From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Up until a few years ago, I had been a strong supporter of alternative medicine and its various modalities, including ‘new age’ or ‘spiritual’ therapies and techniques. In fact, I considered alternative medicine to be the answer, or to hold the primary solutions and methods to healing illness and disease. When an illness or condition presented with myself or within my family, this is what I turned to, and actively pursued.

Although I grew up with some understanding and use of Western Medicine (to the extent that I did have occasional visits to the local community nurse and saw a doctor on a handful of occasions during my childhood), it was not a big part of my awareness or experience. In my late teens through to my early 20’s, and as a general outcome of my immediate family taking more of an interest in health, I began to become more interested in alternative medicine and therapies (which included general lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of organic food, supplements, regular exercise etc.).

By the time I was in my mid-late 20’s, I was moving more and more towards alternative medicine as the means of healing illness and disease – to the point where I began to discount Western Medicine as a means of support. In fact, to be honest, over the last 20 odd years this was with a large degree of defence and arrogance against Western Medicine, and I avoided it wherever possible. I took great pride in claiming my family and I never went to the doctor, and that we handled nearly every situation without this support. Of course, there were a handful of occasions where I could not avoid this, but even then I accepted the support with a large measure of reluctance and resistance (considering it something that was necessary and unavoidable, but never something that was embraced).

Since 2010 and my association with Universal Medicine, I have had the opportunity to re-look at my beliefs around alternative medicine and Western Medicine, in the context of how they are able to support dealing with illness and disease.

While I have held an understanding for a long time that illness and disease are not random events, and that they result from something else going on (i.e. emotions, lifestyle etc.), I had arrogantly held on to the belief that Western Medicine could not be a part of the healing process (unless of course ‘absolutely necessary’). I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.

In the past 2 years I have come to an awareness and understanding that Western Medicine is not ‘the’ answer to illness and disease, but it is an important ‘part’ of ‘the’ answer. I have also come to an awareness and understanding that illness and disease come from the way (the quality and self-care) in which we live, and the way (the quality and self-care) we are with ourselves and others. And while it is an individual’s choice to consider and take responsibility for the cause of illness and disease, and to have the opportunity to connect to and be honest about the patterns, behaviours, ideals and beliefs that result in us living a certain way, Western Medicine can offer tremendous support in assisting the physical body as part of this process. Neither of these two is any more important than the other, but rather complements the other in addressing and healing illness and disease.

In the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to begin to embrace and accept the support of Western Medicine as an important part of a healing process, and to let go of the solid resistance and arrogance I have held for several decades.

And recently I had the amazing opportunity to put this into practice! I had a large abscess on my leg which was not healing, and had no hesitation or resistance in going to the doctors to get it checked out, which resulted in (emergency) minor surgery and a total of 3 days in hospital.

The amazing thing was that I accepted, and in fact, embraced, all of the support that was offered to me – without resistance, without avoidance, and without arrogance. I was able to accept responsibility for my body and my choices, accept the support that was offered – not with an attitude of ‘you (i.e. Western Medicine) fix it’ or ‘I’m totally helpless’ (i.e. giving away my power) – but with an understanding that Western Medicine was an equally important part of this healing process. I was amazed at how much I was supported simply by ‘allowing’ the support that was there, and how this assisted in the overall healing, and the support I received and felt as a result, was truly lovely.

From resisting Western Medicine to embracing it – now that to me was ‘true’ healing!

289 thoughts on “From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

  1. Universal Medicine presents a truly harmonious approach to health and healing – embracing the essential support that western medicine has to offer whilst also giving us the tools and support to address the energetic aspect of any illness, disease or condition.

  2. It is interesting how we make our approach to medicine a trait of identity of ours. If you go alternative, you are different. There is a feeling of choosing better than others. The question is: to what extent is rejecting medicine and going alternative really a better choice?

  3. From seeing people around me who rely only on western medicine – I too had the view that western medicine was a last resort. Enter Universal Medicine and now – 12 years on – I see the value every day of marrying western medicine and living in a way that is supportive and nurturing to myself and others. It has highlighted my ignorance I held before in thinking western medicine was failing. Actually it is amazingly supportive when needed and these days I see the value in preventative medicine and listening to my body.

  4. There is definitely a balance to be struck with western medicine, and how it is used. At present it is used by many as a reliance for fixing health problems, but if our lifestyle is not supporting good health then this can only ever be a temporary fix. It is astonishing how advanced Western Medicine is, but in the long term nothing can determine good health more than how we live, and this must be our foremost means of staying well, with Western Medicine as a hugely supportive part of that where necessary.

