Exhaustion and Lack of Finances – What’s the Connection? 

I have always had a lack of finances, but then I have always had a consistent ‘lack of everything’, as nothing seemed to flow in my life. But how could my life flow when my long time habit was ‘overspending’, always playing catch up with my finances with any savings just being short term? This pattern was a big reflection of my life-force energy (kidney energy) and how I ‘overspent’: for example, I over-gave to others and put other’s needs before my own (so I could feel needed), which left very little energy for myself and suffice to say, left me exhausted.

What’s Kidney Energy got to do with my Finances?

This pattern continued for many years until about 6 years ago, when I started attending courses presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, which brought me so many realisations, along with a deeper understanding of my past choices. I realised that I had been living in a way that was draining my life force (my kidney energy) and that this was being reflected in my relationship with my finances!

I started to become aware that there were many ways that I had consistently been abusing my body and that had contributed to the draining of my kidney energy (energetically and physically). These included:

  • Lack of commitment to life – sums up my life in a sentence; because I always believed that I did not belong ‘here’, and that there was no space for me to express all of who I am, which meant that I was not able to trust that I could fully support myself and meet my own needs. This created the huge tension and anxiety that I lived with, which without doubt, completely and utterly drained my life force, leaving my kidney bank on empty.
  • Lack of quality sleep mostly I underestimated the importance and function of sleep and would stay up late; not very wise, considering I was ‘overspending’ daily, meaning my body would have needed to go to bed extra early to recuperate, to recharge, to refuel and bring back into balance my ‘overspending’. In the morning I would wake exhausted, without enough fuel for the day ahead, and so I found myself tanking up on another fuel to cope – sugar!
  • Lack of nourishing food – the sweet taste of sugar was my saviour and my downfall. It got me through the day, but at what cost? I became addicted and so dependent on sugar – and all kinds of comfort foods, including dairy and bread. Over-eating, eating too fast and eating sugar all drained my kidney energy.
  • Lack of self-worth/Lack of Connection I have always carried a feeling of ‘not deserving’ and not being ‘good enough’, and on top of that I was my own worst critic/self-basher and super judgmental, especially if I felt I got something wrong. I can feel now how harming and how harsh and unloving this was for my kidneys, which all negatively impacted my posture, how I carried myself and how I moved.

What’s The Connection?

What’s the connection between exhaustion and lack of finances? For me it was holding back my true expression – it is exhausting holding back love, the love that we are born with. It is exhausting not ever expressing feelings, and it is exhausting and toxic taking on the emotions of others. It is exhausting when we say to life, “I’m not playing or committing to this life game”, which immediately impacted (reduced, sucked and drained) my life force.

What I came to understand was that the kidneys energetically represent our life force, which in turn is linked to our finances. The relationship between money and kidney energy is a reflection of our relationship with money and our self-worth: how we are using it, what we are using it for, and our ability to use it to truly support ourselves and create abundance in our life (not just from a dollar value, but abundance in all areas of our life such as food choices, work, relationships) and this process for me began with self-care, simply taking care of myself, and most importantly ‘giving to myself’, because ‘I was worth it’.

Self-Care, Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Massage

Through self-care I began to feel what truly nourished my body and what didn’t. Giving to myself included all the support I now allowed in my life, such as attending the Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Massage courses.

Attending the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses, followed by the Esoteric Massage course (modalities presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine), I found an amazing support for my entire body, particularly from having Esoteric Kidney Massages. My kidneys have loved and appreciated the kidney massage after all the abuse and disregard of my body over the years. These courses were a fantastic support to help clear and heal so many of my old ways, my old behaviours and choices, and a big turn-around for me – spending energy wisely

Space For Love  

This ‘lack of everything’ I ran with for years equals ‘lack of love’.  I can now feel so much more space for myself to express more of who I am. I have created the space for love (and life) to flow… and love does not overspend, love expands, deepens and is all encompassing, bringing simplicity, truth, connection, commitment, trust, support, appreciation and abundance into all areas of my life.

Love – self-love – has been my medication that I am never going to give up on again.

With the currency of love and appreciation flowing through my veins, my financial bank and my kidney bank are flourishing and fuller, and expanding by the day, now that I have my own private and discerning bank manager – moi – and the bank manager is saying YES to Love and to ‘playing’ in life again.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Scotland

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703 thoughts on “Exhaustion and Lack of Finances – What’s the Connection? 

