Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage

How many of us were told when we were young that “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?”. Were we taught to ignore our feelings and disregard any inner-pain as if this didn’t really exist because they were just ‘words’ and there wasn’t a bruise, break or any other obvious sign to prove these words had injured us?

I often smile at my five year old’s fascination with bruises – that we can be bleeding on the inside and yet there is no blood on the outside. How can this be?

What else could be going on inside us that we can’t always see on the outside?

Imagine if we were taught from a young age that “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” – as presented by Universal Medicine? Wouldn’t that mean that words have energy as well?

Just to know this to be a possibility would go a long way in confirming what most, if not all of us, have felt at some time in our lives – that people’s words can carry just as much of a punch (if not more so, sometimes) than their physical actions.

A word can be expressed with love and yet the same word can be spoken with hate. Even the words ‘I love you’ can be spoken with true love and appreciation for another in one instance, or with the intention of pleasing, getting something, with underlying resentment, bitterness or sarcasm on another occasion.

It appears all too easy to be fooled by ‘words we want to hear’ and ‘need’ to hear, and in that we too readily overlook the energy they are coming with or the punch that they can carry.

My experience is that these energetic punches do bruise us over time and can affect the way in which we relate to all others as a result – if we have not initially discerned the energy of spoken words and how they feel to us in-truth, at the time.

Imagine the enormous healing for all of humanity to simply realise that words carry energy. Wouldn’t this go a long way to confirm what many of us perhaps already know to be true?

Wouldn’t we then be more equipped to know where someone is coming from? Know how we feel in our own body when words are spoken to us? And be far more discerning about our own energy when we express words to others?

by Deborah

207 thoughts on “Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage

  1. Words can do so much damage that as has been pointed out, can last a lifetime(s). I would go so far as to say they are one of the greatest weapons that exist for they can be deliberately used to manipulate, incite, influence, coerce, and deny amongst so many others. But when used to express truth and love, they are also deeply healing. So its not the words per se but the intention of and energy being chosen by the speaker that determines which master they serve. The Masters of equalness or the masters of separation and individualism.

  2. Humanity had suffered greater damage through the misinterpreted word, than it has at the hand of any dictator or nuclear weapon. Just because we can’t see the bruise does not mean that it is not there. Our words are weapons when we do not speak them from the love within our heart.

  3. Excellent blog: words are full of energy and it all has a huge impact. I love what Serge Benhayon has presented, he has given us every tool to discern the quality of life and to live truth, it all comes down to a choice in each moment, and the all is in all of his works. The words that we say are a reflection of how we live as a whole and thus you can’t speak angrily if you don’t live with anger.

  4. It is quite remarkable that from such an early age we are taught, via a seemingly harmless saying, to override what we feel at an energetic level. And so it is that we are reduced to living compressed and contracted in a world that will only hold ‘true’ what we can see with our naked eye and not the truth that we feel deep in our inner heart.

  5. Thank you Deborah, words are powerful to heal or harm, it is all in the energy of the words spoken, the quality of energy can be felt when we are connected to our bodies.

  6. So true Deborah. This was highlighted for me recently at work. Someone had sent me an email, unhappy with a decision that I had made, which in itself is ok. But there was one word in this email that on reflection hurt like anything because it was not my intention whatsoever. But I could feel the other persons hurt they were feeling because of my decision. All that was contained in one word. Very meticulously placed in the email to rock my foundation. It’s quite fascinating really as it shows how skilled we are in reading the energy behind words even thought we may not be consciously aware of it.

  7. I agree Deborah and this can only start with us discerning the energy of our every thought, word and action.

  8. Deborah I just love your analogy of how energetic punches bruise us deep within – for me this concept explains much about how our unresolved hurts, patterns and beliefs come about.

  9. ‘Imagine the enormous healing for all of humanity to simply realise that words carry energy’….

  10. This reminds me of being smacked or hit with a wooden spoon (ouch) yes it hurts but nothing compared to what was said before and after. Words, before we remember how to read and feel energy, can have a lasting affect that can sometimes span a lifetime. I know I carried a hurt for many many years of ‘you will never amount to anything’ or ‘if you had a brain it would be lonely’. I mean what do you do with that? We would not have half the hurts we do if we learnt from young that “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy”. We can then discern and see that it is not really about us and focus more on what game is actually being played.

  11. It makes absolute sense that with everything being energy that words carry a quality that can be harmful. In fact the harm can be profound even without physical proof and can allow people in response to hurt themselves or others in reaction, scarred by what has been said… which is why I suppose they also say words can be weapons, for the destruction they can cause.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with you Deborah, it is all to easy to be fooled by words and to be tricked by their impact and energy. Often words spoken to us years ago ring in our ears and stay with us forever. Thanks to the invaluable teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine this consciousness and harmful energy is being exposed.