  5. Letting go of such strong resistance and defence is medicine within itself. The energy in which we use to be arrogant and ‘I know better’ is more poisonous in our bodies than the ‘issue’ or medical support we are trying to avoid.

  6. Angela I love what you have shared about true healing and that we are always a very important part of it – that is really something more people should consider.

  7. That is how to heal Angela, embracing and allowing the body the space to do what it needs to do. Work with the body and the support that is there when it feels true.

  8. The word that you may not have actually written here, but that resonates so strongly throughout this sharing Angela, is ‘responsibility’. In any developed aversion to Western Medicine, I am reminded of the old joke (or we should say parable…) about the guy who is drowning at sea and asks God for help. God sends a life-ring, a boat, a helicopter even – all refused by the man because he staunchly holds onto the belief that he will also be helped/supported by some old-school ‘miraculous’ intervention, a ‘hand descending from the clouds’ if you will…
    And so, he drowns.
    After dying, he meets God and asks why wasn’t he saved? God says, “Well I sent you the life-ring, the boat, the helicopter…”
    In ignoring the blessings and essential need for Western Medicine, we negate the possibility of the divine working through its means, and those who deliver it. Enough said.

  9. Perhaps we are long-time hurting… because we’ve known that Western Medicine isn’t the ONLY answer, and we long once again for the depth of wholeness that is brought when it is married with Esoteric Medicine… Clearly avoiding one part of the picture isn’t the answer, as many of us have well learnt… What IS the answer, is to unreservedly claim the whole, and the equal value of all of its attendant parts.
    This is needed more than ever today, in a world where reductionist thought seeks to obliterate our knowing of all that true healing and addressing the root cause of any ailment, entails

  10. The truth is, western conventional medicine doesn’t have the answers, when practised on its own it has a fix or a prolonging effect on the body but not a healing. The system is hauling so much irresponsibility – from the carers who care without self-care to the clients who are not taking responsibility for their health conditions.

  11. I can really relate to your previous sentiment towards Western medicine – for me too it was the last resort. It was only after I encountered Universal Medicine I gradually started to contemplate and then admit that in my gravitation towards something alternative there lay the not wanting to see and feel how the way I was feeling was the consequences of the way I had been living, as I was illusioned to think that I was health conscious and making healthier choices by choosing the alternative medicine.

  12. Pretty awesome to be open to changing your views like that. To me it feels like we need to always be checking in with what feels like common sense, and do our best to not be influenced by external opinion. It’s difficult of course, especially with the force of some of the opinions that come our way. But like everything, practice is the best support.

  13. Angela, I have had a similar experience, I used to be very resistant to western medicine and any form of medication, preferring to use only foods and exercise, I was very dismissive of doctors and even if I did go to see a doctor I would not believe what I was advised. That has changed now and now I accept the whole package of healing on offer, working with my doctor, looking at my lifestyle and my behaviors.

  14. When we discount conventional medicine or when we discount complementary medicine, in both cases we are selling ourselves short of the whole picture. A truly Holistic approach considers the whole person and hence will be open to exploring all options, never discounting the importance of conventional medicine. In the other hand, one of the dangers with the whole spiritual aspect of many healing modalities is that it does not take into account the energetic aspects with the level of integrity as Esoteric modalities do, and an arrogance can creep in to not value what the esoteric actually brings, so it gets lopped in with all other ‘spiritual’ modalities and then too, a nose gets turned up on our everyday medicine. Openness to the esoteric and an understanding of it allows us to have a relationship with conventional medicine which is supportive.

  15. Angela, it is great to read how you have embraced western medicine as a part of your healing. I can feel how with myself and my peers that it has been common for us to discount western medicine and seek only alternative rotes, I was dismissive of doctors and their experience, this is no longer the case, I now see healing as the whole package, including how I live my life and western medicine, it feels great to allow myself to be supported by doctors and to take responsibility for my health and wellness too.

  16. Western Medicine is a huge support. It’s inspiring that Universal Medicine is so pro-Western Medicine, it works side by side with Western Medicine and knows that it plays a big part in the healing process. It’s beautiful to read about the many people that have found themselves embracing a form of mainstream medicine that well may save their lives one day.

  17. Why is it that we get reluctant to see doctors or seek help when we need it? Why did I feel I should tough out having a headache rather than seek Panadol? Sure there is a propensity for quick fix seeking and solution seeking when seeing doctors – and medicines easily provide that but there is also self loving medical care that we need regularly to make sure we aren’t breaking down.

