STOP in the Name of Love!

Recently I was in the midst of a big project and I had shared with some friends that I was really tired. Someone suggested that I take the morning easy and rest in preparation for the big meeting I had around lunchtime.

I am pretty sure that I scoffed at the idea – “Are you for real? I have too much to do! Have you not seen my to-do list?” But something inside of me was asking me to go deeper with this and neither gloss over what I was feeling, nor what was being suggested to me, as I had done in the past. So in that moment I expressed that I didn’t know how to – I didn’t know how to stop.

Some suggestions then came forth about how to stop and I realised that I actually do know how to stop, but I don’t put it into practice often enough.

I just kept going.

  • Just get this job done.
  • Just tidy up the kitchen.
  • Just send that email.
  • Just put that load of washing on… and then I will stop.

Even then, when I did stop, I never really stopped to truly rest or nourish my body. When I ‘downed tools’ I stopped for a cuppa and a biscuit, just as I used to stop with a glass of wine and a cigarette: or when I ignored nearly all of the messages to stop from my body, it increased the intensity of the messages and said very loudly, ‘STOP!’ and I got sick and was forced to stop and rest – often feeling like my body had betrayed me.

But through Universal Medicine’s presentations, I am learning how to be with my body and listen to the wisdom it shares quietly, taking the moments to stop and be with my body and to nourish it.

I have also learnt the importance of taking care of myself, and through the healing modalities of Universal Medicine I am learning to bring to a halt the relentless momentum that I have been living with that makes it difficult for me to stop.

So I stopped in the name of love (for me), lovingly put on some moisturiser and covered my body in eye pillows (small heat packs). Then I lay down for a couple of hours and rested. I even fell asleep.

The world did not fall apart. It did not end because I took two hours off. I simply rested because that was what my body was sharing with me it needed to do. I awoke with a renewed sense of care and love for myself and with a deep appreciation of taking the time to stop. I then went about my day much more openly, rather than in the tension of having to push through to get my ‘stuff done’. And P.S. – the stuff got done!

Nowadays I am looking to bring in more stop moments – a loving work in progress because some days I still override the need to stop. I am, however, choosing more and more to be present with my body, listening to what it is saying and stopping when it is needed.

I am learning that life is simply more joyful when I choose the quality in which I do something and that these choices about my quality are equally as important as my actual output.

In loving appreciation of Serge Benhayon and his family; and of my friends, who asked me to reconnect to something that I knew, as well as a deep appreciation of me, for taking the time to stop.

By Sarah Flenley, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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831 thoughts on “STOP in the Name of Love!

  1. I experience this joyfulness with quality based output too Sarah. Output without quality is a relentless and exhausting pushing and rushing throughout the day.
    “I am learning that life is simply more joyful when I choose the quality in which I do something and that these choices about my quality are equally as important as my actual output”.

  2. Yes self-appreciation is key otherwise we can easily drag our bodies through whatever we’ve chosen to do. Making life about quality rather than function…I love it!

  3. I’ve forgotten recently how to stop and have found myself in the ‘I will just ….’ mode of operating and it feels horrible as my body tenses and I end up feeling utterly exhausted at the end of the day. Taking a stop moment brings us back to ourselves which means the quality of what we then do is then completely different.

  4. If there is no self-love as part of our foundation, then the only time we stop is until we are given a correction whether that is through illness, accident or death. At the very core of our being we are all love, so it is true medicine to embrace that which is our natural right and stop to care and deeply appreciate who we are.

  5. ‘ I awoke with a renewed sense of care and love for myself and with a deep appreciation of taking the time to stop.’ That’s the beauty of taking care of our body. It will offer us the space that is naturally there, but we no longer feel when we push ourselves to keep on going.

  6. It has come to a point where I am really starting to feel I can no longer override my body, which is such a blessing. Over the last week or so I have seen I have been very much a yes person in saying yes I can do lots of things but 1. am i discerning what I am saying yes to and 2. what is the quality I am doing tasks/etc in as if I say yes to everything. I can relate to a similar scenario as to what you share where there is a forever growing ‘to do’ list and I have put myself to one side of this. This is still very much a learning process for me in being fully committed to life but also taking deep care of myself as well. And it is even in the little things like last night while having my dinner (without a computer!) I found it really hard to just sit there and be with myself while having my dinner and not contact/message people on my phone etc .. seems to be the epidemic everywhere at the moment!

  7. I recently stopped over the Christmas break and oh my goodness – it was incredible. I became so aware of so many things and how I operate in life. I’ve now committed to stopping more often to allow myself this grace, not only to rest and rejuvenate but also to reflect.

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