  13. “It appears all too easy to be fooled by ‘words we want to hear’ and ‘need’ to hear, and in that we too readily overlook the energy they are coming with or the punch that they can carry.” One day we will be taught this from an early age and not be deceived by ‘nice, good’ words that can carry evil energy, which is more insidious than outright unpleasantries, which are easy to spot and feel.

  14. I know that old adage only too well, but we can usually overcome physical injury. However words can stay with us – the energy of them can haunt us. The recent All Rise videos on cyber abuse ( visually show the effects that bullying has on us. Yet the world has yet to wake up to this fact.

  15. Deborah, those words we hear and the energy in them affect us and often like that bruise it’s not obvious, but reading today I had an aha – each time we’re hurt by words and we are, if we’re not honest about what we feel we numb ourselves more so over time we shutdown from the world – this has a huge impact and can last a long time. The punch we get is obvious and we know it and see it but the words which hurt build layers over time which affect us more – words count and most of al energy does, always.

  16. Deborah to accept and live in a way that honours what we feel that words affect us and that we are impacted by energy, and to not deny that is important- if we brush aside the hurt caused by words we dismiss what we feel and we often take that further by suppressing or denying those same feelings, so we walk away from what we feel when we deny the power of words. And we cut ourselves off over time from our own feelings – ‘everything is energy and everything is because of energy’, this is a great truth shared with us by Serge Benhayon and the more we feel and live this the more we see and understand ourselves and the world.

  17. ‘Imagine the enormous healing for all of humanity to simply realise that words carry energy. Wouldn’t this go a long way to confirm what many of us perhaps already know to be true?’ – Beautifully said Deborah, if we all lived this truth we would feel a greater responsibility in how we expressed to each other at all times.

  18. The effect on many people of cyber-bullying is clear evidence that the energy in words can be very harming. It is interesting that we also have the expression ‘The punch line’ which are words that are designed to hit you.

    1. I agree Mary, the words written through cyber-bullying can be vey harmful to the recipient and others that are drawn in by the damaging hurtful comments often with the result in causing depression and in some extreme cases even committing suicide indeed what could be more harming than that. It is so very important to feel the integrity and the intention behind the words. When we truly know who we are, then it is not so easy to be swayed or hurt by harmful comments, for we don’t take them on, that is, we don’t question or doubt ourselves. We feel the energy that is behind the spoken or written word and we know to trust our feelings.

  19. I have many times been fouled by words because I heard what I wanted to hear. To truly hear and feel words expressed we can discern it energetically and allow ourselves to feel the intention behind it so the truth of the expression is felt.

  20. We can be so often fooled by words and the intention and energy they are delivered with. “Imagine if we were taught from a young age that “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” – as presented by Universal Medicine”
    It certainly would be great if we learnt to discern and speak up if words came with a “punch”
    This really resonates with me as I am learning these strengths; to discern, feel and speak up; a work in progress.
    I am also pondering the other side of the coin, that is , the energy in which i deliver my words!

  21. Words are indeed a powerful weapon. Words heal or harm with the effects enriching our lives or leading to deep hurts. The effects of verbal abuse are massive in the way it diminishes people and leaves scars that are unseen on the surface. The person who is speaking in a harmful way also gets affected but can’t feel that because they have to be disconnected from themselves in the first place to be able to speak offensively.

  22. Being aware of the hurts we carry is essential to healing them. Everyone should be taught when we are kids that words can truly cause lasting harm, then we would be more care-full when we express and more aware when another has harmed us with their expression and less likely to bury these hurts only to have them control our lives well into adulthood.

  23. Reading this again today remembering that if I had a bruise or a scrape from falling over I would want to show this off and share this with another child – yes it was comparing ‘my bruise is bigger than your bruise’ type of thing! but it was more open and could very much be seen. To be hurt by words was so completely different I would resort to hiding up or not speaking and feeling totally confused and stressed. As Barbara shares “never under estimate the power of words”. A great sharing Deborah.

  24. A great reminder thank you Deborah, our world is lost in a sea of meaningless words. Conversations we hear on television and radio are often disrespectful and critical of another not to mention other forms of media such as magazines and newspapers. Could this be one of the reasons that there is so much heartache and sadness in the world? the fact that we hurt each other daily with our everyday gossip and meaningless chitter chatter. We are compounding the love we are not. – It is about time we all raised the bar by a long way and started to confirm the Love we are.