  18. “Neither of these two is any more important than the other, but rather complements the other in addressing and healing illness and disease.” That seems to be a very good way to heal as it includes what our body need to heal deeply. To find a solution or to fix an illness rather than to get the deeper understanding of it would not have the same healing effect and that is good to know!

  19. Brilliant Angela – I feel the same way. It’s like we expect drugs and pills to cure all of our ills without us having to take any responsibility for ourselves. What kind of world and healing would this be? Being frustrated with this perceived lack of success it’s like we ‘cut off our nose to spite our face’ – this approach is as unloving as it sounds. For then we are stuck without any support for our body and unable to address the underlying issues as well.

  20. A brilliant example of seeking true healing is within oneself and the medical help/support on offer, and much more too perhaps. We need to come back to the truth of healing, not as in a wound per se, but the wholeness of what healing is energetically in our body and equally physically in our body. When we make them count as equally important we will have a balanced approach and will heal in the most deepest way. As nothing will be left out, it is a whole healing from inside out. That is why we dearly need both.

  21. I went through a period when I was a teenager of taking absolutely no conventional medicine, no matter how much pain I was in. It was actually a Universal Medicine presentation about complementary medicine that inspired me to rethink my approach, and that we definitely need Western medicine too. It was such a relief to be able to take pain medicine when needed rather than be dying in pain!

  22. Universal Medicine is a unifier (I think I made that word up!). They bring unification to everything, as their tag line says, ‘One Unified Truth’. We as a human race live in so much separation, and this blog shows us how we can do this with healing and medicine. We can separate alternate and western medicine, and this can be to our detriment. Serge Benhayon has presented that we must always look at the whole, and that western medicine can be a necessary part of our healing. I have found their presentations support you to look at what beliefs you are holding and if they are truly what it is needed. More often than not, I have found they are not and have let them go.

  23. A true healing on many levels. When we embrace the skill and support of Western Medicine complemented by the deep understanding of Esoteric Medicine and an acceptance of our own part and responsibility in the healing process it makes a powerful triangle.

  24. Alternative medicine is part of the picture of living an alternative lifestyle that intends to show how much you really care. The problem, of course, is that this lifestyle harms those who adopt it (e.g., diet and modalities) in such a way that often times alternative medicine cannot cope with it. So, the image of caring and self-sustainability is a false one.

  25. It is great to let go of arrogance, arrogance keeps people out and away and it is very loving for ourselves to let go of that and allow people in. It releases a huge tension when we do this and that alone is a big healing for the body.

  26. Hi Angela, I can so relate! I felt a total resistance to Western Medicine to the point of having four home-births, which fortunately for me went well . . . but on another occasion had to be carried by my husband to the doctors with quinsy (which is absences on the tonsils) as my physical state declined so badly as I hadn’t drunken or eaten for nearly two week because I couldn’t swallow at all! Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I wisened up to the benefits of modern medicine . . . if I hadn’t I don’t know that I would be alive today.

  27. Understanding the origin of long term health issues, particularly lifestyle diseases, is pretty simple, but many of us are not willing to feel the responsibility that this entails…I myself had not considered how simple and clear the origin of these health conditions, it is in our choices…I had not considered that my choices could have such an impact but they do. Since being more aware of this I have made sure I see my GP, and keep on top of check ups, it feels responsible to commit to life and health in this way.

  28. Western Medicine when combined with the Esoteric Modalities provides the body with the space to truly heal. Like you Angela I also resisted Western Medicine in the past but now view it very differently as well and instead of judging it for past mistakes I now see the necessary role it plays in bringing true healing to the body.

  29. Support is available to us 24/7 and it is our openness that truly brings it to us. If we are stubborn and do not wish to see this, we will be given more opportunities to come back to this truth. When we feel a lack of support, there is more connection and resources to open up to, there is more acceptance of ourselves to go deeper into.

  30. We have a funny way with things at times and it’s like we can’t have things together, you have the 2 groups, those that support or believe in it and those that don’t. It’s not that clear cut but what I am saying is that we at times don’t seem to consider that it’s the mix or the partnership of the 2 things that gives the true power, the thought is we need to choose. It reminds me of the conventional and alternative medicine arguments or sides and if only we could see the important part they both play for each other and I guess that maybe reflective for all of us. From what I see we could all use some more understanding for ourselves and each other and why leave this as a one off thought or action. There is more to the world we can see everyday, we only need continue to be aware about what we are seeing in front of us and not fight or argue about it.

  31. I always found the words ” alternative medicine ” disturbed me for its not possible to have alternative medicine. Medicine is medicine in what ever form it comes in , once it is medicine.

