Celebration 2012

by Karin Becker, Teacher, Mullumbimby

Recently I went to an end of year celebration held by Universal Medicine. Throughout the year they provide talks on Esoteric Medicine and offer a number of excellent healing courses presented by Serge Benhayon.

This afternoon turned out to be very different. Universal Medicine students had put together a show consisting of a very unique mix of musicians, singers, dancers and comedians. As it seems, only a few artists ever had any formal training, but that did not stop anybody from being very creative and expressing from their totality. 

It was very impressive to watch artists on a stage having such a clear level of inner stillness – who were not performing because they needed the audience approval for their own gratification and egotistic elevation. Instead they were choosing to express directly from their hearts while sharing from a sense of fullness within themselves, their experiences of life, love and the universe. The applause they received was more needed for the observers to show their appreciation than it was asked for by the artists.

So we were graced by awesome people with great music, wonderful voices, meaningful lyrics, very enjoyable playfulness and sharp and witty comedy.

The highlight for me was a chorus of men who had been practising with and were guided by Chris James, a local musician/singer who is well known internationally. Even though they only started singing together a short while ago, there was a feeling of strong gentleness and heartfelt connection within this group… something I have never experienced before observing a group of men doing any activity together.

It was not just a fleeting moment: they were able to stay in that with each other and kept expressing from this inner space of deep male warmth.

Being a woman, I have had many experiences of men being in a certain dominance one way or another. None of this energy was even remotely present in the group.

To be able to feel these men move together in an energy so extraordinary and new was remarkable, heart-warming and very enjoyable. It was a great pleasure for me to be on the receiving end.

172 thoughts on “Celebration 2012

  1. I have attended one of Chris James’s workshops and it is so amazing that the people who attend are from all walks of life. Very few had sung since they were children, which was a long time ago. Yet within a few hours everyone was singing and the sound that resonated was beautiful. If we can let go in our bodies of the control that we feel we need in life, which gives us a false sense of security, then we can actually get to feel what it would be to live in the flow of life which is far grander than the restrictions we place on ourselves which then as we get older become ruts we find very hard to climb out of.

  2. I love this ‘choosing to express directly from their hearts’ and it just goes to show we clearly know the difference from when people are doing this and when they are not.

  3. It is a very different experience watching a performance that doesn’t want something from the audience, but instead is there to serve and deliver their all from their stillness, joy and love, i.e., from the soul, and have a lot of fun whilst they do it. Because they are full with their own love they don’t need the audience to fill any inner emptiness or supply recognition.

  4. I love the parties where we get together to celebrate. What amazes me is the wealth of natural talent that we have amongst us and the deep love that is felt and very much cherished by us all.

  5. This blog could have been currently written, as Universal Medicine celebrations keep deepening and expanding in the expression of joy that we already are. Sharing openly our essence is very much enriching for everyone. Thanks Karin for describing such beautiful encounters in brotherhood

  6. The parties that we share are such great occasions for a coming together to be with each other without a need but to just enjoy. The clearing up afterwards is just as much fun as the celebration itself because everyone is chipping in, it’s a continuous enjoyment of everything we do.

  7. The Universal Medicine celebrations have been very inspiring for me on so many levels…In our current society celebration is often synonymous with alcohol and staying up late and/or over eating etc, but is this really a celebration or a bludgeoning? Universal Medicine celebrations, are about appreciating ourselves and each other and our time together dancing and eating and expressing and letting ourselves be seen for who we are which is not the easiest thing to do in our world where most are shut down from expressing the truth and the light of who they are. And so this means that there is much for us to celebrate each and every day in order to keep fostering and encouraging a true and natural way of living and expressing.

  8. Our current world does not support men to be “expressing from this inner space of deep male warmth.” but in small pockets this is happening and ripples can become strong and then one inspires another. This is a very refreshing thing to be witness to.

    1. It was very gorgeous to feel and observe the men in the celebration, ‘ there was a feeling of strong gentleness and heartfelt connection within this group… ‘

  9. Being graced by people on the stage who is not ‘special’ but just themselves sharing and expressing through their natural habbilities is priceless. It invites me to bring my spark of light out and to not hold back the preciousness inside me.

    1. Spot on Inma and it shows that no matter who we are, we all have something to share with the world that can inspire another to grow and truly evolve.

  10. This blog was written in 2012 but what is expressed here feels so alive and close to me. It could be the same today as it reflects very beautifully what I experienced in a celebration of Universal Medicine, same harmony and joy, same openness and equality between people. Love it, thanks for sharing Karin

    1. Inma Lorente there is a way to live and it is in the celebration of life which for the vast majority of us we have forgotten and many see life as a drudge, something to get through. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been reflecting to the world the possibility of a different way to live in harmony with each other and all encompassing.

  11. Universal Medicine celebrations are always great fun, people being who they are, and the joy, laughter, singing and dancing is completely infectious.

  12. It’s a beautiful appreciation of men Karin, and I agree, a man connected to his essence and expressing his warmth and tenderness is a joy to behold – a whole group of connected men singing together – wow! One of the things I appreciate about the Universal Medicine student body is the diversity of expression and how they come together to share their unique gifts to perform at celebrations.

  13. Men in true sync is a beautiful thing and actually very natural. We should get used to that so that men can feel free to be that on an everyday basis. I think we would have lots more harmony in the world then.

  14. I remember this performance as it touched me deeply back then. To see men standing together without protection or hardness, without competition or bravado and show themselves in their tenderness and fragility to an audience is a blessing for all who get to see it.

