PLAYING BALL – with Evolution!

What happens when we get caught in a pattern of living life on an existential basis? We think that we are playing ball – but what kind of game are we playing and does it actually reach the goal?

And what do I mean by this?

It’s like all our lives we keep seeking, searching for that elusive peace, joy, happiness and we keep trying various ways, many paths… only to give up in despair eventually. This giving up comes from the fact that most people are seeking from a drive, from the need and the want to be something that they are not, and this eventually takes a toll on people’s lives, relationships, health, the body and so forth.

We reach a point where we are too caught up in ‘our myopic, small little pitches,’ our small selfish worlds, making the insignificant significant; where we keep throwing the ball, but it gets us nowhere. Around and around in circles we keep going… we keep pitching that ball until our arm gives up or the ball has been worn and torn to pieces.

So what does it take to play True Ball? And what are we playing ball with is the most important question being asked here.

True Honesty is the opening pitch in this ball game.

What is True Honesty?

True Honesty comes from a willingness to see everything in its rawness and take responsibility for one’s words and actions, in every situation that comes up.

For example: in my not-so-recent past as a so-called ‘spiritual healer’ and ‘world traveller’, my arrogance made me preach to others around me! All this came from the knowledge accumulated over the years via New Age courses, many philosophical theories read, self-help/spiritual books and spiritual mentors, but as I look back now, I wonder how I could have done this? What inside me made me do this?

I certainly was miles away from the deep level of responsibility that I am now aware of, when I kept on indulging in behaviours and habits that were anything but self-loving. In fact they were abusive. Alcohol, smoking, failed relationships, turbulent marriage, one-night stands – all seeking from emptiness and finally graduating to a much more sophisticated form of escape in Extreme Adventure sports: jumping off planes, scuba diving, climbing the mighty Himalayas, thinking it would give me spiritual enlightenment, but instead leaving pain and devastation in its wake.

Yet there was some deep innate sense in me that told me that there was a much deeper and higher truth that I was going to encounter one fine day.

None of those books, spiritual authors or healing courses had taught me what I needed to know. I was truly awakened to a higher truth with Serge Benhayon as my true mentor, my elder brother, the Ancient Wisdom as my classroom and the Soul as my Guiding light.

Yes – no doubt – I encountered immense pain, immense resistance in shedding the false stuff that had stopped and blocked my evolution. Resistance both in me, and outside of me.

In essence I had actually stopped playing the Real Ball – which is my spherical connection with divinity and my relationship with Evolution!

This true level of Honesty opened up a whole new world to what I actually might be capable of and this is something that is available to us all, as we know so well. It’s that True vastness of the Universe around us that is constantly available to us and inside of us if we but choose to connect to it at any single moment.

And today my past experiences – based on the learnings I have incurred with each – hold me steady, and now I don’t look back with disdain or judgement; I embrace who I truly am and let go of all that had been false once upon a time. This is the Real me, the true Honest, Strong and Steady me.

True Comfort is Uncomfortable

Living with the discomfort of being comfortable is something I always knew, and I had previously always lived with a certain detachment to anything material, but in my former life it was more of a false rebellious style of living, glamourised at times, although I could also sense my discomfort at most things I did that were not very true or Soulful.

This is a lesson that holds me in good stead, especially on days when I slip, as my learning curve is steep, deep and inclined inwards. And I am game to walk this no matter what happens.

What is Uncomfortable and yet Comfortable?

  • Acknowledging that I am not always right and that I don’t have to be
  • Understanding that everyone has a learning curve to come to in his or her own time and space
  • Feeling the depth and beauty of the fact that we are all together on this learning curve, no matter how steep it looks
  • Truly trusting and allowing for my innate tender nature to encompass my days lived, and coming back quickly if not lived – without taking the proverbial whip to myself
  • Knowing true sensitivity in expressing myself so as to always look out for the other – when earlier I used to pride myself on being very good at putting people down, even when it did not feel right for me. That was something my spirit totally revelled in – being sarcastic, being cynical, being judgemental, always ready with comebacks in any scenario! And now as I look back I cannot even imagine that was me.

Today I endeavour to live, talk and walk with True Buddha compassion as part of my day, each day. This Buddha Compassion is the ability to question one’s choices, to take stock, to nominate what’s true and what is not, and above all, deepening the honesty with oneself and others. Holding another in true equal-ness has been one of the hardest lessons for me and one of the most uncomfortable ones, but boy oh boy, how free it feels when I am able to do this more and more… and this deepens my relationship with evolution and playing True Ball more than anything else.

Allow Accept Appreciate

One can realign one’s Life Purpose in a solid and true way by understanding the true meaning of ‘Allow, Accept, Appreciate’ – which are qualities that I continue to deepen consistently and without any perfection.

For me these 3 A’s are the ‘3 Aces up my Sleeve’; each time I falter or give in to my patterns I recall these words and it all shifts in a magical instant. These 3 A’s beat hollow those ‘A’ grades I used to covet and get in school. For now I am once again able to deeply connect to the wisdom and learnings that were taught in Ancient times under the Great Pyramids, in the schools of Imhotep, Patanjali, Pythagoras and many more all across the planet since thousands of years ago.

