Separateness or Connection

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore Brisbane

During my life, I thought who “I” was, was contained inside my skin. Like most people, I felt I had to protect myself from what was outside. As I aged and matured, I believed that “I” was also my family and my friends and my community. That “I” was defined by the things that I did, the roles that I played, my gender, culture and nationality along with the possessions that I owned. Through the revelations and techniques presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been able to open my heart again, reconnecting to me and how I feel inside. I know who I am, that I come from love and that all is one; there is no true separateness.

We have to create separateness; it is not our natural way of being. Whenever I create separateness, I cut myself off from God, from love, from healing and from humanity. 

Everyone is a part of “me”. I cannot hate, blame or judge another without damaging myself; conversely, I cannot heal or love myself without that being equally there for others as well. I am more than flesh and blood and because of that, I choose to live in a way that develops that awareness and that love within.

I have realised that there is more to me than meets the eye; that I contain the essence of the Love that I come from. I know it is pretence to consider that I live in an individual bubble, which keeps the world on one side and me on the other, when actually my experience shows me we all live in one big bubble that contains and encompasses all of life in all realms and dimensions.

I choose to live a life of connection and oneness where who I am and what I do – if based on Love – has the capacity to heal. Knowing that by opening my heart this can inspire another to feel their own love. And from there to have the choice to unlock their heart – thus breaking themselves free from the illusion that we are separate beings whose actions and thoughts do not impact on each other – when in fact, the ripples of what we do, say and think, are felt far and wide.

As such, I can feel the enormous responsibility to open my heart and be all that I am so as to live in a way that is not harming of self or others – but rather a way that fosters Love and connection for myself, others, nature and Divinity.

156 thoughts on “Separateness or Connection

  1. Rachel I love what you share about how we all live in one big bubble, but many of us have created our own little bubbles, which serves naught except to keep us incarcerated in our own toxic stew pot. What I will take away from reading this article, is that I have a responsibility to the greater bubble to open my heart and lovingly embrace others, so that we may all evolve and expand the greatness of the greater bubble.

  2. When we choose to separate from ourselves we lose our quality of connection from our inner heart that affects all our movements and expression and our relationship with others. We end up making disharmonious choices that take us even further away from our inner knowing and the realisation of our equal part in the bigger picture of life and our interconnectedness as a whole.

  3. When the ‘I’ changes, the world changes too. Operating in life from the place of knowing and being connected to who we truly are allows us to experience the world totally differently, and it feels amazing but that amazingness lets me know that I have only dipped my toe in and there’s so much more beyond my comprehension.

  4. We have created a world where we believe we don’t affect one another, where we feel separate and disconnected from ourselves and others, and believe that our every choice doesn’t have an impact on the whole. How lovely to come back to be connected to our soul, to the essence of who we are, to feel more open and aware of others, and to have the understanding of our energetic responsibility and what this means for every single one of our fellow human beings.

  5. It is interesting that we all do ponder on who we are and what is our purpose for being here but no coincidence really. I remember as a child questioning life in this way but nowhere was an answer to be seen that felt true or inspiring. The sad fact is that in our society we do not foster children to explore the innate sense of feeling that there is more, as instead we are taught that we are identified by the world around us through what we do, where we work, who our friends are, how we dress, the lifestyles we live etc. Yet all along who we really are is already a given. We are love, a love within that is waiting to be connected to and lived, and it is through this connection that we live with true power, knowing who we are every step of the way.

  6. Thank you. I can feel the ripple effect of one person opening their heart and showing others it is safe to do so. This is vital and important for physical and mental health.

  7. This awesome blog is a great reminder about the ripple effect our choices have on everyone around us including ourselves. In realising our interconnectedness with everything around us, it highlights the depth of responsibility we have to each other to live in a way that truly supports our equality in connection and how having an open heart allows love to be felt and received equally.