    1. It is a blessing for the entire world Carolien Braakenburg. We live in a field of energy so not only can people see the beauti-full performance, but the entire world is blessed by the performance of the men because of the way Energy works. Our current educated system deprives humanity of the most important understanding of life which is understanding energy and how it works.

  15. Singing, comedy or making art or music becomes something very different when it is not an expression of self but one that comes from a connection with our essence and all that is around us. I love listening to artists such as Michael and Miranda Benhayon, who make music that serves humanity.

  16. That says it all. They didn’t need any applause.
    If we truly enjoy and feel the flow of joy there is no need for recognition.

  17. What a beautiful experience. An example of how our new normal must be: loving with each other and respecting each other no matter what happens or gets triggered in life.

  18. Indeed in very different way to celebrate. How many times are people on stage just to get recognition? This seems like restoring the ancient times where music and play had a purpose, and served as a way to connect and even heal the audience.

    1. Yes Eduardo we are all learning self mastery and it is the most amazing course of life to be on because self mastery is ever deepening and the joy that comes from this way of being confirms that there is indeed a different way to live which is so enriching and on offer to everyone of us.

  19. Universal Medicine are inspiring a man’s revolution – #bringinggentlenessandtendernesstotheworld.

  20. I know as a man I have a deep understanding to hold and care for another. Put a whole of gentle men together and you have a celebration of tenderness in activity.

  21. Thank you Karin, I can understand the healing you received as a woman watching and listening to the male choir, a group of men connected to their gentleness – for me this is a very healing experience too after being so used to hardened men shut down from their true tender essence. It’s such a delight being around men surrendered to who they are!

  22. “The applause they received was more needed for the observers to show their appreciation than it was asked for by the artists” – reminds me of back in the day when there were such things as court jesters, people who told the truth of what society was like to an open audience.. and the waves of confirming applause that echoed round the theatre as a result of their true wit.

  23. It is very heart-warming to observe and be in the presence of men simply being together in appreciation of themselves and each other, enjoying their togetherness, without the need of competition or domination. It is amazing what can transpire when we allow love to be what leads us.

  24. The gathering of any group of people to sing a truly healing song is a wonderful thing and a true joy for me in this life.

  25. In the most recent celebration in November I saw a male choir, they’d gotten together maybe a week prior if that. Reading this I understand now that all that competition, bravado and peacock-style showing off really isn’t the true nature of a man. That tenderness is far more beautiful than those so assumed ‘manly’ behaviours.

  26. As women and with any experience of dominance from a man or men, it is a true blessing and a healing to feel any man that is choosing to express as a true gentleman, someone with deep care and respect for themselves and all those around them.

  27. Performing without the need for approval or gratification is very refreshing and inspiring on all levels. When the need aspect gets taken out, a person is more free to express and so are those then on the receiving end open to an opportunity for growth as well.

  28. Why I love this blog is: it is spontaneous, real and sharing something we do not see or might not even have experienced before.. And that from this group of performers/musicians/artists, came a warmth that was not hard, tough or anything else – simply beautiful to hear this. I have been to a recent presentation, which might be a little different than singing – but still. There were a group of men reading a sermon (powerful message/text of truth) that are all based on the religion The Way of The Livingness, the incredible feeling that was there in the room – was the togetherness and tenderness of the men reading and respecting all of what was being shared and how this was expressed and shared with the whole group (live and by broadcast). This felt equal as an celebration as it the love that was shared – now that is worth celebrating, right?

  29. When men show their amazing sensitivity for each other there is a deep holding of one another and it is beautiful to not only watch, but to be reminded that we all hold that sensitivity equally within us all.

  30. “The applause they received was more needed for the observers to show their appreciation than it was asked for by the artists.” Wow Karin that is really something very unusual. It would be wonderful if more artist would express like that as it could change the base of a whole industry.

  31. I agree Karin it was lovely to watch the men’s choir all supporting one another, no one being competitive or trying to out shine anyone else. They moved with grace and their sound was beautiful.

  32. Beautifully said Karin, even though this was written 5 years ago I still recall this celebration and how moving it was to watch the men sing in unison with such tenderness and strength.

  33. Just singing from the depths of who we are, needing nothing, just sharing the sheer enjoyment of self expression is a joy to feel and behold.

  34. What a difference it is to watch and receive entertainment and feel blessed by being left alone in your seat and not imposed upon by the artists wanting recognition. Thus is the healing offered by Universal Medicine in all its presentations.

  35. Sounds like a celebration of equality. I love to hear stories of Men being in their true power, not the kind that society and hollywood promotes, but the kind where they are solid within themselves and can appreciate that they are awesome, gentle and equal to all.

  36. I love your appreciation for all the performers. It is quite unique to have so many different performances and not having to compare or judge which one is the best and seeing how every one of them brings something valuable in a different way.

  37. To be on the receiving end of a man or a woman who does not dominate or impose in any way but presents with absolute stillness and total respect for another, is sadly not so common these days, however it is a blessing that inspires us and allows us to be free and then to do and be likewise with others, perhaps beginning a domino effect that might just bring back our natural and innate way of being back to the world again.

  38. It’s pretty extraordinary when a group of men get together and can just be with each other without feeling inadequate or needing to show anyone up etc. When the equality is felt by the whole group, it’s just magical.

  39. I will have to find a way to see the male choir you talk about here, as you say, it is very rare to come across such a lack of dominance within a large group of men. The more we experience and witness things like this the more we know we too can be the change we want to see in the world, it simply has to start with us taking responsibility for what we say, do and think knowing that it all affects the all.

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