  1. I used to get distraught when I felt I had done something wrong; it would have such an impact on me where I would make myself small and withdraw. I would say I am still very gently letting go of this debilitating energy I allow to enter as I continue to build the inner confidence within me.

  2. I love the way that Serge Benhayon always brings it back to commitment to life. Because, when we’ve got this going on, everything else can fall into place – the important thing is to work on one’s commitment, and from there take each step as it comes. So simple and so real, everyone has the potential to be deeply committed – and thus to change the world.

  3. It makes sense how our lack of connection and love for ourselves affects the flow of everything around us and especially within our own body draining our energy levels. Building a body of love in the way we move and express ourselves is transformational in aligning to a quality of energy that is always available should we choose.

  4. The ‘lack of everything’ I ran with for years equals ‘lack of love’. So in other words it always comes back to us and how we are living. Only this morning while driving I could feel in my body where I keep the brake on in my life to do with love, not letting it in or out as much as I can.

  5. Love and self-love offers us an abundance of energy in our kidney energy that is then reflected in our relationship with our temporal finances, and both pay a generous interest in our sense of self-worth.

  6. It has been revolutionary understanding the impact on what our relationship with money is like and how this either feeds us energetically or drains us. I certainly have changed the way I am with money since understanding this full but also feeling it in my body and vitality levels when I have been disrespectful of money. Such a key one to understand and appreciate.

    1. Thank you Natalie. I can feel that a review in this area is needed and that I could go much deeper in my explorations with the relationship between money and kidney energy. I have been procrastinating with sorting out some important paperwork so its not surprising I have been feeling more tired and a little irritable…( a frustration with myself ). My self worth goes down when I do not do what needs to be done.

  7. Beautiful, and I can so relate to what you share. Holding back who we are also holds back the flow of everything else. It becomes like a stumbling block and life feels like a chore which it shouldn’t.

  8. Our bodies and organs have a huge connection to our livingness and energetic integrity.

    Who would have thought that there was a relationship with the kidney energy and money? Could you imagine if the world lived more responsibly and took care of themselves more – where would humanity be at? Something worth pondering over.

  9. I loved how you shared lack of ‘commitment to life’ has an effect on our kidneys. There are so many things that can affect our life force and sometimes people do not connect some of these factors with lack of finances.

    They are all good reminders for us all to explore from time to time and the subtleties that lie within them all, its just not about the money too.

  10. ‘The relationship between money and kidney energy is a reflection of our relationship with money and our self-worth’. This is a game changer Jacqueline, and when we fully understand this and begin to make different choices, we will feel the blessings that this awareness brings to our lives and our energy levels.

  11. There is a very good reason I read this blog! As I feel this is exactly what I am going looking at and refining at the moment, in the way I live and have been living. ‘I started to become aware that there were many ways that I had consistently been abusing my body and that had contributed to the draining of my kidney energy (energetically and physically).’ Time to love me more ✨

  12. Lack of commitment to life – was for me not committing to work which naturally impacted on my financial income. Since recommitting to work, and working longer hours, I have observed how my energy has increased, I feel more vital, focused and more purposeful. And the offshoot from that in an increase in earnings.. A win, win.

  13. Commitment is so important… You can feel it even in your expression, as soon as you start to commit, almost anywhere, it starts to radiate out through our life.

  14. When we feel the draining effect of a lack of commitment to life that is reflected in the constant worry about lack of financial support, it is time to open a deposit account of love that can support our current way of living.

  15. I can so relate to everything mentioned here. Thank you. And the predominant and perhaps the overall encompassing area for me over most of my life has been the refusal to surrender to the loving and magnificent impulse of the moment, blocking the possibility of this quality to run through me and define my choices. I was more intent on holding on to hurts, issues and judgements, letting them dominate my thoughts. Standing back and observing this as invited by this blog, clearly shows that course such a pattern would have translated to stagnation in both my kidneys and my finances.

    1. I loved all you have shared Golnaz. The holding onto our hurts, issues and judgements limits and constricts the space within our bodies, leaving very little room for love to flow through our bodies where love holds us, and brings everything we need.

  16. Lack of commitment to life – for me was also living with doubt, which is pretty exhausting, I was giving my power away to my thoughts without living in connection with my body, avoiding the awareness that was there.

    1. I can relate to self-doubt and anxiousness getting in the way of my commitment to life but when we begin to bring awareness to our lack of commitment and see how it plays out, we change our movements so that we support ourselves to live, as you say Annelies, in connection with who we are.

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