Inspired to be More

by Vicky Cooke, Customer Service Advisor, London, UK

I just attended a Universal Medicine presentation via satellite and really felt to share.

Before attending the presentation I had a kind of average week; not great, not bad, just another week.

During the presentation we were asked to look at and share with someone what/how we avoid feeling things that may not feel right in our lives. It was awesome to be part of something where everyone is held equally and where we can all look at things in our lives and share without being judged; allowing us to have an awareness and better understanding of ourselves and others.

It was really inspiring and I am feeling how wonderful it is that so many people can come together and work towards a common goal, such as this, for all.

Everyone I have and do meet who have been touched or inspired by Universal Medicine are amazing – really beautiful, sensible people who also inspire me and others to be more, reflecting to me that I can be more than what I am choosing to live right now.

I came away feeling lighter, inspired and really appreciating how many people I know who are truly taking responsibility in and for their lives.

193 thoughts on “Inspired to be More

  1. We are constantly imprinting in our lives and it is our responsibility to ensure that those imprints are placed with the utmost integrity and commitment.

  2. Beautiful Vicky – this has also been my experience to interact with others in what is truly energetically responsible and with integrity. The beautiful thing is that in every moment we can choose to keep coming back to being consciously in our body and change the unhealthy way we have been living.

  3. When you experience someone with a lightness of being it is inspiring and can pull you back out of your stuff or a heaviness you have chosen to go into.

  4. How often is it that we may find ourselves a bit flat, a bit low… and simply need to recognise that we’re missing the connection to that which we know to be love (and joy and truth…) within?
    And how powerful it is, to recognise the power of the reflection of others – and the importance of resourcing such reflections that we know hold a steadiness of truth – when ‘the world’ has left us a bit down, a bit disconnected… We needn’t have all the answers, we needn’t solve all the problems then and there, but our steadfastness is all the greater when we acknowledge that we are not alone in looking for the upliftment of true reflection of the love and grace of God in this world.

  5. It is so important to really feel what is going on, and our body is a great marker as it is a reflection of the choices that we make on an everyday basis. When we are able to openly be who we are with a group of people who don’t judge, it is a very inspiring to let go and be more of who we are.

  6. So very true that it is very much worth appreciating that there are more and more people, around the globe, who are choosing to look at their life with utmost honesty they can muster and willing to live in a way that can be very challenging and at times totally against the world’s trend, and somehow we have all come to find The Way of The Livingness. This is amazing.

  7. There is not a person I have met through Universal Medicine courses I would not call amazing. Is that because only amazing people come to their courses? Or is that because we are all amazing and through the inspiring work of Universal Medicine we reconnect to and begin to live that amazingness with no apologies or misgivings. I would say the latter.

  8. We are all amazing beings who, when in connection and in relationship can reflect different aspects of life and of the ageless wisdom, a wisdom we all are connected to but from different angles. Therefore in our connection we all get more of the whole ‘picture’ so to say and in that union become one.

  9. There have been many things said about the student body of Universal Medicine over the years, most of it, unfortunately, has been untrue so it’s beautiful to read an article about the how many people from around the globe are all coming together for the common goal of working on themselves in order to express more of the love that we all naturally are.

    1. I agree Sarah, well said – as this highlights the quality of life we are actually capable of living, which is already available to us all, when are we are willing to, as you say here, ‘…express more of the love that we all naturally are.’

  10. It is very awesome and a blessing that we are presented with a way of living that not only confirms the greatness of who we already, but also allows us to discover for ourselves the truth as to why we have forgotten and how we resist living our innate way of being. It is amazing to realise that our greatest guide through our lives is found within us, through the quality of connection we hold with ourselves, our love within, our Soul, and how the magic and power we feel within ourselves is magnified when we come and work together with an openness to love.

  11. The presentations of Universal Medicine offer us the opportunity in group work to share in a much deeper way where we can be held with love honesty and equalness thereby allowing each person to open up to a greater degree of love and healing.

  12. Short, sweet and profound. What a delightful blog to have discovered. It is rare to meet one person that chooses to live in a truly responsible way – knowing many such people and being one yourself is a miracle worth appreciating.

  13. I find the presentations of Universal Medicine very inspiring too, not just for their content but for the awesome energy in which they are delivered.

  14. When we discover that everybody goes through similar difficulties (although each person’s experience has its own flavour) as we walk in life, we can discover things about life and ourselves which have an immense value.

  15. What you have so beautifully shared above Vicky, is that when we collaborate and connect with each other, we see that we all have different life experience that when shared can help another person with a situation in their own lives. It is so very valuable to share and connect with others and it also shows just how similar we all are.

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