Elvis, Me, and All of Us

Recently, when browsing at a local bookshop, I purchased the “Little Book of Elvis in the Movies,” a book covering Elvis Presley’s very successful career in films. This led me on an investigative mission to try and understand the legend, the man, and finally, in his last quarter, you could say the tortured soul, who died in such a poor way, in total contrast to the charismatic, handsome, energetic, beautiful man that was seen and witnessed in his many years of movies and public performances. He was not named ‘The King’ without reason, and he definitely changed the shape of music with his cool dance moves on stage. “A white man that could sing and dance like a black man,” as quoted by media at the time.

So what leads Elvis, or any of us for that matter, to a path of disregard, self-abuse and into a place of no return?

We have seen so many successful stars not able to handle their light and power, and then make choices that eventually lead to their demise. The most obvious choices often relate to substance abuse through drugs, alcohol and food, but are they any different to many of us who rely on coffee to get through our day or who eat to hide, numb or bury our emptiness, sadness or unresolved hurts?

Are they any different to many of us who consider ourselves responsible providers, who drink at night to console, reward or numb ourselves after another long day at work providing for our family? Haven’t we all been there in some way or can relate to this?

Binge eating was something I started doing from a young age as a way of stopping myself from feeling. Feeling what, you may say? Feeling my sadness of not being met, feeling my fragility and tenderness as a boy, then as a man, in a world that left, or felt like it left, no space for this part of me, especially once I was corralled into the educational system. Not feeling safe to be myself, the sensitive soul, in case I was attacked. bullied or criticised at home or school. Feeling the tension of living in a world that didn’t feel right.

I remember as a child waking up and feeling so warm, full of me, yummy and safe in my warm bed and desperately wanting to be able to go everywhere in the safety of my bed. Then feeling the dread of having to leave this safe space to go out into the world and negotiate my way through the harshness, disconnection and loveless routines that were daily life. I was particularly sensitive to the way people acted and I could feel where people and l were at. This in turn caused me to harden and become quick and sharp with my tongue, to attack or be on the defensive so as to avoid attack. I also learned to not speak up, to keep my head down and calibrate what I said/did so as not to get the attention of judgment, jealousy or contempt.

Basically, I was always measuring what was safe to express. Therefore there was this lack of true expression or being able to show the real me that created tension in my body, to shut down and to calibrate myself to the situation, instead of being able to hold myself in joy and love in my body, regardless of what was happening out there.

So when it came to meal times, mainly at home where I could eat more (the little skinny dude), I would on purpose choose to overeat to the point of feeling stuffed or bloated. That way I wouldn’t feel any tension, or anything for that matter. Drugged and pacified, I would then proceed to go into comfort/relax mode. Before school, I would at times eat 6 -12 Weetbix to try and bloat or numb down tension or reaction. I also remember going to “all you can eat buffets” and just stuffing myself, and as an adult I would eat up to 7 plates of food. Pacified and numb, I would then have to lie down for hours with my body under load, trying to digest the gluttonous affair. It’s crazy looking back at what I did to not feel life.

As I became an adult, I then followed on with drugs and alcohol as a way to numb myself on a daily basis after a day of work in the world.

So why is it that, we as a society who have often loved so much the life and times of people like Elvis Presley, not to mention many other stars and individuals who have died due to suicide, don’t take heed and do a forensic study into what happened with them?

Why have they chosen to end their lives so prematurely in a way that is often in total contrast to what they, whether as stars or not, were portraying earlier on? It just doesn’t make sense, hence the need for all of us to dig deeper into why this is a regular occurrence with stars in particular, but also with everyday people. Saying “the person had depression,” is not a good enough reason to me because it says nothing and offers no insight into what may have been going on.

From what I have learnt from myself and, after slowly trying to go deeper, it is our hurts, or us in reaction to our hurts, that compounds the problem. The bits that we don’t want to look at, left unresolved, can then come back to bite us as manifested negative and self-harming behaviours.

