Inspired to be More

by Vicky Cooke, Customer Service Advisor, London, UK

I just attended a Universal Medicine presentation via satellite and really felt to share.

Before attending the presentation I had a kind of average week; not great, not bad, just another week.

During the presentation we were asked to look at and share with someone what/how we avoid feeling things that may not feel right in our lives. It was awesome to be part of something where everyone is held equally and where we can all look at things in our lives and share without being judged; allowing us to have an awareness and better understanding of ourselves and others.

It was really inspiring and I am feeling how wonderful it is that so many people can come together and work towards a common goal, such as this, for all.

Everyone I have and do meet who have been touched or inspired by Universal Medicine are amazing – really beautiful, sensible people who also inspire me and others to be more, reflecting to me that I can be more than what I am choosing to live right now.

I came away feeling lighter, inspired and really appreciating how many people I know who are truly taking responsibility in and for their lives.

259 thoughts on “Inspired to be More

  1. As we grow up we learn to obey rules at school, at home…and when we don’t we get told off. When we receive a harsh word from our parents or teachers we contract by fear. It’s like an attack through the voice, an imposition that doesn’t allow us to bring awareness and understand of our choices.

    This educational system is designed to contact us and to shut down the natural sensitivity coming from the body. It doesn’t support us to be responsible but a blind obedient of the reality we have created.

    How different it is making a mistake and feeling wrong by it to feel amazing no matter what and responsible to look at what’s in front of us in every given moment.

    There’s no mistake, no need to be judged when we open up to receive the lesson that may guide us to take the next step to be more the love that already are. Universal Medicine is supporting me to don’t judge but embrace, step by step, every situation I may live, it’s never perfect but a blessing to receive. These presentations are awesome, definitely, life-changing.

  2. Human beings really thrive when there is a purpose such as working together for a common goal, without that we can tend to just take care of our own pocket but we may not be aware of the greater picture and humanity at large, and as a result not respond. One of the cool things I’ve began to appreciate more is the values and standards I hold, and there is even greater purpose in deepening and developing these more when I can see not everyone in my community has that reflection in their life. It’s something I can value and give back, also appreciating the many people in my life who inspire me with their way of living and the values they hold.

  3. What you are sharing with us all Vicky is the power of true group work, imagine if we had company meetings based on this. No one person in charge or dictating but a coming together from a consensus of everyone participating to reach a common agreement. Even those times when there can be a disagreement everyone is still held in the respect and love without judgement or ridicule.

  4. I agree Vicky, I also feel very inspired by the Universal Medicine student body, a group of people dedicated to living love, harmony and truth, and supporting their communities by giving back. What’s extraordinary about Serge Benhayon’s work is people from horrific backgrounds including all kinds of abuse, trauma, and addictions have been able to turn their lives around and live the love they are. What Serge is offering is equally available and possible for all. When people get together with a common purpose of love and truth, what we can experience by working together offers a whole new level of how our relationships can be.

  5. It is amazing how a group of people can come together and learn to be with each other, and it is through every one of us learning to be and be with ourselves first and foremost, and we are by no means perfect at it, but love naturally grows amongst us.

  6. Beautiful reflection on the power of true group work as we inspire each other to reconnect to our inner essence and live from there.

    1. Yes no-one tells you what to do, but there are so many people there to support our journeys back to ourselves so that we need never feel alone on the way.

      1. True reflections are a part of the journey that God and Love are able to be shared on so many levels. Then there is always a pull-up to the next point of evolution so we are also deepening our reflection-ship with others from a deeper foundation.

  7. Thank you Vicky, and may I add that raising children in such an environment has such a ripple effect through the community and one day will be recognised for the blessing that can be bestowed on anyone when we do not belittle anyone but treat them with the decency and respect we all deserve.

      1. Absoulutely Lorraine, as we learn and understand how much true appreciation with the humbleness that also is part of being appreciative allows everyone the opportunity to be enriched.

  8. I have never come across a community who is so genuinely caring for one another and people in general. I have met families and people who have helped me through studies, finding work, illness, disease and who have shared my big moments such as graduating, getting my first car, and moving out onto my two feet. Nobody has handed me anything on a plate, but with wise counsel I have figured things out and made my steps.

  9. This is a great sharing as so many people have changed their lives around thanks to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and the entire Benhayon family. What has been shared with everyone are the practical tools to support us to live every day in the fullness of who we truly are. By living in this way it is a joy to be alive and not a drudge.

  10. Appreciation of being able to live as you have shared Vicky, is like the fuel that gets you going each day. It holds you until you deepen, and there is a deeper level of inspirational fuelling appreciability.

  11. What you share here Vicky is invaluable in what it offers others by way of the inspiration, lack of judgement and feeling of equality for all. I have attended many Universal Medicine events, and have never come away feeling anything other than all of the above, plus feeling that I have so much more that I can bring to the world that I have yet to discover myself.

  12. I have found the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to be inspiring because they always arouse in me a feeling of interest not to settle for less but to be honest and through that honesty I come to know what stands in the way of me becoming more of who I am.

  13. When we are inspired to be more and step up to what is on offer we lift the standards of what is possible for us all.

    1. Agreed Suse, as so much is made possible by what is presented at any Universal Medicine event that we are sometimes not getting the full understanding of all that has been presented, but what we do get feels absolutely amazing.

  14. Every presentation, workshop,course or session of Universal Medicine inspires me to build more love and to let go of what is not love and I take this inspiration home and continue to be more aware of the choices I make and the effect it has not only on me but also on others. And lets not forget how when we come back home we can be (and are) the inspiration for others by the way we live.

  15. Some 5 years on and it is no surprise that I am still constantly being inspired by Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family, Universal Medicine and Students of Universal Medicine. All these people offer myself and humanity a different reflection. The truth. An opportunity to let everything go this is not truly us, to re-claim the love and joy that we are, and in turn live in such a way that is not only incredibly joy-full, but inspires others to be all that they are as well. At a time when the world is in a bit of a mess … just a little bit! 😶 what a blessing this is. And this is happening globally, every day, every moment there is magic happening. I know I will continue to be inspired and asked to step up from the reflection of Universal Medicine for the rest of my life and this is an absolute joy and blessing to know. We are so much more than what we are currently living here on earth, so why not live our very full and very loving potential ✨

  16. There is always more on offer for us to evolve to, all the presentations given at Universal Medicine events are there to give us the tools with which to navigate our way through life.

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