Universal Medicine – A Philosophy Based on Free-Will

by Kylie Jackson, Goonellabah, Australia

Last night (12/10/12) I attended an Esoteric Medicine Presentation by Universal Medicine (held at Lennox Head). As a guest speaker, David Millikan deceitfully claimed that he would like the opportunity to speak to the group openly and ask any questions he had.

What was experienced after this point was something that completely shocked myself and everyone else in the room (except for those with cameras filming the setup). David had set up an ambush that denigrated and imposed upon us all.

I was deeply upset by the tone in which David spoke – he had clearly orchestrated this attack to get a story for a well-known television station. The aggressiveness of the camera people was sickening and disturbing. And it made me question whether this was really happening? And, in Australia, in 2012?

This display of dishonesty, ill intent, imposition and manipulation was disgusting – and should not be tolerated in any way – and, definitely should not be legal.

How can this bullying be allowed in the world? What gives one person the right to denigrate and attack the choices of others? Since when are people not allowed to have free will to feel and choose what is true for them?

I am still feeling quite shell-shocked this morning – like I’ve been hit by something. It made me feel as though I had to justify or prove my choice to be me, and justify what I know to be true.

It was the complete opposite of what I experience from those who know me – everyone in my life can see, and continually makes comments on the way in which I live, my calmness, my responsibility and the wellness they can see just by looking in my eyes.

Universal Medicine lives absolute integrity, love, responsibility and professionalism in every way. Why does this upset people like David Millikan? Possibly because Universal Medicine shows another way – a deeper level of harmony and responsibility that can be lived – and this arises the possibility that they too can be making different choices – freely so.

Universal Medicine has never asked anyone to ‘believe’ what it presents – it just presents. It presents and honours the free will of every man, woman and child to feel for themselves what is true.

We have the free will to live that choice, to be true to ourselves, to live in a way that is harmonious, responsible, joyful and loving – Will someone please remind David Millikan?

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  1. This is such a sad set up. I have no doubt this will come up again and that this is not the only example of ‘dishonesty, ill-intent, imposition and manipulation’ to justify a picture. What I find harder to understand is why, when someone doesn’t like what they see, they don’t just walk away.

  2. We are sold the illusion that we have a freedom to live however we choose. That is until we start to live contra to the energy that created such illusion in the first place. In the years since 2012 I’ve seen more than ever this energetic outplay occur around Universal Medicine, that what Serge presents to be true as it explains the whole media situation to a T.

  3. It’s always a give-away when someone tries to denigrate a choice made by another … after all it’s their choice, and especially when that choice is not imposed on you … why denigrate it, what exactly is your discomfort with the choice being made by another? Why would you need another not to make their choice? Is it at all possible that you feel exposed in some way by that choice, that perhaps it shows you another way to do things, that you really do not want to see? But isn’t it deceitful to attack another in that instance, rather than just being honest about the fact that what you see winds you up and you don’t like it, why not just own that?

  4. Some will not be stopped at anything to maintain the comfort they live in, so many of us are so sold to the lie of our reality, that we are ready to do crazy things in order to defend it.

  5. Personally, I don’t know who David Millikan it but it sounds like the track has been lost of what is the true purpose of being a journalist/reporter, which for me is about reporting in a way that gives the reader an honest and truthful picture of what is. In this case, based on many testimonials I’ve read, David seems to have an agenda that obscures giving the readers an unbiased view of Universal Medicine.

  6. We all enjoy free will equally. The association to Universal Medicine is an act of free will. This is the main hurdle for those against it. Universal Medicine does not fit their profiling activities.

  7. Shame on David Millikan and his crew for their disgraceful behaviour, Universal Medicine has no hold over people, they all come and go as they please, the reason people choose to attend is because of the great wisdom that is being presented for us all to discern for ourselves.

  8. Such irony here…claiming people are in a cult by telling them in an aggressive and coercive way. Not only highly irresponsible but also completely denigrating to everyone else…

  9. It seems to me that not many in this world like seeing that there is another way, a more loving way to live, so when it is presented to them they will do anything possible to block it, denigrate or tell lies about it. Why? In my own experience, it appears that those around us prefer that we stay the same we have always been as if we begin to bring loving changes into our lives the reflection of the truth that shines from these changes is way too hard to look at. Could it be that it is reminding them that they too could choose to live in the same way but they simply don’t want to move out of the self-imposed comfort they live in as it it feels way too hard?

    1. Agreed, change seems to push more buttons than staying in a dysfunctional way of living. This is the challenge of both health and business so much so that we have a whole profession designed to support openness to change! If I am living a way that is harming me that for goodness sake let me see it so I at least have a choice about whether I continue to self-abuse or not. From that moment on at least I have a real choice and clearly should be allowed that choice (particularly if it does not hurt another) even if it goes against the grain.

      1. Oh yes, that button pushing is so obvious in those around us when we begin to make changes, even if they are very self-loving and potentially life-changing. This reaction is often very hard to handle, especially from family, and for me was initially challenging to understand until I came to realise that they were struggling to accept that they would also benefit from these different choices, but were not ready to say yes. And that choice I now accept, as each of us has the free will to say yes to living another way, or, no thank you, not for me.

  10. As I begin to speak up and live what I feel is true to me it is surprising the people (some old friends) who are reacting to me. I can see they are uncomfortable and I haven’t said a word but I am learning to not take anything personally for I know or I learn to allow myself to feel the knowing as to where it is coming from. The individual and the comfort the individual is in does not like to be exposed (it is the same for me) but it is through exposure we are given an opportunity to grow but we have to accept that there are some perhaps many who choose to dig their heels in and resist and then we get to see the games such as this ambush at play.

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