Everything Is Energy

Albert Einstein so consummately demonstrated what is now a widely held scientific fact, that everything is energy – and therefore, is it possible that “everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, 1999)? If so, could everything we do, say and think have an energetic source?

Energy can be felt and experienced in many ways. We hear the words of the person who pays us a compliment, yet behind their words we can feel something that lets us know they don’t believe what they are saying. We have all experienced someone walking into a room and the atmosphere changing, whether to a more joyful or to a heavier presence. It is all energy and we do feel the change. When someone is angry and it feels like we are bearing the brunt of their anger, can we not be left feeling heavy or somewhat less, and perhaps even angry ourselves? Is it possible then that we absorb another’s expression of anger and allow it to trigger a range of emotions within ourselves?

If someone treats us gently and lovingly, often we can feel that love within ourselves and for others; and if someone treats or speaks to us judgmentally and we take that energy on as our own, is it possible that we can become judgmental either of ourselves or of others? And what of cooking a meal, making a bed or doing the ironing – does the energy that these actions are done in – e.g. love, joy, fun, anger, jealousy, sadness, tiredness – possibly leave an energetic imprint which transfers to the people eating the meal, sleeping in the bed or wearing the ironed clothes? Is it possible that unless we are aware of energy, that we nonetheless feel the energy of others but instead of being able to observe it, end up taking it on as though it were ours?

If everything is energy, and with the possibility that “everything is because of energy”, then just like everything else, we too are a mass of vibrating energy; we are also living in a sea of energy that we are a part of that is constantly passing through us, and us passing through it. Therefore everything must affect everything else. The possibility then becomes that every word, thought, and action that goes out into the world must be felt, affecting one way or another, all life.

So what of music? Within this paradigm, it too must also be energy. Haven’t we all at some time experienced the emotion of music and how it can pull at our heartstrings? Music can entice us to feel happy, sad, jealous, angry; it can call us to feel patriotic; it can take us back to places from the past in an instant; it can remind us of loves lost and draw us to re-live the pain and sadness attached to that time; or we can feel and smell summertime and lost innocence from listening to a song from our youth.

But these are the emotions of music, so what of the energy of music? If we can feel the energy behind someone’s words when they speak an untruth to us, or we can feel and also absorb the energy of someone else’s anger impacting our body, what of the energy in which music is written and performed?

This may sound preposterous to some, but what if we can be affected, not just by the emotions of music but by the energy in which music is written and performed? If at any point during the creation of performance of music, this is done in anger, jealousy, greed, for fame or money, or involves drugs, alcohol or pornography, is it possible, if everything is energy, that these same energies are also being served up to be ingested by the listener? If we could feel these energies entering our body and affecting us, would we choose to listen to different music or choose to listen to music differently?

Everything is energy and the possibility that “everything is because of energy” certainly gives us plenty of food for thought and much to ponder on in regard to the many and varied aspects of life, up to and including our own contribution. If pondered on deeply we become aware of the responsibility we all have in discerning what we choose to involve ourselves in. We may also consider how important it is for us to be aware of how we are affected by everyone and everything. In turn, we may also consider how we are affecting everyone and everything, as closely as the person standing next to us, or as far as the outer reaches of the universe….

Is it possible then to consider that we feel everything energetically and that –

“Everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy.” (Serge Benhayon, 1999)

-Is indeed, simply scientific fact…?

