see that this beauty is actually about forever expanding my awareness of life, and appreciating, sometimes in retrospect, all that has happened.

Being at University is beautiful in so many ways.

Yes, you read correctly. University can be a fabulous and life-enriching experience, full of commitment, connection, learning, and true fun.

How… ?

I have found the key is to be me — the real, true me; to feel who I am within, and to have the humility to be in my heart as often as I can be, without perfection. I have simply surrendered to what presents in my daily life, not needing to know the specific details due to a desire to control life and make it the way I want it to be, but instead allowing what is there for me to guide me, trusting my own truth that it would all be okay.

I came with plenty of preconceived ideas and pictures of how this year might look before I began living in the Halls of Residence. “Too many late nights, too much alcohol and binge drinking, too much intensity,” and “How can I live away from home?” These were all thoughts that I gave too much credit to, and they were thoughts based on experiences lived by others, but not yet by me.

However, I have accomplished this – I have lived away from home and I have found that it can be done with love, and it can be amazing too. I simply chose to be the real and sensitive me, and allow this choice to light my way forward. Whether it was going to bed early to look after myself and my body, or staying a little later at dinner time in order to connect deeper and spend time with my friends around me, it all unfolded from me being me first, and bringing this amazing spark and love wherever I went.

I have come to the truth that we can be anywhere in the world, in any environment or place of life, and we can still be ourselves, carving out a path from our heart every day. Of course there are obstacles, challenges and difficult moments where we are asked to be more in many different ways, but in the past nine months I have learnt that allowing space and time to feel everything around me and within me is the cherished answer. By not choosing to react, but rather choosing to listen, ponder from me, I can respond with care and with my own knowing of what is true from within my body.

This piece of writing is offered to let every fellow teenager know that there is nothing to be afraid of when choosing their path after high school has finished. My path for now is studying at University, but your path can be whatever you feel is true for you.

Through Serge Benhayon’s presentations and his living way, I have come to the understanding that nothing is bigger than me. Equally, nothing is bigger than you.

Through knowing that nothing is bigger than me, I have come out the other side of these challenging times with all of me still intact, and all of me still to come back to.

Through knowing that nothing is bigger than you, choosing a career path after high school isn’t so daunting after all. Allow yourself space to feel deeply, by cherishing all that you are. Choose what you love doing and what you feel the world needs, and if that may seemingly not work out as you had hoped it to, you are still you, wherever you are.

And it is this lived quality, this Livingness of who you truly are, that I have realised is all you ever need.

By Benjamin Campbell, a joyful Student, NZ

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658 thoughts on “The Way of The Livingness at University

  1. Yes this is all we ever need and taking that into all we do makes what we do fun and purpose-full regardless of the location , the status or the salary.

  2. Having a settlement within ourselves translates in everything that we do. We can’t be anxious when we’re alone, binge eating or drinking, taking drugs in the privacy of our own home & then go into work and be completely in harmony and do our job to the highest quality.

  3. I too can feel that the steadiness I have built in my body is the anchor I come back to when I go into overwhelm of something that can happen in my day. Because I have this marker in my body it supports me to come back and re align. I have to say it is the most remarkable way to live, and other people notice this solidness and ask how do I remain so steady. Well by studying with Universal Medicine and the fact that Serge Benhayon such a great philosopher of life.

    1. Ditto. In the past, without that inner steadiness, I could be knocked about by something and it could take me a long time to come back to some kind of equilibrium. By studying with Universal Medicine, whilst I can still be knocked by something, I am not down for very long at all because I have all the tools in my backpack that I need in an instant to support me to work through whatever is going on. So whilst it may appear on the outside that I am unflappable – on the inside the whole process of getting back up again, if I ever fall at all, is simply expedited much more efficiently.

  4. Knowing and being open to the fact that we are constantly learning in every aspect of our day to day life, helps us accept that none of these aspects, be that our home, work, study or in our relationships with others, is more important than another.

  5. My experience is that changing what I do for a living has never changed how I experience life – whether I am a student, a secretary, a therapist, a teacher, if I am not being myself, I cannot enjoy myself in what I am doing.

  6. ‘This inner balance means I never allow my studies to take over my life and take control of me’ – I would love to have read this statement when I was studying at university. My studies were very much driven, with the fear of failing. I didn’t go to parties or benders being a mature student but I saw plenty of it going on whilst I was at the campus.

    That balance is so essential in enjoying the studies, as well as remaining you, during these periods, essential in everything we do.

  7. I loved what you have written here ‘being a student of The Livingness is nothing complicated or unattainable. It is simply about living in a way that allows you to connect to the real you within and to express this in everything you do thereafter’. This confirmed it is this simple, live in such a way that supports you and this supports others, without doing anything for anyone. It’s being responsible for yourself so others can be responsible for themselves too.

  8. “Without The Way of The Livingness to guide me in my way, my life would not be as rich, as deeply rewarding, connected, as fun, purposeful, or as beautiful as it has turned out to be.” I ditto everything you have said here. Oh wow wow wow I am so glad I have found something that is a true, “The way of the Livingness a direct path home…..