The presentations and the healing courses from Universal Medicine, working with others in group work in a supported environment of like-minded people, not judging each other, have been very helpful for me in learning to understand that we are not our hurts and that it is a choice that we make to go into them, and then to act or live out our lives through our hurts. Most of us have been hurt and carry the scars from being abused – from the smallest incident to the most hideous cases like bashings, rape etc. And so the vast majority of us are all carrying hurts of some kind. The funny thing is, neither the world nor the people in it are perfect. Most of the time, most of us are acting out of our hurts so we then have the tendency to go around hurting each other without even being aware that we are doing it!

Now bring in our beliefs and ideals, our quality of connection to our selves/others and responsibility – the game changer that shows us that it is always a choice how we act toward another. I am learning that if another didn’t help to create a hurt we are carrying, why meet them or come at them carrying or wielding a hurt? This only creates more hurt and disharmony between us.

I feel blessed and have to pinch myself at times for choosing the journey back to love, to my innermost, and for making the choice to reconnect with the Ancient Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as, like Elvis, I could have easily chosen to go the other way many years ago.

I was at a serious crossroads, lonely and in my hurts from a relationship breakdown and in reaction, ready to re-invent myself, put on my old blue suede shoes for another round of the glamour and illusion of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This would have, no doubt, led to my demise or to a lesser, more lost version of myself as the outcome. This time around I chose a less glamorous, but far more fulfilling, healing journey – to come back to me. It started with Esoteric Healing sessions and reading the Esoteric Ancient Wisdom books (the ‘purple books’ by Serge Benhayon). They were like a life raft in a stormy sea.

Although far from perfect, my life became a wonderful unfoldment with always so much more to learn, as long as I stayed open and allowed myself to feel my way. So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back.

I am forever the student of my own livingness, which encompasses not only myself, but all people everywhere – including stars like Elvis.

Written in appreciation of what has been presented by life, by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the practitioners and Universal Medicine student body for all their evolving love and light.

By Greg, Australia

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538 thoughts on “Elvis, Me, and All of Us

  1. “we are not our hurts and that it is a choice that we make to go into them” These days I know this to be true without a doubt. Going into a hurt I feel reduced and small and completely not me. The thing is, hurts and feeling hurts is addictive and sought after because the greater hurt is the bruised pride when it comes to admitting all of human life has been for nothing.

  2. Thanks Greg, taking the path of no return completely deviates us from our evolution and the fact we will re-incanate, so we are set up to not fully appreciate the energetics that life is all about.

  3. The despair and disappointment as an adult is there because we find that nothing fills the ache, pain and emptiness we feel no matter how successful or not at whatever we do. There is always a feeling of something missing, this is particularly so when one is successful by societal terms. What is missing is our connection to our Soul and I cannot express in words enough my gratitude to Serge Benhayon for showing me, and so many others, that this is what we are missing and the Way to reconnect again to it.

  4. “Not feeling safe to be myself, the sensitive soul, in case I was attacked. bullied or criticised at home or school.” I would say this is equally true for girls and boys, women and men. I know growing up there was a bias towards the false male image of stoic, tough and untouchable, and this was also communicated as the ideal for girls because males were superior. Imagine that, girls being pressured to be boy-like, and it wasn’t even a true image of males either. What a mess! There is such simplicity in letting people be and then appreciating them exactly as they are, because the richness of who we each naturally are can never be compared with the constriction of an ideal or image.

  5. As you got older Greg it’s like you graduated from the abuse of food in your childhood to the abuse of drugs and alcohol as an adult. We must pay attention to patterns like this so we can learn to break them in order to prevent others around us and our future generations getting caught in that same abusive cycle.

  6. When we live feeling that we are our hurts/our hurts are us we become victim to them. They become the source from which our life unfolds and we thereby have the excuse/reason not to take responsibility for our actions. We hide in our hurts. When we realise, acknowledge and accept that we are not our hurts, they are instead something that happens to us, can be uncomfortable as we also come to understand that what happens to us is the consequence of our choices and actions. However, in this understanding we reconnect to our power as we realise we created our hurts and therefore so too we can create a life without hurts.

  7. It is not unusual to hear of celebrities and idolised stars feeling alone and unfulfilled and too many have ended their lives. The so called picture perfect life is not what it appears.