By Rosemary Liebe, Northern NSW

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66 thoughts on “Everything Is Energy

  1. The science this blog is touching on is to me as vast as the universe.
    Serge Benhayon has taken what Albert Einstein said and deepened our understanding so that it is impossible not to know the lie that we have been fed.
    It’s taken me many years to get to grips with the fact that we do not think. That there is an energy that passes through us. We are either transmitting the energy of our soul or pranic energy. These are the only two sources available. We have been lied to on so many levels and so deeply to admit that we are not who we have been led to believe we are is for most of us a step too far. For example, for many years I chose prana because I knew no difference, this was the extent of my education. Having attended the courses and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I can today feel the difference of the two energies in my body. So I absolutely know that there are two different sources of energy. One fills me with negative thoughts and races my body so that I cannot function very well. The other energy, the energy of my soul settles me so that I feel full and content with myself and dare I say I feel joyful instead of miserable! I am now re educating myself to see the energy first not the physicality of the person because it is the energy that passes through us that is damaging us or reconnecting us back to our soul. Reading life as just energy makes it so simple, it is or it isn’t, how simple is that?

  2. The way we feel is because of an energy we have Aligned to and thus from a loving perspective, our lives should be filled with Love as that is the energy we all come from and so are returning to our original Alignment.

  3. When we are open to True Love the energy we are in should always only be one of Love and thus feeling that we can only respond to life and what it offers instead of reacting.

  4. I was watching an interview recently between a news anchor man and a well know music artist. This was my sense of the interview; The news anchorman constantly tried to get the artist to go back on what the artist believed to be the truth of what he was saying. I felt that the news reporter was hounding, being arrogant and abusive towards another human-being who was, to the best of their ability, wanting to pursue a project not for self-advancement but for the group. It was a great lesson in energy because I felt I could read the energy of the interaction of the two people. There was however a deeper meaning, which was once you start to justify your reasons to the attacking negative energy, then you have backed away. It’s not about fighting each other, but staying steady with the truth of what you know. If the other person isn’t listening then that’s their choice but the truth has been voiced for all those who chose to hear, will hear. Understanding energy is first is a constant learning, constant deepening as there is always more to unfold.

  5. Thank you for this very solid piece of writing that steps through examples we can all relate to. I have recently been feeling the ‘everything’ part of this equation. ‘Everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy’. Everything is everything. Giving me much pause for considering and actively choosing what energy I am living, moving, walking, talking, singing, dancing, loving, and working in and with and what that is like for my body and those in my spheres of life, both near and far.

  6. I stayed with a friend recently and they were listening to the radio when the presenter announced that it was the anniversary of Einstein presenting to the world that everything is energy, that means to me that even a stone is made up of energy. To me it seems we have let this scientific fact slip by without taking much notice of what Einstein was presenting, Serge Benhayon has taken this fact of everything is energy to
    ‘therefore, is it possible that “everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, 1999)? ”
    And then we must consider what energy are we using to fuel our bodies? Have we as a race of human-beings stopped to consider what Einstein and Serge Benhayon have presented? I would honestly say no because if I look around at life and how we are living we are very abusive towards ourselves and others, we are not discerning the energy we are using. Speaking for myself I felt I could do what I liked; that I wasn’t affecting anyone. But actually, everything I do, say, write, how I move affects everyone. I got a very clear understanding of this recently when I stepped into a swimming pool that was so still and as I stepped into the pool the energy of my movements rippled out so within minutes the whole body of water had changed. So I can no longer think I am an island and that I do not have an effect I do; we all do and when we can grasp this scientifically proven fact then maybe we will then consider the energy we are using. Does it harm ourselves and another or is it harmless?

  7. The energy we move 🕺🏿 in makes such a difference to everything we do and as you have shared Rosemary, the knock-on effect of our every movement comes into consideration as “how we are affecting everyone” and the simple things like being present 😇 with our movements is life changing.

  8. “would we choose to listen to different music or choose to listen to music differently?” Choosing to listen differently is to feel the energetic vibration of all that we hear.

    1. Mary if we chose to listen to music differently, our bodies would resonate with the discordant sound and reject what it was hearing. So we chose to listen to different music so that we don’t have to take responsibility for what it is we are listening to so that we can be oblivious to the internal damage that the vibration has on our bodies. Then we wonder why we get sick or behave in ways that are not true to how we would normally be. I observed this happening to a teenager when they started listening to a certain type of music which affected their behaviour. They became negative and sullen and started to dress with a negative attitude. It was quite an eye opener or lesson on how energy can influence our bodies without us being aware, as the changes are so subtle. Thankfully observing gave an insight to what was occurring and the energy could be called out.

