Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

by Stevie Cole, Perth

Esoteric Yoga supports me to explore stillness and truth. I experience this through my body deeply letting go and relaxing…which, in addition to the obvious health benefits, can give me insights as to how I hold myself back from allowing the delicious, nurturing stillness that I experience in my sessions into my everyday life.

One recent example during a session was when I had reached a point of relative ‘quietness’ in my mind, though I felt there was still deeper I could go in my body so I knew it was a ‘red herring’ sent from my mind to distract me from true stillness. And at that point my mind said ‘that’ll do’, and it reminded me that I sometimes say that exact same line to myself in front of the mirror when I’m getting ready to go out.  I was surprised to see this link which was showing me that there is a belief I hold that I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it.

What a blessing it was to expose this unloving belief, which in all honesty I’ve played out in every interaction, movement and communication I’ve had up to that point.  So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman’.  And that’s the truth.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners who present this truly inspiring modality.

150 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

  1. This is such a supportive blog, reminding us that we are always so worth it. It is never too much effort to care, love and nurture ourselves, especially when we understand how beneficial this is, not only to our appearance but our general health and supports us to care for others as well.

  2. I so appreciate all the reflections from Esoteric Yoga: not always immediately, as it can be quite confronting to feel how I’ve been living, and the level of disconnection I’ve been living in, but these reflections always ask me to go deeper, and to get more honest, and in that, there’s the offering of healing some old patterns.

  3. I so know that belief that you describe here that near enough is good enough or as you put it “that will do” attitude. It is so anti-evolutionary and life depleting. The absolute beauty of Esoteric Yoga is that it bypasses the head and allows you to connect with your body and your inner essence which then easily exposes what is not real or true.

  4. Thank you Stevie for this deeply supportive reminder that settling for less, for a ‘that’ll do’ does not reflect all that we are in essence and how what we do settle for is magnified through every aspect in our lives. Through Esoteric Yoga I too have realised that there is much more to who we are and can live, and when we embrace the stillness within our bodies, we discover the ever-deepening love of who we are, a fullness and richness that can be present through our everyday living.

  5. I love this line Stevie; “So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman'” it brings a smile to my face and a joy to my heart, as deep down I know I too am this worthwhile gorgeous woman, time to stop playing the unworthy game, it is not real.

  6. Gorgeous Stevie, we are all worth experiencing the deep stillness and divinity we are as women, making this choice not only supports us, it also inspires and reminds other women they are equally this as well.

  7. “That’ll do.” An insidious throwaway line that erodes our inner-confidence and tells us we are not worthy for more. If ever there was a reason to start saying ‘No’ to ourselves, this is it. Just say ‘no’ every time it rears it’s nasty little head and before long, it won’t be able to any more.

  8. Great reminder to never settle for less. When we connect to the depth and beauty within us through the body, the tricks of the mind are exposed. Esoteric Yoga is truly supportive in building a deeper relationship with our inner essence.

  9. It is through Esoteric Yoga and Sacred Esoteric Healing that I experienced true stillness for the first I could remember. They are amazing, amazing modalities, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  10. Thank you Stevie, ‘that’ll do’ – an all too familiar casual throwaway line that is actually immensely capping in ways we are not consciously aware of, smothering our self-acceptance so that we no longer appreciate or value ourselves and fall into the trap of self-criticism and judgement.

  11. Esoteric Yoga is so great for stopping the incessant motion or life and the never-ending chatter in our minds, instead presenting us with a moment of grace where we can feel just us without all that imposition.

  12. Love it Stevie, well caught. When we settle for ‘good enough’ we will never know the more that we actually already are, just waiting to burst forth into full expression.

  13. Thank you Stevie, what you have shared from your esoteric yoga session is a great reminder for us to be aware that there is always another level for us to step up to.

  14. ‘ I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it’ I have been pondering on why I have been making some of the decisions I have been making over the last few years and have found that there is still some of this kind of thinking behind my choices. This is a lovely blog that shines the light on this insidious belief that so many of us can be plagued by. We know deep down we are absolutely worth it so giving ourselves permission to connect to that and appreciate ourselves every day for the things we bring and the way we are with ourselves and others is a true supportive and loving act. I love how you are now claiming the truth of your worth.

  15. By nature we are limitless – there is no stopping the depth of love and beauty we can go to within ourselves and express outwardly to the world. Any belief of a limit or cap or an end is most certainly a holding back – like you’ve exposed Stevie, beautifully so.

  16. Where do these beliefs that diminish us come from? Apparently we want the experience of love in our lives but few of us actually choose it. Instead we put ourselves down, play small and live in modesty rather than abundance. Perhaps as Stevie has illustrated here, it is our ‘job’ to recognise this behaviour and to make different choices, those that truly honour us and are self-loving rather than denigrating. If we truly want love in our lives, maybe we have to find it within ourselves and then live the expression of it outwardly.

