Media ‘sabotage’ at Universal Medicine Presentation

by Mary-Louise Myers, Goonellabah, NSW  

Last night (12th Oct 2012) I went along to an Esoteric Medicine Presentation by Universal Medicine at Lennox Head, really looking forward to hearing it. Serge Benhayon introduced a man called David Millikan to us and said that this man wanted to ask a few questions in regard to all the media nonsense that has been going around about Universal Medicine. I thought, “Great, at last, someone who wants to know the truth, not all the lies that have been published recently”.

David started speaking. One of the first things he said was that “we had given up so many things in our lives”, as if this was a bad thing. Now this got me thinking and I went through my list mentally… I gave up alcohol, drugs, having abusive relationships with men, swapped all this for a loving lifestyle that supports me… I gave up being a dysfunctional mother to become a loving one who has awesome relationships with both daughters… And the list goes on. I started to get suspicious as to what his angle actually was. Then I got a real shock as he puffed up his body and started attacking us with statements under the guise of questions, which as it seemed to me he had no interest in hearing any answers to, as in this barrage of nasty innuendoes he had already told us that we were mindless followers under the spell of Serge. I looked around in that moment and saw that there were numerous women filming us; I could hardly believe what was happening.

In the ensuing moments it was like something out of a bad movie, he kept on with the attack, women with blank faces kept filming us when all the while they were being cordially asked to leave. And then amongst all this mayhem, more film crew, who, unaware to any of us, had been hiding outside with huge cameras and video stuff, tried to storm in. The film crew had no consideration for the wellbeing of anyone there. Nor for the fact that they were ruining a night for 150 or so people who were not harming anybody, simply coming along to a presentation that inspires them to be more loving with themselves and therefore more loving with others.

I am outraged that this can happen and that there seems to be no course of action to take nor does it seem that these people will be held accountable for the harm they caused all, all for what I expect will be a sensationalised story with not one ounce of truth.

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  1. The fact that the majority of us (as a society) are actually dysfunctional in our lives is very difficult to hear and accept. If we think about it, not wanting to go to work and wishing it was Friday every day of the week – dysfunctional, the fact that we argue with our parents, partners and children – dysfunctional, our body image – dysfunctional, our relationship with alcohol, food, and all other stimulants – dysfunctional. We can have all of the excuses we want, all of them, but until we are honest with ourselves our lives will continue to be exactly that, dysfunctional. So when something comes along and shows the truth, what happens – we react and send the filming crew to a presentation to make up the sensualised story that we want to sell.

  2. I’ve let a few things go in my life as well. Alcohol is one and I do not miss it for one second. I love how I feel without being dozed up by something that will take away this lovely feeling of being myself.

  3. It is true that the association with Universal Medicine has allowed us to give up lots of things that were part of our lives. If we put the list of them together, though, it will become clear, that what we did is not just good for us but good for all.

  4. How disrespectful and deceitful to take the platform under a blatant lie, it is totally distasteful and for David Millikan to sabotage an event for his own story shows no respect for humanity.

  5. Agendas like this rarely include people and you can see how far off this agenda went when the people involved are not only saying so, but are showing, the complete opposite in how they live. That is what I see most from this article -that an agenda or script that was run was run completely the opposite way to what was in front of their face. In this way we should throw the whole thing out, the entire story or narrative – why? Because it has not a thing to do with the very people it purported to be about. How can a story go so wrong, so opposite, when the reporters are supposed to do their homework? It seems to me that many of us have become lazy, and that the current media have become lazy and rarely truly look at what they report or, more so, never truly see the person in front of them. It’s not just about a story, but always about the care and understanding of the person in front of you, no matter what the lead or the headline.

  6. I can attest to all of this and more being true and I would like to add, I lost my pandering mother that was always there to fix my problems and I gained a great friend who always supports me to see what my part is to play in whatever is occurring in my life.

    1. Thank you Sarah and I lost the wayward daughter and gained a very wise woman with whom I consult often as I trust her to deliver the truth.

  7. How many groups accused of being a cult, invite someone that is seemingly an expert on these matters to come to a gathering and throw open, un-restricted questions to the people? As far as I can tell none. Isn’t this telling us about the real nature of Universal Medicine and the students? I believe it does very much.

  8. I have given up many things over the years since my involvement with Universal Medicine but to be fair I also gained a lot. So here is my list…
    I lost weight…
    I gained an amazing body…
    I lost my cravings for unhealthy food, chocolate bars and frozen cokes
    I gained two extremely successful cafes serving up healthy and nourishing food (my lifelong dream).
    I lost my daily alcohol habit…
    I gained an amazing family – with a loving husband and 5 amazing kids!
    I lost my lust for staying up all night chain smoking and blabbing to strangers about all the things I was going to do with my life one day….
    I gained 4 successful business!
    I lost the empty never satisfied feeling inside…
    I gained an all knowing full heart…
    I lost a few friends that were my drug buddies…. (some of which have died now very young anyway)
    I gained hundreds of friends all around the world that are inspired to bring true change in their lives.

