Amazing Grace

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I woke this morning feeling amazing. There was nothing in the way of this feeling, so I lay there and enjoyed it. The feeling welled up from deep in my heart and filled my being. It flowed up and down my spine and I felt it cracking and popping into place. It flowed down my arms and I felt them relaxing and releasing. My fingers tingled and my palms grew fiery. It flowed down my legs to my feet and out my soles. It filled my head, which felt much lovelier than what usually fills it.

I held my sleeping partner, and I felt the same amazingness in him. As I lay there feeling how amazing he was, my amazingness grew and our two hearts beat as one.

Everything felt amazing, except the mosquito, which started buzzing around our heads. I then had a choice ­– to focus on this or to continue to allow myself to feel amazing. I chose me, which was amazing.

The feeling grew, and I felt so amazing that I wanted to get up and share it with the world. As I moved, the feeling flowed through my body. Every move I made was a confirmation and celebration of that feeling.

As I sit here watching and listening and feeling the day dawn, I can feel that same feeling in everything… in everyone… that amazing grace, that love, that we all are.

226 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. Exquisite sharing of the tangible truth of our oneness which can be felt when we open ourselves up and surrender to the love we are within, as then have no doubt that is the divine pulse of who we all are in essence.

  2. All too often because we are so preoccupied with, and used to the highs and lows of human life, we tend to forget in every movement we make and in every experience we have, there is an opportunity to appreciate how amazing we actually are.

  3. Thank you Anne, that mosquito is symbolic of the many things that come our way that can be used as a distraction from simply being connected to the stillness of our inner heart and feeling how amazing we are.

    1. Yes it sure does Melinda and also equally symbolic of how being impulsed by our connection to our love, to our Soul, we live the power of who we are reducing any potential distraction or interference to that of the size of a mosquito. The power of our love live is grander that anything in this world.

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