A True Religion

by Dean Pirera

The Way of the Livingness is a deeply honouring religion that has no churches, no followers, no priests and  no-one who is of more value or importance than another – because it knows and presents that every single person is the equal Son of God returning to their natural and Divine way of being. It emphasises the word returning because it knows we are all already Divine and pure by essence – just disconnected from it and now making our way back again. In this religion, there are no ‘born sinners’, no ‘chosen people’, just everyone the same and equal in a one brotherhood.

Not only is this religion amazing in its presentation of a one unified truth for humanity, it goes much, much deeper by providing a living example of how to re-develop the Divinity within ourselves and re-kindle our connection with God as an everyday practical human being – in going about work, spending time with family, raising children, having a career and so on and forth. The Way of the Livingness therefore teaches you to be a responsible, loving, supportive, and understanding human being – while simultaneously never losing sight of the practicals and rigours that we all must endure in everyday life. Equally, it never lets go of the sacredness and truth of the fact that we are Divine beings and Sons of God, living in physical bodies.

After 8 years of learning and developing with The Way of the Livingness, my life has changed profoundly. From being an emotional and spiritual wreck, having a large financial debt, living in an unhappy relationship and generally feeling very unworthy as a person, I have turned my life completely around and become a more responsible person with a much healthier financial situation, a wonderful career, a strong marriage that is held in true love, and a deep relationship with myself and God. All of this has amounted to a rich and blessed life, which I have myself and the Way of the Livingness to absolutely thank for that.

Perhaps, the best part about this religion can be summed up like this: that it leaves each and every person knowing that who they are, what they do with their lives and how they choose to be in terms of love, care and taking responsibility for themselves, is all entirely up to themselves. It is a triumph in self-responsibility and if embraced, allows a person to be completely empowered by their own choices – no Saviours to come and do that for them, no magic pills or secret membership, just free will and choices based on a true understanding of life.

This is a glorious religion because it presents a simple way of living that if applied naturally returns love, common sense and a deep connection to God back into our lives.

222 thoughts on “A True Religion

  1. “everyone the same and equal in a one brotherhood.” This is the antidote to comparison and jealousy that is so rife in the world today.

  2. Thank you Dean, this was lovely to read, and can I add that the religion of The Way of the Livingness (the Way of the soul on earth) is also a very simple way of living. Once the self is restored back to divinity it becomes about a much greater purpose, that is to be responsible to the all we are a part of, and to reflect the truth of our being (which is the soul) to remind others of their true selves.

  3. This makes me really appreciate how The Way of The Livingness is about bringing Divinity in a lived form, that it is very real to be living as sons of God. For all of us.

  4. The Way of the Livingness is just that, a simple way to live a responsible life connected to our own divinity and guided by a heartfelt love for all equally.

  5. I used to think that religion is not for me, i admired people who were devoted to something and lived their lives with kindness or didn’t follow the mass and engage with what is common, but for me it never felt true, it never felt like that is how I want to live my life. Many of my friends were religious, some coming from families so devoted to their faith that their father was the head of their religious building. Others, of a different faith who went to their religious building almost on daily basis. We spoke about religion, I observed my friends grow and change their lives as a result of being religious or not. When we were young, many of us respected those who chose that path. There was no condemnation, no judgement like we see today in society. However, all of that never felt like it was true for me, it never felt like I would become a better human being as a result choosing one of those religions i was observing every day, many of the teachings made sense – even the ones that some question and attack. Yet, i never thought it would be something I want to do for myself, not until I came across Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness, a religion that makes sense. Teachings that can be applied to everything I do. The reason this rings a bell for me is simply because I am a sucker for integrity, when I come across genuine, heartfelt honesty and a way to do things which truly, 100% is not about making oneself better off, but where there is quality, dedication and clear intent I melt. I melt because this is not common in society, we don’t have that – so when we see it, it sticks out like a healthy thumb 😉

  6. Dean thank you for writing so clearly and concisely of a true religion, one that is actually free so far of misinterpretation. It is a very powerful way to live and if it were to be lived by all of us it would change humanity overnight.

    1. Absolutely Mary, life would certainly be different instantaneously as true religion would be like a snow ball gathering everyone as it went along and then it would reach a critical mass and engulf everyone.

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