  17. Stevie, this is really interesting to read, ‘there is a belief I hold that I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it.’There are so many beliefs that we hold that hold us back and keep us small, it is great that you uncovering them and living more in your fullness.

  18. Stevie, thanks for writing this, I attend Sacred Movement classes and I became aware that I had been saying to myself ‘that’s enough’ too, or ‘that will do’ and so I was not fully surrendering. At my last class I stopped listening to my mind telling me these things and instead felt into my body and allowed myself to surrender, this felt amazing, your article helps me to ponder on where in life I do not surrender and instead think; ‘that’s enough’, thank you.

  19. Thanks Stevie. After reading your blog I have realised that ‘that’ll do’ is something I often say to myself before moving on to my next box to tick, ouch, as not only is a ‘that’ll do’ devoid of quality and integrity, it is a cap on our potential.

  20. Thanks Steve – the simplicity of this is very profound, that if we do allow ourselves to simply be with our bodies and observe what is with-in us the little pockets of resistance will pop-up and reveal themselves. Once seen and named we can choose to release any hold they have over us.

  21. How inspiring Stevie – from being in conscious presence with your body, you have been able to root out a pattern in life of not valuing yourself. This is the joy of Esoteric Yoga – it is not just attending a session, but bringing the awareness and gentle movement into our day. Deep and true healing.

  22. I can relate to that feeling of going ‘this’ll do’. It is like you can’t be too great or have it all. I feel this is a belief that I took on young and it feels lazy now and capping to not allow myself to feel amazing and claim that.

  23. Great blog Stevie, so often we use those words ‘that’ll do’, quietly to ourselves and often totally unaware that what we are actually saying is that we are content to settle for less than who we truly are.

  24. What an amazing revelation Stevie, and very much worth the sharing. The Esoteric Modalities offer the space to look back at you and become aware of the falsities of your normal everyday behaviors that are unnoticed. That’s why these modalities are not your ‘everyday’ – they are heaven sent with potential miracles willing to happen.

  25. A profound moment Stevie… and one that busts something so many women are caught in, that never-ending loop of not feeling good enough, expecting less, accepting less, which confirms not feeling worthy. The Esoteric Yoga is a very powerful modality that allows us to connect to the stillness within, which is where all our answers lie. Thanks for the awesome example.

  26. Esoteric Yoga flies in the face of the individual and spiritual path offered by most yoga practices. Esoteric Yoga offers union with the soul, and learning about ourselves through our body in a continual development of love that is never to the exclusion of another.

  27. We come up with all kinds of stories to convince ourselves with in order to justify why we would not surrender in full. All the issues and beliefs we hold are even not true, but we give them so much credit by naming them as THE reason. And here you so beautifully and simply counter that with the truth. Superb.

  28. It is a revealing exercise when you are asked to lay still and feel your body but your mind has other ideas, it is a great discipline to bring ones breath and movement back to the vessel (body) and out of the over stimulated thought train. What has always stood out to me about Esoteric Yoga, compared to other forms of relaxation is that it never asks you to empty the mind but simply refocus it on the body that walks it from A to B on a daily basis.

  29. I love your sharing Stevie, I always feel the joy when I read these words “So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman’. One time during a Yoga session I felt I could go deeper but I pulled myself back feeling that is enough. This reminded me of your words ” I was surprised to see this link which was showing me that there is a belief I hold that I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it.” I realised reading these words that I too have a belief that I don’t deserve to have it all. Thank you for this insight.

  30. Building a deeper connection with my body has enabled me to feel the quality of stillness within myself that has deepened my awareness of my whole body and to understand our quality of connection is our choice to allow ourselves to move and express from that same quality.

  31. It makes me wonder how and where the brain stores that belief that entwines you in every interaction. Esoteric Yoga is powerful in that when you do hit that inner-stillness much can be revealed by looking back at your ‘being’s’ behaviours. It also reveals how close we are to our inner-stillness all the time.

  32. A life-changing realisation Stevie, exposing how we are ruled by false ideals and beliefs to keep us stuck into a lesser way of living and expressing with this very familiar phrase of ‘that will do’.
    What a blessing it was to expose this unloving belief, which in all honesty I’ve played out in every interaction, movement and communication I’ve had up to that point”.

  33. Esoteric Yoga provides a permanent opportunity to explore how we are holding ourselves and to let go patterns of being in the body. It is as simple as profound; a beautiful inward movement.

  34. I can do the ‘that’ll do’ thing too but know I am selling myself short and it doesn’t feel good. When I can be bothered to go that extra mile it feels amazing and it feels like I have grown an extra mile in the doing of it.

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