  9. This is very healing to read. I completely handed myself over when at uni. It was not fun. And then I started hating education when it was me who gave my power away. I love the line ‘I simply chose to be the real and sensitive me, and allow this choice to light my way forward.’ This is very beautiful.

  10. I have recently gone into an apprenticeship. Having dropped out of uni years ago because it was ‘too hard’. This time I am much more aware and feeling how and when to study that doesn’t leave me drained or reactive and wanting to pack it all in. Yes some bits are challenging but it’s not above me.

    1. Amazing Leigh, so what comes through is that by working with you and your body rather than at the expense of you and your body, you are enjoying the process so much more.

      1. It is so much more enjoyable now! And it’s been great to reestablish a fresh relationship with Maths. A subject I hated at school.

  11. I love the way you have taken University in your stride and not let it affect you or get caught up in wanting to excel at the expense of losing who you are. There is quite a bad pictured painted of 1st year Uni students which was quite often true, but working in a University town and renting accommodation to students, I have noticed a significant change in the behaviour of the students over the last few years. They are nowhere near as badly behaved or crazy as they used to be. I would love to think it is because like you Benjamin, they are becoming more responsible about what life is really about and are more focused and not willing to be led astray.

  12. Committing to life sounds so normal, we think we do it when we get up every day but there is so much more awareness about the quality we bring to that commitment that determines whether it is a true commitment or a reluctant dragging ourselves through life.

  13. It has been very helpful to read this article because having recently started at a local college I found the first day was full on and by the end of the day I had a stinking headache and felt like there was an information overload.

  14. I have also found that when I really commit to being me, that it doesn’t actually matter what I am doing or where I am it can all feel light, playful and fun. The key as you say Ben is the commitment part. Commitment to staying connected to who we are and expressing that to the best of our ability.

  15. It is an important point here, about being sensitive in a place where sensitivity does not necessarily have a place of its own, but rather it has to be lived and defined by us, the people who enter universities, hospitals, businesses and the like. So, even though our immediate environments do not support it, we can still be sensitive because it is resilient.

  16. I love how simply you have put this ‘Being a student of The Livingness is nothing complicated or unattainable. It is simply about living in a way that allows you to connect to the real you within and to express this in everything you do thereafter.’ I was pondering on this the other day after an Esoteric Yoga session. In that I have been a student of The Way of Livingness for several years now, although my pondering was ‘have I really?’. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and my own body have provided, and do continually and consistently provide a depth and wealth of knowing, awareness, understanding and truth, but am I maximising this to its full. I reflected that throughout my life I have always been a bit of a half-hearted student (or sometimes not even half when at school!) and that these teachings and my body actually deserve to have a bit more respect and true studying in lived action.

  17. We have to work hard to concentrate and apply ourselves to studying, but connecting to our inner selves takes no effort at all, simply a letting go of what is not us and a surrender to what we know is us on the inside. Learning this at University would bring a great reflection to those who burn the midnight oil to study, but don’t take care of themselves.

  18. It’s quite amazing how we can shift our perspective in life by changing our focus on why we are where we are or why we do what we do. There is great purpose and joy to be had in most avenues, it’s just up to us to focus on that or focus on what we think we don’t have instead.

  19. ‘By coming back to my Livingness and the love within me every day, I solidify my constant relationship with life. For me this is all about learning, appreciating, feeling, and expressing who I truly am.’ I love what you shared here Benjamin, when we express who we truly are without holding back in anyway, there is a powerful ripple effect felt by everyone and everything around us.

  20. And I love the way to claim yourself as a ‘Student of the Livingness’ in the first line – good on ya.

  21. A lovely sharing Benjamin. You have shown us that with true dedication and commitment to yourself you can live and be yourself, wherever you are and whatever you choose to do. I dare say that you are a shining light within the University reflecting to fellow students that it is okay to just be yourself.

  22. In allowing the space to observe and listen to what the body is communicating we are able to deepen our awareness and feel the truth in the situations we experience knowing we can choose to stay connected with ourselves to be able to respond as needed without letting ourselves be at the mercy of the outside world.

    1. And it feels to me Linda that whichever energetic gene pool our movements come from, that repeating those movements lead to more movements from the same energetic gene pool. Hence when I’m thrashing around in emotional drama then I’m given many more options to keep choosing emotional drama, whereas when I am able to simple let things run past me and stay reasonably unaffected by them then I feel like I’m given more opportunities to repeat and expand on that experience. I feel like this is why so many of us get trapped in repeating the same old behaviours, it’s because our behaviours lead to more options of a similar nature. The trick I’ve found is a gradual migration from one energetic gene pool to another, so that now most of the options provided for me feel in keeping with my soul, rather than my spirit.

  23. So many people get swallowed by University whether it be the social life or the studies and for many it is there first time away from living with their parents so they have a tendency to cut loose, but here you have shown that it is not necessary to get dragged along by the tide.

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