    1. The lack of fulfillment of celebrities etc. is a powerful reflection that there is more to life than temporal success.

  8. Finding that there is a part of us that is untouched by all the drama and difficulties you describe has been the key for transformation as it shows that everything else is malleable and not part of who we are.

  9. We seem to have this habit of only wanting to see the ‘positive’ to keep a picture looking pretty, or fit within our belief. And we create a play within a play only to distance ourselves from the purity and truth of what we are, and deep inside we know this is not it, and lying to ourselves gnaws us from inside.

  10. “Feeling the tension of living in a world that didn’t feel right.” Absorbing the energy of the world around us we lose our sense of direction, but when we come back to our inner stillness we have our hand on the rudder.

  11. It is when we disconnect from knowing ourselves and the love we hold in our essence that in our lost state we look outside for the love we are seeking and then make choices based on feeling the emptiness and hurt of our own disconnection.

  12. To look at our hurts and learn to let them go has been a powerful teaching that Serge Benhayon has always presented on. When we commit to letting our hurts go we discover there is more space for love.

  13. I have often pondered what the way Elvis died reflects. Why would a man who is ‘living the dream’ end his own life the way he did? Is it because the dream is deeply flawed, and that no amount of adoration, money, fame etc can compensate for an absence of love for the self? It is this reconnection to the love of self that has made all the difference in my life – so in my experience this is most certainly the case. It is as if we have been living life outside in and then in that reconnection, turn it inside out, being connected to the source of love that is and always has been inside us all equally. Then we become a vessel filled with love, not an empty vessel through which anything other than love can come. Thank you Universal Medicine. Thank you Serge Benhayon – a Master of the Ageless Wisdom.

  14. Food can have a hugely numbing effect and this can be seen especially today with the ever increasing rates of obesity worldwide – we are not coping with the life we have created for ourselves and keep trying to stuff it down rather than be honest about what is really going on.

  15. Everything you have written in this blog is the reality of life. Society accepts alcohol and drugs the culprits as a turn to vice but seldom question why people turn to these things in the first place. Yet it’s occurring all around us. I returned to my home town in the UK and in the year since my last visit, the increase in food outlets is either double or tripled and these places are busy – an accepted substance abuse.

    Following meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I experimented with how my body and I am with certain foods, and I clocked what was going on for me. It is a personal journey but in all honesty, I didn’t need Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine to high light the reactions or responses of food and my body (this is just a example). My body had already been expressing this many years before, I just did not listen or take heed of its expression.

    The signs are already there, its what we do with this, that’s the question.

    1. Our bodies are constantly communicating their innate wisdom. Whether we listen or not is another matter.

  16. it is great to bring awareness as to what lies beneath our self destructive behaviours, to bring understanding and sensitivity. We can only truly heal when we are willing to be transparent, and it is a blessing for others too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. True. We have a pretty good idea what we need to do and be for healing but mostly we can’t see the point. That lack of reason or motivation is the key.

  17. “From what I have learnt from myself and, after slowly trying to go deeper, it is our hurts, or us in reaction to our hurts, that compounds the problem.” I totally agree Greg when we protect ourselves from our hurts we are living further and further away from who we truly are.

    1. And as Serge Benhayon has always taught the answer to our hurts is to resolve them, not to run away from them. This means facing them to understand and deal with them.

  18. As the saying — almost – says ‘There but for the grace of my choice to take heed of the words of Universal Medicine go I.

  19. This is so relatable, as so many of us can put on a protective armour to not feel how we truly are and what is going on around us … we experience tension but often rather than being with that tension we relieve it by eating, drinking or distracting ourselves in our own chosen way. What if we learned to be with that tension and notice and observe it?

  20. Such a big smile reading this today. We do so have a choice to leave ourselves or to come back to ourselves. And like you, I have found that Universal Medicine supports me to come back to me, and to know who I am. A Son of God, a divine universal being that is both human and of this universe.

