Religion is Science, Almost

by Christoph Schnelle, Lismore Region, NSW

I react(ed) negatively when I hear the word religion. So much seems untrue about every religion that I know about. I shuddered at being identified with a religion – everybody would know that I accept something as true or believe in something that is obviously not true.

Recently I got a new perspective – religion can be true: actually, it is required to be true if it wants to explain the world. In other words, for a religion to be true, the following has to be true:  

Religion is

  • That which is true and
  • Does not contradict science and
  • Which cannot (yet) be proven by science
  • Plus all of science

I never thought I would come across such a religion, but after listening to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, every statement of the “The Way of the Livingness” that I have heard has either been:

  • True as far as I can empirically test it, or it
  • Does not contradict science, though often expands on science
  • Either cannot yet be proven by science or
  • Has been proven by science.

In other words, “The Way of the Livingness” has been, in my nine years of experience, a vast expansion on science. One of the consequences is that The Way of the Livingness is full to bursting of ideas for scientific study. Like string theory in physics it is a grand unifying theory but – unlike string theory – The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses.

147 thoughts on “Religion is Science, Almost

  1. It’s amazing how science comes up with theories and laws to explain things. If only science would bite a bullet and dare be simple, it would have to allow God to be a part of it.

  2. Thank you Christoph, As we are returning to our roots it is the most natural thing to understand science so that as we deepen our understanding of True science and religion they contributes to our philosophical approach to life, and there we have it an amazing mix of Truth, such is The Way of The Livingness.

  3. The way of the livingness is a religion that is not full of dogmas and rules, it doesn’t dictate over you and does not tell you what to do. Freedom of choice in its fullest.

  4. In my experience there is a science and an order and a precision to how the universe works and stays in balance and I know I am part of it all and am learning to play my part in supporting that balance and this for me is my religion.

  5. Science is a fact of life. Our physical bodies are one of the most delicate sciences in this world. The wisdom of conventional medicine that helps to heal it is also a magnificent science. In consideration of all this, it makes absolute sense to me that how we live our everyday should also be considered a science.

  6. The Way of The Livingness definitely expands our understanding of science and at the same time is all about science.

  7. The Way of the Livingness, encapsulates science and philosophy all in one, it explains all about life the world of energy and the science of our life and movement. A complete package of universal dimensions.

  8. The universe seems complex in one sense, yet it operates in pure simplicity which I find very lovely. Great reflection for me to live life instead of trying to understand it (all of the time).

  9. Religion does not contradict science, but expands on science – this explains so well the dilemma and frustration often observed in the scientific point of view against religion.

  10. Absolutely agree Christoph. The Way of The Livingness restores the meaning of true religion which for me goes hand in hand with true science. When the vibration of our Soul is lived through our bodies, the quality of our movements become evidence of all that is possible, all that is impacted when the light of who we are is lived. As are our bodies and movements when we live in resistance to living who we are. This point alone to me highlights how there is an inseparable relationship between science and religion.

  11. You make a great point here Christoph ‘“The Way of the Livingness” has been, in my nine years of experience, a vast expansion on science.’ and one day science will also wake up to this truth and begin to see the Ageless Wisdom as the universal intelligence we all have access to that brings a deeper understanding to life, relationships etc.

  12. I love the simplicity of what you share here religion is truth and in tandem with science with that truth, with science playing catch-up, after religion has set the frame of truth. It’s telling our relationship as a humanity with truth when most religions are not about truth at all, but convenient lies sold as truth.

  13. It is interesting how nearly all of humanity has fallen hook, line and sinker to the ways of most religions without truly discerning their truth. Whilst most religions expel truths as their entire way encompassing of us all?

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