    So yes, David Millikan, I have lost things, I have given things up but what I have gained is worth its weight in gold!

    1. Hear, Hear both Mary-Louise and Sarah! And I will add to the list.

      I lost a life lived in frustration and nervous energy.
      And gained a steadiness I never dreamed possible.
      I lost my constant anxiety
      And gained a confidence that can only come from knowing who I am and being solid in my own body instead of lost in my head.
      I lost the hurt I had carried like a burden than tainted every relationship and every situation
      And gained a true relationship with myself and others
      I lost the feeling of never being enough
      and gained the deep knowing that I am more than enough just being me
      I lost the distrust I held for the world
      and gained the ability to discern energy
      I lost the victim label that holds hands with its best friend ‘blame’
      And gained the insight and ability to read and learn from whatever life presents
      I also lost weight
      And gained my body back
      I lost niceness
      And gained realness
      I lost exhaustion and the ability to sleep over 10 hours a night and wake up tired
      And gained a deep revitalising sleeping pattern that at the most only takes 6-7 hours of my day
      I could go on and on . . .
      I have lost my inability to commit to life
      And have gained a work ethic that a person half my age could not keep up with
      Like Sarah and Mary-Louise have stated what I have lost or given up I would never go back to as what I have gained is priceless.

  9. It is an interesting reflection of the world today when people react with aggression and suppression to truth, love and harmony.

  10. Every time I hear about the circumstances of this event through another’s eyes it’s clearer and clearer just how indecent, disrespectful and bullying this incident was. Yes we are outed, but so is everyone who is responsible for the invasion.

  11. A great point you have made here in regards to being told that “we had given up so many things in our lives, as if this was a bad thing.” As you’ve described from your own astounding experience Mary-Louise, there are many, many students of Universal Medicine who have indeed made significant life changes, and sustainably so. Therein is the real ‘story’ – but woe-betide it be told, that our world would actually hear and see what occurs when everyday people, from all walks of life, with all the usual struggles, illnesses and dilemmas of modern (and indeed ages-old) living, make the choice to reconnect to something deep within, a core of connection to life and our innate divinity… A connection that makes every and all the difference in how one chooses to live one’s life, with love and the heart at its centre.
    The things I have ‘given up’ occurred naturally, without force, inducement or God-forbid ANY ‘instruction’ from another – and this has occurred by virtue of fostering the love within myself once again.

  12. Agree in full Mary-Louise Myers, and very well described. I was also at this event, and have not one iota of reservation to also read this situation and media set-up as holding nothing other than the intent to create “a sensationalised story with not one ounce of truth.”
    What a ‘blinkers off’ moment this was – one of the strongest in my life – as to the actual state and operations of much of our media today, let alone the way we fundamentally treat each other as fellow human beings.

  13. It’s interesting that no one in the media has asked anything about “what does it mean to develop a more loving way in life and what difference has it made to your life?” The interesting thing with that is as you do go through and be more loving with yourself and others, there is nothing to give up, but what is not loving naturally falls away. Why is there so much resistance to this in sections of the community? Love is something we all want more than anything, but when it’s presented most of us turn away and some even react, some even attack. But this behaviour does not work and has not worked. For this community is being love more than ever and will only go from strength to strength.

  14. Wow, when you consider how many stories are truly news worthy and never get reported such as the hundreds of people’s lives that have transformed with the support of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, the events of this night are crazy to read about and shows the extreme lengths people are willing to go to when they have their own agenda they are heavily invested in and completely turn a blind eye to the truth.

  15. This is a great description of this ambush Mary-Louise. I was not present that night but was still outraged. This has certainly woken me, and may others, up to the manipulation of the truth that our so called journalists and the media at large are capable of doing in order to sell stories.

  16. It is overdue for laws to protect against this kind of abusive aggressive intrusion into a peaceful gathering. David Millikin is reported to be a Church Minister? well where is the love, trust, understanding and true relationship in the stunt that he tried to pull off that evening. What an opportunity wasted for everyone.

  17. The lack of laws in place to be able to deter this kind of journalistic abuse is a great disservice to us all. Thank you for speaking out… for if we remain silent, things will never change.

  18. It is ridiculous that we are held accountable and accused of being in a cult for choosing to live with more responsibility, care and love for ourselves, which then has an overflowing effect on how we are with other people, when David Millikan can come on stage under false pretenses, and with his film crew hiding by pretending to be a part of the audience, is not held accountable for this appalling and outrageous behaviour.

