A True Religion

by Dean Pirera

The Way of the Livingness is a deeply honouring religion that has no churches, no followers, no priests and  no-one who is of more value or importance than another – because it knows and presents that every single person is the equal Son of God returning to their natural and Divine way of being. It emphasises the word returning because it knows we are all already Divine and pure by essence – just disconnected from it and now making our way back again. In this religion, there are no ‘born sinners’, no ‘chosen people’, just everyone the same and equal in a one brotherhood.

Not only is this religion amazing in its presentation of a one unified truth for humanity, it goes much, much deeper by providing a living example of how to re-develop the Divinity within ourselves and re-kindle our connection with God as an everyday practical human being – in going about work, spending time with family, raising children, having a career and so on and forth. The Way of the Livingness therefore teaches you to be a responsible, loving, supportive, and understanding human being – while simultaneously never losing sight of the practicals and rigours that we all must endure in everyday life. Equally, it never lets go of the sacredness and truth of the fact that we are Divine beings and Sons of God, living in physical bodies.

After 8 years of learning and developing with The Way of the Livingness, my life has changed profoundly. From being an emotional and spiritual wreck, having a large financial debt, living in an unhappy relationship and generally feeling very unworthy as a person, I have turned my life completely around and become a more responsible person with a much healthier financial situation, a wonderful career, a strong marriage that is held in true love, and a deep relationship with myself and God. All of this has amounted to a rich and blessed life, which I have myself and the Way of the Livingness to absolutely thank for that.

Perhaps, the best part about this religion can be summed up like this: that it leaves each and every person knowing that who they are, what they do with their lives and how they choose to be in terms of love, care and taking responsibility for themselves, is all entirely up to themselves. It is a triumph in self-responsibility and if embraced, allows a person to be completely empowered by their own choices – no Saviours to come and do that for them, no magic pills or secret membership, just free will and choices based on a true understanding of life.

This is a glorious religion because it presents a simple way of living that if applied naturally returns love, common sense and a deep connection to God back into our lives.

169 thoughts on “A True Religion

  1. ‘There are no ‘born sinners” – ahhh, that is music to my heart, let alone my ears. Well said Dean. The simplicity of reconnecting to the innate love that we are and living this in responsibility every day offers a new (and equally ancient) way of being that turns lives around – as it has yours and mine equally.

  2. We are never alone in picking up the pieces of our lives – even when we think they are too shattered to be ever put back together again. Learning and trusting that we are never alone, that there is always the opportunity for change, that there is always the opportunity to heal and that there is always someone to help us if only we would ask is a fact we all need to realise, accept and maximise on the potential of.

  3. It is amazing that prior to hearing Serge Benhayon talk about livingness I had never contemplated or reflected on how my livingness and daily choices impact on the quality of my life in the level of detail that has been presented by Serge.

  4. What? No dogma, no-one to deify and make more than our ‘miserable selves’?? But rather an embracing of universal truths known by all and thus, a deep and profound empowerment in life – fostered by our nurturance of our connection to the divine that lives within…
    Your words speak the absoluteness of true religion Dean. More wisdom please, from the glorious truth of your experience, and via the deftness of your pen…

  5. ‘In this religion, there are no ‘born sinners’, no ‘chosen people’, just everyone the same and equal in a one brotherhood.’ Our essence is pure and untouched and when we live from our essence we live from God.

  6. Imagine a way of living that constantly confirms to you that you are love, that you are equal to all, and that you inherently know God. Sounds incredible, and it is… The Way of The Livingness.

  7. Religion to me is simply a relationship, so like all my relationships it is a work in progress, I am a forever student and I am blessed to know that Religion is not owned by anyone, it does not mean you must follow or bow down. I am blessed to know that God is not mightier than I or revengeful. God is the wind blowing through the trees, the stillness in the starry sky and my heart’s rhythm when it aligns to all that this on offer. I have Universal Medicine’s profound and simple teachings to thank for my now healthy relationship with the grander more unseen side of life.

  8. So beautifully said Dean, and every word true in my experience also. Never before in this life have I felt a more tangible way to live in connection to who I am, guided by a relationship with my will, God and the universe which continues to enrichen the everyday life I live, and all the relationships I share with others. The Way of The Livingness has inspired me to return me to live and breathe a life that feels absolutely natural, so much more Soulful and with a greater quality of truth and love, one that has my body and being singing with the joy of realising that we are the equal Sons of God, and our Divinity is our true way of being.

  9. Thank you Dean for a beautiful sharing of the changes that The Way of The Livingness has made in your life, it is amazing the freedom that self responsibility gives us in the way we choose to live our lives, we can now live life from the deep connection to our inner heart, where we feel the love, equalness and connection with God,humanity and nature.

  10. Religion tends to be a strange business. There is competition between different brands, each one has a very strong tenet of what to be religious means, so there is a clear indication of how do you have to be. Their texts incite fear; fear that turns many into devotees. Established religions are about ‘buying’ security. The Way of The Livingness is totally different. It has no interest to participate in the so-called religious marketplace. This is because it understands the word religion totally different from the other ones. It adheres to its original meaning. It is not an instructional religion. It does not tell you how you have to be and act. No incitation to fear whatsoever; just beauty. And it makes very clear that life and religion are never about security. It leaves you alone with your choices, but at the same time, it calls you to be more, in the knowing that we are indeed much more than what we seem to be.

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