This for me then, is the true way to play ball, the True Learning Curve once again being lived which I now see more and more each day. And with that I get to live the vastness of the Universe, the multidimensionality I come from – that we all come from – the constant vibration of evolution.

What if all the global conglomerates aligned to this Universal way of playing ball? What if we had these learning curves as part of our rites of passage from school to universities? What if we often spoke about these in our daily conversations? What if children all across the world heard parents speak about this? What if this became our coffee shop and dinner table and dating conversations? What if politicians spoke about Energetic Responsibility first, and then borders and nationalities second?

What if we Played Ball with Evolution this Way each day?

Without Serge Benhayon, my dearest elder brother and mentor, I would not have been catalysed into listening to this call from the stars once again. A call that was beckoning me for ages… for lifetimes… to return to playing ball with evolution in this way and to return to our true way of being.

Serge Benhayon and his teachings are straight up from the Ancient Wisdom dating from thousands of years ago. This Ancient Wisdom comes from a time when it was being lived and practised and taught from Hermes to Imhotep, Patanjali to Pythagoras, Krishna to Buddha to Yeshua, from Atlantis to Ancient Egypt, to Ancient Greece to Ancient India and everything in between!

It was in such times when Religion, Philosophy, Science, and the related areas – psychology spiritualism, mysticism, as well as life lived itself – were all taught to be part of the same innate thing; that nothing was separate from each other. It was Alchemy of the highest order and it is my responsibility equally to live this here and now without the need to be perfect.

I am now able to see how I bring the future into the present – the future that we all wish for deep down – simply by living it!

These teachings, as simplified, lived and reflected by Serge Benhayon, embody the vast depth of wisdom that each of us carry throughout our life cycles and are waiting to be tapped into – the Soul Wisdom that we all have within us.

This is playing True Ball – to deeply acknowledge, appreciate and live this Intelligence, Love and Wisdom!

By Chetan Jha

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418 thoughts on “PLAYING BALL – with Evolution!

  1. I have noticed that sibling rivalry starts at a very young age and I realised it happens because one of the siblings feels/believes that the other is getting more attention that they are or that they deserve more. And I wondered if this is because they feel less in themselves and so need that constant reassurance that they are enough. I also wondered if this was something from a past life that they bring into this life. It makes sense to me that if they left their previous life feeling less, rejected, hurt etc., then as everything is energy they would bring in that energy with them when they reincarnate.

  2. ‘True Honesty comes from a willingness to see everything in its rawness and take responsibility for one’s words and actions, in every situation that comes up.’ Yep when we start to be really honest with ourselves, the way we are with ourselves, with others, with how we live, with how we feel etc then it can bring about true change. And of course it is never about being perfect either as that is impossible.

  3. “This Buddha Compassion is the ability to question one’s choices, to take stock, to nominate what’s true and what is not, and above all, deepening the honesty with oneself and others.” This is so simple, no harsh judgement, no trying to keep up, we will all get there in our own time. The unease we feel is our own delay but we should not (although we often do) then transfer that onto another, rather address it in our own movements first.

  4. We all can play the game of ignorance and love playing it. When the evolution comes along and says, play with me, most of us run the other way.
    It’s amazing playing with evolution and what ball is thrown at us, it can have many colours, sizes, spiky ones, but at the end of the day they are the same, it’s still a ball. It is our perception that plays along with the game of evolution and how we catch it and what we do with it afterwards, is the key to ponder on.

  5. It shows just how lost we are when we have to put the word true in front of honesty and truth – true honesty and true truth. Showing that we have accepted something lesser that is not truth at all. I deeply appreciate Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for living and aligning in such a way that they really do know and present the truth. True truth that is.

  6. The depth of love we are held in is enormous. We constantly have the pull from the stars, and from God, from the Ascended Masters (our fellow brothers who have freed themselves from the illusion of this plane of life) and our own Soul to return to the glorious expression we chose to abandon, yet we are also honoured and left to our choices to continue on the misguided foray to separate ourselves further and experience the devastating consequences. This great love holds so dearly and keeps offering us all we need, and we keep getting Soul-led individuals such as Serge Benhayon and his family reflecting to us all that we can be, until we choose in our own time that return.

  7. Evolution is the best team to play ball with: it never lets you down, always sticks to the rules and keeps it fair, no one loses – everyone wins. What better game to play?

  8. Many turn a blind eye to the fact that everything is energy first, they play ball with creation and the illusion of life and then miss the opportunity to truly embrace what is on offer from the wisdom of our Soul.

    1. We currently do not live in such a way or talk in a way where everything is energy first. I am looking forward to the day when we do start to do this. That will be a day to celebrate.

  9. I know this one too Chetan, “Living with the discomfort of being comfortable is something I always knew..”even when we can feel that comfort was not the answer, we could still play ball with it. It is such a waste to live our lives with no evolution, it is now time to be playing the true ball you describe with purpose in our lives by acknowledgement and appreciation of the Intelligence, Love and Wisdom on offer for all of us.

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