  9. Rosemary, this is a great blog asking an age old question that we keep forgetting, that we keep denying, that we keep delaying – the fact of everything is energy and everything is because of energy. When will we be willing and ready to accept and embrace this and actually live it?

    1. Henrietta, is it as you say that we keep forgetting, that we keep denying, that we keep delaying, or is it that there is an energy or consciousness at play that actively seeks to keep humanity unaware and uneducated to the fact that everything is energy. If we were to at last wake up to something that we all knew instinctively in our distant past, then the energy would have no hold over us. Or, is it that we do actually know that there is an energy at play but if we acknowledged it, then we would have to accept our responsibility for the choice of energy we are aligned to, so we keep ourselves in so called ignorance because we do not want to take any responsibility for our actions.

  10. What is our energetic contribution for the day? Do we walk into the day feeling sad, angry or frustrated offering this to all we meet? Or perhaps walk around with a facade convinced that we are happy whilst underneath we are not and offer the happy face mask to all we meet? Or can we simply be ourselves and bring a holding support to all we meet, and observe when emotions come in to create havoc? Keeping in mind that emotions are very different to feelings and that feelings allow us to connect to the truth of what is happening around us and allows us to express what is needed in order for us all to grow and expand and be more free of all the common constraints we have in society.

  11. Whether we like it or not, agree to it or not, the fact that everything is energy (as a first step in itself) and the fact that everything is because of energy (as a resulting fact) indicates a level of responsibility that we all hold. The real question is how much do we then uphold this responsibility and allow awareness of what energy we are choosing in each and every moment? This is a big responsibility and it is not about perfection but rather about a learning in itself.

    1. Learning to live responsibly is huge, because when I look out to the world it is not something that we as a society have seemingly taken much notice of. I wonder if we were to take more self responsibility for the energy we are choosing what difference this would make to our world? It’s worth asking the question as it seems to me that currently we are all out of control, which is an interesting concept if we were to stop and consider we are poisoning the very world we live in.

  12. It is a significant and very likely unpopular point you offer about music also Rosemary and how ultimately every unresolved disharmonious or discordant moment the artist has lived, moved, experienced, imbued, absorbed, felt and more, every argument, every emotion, every sadness or loss or want or yearning, is all carried into the music produced, like unseen excess baggage that has a profound effect on us as recipients/listeners and ripples out to all who then ingest that energetic quality. And so what we listen to – the quality of music is like a vote for which energetic movement we choose to circulate and abound. Is what we listen to adding to the circulation of disharmony and discord in the world? You show us here very clearly the responsibility we all have to the whole in the way we live and breathe. Thank you.

    1. – I agree with everything you have said Kate, music is an enormous topic of conversation that everyone should be discussing as it affects all of us. For example, I noticed how a young friend of mine was listening to hard edgy rock music and this had a definite effect as they started to wear different clothes, speak differently, move and act differently. When I bought this to their attention at first, they couldn’t feel or see they were behaving in a way that was not them. But when I kept bringing it to their attention then they understood and stopped listening to that type of music. And this to me is the point of these blogs and subsequent comments to bring to everyone’s attention that there is much more happening on an energic level that we for now realise.

  13. “ every word, thought, and action that goes out into the world must be felt, affecting one way or another, all life.” – such a simple well founded yet totally profound and life changing expose of the fabric of life. Makes very clear that the choice I would choose to make would be to keep my movements, tone, and demeanour in vibrational alignment and so in harmony with all around. You show us Rosemary that the quality we live and move in changes everything and ripples out and leaves an imprint for better or worse whether we are aware of it or not. What is interesting as we start to feel these energetic impacts is when we start to feel the sickly self serving imposition of socially upheld ‘good’ like charity, sympathy and self sacrifice….. We all feel the impact and harm of anger as an accessible example, however veiled it is, but there is so much in the world of ‘better’ that still contributes to a sea of discord from the utterly unimposing quality of the universe we are held in. Thank you for this clear piece that offers so much to consider.