  19. Such predatory behaviour that has an impact on so many people – how can this possibly be OK?

  20. It is disturbing to consider this level of abuse by the media has been going on for a long time. The more we stand up and call out this abuse by the media this will hopefully bring about a much needed change in the media.

  21. “David started speaking. One of the first things he said was that “we had given up so many things in our lives”, as if this was a bad thing. Now this got me thinking and I went through my list mentally… I gave up alcohol, drugs, having abusive relationships with men, swapped all this for a loving lifestyle that supports me… I gave up being a dysfunctional mother to become a loving one who has awesome relationships with both daughters… And the list goes on…” I agree Mary-Louise. I have given up many unloving characteristics form my life and have freely chosen to take on new ones – more self-care – loving myself for the first time in my life, eating and exercising more healthily. The list goes on….The sabotage of the Universal Medicine meeting was blatant abuse, in order to get a sensationalist story.

  22. Thanks for expressing your outrage, Mary Louise, for in expressing it, you provide a counterbalance to the sensationalist angle presented by the media. This kind of ambush is reprehensible and there should be an avenue of recourse for such unwarranted deception and distress. Only by speaking out and speaking up can a momentum build that eventually causes a tipping point to be reached on such despicable media story methods.

  23. I have read many of these blogs in regards to this account and I can’t help but stop and look at the word ‘Sensationalism’ – why is there so much of it around? and why is it accepted regardless of the fact that to create such a story and drama is to abuse hundreds of people in the process? Why is the short, momentary thrill bigger than the massive amount of damage caused?

  24. Unacceptable behaviour, it is time our laws changed to support those who get caught in the crossfire of this type of media circus. It is time the media be accountable for their actions and the circulation of baseless lies and claims made against Universal Medicine be exposed for what they are.

  25. This kind of abuse should not be allowed in our society. How far away are we today from journalistic integrity that not only can this happen but there are not the systems in place for people to be held account for the harm they have caused?

  26. Thank you Mary-Louise. As I read your article I could feel the intrusion of that disgraceful hijack of a gathering of Universal Medicine. I strongly felt your sharing that ‘giving up’ things is a matter of making different choices which can lead to a more loving and harmonious way of living. This article shows how David Milikin demonstrated the harm that can be imposed when a choice is made to intentionally cause disharmony.

  27. Thankyou Mary-Louise. What you share here makes me wonder just how much we hear and read in the media is simply a ‘sensationalised story with not one ounce of truth’ in it.

  28. Thank you for your account of this night Mary-Louise. Some people choose the harming and hindering side to humanity.

  29. It is truly appalling that David Millikan was able to hijack this peaceful evening where members of the public were ‘simply coming along to a presentation that inspires them to be more loving with themselves and therefore more loving with others.’

  30. The contrast between what Millikan meant by “we had given up so many things in our lives” (as a bad thing) and you amazing account of what went through your mind (“I gave up alcohol, drugs, having abusive relationships with men, swapped all this for a loving lifestyle that supports me… I gave up being a dysfunctional mother to become a loving one who has awesome relationships with both daughters… And the list goes on.”) says it all. Two worlds, two opposite visions clashed that night. The clash occurred only because Millikan was not really open for a conversation. He was governed by a belief (these people are in a cult, hence they are wrong and they are a menace). It is a pity that he was not interested in real experiences that, perhaps, could have made him stop and ask questions on his own visions of life. He was not ready/willing to hearing stories that are simply too inspiring.

  31. It was defineitly a sad event in media history , with them allowing a stooge to try a stunt like that on people . Totally offensive behaviour not to tolerated anyware .

  32. I was also present for this abhorrent behaviour by David Milikan. I still remember the shock at how quickly he turned viciously on the crowd. His arrogance and righteousness was actually revolting. Our peaceful group was disturbed, but re-grouped after David and his camera holding cronies were shown the door. I still remember the ice cold, blank look of one of the women holding a handheld camera. She looked like she was in a cult – of David Milikans’ making.

  33. Thank you for your blog Mary-Louise and I too share your outrage at the manipulation shown by David Millikan and his crew. It’s an indictment of our society that this behaviour is allowed to go on unchecked and that people like David Millikan feel that it is ok to abuse people in this manner for what, as you say, will be a story with no truth to it.

  34. Thank you Mary-Louise for sharing your experience and I agree with your last sentence about ‘a sensationalised story with not an ounce of truth’.
    If you are a public figure or celebrity the media are likely to hound you and it is expected. To be attending a private presentation and be abused in this way is absolutely unacceptable and totally unexpected.
    You have listed all the things you have given up Mary-Louise and that would have made great news headlines – no longer taking drugs and no longer a dysfunctional mother.
    As a member of the general public I can say that true stories are what I want to read about and David Millikan had a golden opportunity that night to film real life true stories but instead he chose to attack a well respected and successful organisation.
    Universal Medicine is well worth studying as their anecdotal evidence speaks volumes and it is very very consistent.

