What I Love about Christmas

by Anne Malatt, Australia

What I love about Christmas is the stillness.

I love the feeling that we have stopped for a day to spend time with ourselves and with those we love.

Of course, there is often a frantic rush to do things before and after, and for many even during Christmas day, but it feels like there is a possibility for everyone to feel stillness on this day.

What if we could feel stillness every day? 

What if this was a natural way to feel the essence of who we are?

What if we could allow ourselves to feel this way, every day?

I have found that if I start the day in stillness, before I go into motion, my day flows much more harmoniously. When I wake, I lie in bed and feel how I am. I make sure I am fully present in my body before I get up and move. This way, my movements are much more gentle and loving and confirm the living stillness that I am.

If I lose it, I stop and return to this feeling of stillness as soon as I realise I am struggling. I focus on breathing gently until I can feel my stillness again. If I can’t feel still, I go for a gentle walk until I can.

I have learnt this way of being through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

If I live this way, every day can feel like Christmas.

352 thoughts on “What I Love about Christmas

  1. If you have ever been outside and listened to the snow as it falls, the stillness that can be felt is the purity of the sound.

  2. I love that feeling as well as there’s a collective stop for that moment. I sometimes notice it in the early morning as well before people get up to get ready for the day. It need not be reserved for a special occasion and is possible to experience outside of Christmas day as well.

  3. I like feeling Christmas as an invitation to go deeper and connect with the stillness that resides within. Connecting with me in this way, makes me connect with others from a deeper level too and this allows that each encounter, goes away from the superficiality that is usually sold in those dates, going to the essential and purposeful meaning of every encounter we can have during the day… every single day.

  4. I agree with the possibility of Stillness being our every day. If we truly love something, why keep it for a special occasion? Or, do we believe that love needs non-love to qualify itself as love?

    1. Stillness being with us throughout each and every day is welcome, ‘I have found that if I start the day in stillness, before I go into motion, my day flows much more harmoniously.’

  5. We have placed so much focus on achieving outer goals that we have lost the value of what our inner quality is, and even of being aware of who we are within.

  6. It is interesting to witness the almost frenzied way people behave on the lead up to Christmas and then everything comes to a stand still for one day. The roads are quiet the shops closed very few people out on the streets and everyone behind closed doors, and then it all starts again with boxing day. I love this day when I can feel as you say the stillness, as the world stops to re-calibrate itself.

  7. One thing I love about christmas is the obvious cycle it shows us – another year, here we are again – and the opportunity therefore to review everything that has happened, what we have learnt, how we have changed and a moment to consider how we would like to go forward and what choices we will make.

  8. I love Christmas too Anne, I love the stillness and the one day in the year that so many people spend time with friends and family. I was on the Highway yesterday and there were lots of people traveling far and wide to be together.

  9. I too love this stillness that is so intrinsically a part of Christmas, but equally know that it is totally possible to have that same feeling at any time of year, and not something to reserve exclusivley for Crhistmas day.

    1. Yes, we can connect to this stillness every day of the year and it is amazing when we do this because every day can be a special day.

      1. How amazing if we all did this little ritual before we get up, ‘When I wake, I lie in bed and feel how I am. I make sure I am fully present in my body before I get up and move.’

  10. ‘there is a possibility for everyone to feel stillness on this day.’ This could be written and spread around the world for all, to remind us of this possibility in the middle of the chaos we live in. It makes me stop and feel the natural rhythm and flow within my body and the greatness of this fact.

    1. Yes, Inma. That quote invites me to stop and feel my relationship with stillness – is this quality something I can connect to instantly, is there a delay because I have been racy and/or is there resistance to feeling the magnificence we all hold within?

    2. What if we all felt this stillness everyday, how amazing would that be, ‘What if we could feel stillness every day?’ I welcome that day with open arms.

  11. After reading the title of this blog I expected to find some tips for Christmas, but it surprised in a very inspiring way because it has nothing to do with having just great time, preparing meals and encounters with family and friends…it’s all about Us and the possibility we have everyday to feel still and harmonious. After all, is not this fact enough to be celebrated?

  12. How timely it was to come across this beautiful blog this morning, as yesterday a shop assistant and I were talking about the wonderful feeling of stillness there is on the days that the shops are all shut and there is nowhere to rush to. It is as if the world has stopped, and has taken a long deep breath, and is now sighing out very gently. But, “what if we could allow ourselves to feel this way, every day?” – how absolutely amazing it would be, like the best Christmas gift that keeps on giving, forever.

  13. What I love about this time of year is the lights people have around their houses (subtle ones not the crazy bling ones!!) and yes that is a time about appreciating others and a day of just resting. What I am feeling though, particularly more so this year, is the demand on buying presents. Everyday I am getting at least about 20 emails from people offering discounts to shop shop shop. The pressure is ridiculous. Pondering on this on the way home from work last night what also came to me is how we get hooked on shopping and even if we are shopped out by Christmas come boxing day we do not know what to do with ourselves so …. shop!!! My advice to all would be try The Gentle Breath Meditation, it is very beautifull and supports us to feel the stillness in the body coming back to who we truly are everyday http://www.unimedliving.com/meditation/free

    1. We keep beautiful things like putting lights around our houses and gardens for special occasions but it could be our every day norm.

      1. Like making stillness part of our everyday lives, stillness is very beautiful to feel, so how gorgeous to live in stillness everyday.

