The Unbearable Ferocity of Rejection

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville, Australia

Scene 1: – Trees all around and the sweet sense of dusk settling in.

Men are talking with each other in an open-hearted, honest way. Sharing the kinds of unbearable rejection they have all felt and the ferocity of the life-responses that followed. The respect and caring is palpable. There is no blame to speak of – although it may be mentioned in passing. I, for one, am deeply grateful. The healing grows week to week. And as a man who has had minimal male friends in half a century, I begin to love these men and comprehend what brotherhood feels like…

Scene 2: – The front bar of a Northern Rivers hotel. Some kind of contact sport is on a flat screen high in a corner.

Men are slur-talking with each other through the thick lens on the bottom of a schooner. This distortion flows through the room. Blame and complaint are commonplace. The wife/partner/missus/little woman – well, they’d had a gutful. ‘Others’ by the very word are distanced, resented, even reviled. The laughter is often at their expense. The ferocity of this life-response oozes deep hurt. Unbearable.

409 thoughts on “The Unbearable Ferocity of Rejection

  1. Scene 1 is the real change the world needs right now. If scene 1 was more common place the intensity and woe most struggle with in life would not nearly be so prevalent.

  2. Alan, what two very different scenarios, scene two being all too commonplace and scene one being rare, but wow how life-changing scene two is – with men opening and up and being honest this feels like their natural way. This what I observe about young boys too; they talk about what has upset and hurt them and there is a closeness, respect and love for each other.

  3. Thank you for sharing Alan , I recognise both scenes , the first scenes has come into my life in resent times.
    ” And as a man who has had minimal male friends in half a century, I begin to love these men ”
    This has happened for me too , I can say truthfully there are men that I love as dear friends as a result of the first scene.

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