  32. If we are to understand illness and disease we have to look at how it got there in the first place and how it managed to get a hold over us. Also important, I feel, is to not judge it or ourselves in any way for being a failure and to allow for the Western approach and the Esoteric approach to compliment each other and work together. All along it is our own approach to ourselves and living here on planet Earth with 7 billion other people that makes a difference. How we live every day and the quality in which we choose to move and have our being is the greatest medicine, and that is free.

  33. I used to hold western medicine in contempt and only visited the doctor if I really had to. I remember one time during my pregnancy I had a strange rash on my tummy and I had self diagnosed myself with shingles. I went to the doctor and he was unsure what it was and after googling my symptoms came to the conclusion that it was shingles also. I couldn’t believe he googled it – I was outraged. But looking back I realise that I had this expectation of him as a doctor to be a God – that he should know everything, know what to do and to be able to cure me. Because he’ didn’t fit my impossible picture it only further confirmed how I felt about Western Medicine. I expected an instant cure and without it nothing was going to measure up. The full responsibility was dumped on the doctor with none of it remaining with me. No wonder western medicine could never win.

  34. I used to also resist Western Medicine, which changed due to the presentations I attended by Serge Benhayon – what he shares about the value of medicine in self care was life changing for me. I now see my doctor regularly and have had two medicinal procedures performed under anaesthetic, and I have come to deeply appreciate not just Western Medicine, but the many amazing and truly caring, dedicated people that work within it.

  35. I can relate to this blog with the belief’s system I grew up around Ayurvedic medicine had the answer to all illnesses. In some aspects there were some truth in it. For instance, certain foods would affect the body in causing too much heat, mucous and so forth. And when I observed mucous producing foods, diary and gluten my body was certainly experiencing this.

    It was interesting how I used the Eastern and Western medicine, if one didn’t work I would go to the other but I didn’t stop to think where I was in all of this – my choices, my responsibility, my part I played in creating the illnesses. Till Universal Medicine came along and I started to look deep within myself.

    I won’t deny there are times when I go into too much thinking, instead of pondering what is being offered by my body, but I certainly combine the Western medicine with my body’s medicine more often and both equally important to healing.

  36. I too have held a strong stance, arrogance and resistance towards conventional medicine which I have let go of and healed. This may not seem important and such a big deal to most people but to me it is a miracle when anyone chooses to look at the extreme reactions in life because of held beliefs or ideals and makes a choice to truly heal.

  37. I have found Western Medicine to be invaluable, along side Esoteric Medicine the two work really well together and we are offered a much deeper healing.

  38. What medicine does for people, and assists them to heal is extraordinary. I’ve often thought it is amazing how a sequence of doctors, nurses and allied health staff can support someone to get their healing in the physical sense, although there are many flaws in the system and many things causing healthcare practitioner burnout, the range of medicine is amazing.

  39. Western Medicine is amazing but combine it with Esoteric Medicine and it becomes the true medicine that is urgently needed in today’s society.

    1. Beautifully said Elizabeth. I love the fact that Universal Medicine Therapies ask patients to take responsibility for their own healing and this is something that is truly needed in patients seeking support from Western Medicine. Esoteric healing and Western Medicine is a match made in heaven.

  40. For a person to be offered holistic care, it is about offering them all possible options to support them in their healing – this includes conventional medicine and also complementary medicine. To think that we can heal without one or the other is an arrogance, a denial of the teamwork that is actually everyone’s right. Universal Medicine takes this to the next level, the final piece in the puzzle that allows it all to be brought together. It is everyone’s ‘right’ to have access to all of these options so that they can make a choice.

  41. The Universal Medicine therapies are in a league of their own and absolutely complementary to (and encouraging of) the use of Western Medicine. I have far more appreciation for health care professionals after using Universal Medicine Therapies and I always feel confident that I will be able to handle any health issues I need to look at in the most supportive way.

  42. Western medicine does have its truth and can be a great part of the healing journey for any person who wishes it so because of its phenomenal understanding of the human body. And we can all benefit from this, from centuries of research and enquiry which continues today. And this is amazing in itself, that still after so long there is still so much to discover about the human frame, so much more in fact that western medicine has yet to embrace the energetic facts about life on earth and how this relates to the human body in it’s entirety.

  43. That’s awesome. Letting go of an idea we have and being open to all the support on offer really does change our lives and reminds us, we’re not actually living in a battle field.

  44. Having rejected western medicine for a long time but have chosen to return to it, this process has allowed me to experience that western medicine on its own is never the answer but with its support, it has given me the space to truly work on myself and to look at the core issues of my problems.

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