  14. “What if we could allow ourselves to feel this way, every day?” Often a way into the walls of resistance can be a “what if?” question. Great for me to read today. Thank you.

  15. Christmas everyday is like front foot life and definitely we are more at ease with our-selves and others at that time of year. Then are willing to move and walk-about in Humble-Appreciative-Ness of being re-connected to our essences, which is a reflection of our Loving movements every day as if it is Christmas?

  16. Stillness is a balm for the way we normally live. Unfortunately the lead up to Christmas for many is so frantic that I wonder if the stillness is actually an exhausted collapse and relief! When we don’t rush around needing to buy presents or have the perfect Christmas buffet, we can use that day to connect with family, friends and ourselves.

  17. We often wish that everyday was christmas, and indeed it can be – if we are after the quality rather than what the picture portrays.

  18. If we treated every day as important as Christmas day or even New year’s day I wonder how different our day would feel and play out.

  19. It seems to me you are describing a quality, or a beautiful moment that’s possible every time we have our standards in line. These days like Christmas, or whenever, are amazing for us to experience what could be possible if we make that quality our standard everyday. That life becomes an amazing discovery of what it takes to feel that amazingness every day.

    1. It’s seems like, with the focus on making a certain day, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, a very amazing day, we lose sight of the fact that every single day of our life has the potential to be amazing; we just have to say yes to it. After all we are all naturally amazing and if we acknowledge and appreciate that, every day will be overflowing with the amazingness that we are.

      1. If we all forsake the soul we miss out on what a true Christ-mass could be.

      2. Absolutely Melinda, and adding to what you have shared, if we walk our talk we walk Christmas every day and thus have the most divine reflection of our relationship with our Soul.

  20. The relationship between stillness and space is very very close, they both feel absolutely gorgeous inside and developing these into our everyday lives rather than once a year, or specific time, is such an important aspect to in-joying life. It transforms my perception and feeling about everything.

  21. “What if we could feel stillness every day?” Anne you answered your question very beautifully and also for me very inspirationally. The question I now have is – why is it that so many people do not know the power of stillness?

    1. I love how Anne brings herself back to stillness if she notices it has slipped away, ‘ I focus on breathing gently until I can feel my stillness again. If I can’t feel still, I go for a gentle walk until I can.’

  22. Sometimes it is like the Christmas period brings us a stop moment and supports us to reflect on life and connect with each other more deeply. When we do this we are brought into a period of grace and appreciation and this brings an honouring and type of movement that gives more space.

  23. It is an amazing realization that we can feel a certain way, not because the day is special or any different, but because of what we are choosing for ourselves.

  24. This is exactly what I loved about the Christmas we just had. I felt stillness and allowed myself to be in that, to let the days unfold and to flow with them. Since then and since being back at work I’ve felt the acute difference between how I am most of the time. So what I loved about Christmas was the moment to pause and reflect and then to take that with me.

  25. A very great point you make here Anne, is how different the world feels on Christmas day, when we all stop and generally are more still. This highlights how our collective movements impact our self-created world in which we live, starting with how each and every one of us, with how we are choosing to live and the responsibility the we all have to make a huge difference in how the world is shaped through our everyday living.

  26. I was out at work this morning at 7am on Christmas day – the Stillness was tangible as it is most early mornings. How I live – rushed and drained or connected and vital allows me to be aware of this stillnes in the mornings or not. The Stillness is always there but it’s my choices that allow me to feel it or not.

    1. Great point Leigh. We are only affected by outside influences if we have not connected to the stillness we naturally are.

    1. There is nothing like a blanket of snow to stop everything… the roads are less busy, people pay attention and rug up more, and the quality in the air is pure stillness. A great marker of a stillness that is available to us inside always.

  27. Beautiful Anne, how stillness can be a real and very tangible way to live and how any day can bring this, if we choose it.

    1. Yes.. always our choice in every moment: align to the stress and chaos in the world, or come back to our inner stillness, always residing within and readily available any time we choose to connect to and feel it – and bring more of that quality to the world, instead.

  28. When we stay in our essence, living our true qualities, christmas can be a glorious time, as can every day. Reconnecting to the stillness within allows for our reconnection to our essence too.

  29. I feel like Christmas could be a brilliant time for real rejuvenation, most people naturally have time off work, so what a great time to really take the time to care deeply for ourselves, rest, revitalise and appreciate everything that’s happened this year.

  30. Christmas can be a truly beautiful time of catching up with others we haven’t connected with for a while. A good opportunity to put aside the mundane and enjoy each others company.

  31. Christmas does not have to feel the way we are fed it feels like—mad rush, non stop festivities and indulgences of Food, emotions and attachments. Christmas is only this when we are this in our making already. So Christmas can be a whole different way and/or reflection if we change how we live.

  32. Thank you Anne for your words about connecting to your body and stillness before you start the day and begin moving. Our days can be transformed by staying connected to and moving in our stillness.

  33. Awesome Anne, feels like the true purpose and quality of Christmas – being with us in full every day.

  34. So it is not actually the day, it is what the day offers which is a reprieve from the craziness we have called normal!! It is the stillness of less motion on our streets and in shops. It is also, possibly, the opportunity for re-connecting with people and that can be a good and a bad thing as all our past choices will be in our faces. This simple day is a snapshot of something so much bigger isn’t it?

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