  14. This is the Age of Aquarius which is all about consciousness and becoming aware of the only two consciousness’ that flow through us. The pull back to the universe is very strong in this era and humanity is waking up to this fact; the greater the pull up, the greater the resistance. This is what we are experiencing at the moment. We are all on the great cycle of return and it is one of the laws of the universe that we will all return, so to resist is just a small delay in the inevitable. We have fallen for creation and we will witness the inevitable demise of the false reality we have as a group created. Is it possible that this is why we go around the sun, going nowhere until we clean our self made mess up?

  15. Discovering that I have absorbed other people’s energy and then owned it as mine has had a very detrimental effect on me because the negative hold it has had within my body. I would go so far as to say it is crippling because the energy is constantly striving to stop any connection back to God. This negative energy feeds off negative energy however when we remember our connection with God the negative energy cannot hold sway; it loses its grip and falls away. It is the most beautiful feeling as suddenly we can breathe our own breath again.

  16. When we consider life energetically speaking, not always things are what they seem, and this deeper observation gives us a wider perspective of life in which we can have a greater understanding and awareness of our choices.

    1. Amparo when we understand energy and it’s movement through us, It can also give us a greater understanding of people and why they behave in the ways they do without judgement.

    1. Agreed Amparo. Rosemary offers such simple clarity here, yet something so profound and much to consider in how we personally live, move, breathe and more.

  17. Reading this I got the image of a Domino effect of energy crashing into and toppling other bodies of energy, all reacting to one another; that is until we start observing what’s at play.

    I’ve been so appreciating how this somehow spaces out the dominoes so they no longer crash into each other, and instead of reaction, there’s an understanding that supports us to support one another.

    1. Karin, maybe it is how we react to this energy passing through us that determines what happens next. If we react we go into the soup of emotions, and then is it possible that there is another life force that uses this emotional energy we have gone into as it’s source of energy? If we don’t react and learn to observe the energy, then we actually deprive this other life source of the source that sustains it. And what if there was less of this emotional energy surrounding us? How then would we live?

  18. This understanding if embodied is the rocket ship, quantum computer, virtual assistant humanity has dreamed of x 100. It’s in the integrity of how we move and what we choose that true transformation and evolution lives.

  19. Simply said and written Rosemary. This prompted me to question what is going on that we do not want to know and accept this truth? Once something is known and accepted as true then we have a responsibility to live accordingly. Maybe not accepting this truth is more about not wanting to change the irresponsible way we choose to live which harms ourselves, others and the environment in which we live?

    1. I agree with what you say Christine. By bludgeoning our bodies and choosing to only live from our intellect we have disabled the ability to truly feel what is occurring all around us. Which then allows us to live in an irresponsible way and this we have done for eons.

  20. Preposterous is it not to knot know we are in a 🌊 sea of energy, maybe it could be we have lost True-purpose 🐬 in life so we ABSOLUTELY can not see the what or who is having an effect on us, thus effectively making the lies 👀 seemingly normal, so the LIVINGNESS is sharing how to have purpose in life and not get wet💦 in an ocean that is poring trillions of lies so being wet seems normal.

  21. Imagine living life oblivious to the very building block it is made out of – like sailing on the ocean pretending water does not exist – so absurd and yet this is largely how we currently relate to energy.

    1. Yes, I remember trying to live life from denying the sea of energy I could feel around and through me. I was at the mercy of the storms and built up a belief that the world is completely random and unpredictable: that I was a victim rather than a very active participant who, like us all, has a wonderful opportunity of responsibility in choosing the quality of energy I live by.

