How many Marriages & Relationships have been Improved?

by Joel L

The thing I have found confronting at times to accept and take responsibility for, is that there is a direct connection between the choices I make in each and every moment and the level of love or joy I experience.

I have also found taking responsibility for my own joy and love whilst in a relationship can be confronting at times. In my relationship, we are both committed to our own ‘way of the livingness’, but even then we can still react when the other finds something that used to feel okay, no longer feels like it supports them.

This is not a Universal Medicine phenomenon, but rather something most relationships experience… as one person grows it gives the other person a choice. It’s not always easy, and while I understand the reaction of a person who feels like their partner is changing the rules, at the end of the day and in my experience, there is always a choice… to grow together, or apart.

After seventeen years of marriage and about eight years applying what Universal Medicine presents, there is no doubt our relationship is now more than I could ever have expected love to be. There is more allowing of the other person to be who they are, more sexiness in how we move together, more honesty and more playfulness. I also feel like we are only just beginning.

I wonder how many other marriages or relationships have improved by making changes that bring a greater depth of love to them, and each other?

That would be a list worth seeing!

693 thoughts on “How many Marriages & Relationships have been Improved?

  1. It is natural in my eyes for us to unfold and change our ways as we evolve or perhaps dig our heels in and go the other way and so it’s not helpful to label relationships as ‘failures’ just because a couple have split up or divorced because that may have been the best thing for both of them at the time…

  2. It is through living The Way of The Livingness, that we understand that it is our responsibility to develop and commit to our relationship with self first, as it is from this foundation that we can reflect our truth, our sexiness and wisdom to others to be inspired and be more of who they truly are. True medicine!

  3. Joy never expires! So it is up to us how much credit we give it. Simple, just like The Way of The Livingness. Thank you for writing this blog , that carries a truly profound message.

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