  8. This really encompasses what it is to be an Esoteric Student, to live from ones own innermost heart and the love within. A very true line “I choose to live a life of connection and oneness where who I am and what I do – if based on Love – has the capacity to heal.”

  9. We have a way of making our families the all, and that in itself has us believe that we are not separated from others, and yet the separation is evident when our ideals and beliefs come to the forefront and tell us others are different – the list is endless on this one. Having the family thing going to me is a falsity if we are still capable of ignoring our neighbours and other people’s children.

  10. Rachel it seems to be that being open and transparent and letting people in is the best medicine for our world in this moment.

  11. When you live from this space it is a crime to hold that back from others! We have a responsibility to show it is safe to live the essence of who we are in a world that reflects back the polar opposite sometimes and the only way to do that is to build a body that can feel the truth of what you have shared here and therefore moves that essence without having to think about it or even choose it. It just is.

  12. Since Universal Medicine I’ve been learning about ‘I’. I feels isolating, separating and in some respect selfish, its kind of saying, only my family/friends group matters but everyone else doesn’t.

    When I think of we/all, it feels complete, no one is left behind no matter what colour, race, or religion.

  13. When our hearts are open, we are able to build amazing connections and relationships with people on an honest and truthful level, it is when we live in separation from both ourselves and others that we close the door on loving relationships.

  14. After reading your amazing blog Rachel – who will not love to open their heart again! “Knowing that by opening my heart this can inspire another to feel their own love.” This kind of wonderful medicine is exactly what is needed this moment in time.

  15. When we constrict the ‘I’ to being just one it can be a very lonely place but when we know we are part of a wondrous whole we are at one with the All.

  16. ‘The ripples of what we do, say and think, are felt far and wide.’ I love this simple yet powerful reminder Rachel, this brings a level of responsibility that many run away from but when we claim and live this truth it brings a deeper sense of love and connection to the greatness we are all from.

  17. It is very powerful when we start to become aware of just how much we affect each other. It brings a whole new meaning to the word responsibility.

    1. Yes I agree Nicola, when we accept this we come to realise that we are all responsible, and that through the way we live we either add to or detract from the harmony that is our natural way of being together.

  18. It is amazing to become aware that love is our natural way of being and that this life, that we call life in general, is lived in the illusion of separation, and that it is this separation from the love that we naturally come from, that creates all the ills and woes we as a humanity think is life. When we make our life about love that reflection has a ripple effect through all humanity offering them a choice to reconnect to that same love that lies within.

  19. To think that we are connected to God when we have separated from ourselves is pure illusion. To connect to God we must first realise that we chose to separate from him and then begin the journey of re-connecting to our inner most… the kingdom of God within.

  20. When we choose to remain in the “I”, in individualism, we begin a ripple effect that flows on out into humanity fostering separation amongst people whose innate essence is to live in brotherhood. To bring the “I” back to “we”, to let go of the need to be the individual and protective of all that is ours, offers humanity the possibility of healing a world that is desperately in need of healing.

  21. When we limit ourselves to thinking that all we are is a physical body – flesh and bones it makes it easier to fall for this illusion of separation. However, we all know that we are much more than a body and we can feel and experience things that can’t be explained by us just being a body in separation to other bodies. For example if someone is very angry or sad we can feel how that affects us and equally if we are angry, sad or judgemental we are affecting ourselves and others. We are all deeply interconnected and as you say the ripples of everything we do, say and think carry far and wide.

  22. It’s amazing to consider that separation is actually an illusion. We cannot be separate from God, the universe, and the cycles or from each other. We can only choose not to be aware of these connections and our innate oneness. This is why awareness is fundamental in life.

  23. Knowing my every choice and action makes an impact is something that I have chosen to ignore or pretended to forget most of my life. As irresponsible as that might sound and as much as deep down nobody really wants to behavior like this, it is an easier option than feeling the importance and enormity of all my choices.
    Reading this, authors such as yourself that are not only celebrating taking this responsibility but also just loving being connected and not seperate is an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air, in a world that is taught to look out for number one.

