Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

by Stevie Cole, Perth

Esoteric Yoga supports me to explore stillness and truth. I experience this through my body deeply letting go and relaxing…which, in addition to the obvious health benefits, can give me insights as to how I hold myself back from allowing the delicious, nurturing stillness that I experience in my sessions into my everyday life.

One recent example during a session was when I had reached a point of relative ‘quietness’ in my mind, though I felt there was still deeper I could go in my body so I knew it was a ‘red herring’ sent from my mind to distract me from true stillness. And at that point my mind said ‘that’ll do’, and it reminded me that I sometimes say that exact same line to myself in front of the mirror when I’m getting ready to go out.  I was surprised to see this link which was showing me that there is a belief I hold that I don’t deserve to go the whole way, and I’m certainly not worth it.

What a blessing it was to expose this unloving belief, which in all honesty I’ve played out in every interaction, movement and communication I’ve had up to that point.  So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman’.  And that’s the truth.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners who present this truly inspiring modality.

201 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

  1. We are SO worth it and we deserve these moments of pause to reconnect back with the truth within.
    Our mind can be insidious, convincing, even not loving…so trusting in what our body has to say is key.

  2. Those daily compromises are very real, toning down how much we shine, not dressing how we feel to, not saying what’s there to be shared, and not accepting in full all the blessings that come our way, and all the amazingness within that are there for us to embrace.

  3. ‘Esoteric Yoga supports me to explore stillness and truth.’ Yes indeed. In these busy times, when it seems everyone is preoccupied with doing, the choice to just be – finding or making the time to be still – is one that is easy to override.

  4. Compromise has also been in my awareness lately, that sneaky little measuring thing that seems to creep in and become part of “normal” over time, but it really is actually comfort where I stall and get in the way of natural pull to expand. Going the whole way – sounds as though there’s more and it is, but what I am getting is that there’s not really a lot we actually “do” but it is about more surrendering, more getting out of the way of that whole, and there’s nothing personal about that.

  5. I haven’t read this in a while but it’s a topic worthy of deeper consideration, when there is so much on offer how do we limit how much we accept, allow, and enjoy for ourselves everyday? It’s a real reminder that to hold back receiving in full what’s on offer for this one person, is to hold back the whole I am a part of.

  6. What a program – to look in the mirror and say “you are so worth it gorgeous woman”! I can feel there are so many beliefs that would try to jump over the top and say ‘that is outrageous, big headed, who do you think you are?’, and yet I can also feel the holding of tenderness, care and love that is possible to offer ourselves. I know which my body and soul would prefer.

  7. Honouring and appreciating our worth in every moment – the magic of Esoteric Yoga is profound.

  8. Our inner-most connection is worth everything as we feel complete in all we do, so Esoteric Yoga and Esoteric, being our inner-most absolutely works on our most divine aspect, and we can take that level of Yoga into our daily rhythm to support everything we do.

  9. Those lightbulb moments mean the world to me, I had one such moment a few years ago when I realised that all the negative talk going on in my head couldn’t have been me. It couldn’t have been the young loving girl speaking to herself in such a horrible manner, and from then on it just stopped in the way it was running through my head. It was almost as if I had exposed something, some kind of a lie to myself and from then on the thoughts of “you’re ugly” or “you’re fat” almost never enter my head, and if they do I know where they’re coming from.

    1. That’s really lovely and very powerful, I’ve felt the same thing myself that the quality of energy coming through me that was putting me down didn’t feel like it was from me at all.

      1. Yes, clocking that such negative self talk isn’t truly us is a great support to stopping it altogether. Observing that has supported me to reducing it a lot. I’m currently on a challenge to eliminate it entirely and only say nice things about myself.

  10. The stillness in Esoteric Yoga sessions reveal so much. I find the sessions help me to drop into deeper parts of the truth of my being where I experience greater love and stillness, and when I finish the session and begin living this new depth in daily life it really highlights all that does not belong to my deeper way of being. “Know thyself” is such a powerful way to live, especially as there is always more to know!

  11. Stillness is the only place I find actual truth. By distracting myself, making up stories or excuses in my mind, I can be way off track. It’s only when I become still that there is the simplicity to actually feel the truth of how I am or what’s going on for me. I value this so much and find its essential to my health and wellbeing.

  12. Esoteric Yoga supports me to live my day in more stillness. It is such a practical tool, yet so many resist the depth we can go to with this amazing and inspiring modality.

    1. The stillness on offer can be quite confronting but when I allow myself to explore the depths available I am blown away by this modality.

  13. “So now when I look in the mirror I say to myself ‘you are SO worth it, gorgeous woman’. And that’s the truth.” So beautiful Stevie. Spotting the false beliefs we have around ourselves and turning them on their head can be life changing.

  14. Esoteric yoga helps highlight those unloving ways that normally get off scot free while we focus on other things in our day. Because it’s bringing our attention solely to our relationship with ourselves.

  15. Esoteric Yoga offers us a deep connection with our body, space to feel the surrender and stillness from within and an opportunity to take that connection and stillness to how we live and work.

  16. In-spiring in-deed Stevie. Living with “that’ll do” is keeping yourself less. Its a setup as an outcome and not in the truth of all that is before You. Your body knows, and experiencing an esoteric modality like Esoteric Yoga, it presents to you the stillness within so it becomes a marker if you so mark and appreciate it. Once marked it is there to know and always have. You then have the next waiting point to mark and accept…

    1. Well said, it is not that once you get there you are done, it is not linear. It is a constant deepening almost like deepening into an undiscovered universe amongst the stars.

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