Consistently Inconsistent to Consistently Consistent

by Tanya Curtis, Gold Coast, Australia, Behaviour Specialist, Assoc Dip Ed, BHlthSci.(BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun 

Until recent years, I have become accustomed to a way of living in which my experience of people I have chosen to be in my life, including myself, has been of ones who are consistently inconsistent. The consistency of this inconsistency created for me a platform of unpredictability, lack of trust, “you can’t rely on anyone”, it is a guarantee they will let you down… I could go on! Basically, I had concluded that people (including myself) could not be trusted.

From when I was young, my parents and relatives were sometimes happy and sometimes angry; sometimes loving while sometimes aggressive; sometimes supportive and sometimes dismissive! My friends were sometimes claiming to be my ‘best friend’ and sometimes saying “you’re not my friend any more”; sometimes joking and loving while sometimes teasing and mean; sometimes reliable and sometimes not. My siblings were sometimes inclusive and sometimes outright excluding; sometimes loving while sometimes outright nasty. Shopkeepers were sometimes welcoming and sometimes uninterested; sometimes helpful and sometimes not. I could go on, but the common word I associated with people was ‘sometimes’. The word sometimes created a pattern of consistently inconsistent, which to me became the norm.I had laced all people with the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee… people are unpredictable! I had a consistent feeling of isolation and aloneness as people could not be trusted or relied on.

As an adult I chose a career of working with people. To learn more about people and develop understanding, I chose university degrees that taught me how to observe people. So all day, every day I now observe people to help understand their behavioural choices. My observations throughout my career have confirmed that the word ‘sometimes’ is consistent to the general population. Thus, my experience in my personal, professional and community life has until recently been conclusive… as a norm, my observations suggest people are commonly ‘consistently inconsistent’.

So, as I lie here on the dawn of the 1st day of 2013 feeling amazing, I have reflected on how this expectation of people being consistently inconsistent has started to change, and how awesome it feels. I have realised that I have started to trust people again and pondered on how this might have happened

Well, let me tell you a story about a family I have met called the Benhayon Family. I began attending courses run by an organisation called Universal Medicine and presented by Serge Benhayon. Members of the Benhayon family always supported the courses so there were always opportunities to experience, either directly or through observation, many of these family members. The information presented at the courses made sense to me! But what stood out the most was a feeling of equalness for all of humanity: a love and acceptance of all, responsibility for self and freedom to make one’s own choices – this was presented and observed by not only Serge, but his whole family in the way they interacted with all participants throughout an entire day (formally and informally). I always left the courses feeling amazing. At first I was a bit (well, VERY) dubious – thinking “this could not be real… it’s one of those FEEL GOOD scams that you read about… there’s no way they can hold this image up for long”! So I decided to do what I do best and continued to observe… what I found over time was this family was consistently consistent!

I started having healing sessions at different times with Natalie Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon. Again the same… they were all consistently consistent in that they always presented with a resounding consistency of love, equalness, no judgment and unconditional support; they were always welcoming, never dismissive. This consistency intrigued me and I asked myself “how could this be possible?… I have NEVER experienced this before”. So I continued to observe, but no matter what I observed I always saw the same thing.

I observed Michael Benhayon as a father to his daughter, a husband to his wife, a brother to his siblings, a friend to many, a practitioner to myself and other clients, a performer of music he has written himself, a support dancer to his friends on stage and much, much more. Throughout all roles he was consistently consistent – he was always the same… nothing but love!

I observed Natalie Benhayon on stage presenting to hundreds of women; again on stage in a different role teaching a form of dance; again on stage presenting at the annual Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*; I have had conversations with her, client sessions with her and I observe her at courses with her family and friends… again I observe Consistently Consistent – always the same solid foundation!

Then there is Serge Benhayon. From presenting on stage, to having a conversation with me, responding to my emails, providing extra support for people when needed, observing him with his own family, as a husband, an ex husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend… I watch as Serge welcomes all those who attend events run by Universal Medicine, and again I have only observed or experienced consistent consistency – a consistency in nothing less than love and equalness with all.

I could name and give examples of every single family member, but the outcome is always the same… each and every one of the Benhayons is CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT, and they present consistency in ‘nothing but love’. In the 2½ years I have known them, this has not changed once! Amazing!

So, to Serge Benhayon and the entire Benhayon family, I want to say Thank You for being you and being a great reflection of what is possible. Because of what you have shown me I have now learnt to trust in myself, trust in people and trust in love… thank you for being so consistently consistent.

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

427 thoughts on “Consistently Inconsistent to Consistently Consistent

  1. The power of the reflection of others ✨I am inspired endlessly by the Benhayon family ✨ My life today is the steadiest and most consistent it has ever been, and the beauty is there is so much more to unfold

  2. Being consistently consistent sounds great, but when the consistency comes from love, with love… it is extraordinary in a world like this. Thanks to the Benhayon family and many more students for making ordinary the extraordinary.

    1. Big thanks to Serge Benhayon and his family for consistently presenting love and truth, for being a family that are consistently consistent.

  3. So true that we are surrounded by the consistently inconsistent and we become consistently inconsistent ourselves as the way of being in this world, and trust is something we try earning by effort. Being consistent is not about being rigid or sticking to a pattern. There is a quality that we can recognise and feel in their movement. Before Universal Medicine, I didn’t even know that there were two types of energies and we are choosing one or the other all the time. It totally makes sense how our behaviour and mood can be so unpredictable if we are not even aware of this choice being available to us.

  4. It is very true about the inconsistency, I’m sure that each person’s inconsistency can lead to an increase in our own inability to stay steady if we allow it to hurt us. I’ve found that having contact regularly with the Benhayon family has been very supportive for my own consistency, there is a beautiful trust restored in humanity by having people in your life that can be consistently loving. As I heal myself with the support of Universal Medicine I can understand more why we each are inconsistent and offer people space to be as they are and to be less affected myself.

  5. Thank you Tanya, a great blog on the Benhayon family and may I add that ‘sometimes’ is never adding to anything but when we give SOME-SPACE people understand and can then respond in the most Loving ways.

    1. Very cute Greg, thanks for your wisdom, what I took was when people are inconsistent and unable to be their essence in that ‘sometimes’ energy then offer the person some space!

  6. Now 2019, some 6 years later, and even through challenging times the Benhayon Family have remained consistently consistent in who they are, how they live and how they are with others. Yes indeed a true inspiration.

    1. I agree Vicky, undergoing challenging situations that would devastate most people the Benhayon family have instead gone deeper into love and truth – what a joy to behold, a healing to observe, and an inspiring group of role models!

  7. We can learn so much about one another purely through observation, the more we observe the more we get to know, and we become able to read people through that observation. I have found this extremely helpful at work as rather than reacting I have become more adept at observing and reading, which allows me to see the bigger picture.

    1. Observing people gives space, and helps with understanding, and yes many people in the world are, ‘my observations suggest people are commonly ‘consistently inconsistent’.’

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