  24. “Whenever I create separateness, I cut myself off from God, from love, from healing and from humanity.” We have to understand there is either one or the other. Healing or Harming – Love or Abuse – Simplicity or Complication – Separation or Connection. There is either of the 2 consciousnesses to align to. The trick is to know which one are you aligned to? How do you know you’re not being fooled? The way is to be honest with where you are at – Absolutely Honest. “We have to create separateness; it is not our natural way of being.” So, the beauty is in ‘creating honesty’ instead of The Separation.

  25. And so the world changes and will yet change, as more come to the realisation you have shared here so poignantly Rachel, that our purpose here is to live in “a way that fosters Love and connection for myself, others, nature and Divinity.”
    Such philosophy could be taught in our schools, our families and communities from day dot, could it not?

  26. We don’t realise who much how we are with ourselves determines how we will be with others. I know if I am hard on myself I will be critical of others and the more I love myself the more I am able to love others.

  27. When we surrender to the light that is waiting outside our self imposed locked door, all that you have shared becomes an absolute truth that we take joy to walk in.

  28. When we focus on our ‘I’ in everything we disregard the fact and innate strength that we are all together as one.

  29. We have such a concept of outside and in and it reinforces the idea that what I do is in here and not impacting out there, and vice versa and in fact it all does. We all in this soup together and we can all be love in it or pollute it, and we are all affected.

  30. Oh dear…I’m reading the words ‘open my heart’ and ‘Everyone is a part of “me”’, and it’s reminding me that when I am shrinking, as I’m currently doing with certain family members, I am contracting and stopping them from being who they are, without judgment and the impact on me is huge.

  31. I was so guarded previously in life and my whole life was all focused on myself and keeping myself protected – I saw every situation from my hurts and presumed when anything happened people were out to hurt me. My life has changed a lot, still more to go but now I really enjoy people. I love being around people and now have much more appreciation for what I bring to relationships.

    1. When we don’t appreciate what it is that we bring to relationships, to our work places, and other projects we’re involved with, there’s no growth and evolution.. we keep ourselves small and protected. The more I allow myself to feel whatever is going on around me, and to appreciate and express it instead of holding it back, the more I feel expanded within myself, and connected to others. Being guarded and fearing attack is no way to live: it feels diminished, reduced and small.

  32. Whenever I feel in separation the first thing is to acknowledge and accept it. Sometimes I don’t want to see and feel the separation because it hurts and I have to face the choices I have made but if I choose to not address it, it then becomes a downward spiral until eventually it catches up with me. The thing is that I know when I am in separation so no matter how much my mind tries to convince me otherwise. I do know and it is simply making a choice to listen to that knowingness.

  33. Lately I have been pondering on opening my heart even more…as you have shared here Rachel, when there is an ounce of separateness, then there is a lack of love. I feel the next thing for me to work on is to open my heart and allow myself to see everyone as family – not just those I live with, not just those I feel close to, but also to really connect to those who I work with and encounter through work, those I see often or those I see rarely, but to embrace them all as family. This does not mean that I have to do the same things for them that I would do to my own family, but what I am talking about is energetically embracing them too as family, letting them in, into my heart and fully so with no distinction nor separation. I can already feel the barriers I have put up as protection, and so begins the process of eroding these barriers to bring them down so that we may unite as family.

    1. Beautifully said Henrietta, people are craving for this true connection, the more we are all open and embrace everyone as family imagine the ripple effect this movement has on the whole of humanity.

  34. Recognising that nothing we do is really ‘individual’ is huge. We are all part of a Oneness that is a vast interconnected whole and to see and accept this brings a level of responsibility we are not accustomed to, or have avoided even considering. In my experience, accepting this truth makes perfect sense, and whilst it may be exposing and even appear daunting, we are at least getting honest with ourselves when we do.

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