What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

Many look at the name Universal Medicine and wonder why this particular choice of words was made to describe the complementary healing business founded by Serge Benhayon in the township of Goonellabah, NSW, Australia, in 1999.

The Universe, as we may know, is the constellation of planets and stars our Earth is a part of. As many have discovered, the Universe we belong to is but one of several that exist. It can be hard to fathom that there is so much more out there beyond this planet of ours.

Medicine is something we may identify that is needed for our bodies in order to heal them from some sort of illness or disease. Illness or disease are states that are not in line with what is ‘healthy’ or our most natural and harmonious way of being. There are varying perspectives on what should be classified as medicine, and what is able to bring true healing.

Controversy and argument aside, our bodies know exactly what true healing and true medicine is.

So then, what is ‘Universal Medicine?’ And why is it needed?

What Serge Benhayon has proposed, along with an extensive lineage of teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, is that we are love, divinely and innately so. There is an order we belong to that is bigger than us as individuals, that is there to constantly bring us back ‘into line’. What is this line?

We may have heard of ‘the order of the Universe’. What is this order, and what does it look like? If we take a zoomed out view of our planet, would we say it is in keeping with this divine or Universal order?

If we were to look at a planet that had a species that was increasingly killing itself by gorging itself to the point of explosion, knowingly ingesting toxic substances and championing them, and destroying the very ground it walked on with little regard for it or fellow members of the species – what would we say about that planet? Does it feel like it would fit with the harmony and order of the rest of the Universe?

So then, if this planet was deemed to be ‘ill’ in the context of the Universe, what would it need?

Could it be Universal Medicine?

The principles and tenets that found Universal Medicine are simple.

There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.

This is the medicine – to bring true harmony and love back to this planet of ours, and thus its position in the Universe. Those that are interested in doing this, have the complete choice to do so – as do those who do not wish to, or wish to do it their own way.

Such is the order of the Universe, that Free Will is allowed for all.

Ongoing appreciation to Serge Benhayon for all he presents, and allows forth, for us all to learn from.

By Amelia Stephens

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1,255 thoughts on “What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

  1. I love this especially ‘There is an order we belong to that is bigger than us as individuals, that is there to constantly bring us back ‘into line’. What is this line?’ There is an order of the Universe. Crazy that we think we (the world) is so big when compared to the Universe and the vast depth of love that is there we are so very small.

  2. We focus on the movement of each planet, we study them individually and look for all that we think we need to grow our speciet and based on that determine whether there’s life on whatever new planet we discover.

  3. Serge Benhayon offers up so much in our little part of the Universe and this is a blessing to have him share his wisdom so we can all partake in True-Medicine and bathe ourselves in the light of the Universe. Thank you Amelia, exploring and deepening our relationship with Universal Medicine is such a Joy.

  4. I love how this blog zooms us out to the universe to look back on planet earth and life here. The human race are definitely out of order, even with nature, let alone the grander universe. It definitely doesn’t make sense to have a species that self harms as well as harms each other, how would such a species survive in nature? It actually wouldn’t. We have stepped away from the beauty and grandness we come from and the way back is through self love, and from there to then live more fully from the love the soul is – our soul being a return to our true nature and the universal order we come from.

    1. Whenever people talk about moving to other planets & starting human life on there I get petrified, like how much more do we want to pollute the universe? It’s the same as going to the beach, leaving all our rubbish there then instead of cleaning it up, just going to a different spot on the beach & eventually saying “ah this beach is so dirty, let’s go to a different one” when we are the ones who made it dirty in the first place.

  5. I love that our job is actually very simple, to bring true Love and Harmony back to our planet. I can feel the Universal responsibility of that. What kind of reflection or even contribution do we offer the Universe at the moment? Certainly not one of Love and Harmony. Yet if we make a commitment to be that change, then we impulse a new reflection, our original reflection – you guessed it – Love and Harmony!

  6. By committing to heal our bodies and our relationship with ourselves and others it allows the grace of harmony to flourish.

    1. Absolutely Mary, to return to the vibration that we stepped away from, ‘for humanity on Earth to return to the vibration of the Universe.’

  7. Thank you Amelia, simple and clear in your explanation. “There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.” These feel like the steps to returning to being part of the order and majesty we come from in our universe. We really have two options, to keep descending away from love and harmony, or make our return to all we have stepped away from and ascend into ever greater love and harmony and make that our living way.

    1. We can say yes to love and evolution, to returning to our grandness, or we can continue to resist and add to the mess of the world.

  8. We can feel the perfect order that governs the universe when we look at the constellations and their dance across the sky. Things happen in a timely and orderly way with the coming of seasons or the light of day. All animals respond and live in sync with this order – except the human species. We are slowly killing ourselves through being out of sync and missing out on the humble glory that we can be and are part of.

  9. Being aware of how we are living and the impact of our choices on our bodies and being, along with being open to understanding what the intention behind them is, brings greater honesty and truth to our lives allowing us to live with greater love for ourselves and others. With this we come to understand that this is medicine, the way we live is medicine and that love and truth are universal qualities that represent the essence of who we all are and how we can live with true power harmoniously.

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