  35. It does sound like a scene from a bad movie Mary Louise – and even worse – horror movie gone terribly wrong! We all hear of the kind of people who would do anything for money – even walk over wounded and dying, but somehow we always think/hope we’ll never have the misfortune to come across that kind. When we do – like you and other 150 plus on Friday 12th we experience shock from horror.

  36. This is a malicious and deceitful attack which, from reading all the accounts of those attending the EsoMedicine presentation almost feels like actual daggers were being thrown into a harmless seated audience causing injuring to leave mass atrocity and rippling distress. This is incitement towards hatred (and from a Church Minister no less) that is totally unjust and uncalled for – his intention is absurd, words shocking, and the whole performance a total DISGRACE. This is not the way of love.

  37. Thank you for sharing your experience Mary-Louise. The actions of David Millikan and his media crew are abhorrent and totally unacceptable and disgraceful in this instance.

  38. It is astounding how much time, money, energy and effort is being expended by some of the media to denigrate a group of people who are just living more healthy and simple lives and going about their daily business in as caring a way as possible.

    When the truth about Serge Benhayon and those associated with Universal Medicine is finally expressed by someone in a position of authority (someone not blinded by the drama of supposedly discovering a cult) it will show how aberrant and abusive this situation has been.

  39. It seems that Davidi Milikan is not as he appears as reports are readily avaiable showing that this is not the first time he has gone back on his word whilst presenting to a group and is also known for having trouble with the courts for defamation. His integrity within his own ministry must also be deeply questioned as how can a so-called United Minister be so deceiptfull and involve himself with sensationalised media. Not the will of any God I am familiar with.

    1. It seems that David Millikan has a history as reports are readily available showing that this is not the first time he has gone back on his word whilst presenting to a group and is also known for having trouble with the courts for defamation. His integrity within his own ministry must also be deeply questioned as how can a so-called United Minister be so deceitful and involve himself with sensationalised media. Not the will of any God I am familiar with.

  40. It seems so strange that in this day and age, there are people who seem to behave as if they are from the mediaeval times, conducting a witch hunt with no proper investigation, no concern for those being accused and absolutely no intention of truly discovering the truth, just labelling someone a witch because their behaviour goes against the norm. What are we truly being attacked for? For taking care of ourselves, something the world health organisation advocates? For loving ourselves, families and friends? For actually putting into practice and living the ideals held by all major religions of the world? If these things are a crime, then I am guilty of that too, but I am pretty sure that in the 21st century, these actions are not illegal and therefore no-one, especially gentile, law abiding citizens gathering together to hear a lecture given by a very respectable man should be subject to such actions and accusations. This event clearly exposes that the intentions and actions of David Millikan and his TV crew are founded on deceit, aggression and abuse, which are by very example, the exact opposite of the intent and actions of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the members of the audience who had gathered peacefully to hear him speak. In time, this exposure will be the undoing of David Millikan, for he has now shown his true colours and his behaviour will ultimately undermine his own work.

  41. There is a form of accountability that is true. Whilst it’s sad that David Millikan (and others) feel the need to go to these lengths, I know there’s nothing I need to do to ‘punish’ them. Being in that energy is enough. There is no room for truth when we pursue a point of view.

  42. What an outrageous stunt. There are plenty of cults that need to be exposed. There is no need to tell lies to make a great organization look bad. The mud wont stick. The whole organization of Universal Medicine has the utmost integrity and is nothing like a cult at all. That is my truth and I feel it so strongly, nothing will convince me otherwise.

  43. Thanks Mary Louise – it’s crazy that the media can do this and then sell it as a ‘true story’ or factual account for other people to swallow hook line and sinker! What needs exposing is the ruthless, aggressive, abusive, deceitful tactics used by the media to get ‘a story’ that suits their agenda! DISGRACEFUL

  44. Shame on you David Millikan shame. And shame on the people who put you up to this vile stunt.

  45. Thanks for this account- this is not the first time David Millikan has deceived people in order to get his agenda through . His dishonesty will have to be addressed though and I await the day he is exposed for the underhanded man he is

  46. It is crazy that the media can get away with this type of intimidation and force to make a story appear how they want it to appear, regardless of the actual truth, and the people they are harming.

    1. Crazy it is Toni. Absolute Madness when a sensationalist false story by can be manufactured by any means, no matter what harm is brought by the tactics. A disgrace on the modern media.

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