Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

by Stevie Cole, Perth

Esoteric Yoga supports me to explore stillness and truth. I experience this through my body deeply letting go and relaxing…which, in addition to the obvious health benefits, can give me insights as to how I hold myself back from allowing the delicious, nurturing stillness that I experience in my sessions into my everyday life.

One recent example during a session was when I had reached a point of relative ‘quietness’ in my mind, though I felt there was still deeper I could go in my body so I knew it was a ‘red herring’ sent from my mind to distract me from true stillness. And at that point my mind said ‘that’ll do’, and it reminded me that I sometimes say that exact same line to myself in front of the mirror when I’m getting ready to go out.  I was surprised to see this link which was showing me that there is a belief I hold that I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it.

What a blessing it was to expose this unloving belief, which in all honesty I’ve played out in every interaction, movement and communication I’ve had up to that point.  So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman’.  And that’s the truth.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners who present this truly inspiring modality.

171 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

  1. It is interesting how we cap ourselves in our surrender as if to say we know how much is on offer therefore is enough when in fact we have no idea. Somehow, we seem to find it more secure when there is a limit or at least when we think we know where and how far we are going. But the Universe does not operate like that.

  2. How gorgeous! And how wonderful when these shifts in awareness happen. ‘You are so worth it’ – is very true – and something I will take forward into my days.

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