  25. How many times during the day does our mood change? For some of us quite often: one second feeling great, the next second feeling horrible. This blog is a great reminder to discern the energy behind everything, words, chairs we sit on, food, a building we enter, a book we open, a song we listen to…

  26. I agree Deborah We should never under estimate the power of words and, more so, the energy behind them. When we truly accept that everything is energy and, therefore everything is because of energy, as presented by Serge Benhayon life will change dramatically. As you say Kim our bodies all recognise truth. Only through disconnection of body and mind can we be fooled into accepting lies. This speaks volumes in light of the state of the world and the lies rampant in society. Listening and responding to the truth and wisdom of the body will lead us to the energetic integrity and energetic responsibility so lacking in society today.

  27. I would say that words are far more harming than any physical abuse simply because it can be dressed up as ‘good’ or ‘acceptable’ conduct between people. And as well as the words it’s the tone that is another important factor that is often overlooked or not considered in its impact on us. A tone can say A LOT about a persons intention and yet we take no notice of it. I often don’t play ball when people say ‘I am fine’ with a tone that says ‘I am exhausted/frustrated/overwhelmed etc’ because it doesn’t support that person at all to go along with the surface face of ‘I am fine’. How much do we truly know a person if we completely ignore things like tone and go by what that person has put out for the world to perceive them as?

  28. I had often thought what it would have been like to be brought up knowing everything was energy. So much more love and responsibility would have to arise. This is a truth I share with my kids, I love seeing how my 6yr old just gets it, and is already learning to consciously choose what runs his body. It’s a truth that should be shared with all.

  29. I totally agree Deborah, it is all to easy to underestimate the energy and power behind our words. One thing I have found is that I’ve always felt in my body when words were spoken of untruth or words were spoken of truth. Even though we are not taught words are energy, our bodies have always known.

  30. Words can harm just as much as physical abuse and this is something that we have to be aware of when communicating with others.

  31. Living this way brings far greater understanding of others and of ourselves to everyday situations. This is so because the reading of what is happening energetically allows us to be more observant of life and less absorbing of what is going on.

    1. Spot on Joshua, we get less caught up in the pain but instead see it for what it truly is, energy at ‘play’.

    2. Brilliant Joshua, This is so true. I have experienced this and I do not feel exhausted because I have chosen to not absorb but to observe people.

  32. This is a great little blog. For it’s a common saying about the ‘sticks’ and the ‘bones’. I was hit with lots of sticks and I even broke a few bones (from other sources of injury; not sticks), yet it’s the words and energy behind such words that still impact my being to this day. This thinking must infiltrate the rigidity and stupidity of what’s common place in society and schools around this subject. Awareness of bullying is building, but unless the causes are discussed energetically, no doubt any solution is mundane and ineffective.

  33. It occurred to me as I was reading your blog Deborah that if anyone doubted the truth in what you have written they need look no further than the spate of online bullying that has emerged in recent years and the subsequent consequences. Words do indeed carry energy and have enormous potential to do harm as well as good.

  34. There is so much truth in your words, Deborah. I am also realising that the energy in words can smoulder away long after the event and cause countless other hurtful words to be said to hide the hurt.

  35. This is such a lovely sharing about the power of words and the impact they can have on another. Remembering my sensitivity as a child and often what was said by teachers left me feeling very stressed/anxious. So each day my mother told me that very verse of ‘sticks and stones’ it never took the pain away of what I felt it was just a distraction to get me to go to school. It is so true how we can hurt/harm another with our words and the tone in which we use to deliver them. It is only since being reawakened to the fact that “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” as presented by Universal medicine that I truly understand and also very aware of how I converse with another. Thank you Deborah.

  36. Thank you for sharing the fact that words can be just as harming if not more than physical actions.
    It’s true that we can use words to mould us, belittle us, harm us.

    I love what you present here about energy in words. Yes they can come as a loaded gun or a blanket of support.
    For example, I used to be very self depreciating in how I spoke to myself, and as a result I was extremely submissive and played small.
    But as I have been more honest with all of this and have started to value myself more and more I have noticed a huge change in my body, my openness, and also how I am with others. The more I appreciate myself, the more I appreciate others. Energy of words has a huge value that has been amazing for me to see.

  37. ‘Imagine the enormous healing for all of humanity to simply realise that words carry energy. Wouldn’t this go a long way to confirm what many of us perhaps already know to be true?’- Absolutely, the level of responsibility in word is huge, a sharp stinging word leaves the the same effect as a physical punch, the consequences can all be felt.

  38. That old adage never felt true to me. We all know the pain that another’s words (or silence) can inflict that at times are far more hurtful than any physical wound and far more debilitating because they go to the very core of who we are and challenge our beliefs about ourselves. The snide comment, the throw away line, the joke at another’s expense…and often when we speak up we are accused of being oversensitive or imagining things. When this starts at an early age it can have the effect of gradually wearing us down. When our feelings are dismissed in this way and we are unable to have the space to express how we are truly feeling, the hurts have nowhere to go but to be buried deeper within our bodies. The power of what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon presents is that it’s important to acknowledge and value our feelings as that’s the body’s way of letting us know whether or not something is true and it’s important to honour that.