      1. I like the use of words you have used here Karin
        ‘I was at the mercy of the storms and built up a belief that the world is completely random and unpredictable: that I was a victim rather than a very active participant who, like us all, has a wonderful opportunity of responsibility in choosing the quality of energy I live by.’
        Because so many of us feel we are the victims of life, me included. Until we reach an understanding that rather than being the victims of life, we wrote the script and are the actor in our own play of misery until we realise that everything is energy and we are absolutely responsible for the energy we take on and then give out.

  22. Imagine now that we only have two energies and one is the True-energy of the Godly-ness i.e. True Love, or we belong to the other energy that is made of lies and so called love that is emotionally loaded. Would this not explain why we have so much corruption and greed associated with the way we are living that is Love-less?

    1. It would make sense Greg and it’s interesting to note that until Serge Benhayon came along in this lifetime and shared what he knows about love and godly-ness that humanity had any idea that there was a difference, that we actually have a choice.

      1. Absoulutely Mary, realigning to God by returning to our gentleness first before we could move on to self-love then Love as a part of our Livingness and all this came through the presentations by Serge Benhayon, and these presentations are open to everyone equally.

  23. Everything is energy means there can be no part that is not energy and when we accept that as fact, as indeed it is, then we all have to take responsibility for all of our actions including our thoughts. Everything IS everything.

    1. To be honest Deidre one of the biggest hurdles for me is that we don’t think, that our thoughts that slip into our minds come from a pool of energy that we tap into. On the one hand it does make sense because sometimes I wonder how a thought came from seemingly out of nowhere. However I am being shown that we are enticed by thoughts that we think are innocent, but once we let them into our bodies they can have huge repercussions on ourselves and other people. We are being used as puppets without realising just how much we are being played with. And it feels to me that until we reach a certain level of awareness we do not appreciate just how the game is being played to the disadvantage of humanity. We are being controlled or as Alexis said, we are ensnared and it takes a willingness and time to work ourselves free again of that particular consciousness.

    2. A thought-provoking comment that has a True porpoise 🐬 purpose, as the lie seeing 👀 is believing keeps us wet about the Truth you have shared Deidre and thus being wetted 💦 by the lies makes it all seems normal when the ABSOLUTE Truth is we can be purposeful and not get wet from the lies.

  24. Everything in this life matters, it will always be about our intentions and or emotions (all energy first) before anything else. And although the majority of humanity will deny they can feel energy it has the same impact on them as on the ones who have developed their awareness about how the physical world is the outplay of energy of love or not love.

  25. We see matter first, in fact we see matter almost to the exclusion of energy and that’s the trap. Once we get hooked into seeing matter first then we’re ensnared in the web of creation and it’s difficult to get ourselves out. But there are more and more of us who are managing to disentangle ourselves from creation’s evil grip, and therefore have the means with which we can tell those who are still ensnared what’s needed to work themselves free of the binds of creation. In a nutshell it all comes down to movement (the way that we speak, the way that we think and the way that we physically move) because the only way out of creation is to move our way out. The way that creation operates is to get us to move to it’s discordant tune, but we can and will all eventually move to the rhythm of God’s One Song

    1. Alexis this is a simple explanation that it all comes down to our movements and how we have been configured from birth to move in a way that inhibits the free movement of God within our bodies. We have set life up to be the masters of creation not realising that we are just puppets to a for now unseen energy that keeps us locked by our movements away from God and the natural love that we are. That’s the evil lie we have all bought into.

  26. The deeper we go with feeling energy the greater our understanding. Every move we make is registered as either expanding the Universe or contracting the whole – it feels very honouring as we learn to move with greater discernment.

    1. Susan I agree with you that the deeper we go or the greater understanding we have of energy the more we can understand our surroundings and know that we live in a sea of energy and that everything we say, how we move etc., affects ourselves and everyone else. This is a level of responsibility I haven’t truly wanted to feel until now.