  21. We have the example of Elvis and others with their dramatic and tragic decline who demonstrate how it is not possible to continually bury our hurts without a reckoning. Enticing as it may be at times to choose a behaviour that numbs us out then we have to endure the realisation that nothing has changed and we have to do it all again. I repeated this cycle many times before attending Universal Medicine presentations and choosing to address my hurts and whilst it has not always been a smooth path I am no longer consumed by anxiety and the need to go to food etc to numb myself from the reality I see around me.

  22. It is crazy how we enter relationships of any sort, wielding our hurts and thus creating disharmony for ourselves and others. If we choose the path of return we are supported to address our many hurts and deepen our level of intimacy with those around us and thus become able to enter relationships without our many layers of protection needing to be constantly maintained and reinforced, which is so draining.

  23. I totally agree with you when you say
    ‘Saying “the person had depression,” is not a good enough reason to me because it says nothing and offers no insight into what may have been going on.”
    But this is how we are with each other as it seems no one has the time to talk and discuss what is going on in their lives. The medical system is over stretched and having a few sessions with a counselor may not be the answer either. I spent years going to see a Psychologist/ Psychotherapist and this didn’t work it just activates the mind and isolates the body. I have discovered it’s the body that holds the key as it carries the energetic imprint of the hurt that caused the depression in the first place.

  24. Watching another go to the lengths of self destruction that we so often witness posses a question. Why do we watch and not communicate, connect and offer all of our love when we see someone in such torment?

  25. Not feeling safe to be myself, I am sure you speak for us all Greg. I too used food to overeat so that I would feel less tension and not to feel everything that was going on in my family.

  26. Great point. The stars we see self harm like Elvis Presley do need to be studied and understood, as they are role models to our world, so if we are going to model our lives on such stars, we need to understand what it is we are following and how to live so that such deep saddness and despair does not become our way.

  27. Tenderness and fragility are neither encouraged nor nurtured, especially not in boys. They are told to suck it up and get on with it, not be a sissy or worse. Is it any wonder that we end up with hardened, tough and seemingly ‘insensitive’ males who have buried their true qualities so deeply that all they show is the fortress, the facade, the wall and the accompanying lifestyle choices.

  28. It is our unresolved hurts that block love from flowing, which creates all the struggle and complication until the day comes when we can feel and also ready to face them, and what I found was that there was so much support available.

  29. “I was always measuring what was safe to express” – this is a very common thing and I find it deeply sad that this is the world we live in.

  30. Greg you have written a very beautiful account of a man coming into himself, expressing more from the tender place within him and being in more of his strength of delicacy and power. It is very gorgeous to see that there are men like you in the world reflecting another way to be.

  31. I can completely relater to the over-eating thing – I did that a lot when I was younger as well and I thought I was getting away with it because I never put on much weight. It is very interesting to look back and realise why I was eating way more than my body actually needed to be healthy – I can remember the dull haze and relief I would get after eating a lot or certain foods and I can definitely say it was a form of tranquilliser to help me cope with life and the tensions I felt in my body. As these tensions have lessened in recent years, so has my over-eating habit.

  32. It’s exhausting measuring or calibrating our expression according to what we think will be accepted by others, or to meet a picture that we think we need to live up to, rather than simply being true to who we are and what we feel or know from inside of us…

  33. Living life from reaction only makes us harden and shut ourselves off from truly connecting with ourselves and each other. Knowing that we are able to choose differently brings the space to initiate true change, the more we connect to and deepen our relationship with ourselves and allow our body to lead the way.

  34. The propensity to want to overeat to dull what we do not want to feel is pretty common for most of us. There is much to learn from our role models who also do this to great excess and it would be wise to learn from the choices of others and our own.

  35. Beautiful to read ogf your journey back to love Greg. “my life became a wonderful unfoldment with always so much more to learn, as long as I stayed open and allowed myself to feel my way. So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back.” Step by step we can all make our way back to love.

  36. “The bits that we don’t want to look at, left unresolved, can then come back to bite us as manifested negative and self-harming behaviours.” This should be something we talk about and live as a given. It would give each and every one of us the opportunity to change our patterns of behaviour that are self-harming even though they look like free will and an ‘innocent’ indulgence.

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