  39. Thank you Deborah for sharing this beautiful insight into energy and words . So true if we were educated in confirming that we already do feel energy and were allowed to live in the awareness of what we do feel ,all that lay hidden behind niceties would be exposed for what it is.

  40. Thank you Deborah, I agree that most of us have not considered the damages of what words can bring. What I also feel though is that if we begin to feel and discern what people are saying whether it is true or not, then these invisible ‘punches’ will be exposed and seen as punches, and then we are less likely to take them on, and truly be affected or hurt. So there is a truth in that “words can never hurt us” – if we know who we are. And to understand ‘why are they saying this’? ‘What is going on for them’? ‘Where is this coming from’? ‘Why am I reacting to this’? In this understanding we can de-personalise the ‘punch’.

  41. Words are far more powerful that we care to admit, evident in how so many words have reinterpreted if not completely reinvented meanings.

    1. True that Helen. If it wasn’t for the power of the spoken and written word – our world would be infinitely different.

  42. I know from personal experience words can be just as damaging if not more so then physical blow to the body. At least you can apply first aid to a bruise, a few bad words are a bit more tricky to heal.

    This can easily be seen in primary school where children are more likely to cry from harsh words rather then falling over.

    1. I have experienced this too Luke. The energy behind words that hurt us can be stored in our body if we choose not too heal them whereas with a cut or a bruise our body naturally heals it.

      1. Agree chanly88 and it is some what ironic that the issues of being emotionally damaged aren’t seen as serious as physical injury when in most cases physical injuries heal by themselves and we have no say in the matter i.e. a small cut.

        Whereas emotional healing can require a willingness to look at the issue. The body is easy the latter can be a bit more challenging.

  43. So awesome Deborah, I can relate to your blog 100%. I have experienced this: ‘that people’s words can carry just as much of a punch (if not more so, sometimes) than their physical actions.’ This is so true for me, I have found that in the past I have been carrying hateful words or the harmful energy behind an expression directed towards me without me even acknowledging or realise I was carrying it. It is not until I stop to feel, to let go and to heal that hurt do I then realise how much it has affected me. Words are very powerful, like you said ‘everything is energy’. I can’t actually physically see the energy but I can feel it. So, how people direct their energy towards me, I can definitely feel it and it can affect me. I have learnt how I can choose to not allow or absorb other people’s energy. Learning to not to absorb and not to react, but to be aware and detach.

  44. Wow Deborah, there is so much truth in what you express, words do indeed carry energy and to be taught to know this is such a powerful tool. It definitely brings greater responsibility to the way we express.

  45. This is a great sharing exposing the power of our expression either harming or healing with each word spoken… the responsibility is immense for the quality is always felt even when not seen.

  46. Gosh Deborah the words ‘Sticks and stones’ certainly brought up memories from my early childhood. My mother constantly told me this each and every day I went to primary school – I repeated it constantly going up the school pathway – which only distracted the energy I would meet once in school. SInce becoming more aware about energy (through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) – realising now it was the ‘words will never harm you’ which actually caused me the most pain of not wanting to go to school in the first place. A great sharing thank you.

    1. My children are in primary school and the first time I heard this expression ‘sticks and stones’ was from them, not that long ago. I thought it was a pretty good saying until I read this blog. I thought that when someone attacks you with words and if you choose not to absorb that energy then it can not hurt you. I thought that this was what it meant. So the message in ‘Sticks and stones’ is in fact teaching us to not feel so you don’t get hurt. I totally get that now. Thank you!

      1. I also realised, by supressing our feelings or pretending it’s not there is extremely harmful. I can see how this way of supressing our feelings can lead to very unloving behaviours and actions. So, bottling it up and hiding our feelings simply leads to explosive behaviours, which then causes more harm, so on and so on, creating a vicious cycle of harm towards ourselves and others.

    2. As children Marion we knew that this saying wasn’t true because we DO feel the pain and hurt that words can cause and being taught to deny the pain is the pathway to burying the hurt.

  47. Deborah you are so right in sharing the importance of the energy behind the words not just the words being spoken. I know I have not been discerning with this in the past and how incredibly freeing it is to have this awareness and to take a deeper responsbility with what I express.

  48. Lovely blog Deborah. When the energy behind the spoken word is felt it is easy to see why they can be hurtful and have a lasting impact on the recipient.

  49. Well said Deborah. The harm and hurt that can be inflicted by words can have a deeper and longer lasting impact than a physical blow. Understanding how energy is in everything as presented by Universal Medicine has enabled me to feel and be responsible for everything I say and how I say it.

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