  27. Look at how our voice is capable of affecting everything. It can become our sword, for us to defend or cut. Or, express truth that allows others to feel a vibration as clear as a bell. Silence can be expanding and speak volumes.

    1. Beautifully said Steve, the words carry the energy we hold, thus even no words will hold the same vibration as our body and how we are holding it in that moment in time.

  28. Rosemary my body which is the instrument with which I am able to discern what energy is impulsing something has no doubt that what you are saying is true. It is our bodies that are our living instruments of discerning the truth of any one thing and equally of all things. And it is because we have allowed ourselves to become detached from our bodies that the majority of us are no longer able to discern what type of energy is impulsing something which is why we have energetic chaos all around us.

  29. What you have written makes complete sense to me Rosemary and for me it is the reason that humanity is struggling with illness and disease because we have absorbed ill energy which is then a poison in our bodies. If we were all taught from young that everything is energy we would have far more discernment and with the discernment would come a responsibility to ensure that the energy we choose is not harming ourselves or another.

    1. It is the energy that’s impulsing us that dictates true wellness or not. A person can be riddled with disease but so beautifully soulful and equally someone can be super fit and seemingly very healthy and yet be energetically rotten.

  30. Understanding that everything is energy and happens because of energy then the next question could be when we are in these states of anger, and how it can pull at our heartstrings etc.! as you described Rosemary then what energy are we aligned to?
    Then the energy when we live with and sing with could also be Love, Joy and Harmony would this not be an alignment to a different energy, thus if we have two energies as had been presented in other areas on this blog sight, then we can consider what energy we are in and are we aligned to Truly Loving energy.

  31. Thank you Rosemary, your blog made it very clear to me how we are simply receivers of energy all the time, and that energy is a communication that we can let affect us or observe and read. We are all really just like outlines moving in a sea of energy, and determining the quality of energy we each are by our own free will.

    1. “We are all really just like outlines moving in a sea of energy, and determining the quality of energy we each are by our own free will” so well said Melinda and so as we all are indeed just outlines in a sea of energy, what are we framing, are we framing the limitlessness of God or the limited expression of what is not God?

      1. So beautiful expressed Alexis to express the limitlessness of God has to be the way for us and this will happen as the pieces have been set on the board and the End Game is known.

    1. Ha Ha love it Joseph – this is a great analogy – you cannot ignore a storm and then wonder why you got soaked – energy is the same. And pretending something is not there does not mean that it is not there or not happening.

      1. I watched a film called ‘Fallen’ that showed how an energy moved from one body to another and while it was in that particular body or person it could get the person to do what it wanted which was to kill, and the police had to sort out what was occurring as the murders all had a particular theme to them. What this showed me is that we do know about energy and how it affects us, or we wouldn’t be able to articulate it in the many ways we do. So, we cannot say we are ignorant of energy and as you say Henrietta
        ‘pretending something is not there does not mean that it is not there or not happening.’

  32. Most music comes indeed loaded; loaded with the calculated effect it is supposed to have on its listeners and loaded with the baggage of whoever was involved in the making of it.

    1. Of course music comes loaded with baggage because none of us can choose to put our baggage down. So what that means is that everything that we do gets imbued with our baggage. If part of my baggage is to be irritated then chances are I’m gonna be irritated when I drive and irritated at work and irritated when I shop. Whatever it is that we have going on inside of us gets bled into whatever it is that we do with our limbs, be that putting the bins out or walking. We might be able to cover our crap up, but we can’t stop it from impregnating life all around us.

      1. Alexis what you have written is brilliant that whatever is going on internally within us does bled into our movements, as you say if we are irritated then our movements carry that energy of irritation, so I guess we could say we leave a trail of irritation wherever we go. That’s just one emotion, imagine the trail we leave behind when we have a mixture of emotions within us.

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