Evolution is a U-Turn, Not a Ladder

At the age of 8 I chose to separate from myself. The gap that I created between me and myself has been filled for most of my life with an array of debris that has masqueraded itself as life. One such piece of debris was the belief that evolution works like a ladder – as you climb up it, you evolve. 

For a very long time I had a strong sense that I was ‘getting somewhere’ – I felt that I was slowly making my way up the invisible ladder of evolution. I have always been a happy person and never worried too much about anything; I felt that I had things pretty much sorted and I took my happiness as evidence of my bogus ascension. 

Looking back now, I can also see that I mistook the feeling of being very physically fit as a sign of being in genuine good health.

For me, physical well-being was somehow linked to evolution. I did not question my need to exercise, in fact I prided myself in my commitment to keeping myself very physically fit. I saw it as a strength, another rung mastered and an indication of the fact that I was getting somewhere.

In my mid-thirties I trained as a yoga teacher and it was at this point that I really started to get deeply into the illusion of ascension. There is much within the yoga consciousness that revolves around the idea of ‘moving up the ladder.’

The physical poses themselves go from basic to advanced and so it went without saying that the ‘better’ you are at the physical yoga, then naturally the ‘higher up’ you were getting. Those that practised a lot were considered to be, in some way, more dedicated to the pursuit of evolution. It was not discussed, however it was quietly understood, that those who practised under well-known teachers seemed to accrue more credits in the game of ascension, and ‘bonus points’ were rewarded to those who studied yoga in India.

The goal of the game was to reach enlightenment. I saw enlightenment as being the moment when you reached the very top of the ladder… the moment when the veil of illusion would magically lift. Did I think enlightenment was achievable? Yes I did. I was embroiled in the belief that I was climbing up the ladder.

This belief lay like a canopy over my entire life. It infiltrated my thoughts and engineered my body to move in certain ways. The belief owned me; I was its puppet, its plaything, acting out the characteristics of the belief. 

I was not being Me, I was enacting a belief, as sincere as a game of charades.

Pick a category, any category will do.

When we take on a belief, we take on a pre-selected set of characteristics that come with that belief. It comes as a bundle.

One of the components of the ‘Belief in Enlightenment’ package is levitation, and as I had brought the whole package, I was under the illusion that it was very possible that one day I would lift clean off my yoga mat and hover in the air effortlessly. I find it both funny and sinister at the same time. Funny that I thought that any moment I was going to hover over the mantelpiece, and sinister when you consider that some ‘belief packages’ contain killing as part of their bundle.

When you download a belief you subscribe to the whole package, you don’t choose the parts you want. 

Within the beliefs that surround yoga there are clear ranks of distinction, the top of the pile being God-like figures who are revered by everyone underneath them.

The belief that I was climbing the ladder of evolution managed to cling onto me for all of 20 years. It gripped me so tightly that I was unable to feel the damage that my relentless yoga practice and deep lack of self-care were doing to me.

My body tried repeatedly to let me know how it felt but my beliefs were so ingrained that they kept me motoring along at the same breakneck speed every day. I lived with intense pain and extreme exhaustion for years until, eventually, my body broke down: it literally stopped going.

It was around this time that a friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom. I took my battered body along to workshops. Due to the fact that my once athletic body was no longer willing to even walk to the local shop, I had no choice but to start to slowly question my long held beliefs.

By attending workshops, having esoteric healing sessions and listening to audio recordings, I have slowly, over many years, let go of an incredible amount of beliefs.

I have discovered that what lay underneath beliefs is truth and the truth is, we are born already knowing God unencumbered, but we layer over the top of our connection to this knowing – false ways of being, beliefs, ideas, practices, habits, behaviours, personality traits, pain etc., they serve to distort our connection with ourselves, and it is through our true connection with ourselves first, that we know also our connection to God. We forget altogether that once upon a time we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that;

In our essence, we know God.

This connection is found by looking within and not by seeking outside of us.

Serge Benhayon found his way back to this knowing and he now teaches others the way back through ‘The Way of The Livingness.’ This is a U-Turn because it teaches us that we already know God, we just need to remove the impediments (and belief systems) that prevent us from feeling this connection in our bodies.

It is not possible to ever be separate from God, it is only possible to have the belief that God is separate from us. Take away the false belief and we return to this knowing.

I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon for returning to this knowing and for then lighting the way back for everyone else.

By Alexis Stewart, Care worker with the intellectually disabled, Yoga teacher, Mum, dedicated Student of the Livingness, Sydney, Australia

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1,119 thoughts on “Evolution is a U-Turn, Not a Ladder

  1. It has been a long time since sabretooth tigers were chasing us as a snack. We have evolved and have gotten smarter; we now only have to run faster than the person next to us! There is no race, but we all win when we reach the finish line together.

  2. “It is not possible to ever be separate from God, it is only possible to have the belief that God is separate from us. Take away the false belief and we return to this knowing.” Wow the truth presented is beautiful and magical and so powerful, beyond all the beliefs we have subscribed to and taken on. The knowingness of God lies within and is part of who we are.

  3. I can relate to what has been written as I also practised yoga for many years and would go away on long weekends to practice with various teachers. There is this unspoken belief that if you can do difficult poses and are dedicated then you are higher up the enlightened ladder. It was on one of these trips that I injured both of my knees and limped for three years but it didn’t stop me from practicing, it just slowed me down. Looking back I can see that my body did not want to be put in those positions and that it was speaking to me very loudly. Especially, at those weekends away as it felt more like torture and endurance than enlightenment.

  4. Alexis, this is really interesting to read and makes absolute sense; ‘When you download a belief you subscribe to the whole package, you don’t choose the parts you want.’

  5. The whole concept of ladder is based on the foundation of inequality, being better or more superior are those in the higher ranking and the whole concept is disgusting and anything that comes from this foundation cannot be from Truth, our whole body knows it.

  6. We are never separate from God even when we say we do not believe in God, He is still with us no matter what, because we live in His atma.

  7. This notion of getting somewhere, becoming something is so deeply ingrained in us. Even though evolution is about re-turning back to who we truly are, I can feel there’s an element of ‘trying’ in my movements that feels a bit tension riddled at times, rather than a simple surrender.

  8. When I am trying to get somewhere unknown, as in going up the ladder my body feels very anxious, yet when I feel how evolution is this u-turn and I actually do know everything already, this makes my body settle and feel confident, even though there is still much to reacquaint.

  9. The belief that we are separate from God is what most religions teach, and I for one was tied up in that belief for most of my life, always searching but never finding God, until the Way of the Livingness came along and showed us that God lives within and always has, just waiting for us to connect to. There is a freedom and an equality that can be lived when we are willing to see and understand that all belief systems are untrue, just a way of keeping us away from discovering the true gold, that we all are divine sons of God, innately so.

  10. Isn’t it fascinating how even evolution has become a concept by which people can compare themselves to each other with. Have we really lost our connection to the Soul so much that its very love has been turned in to a game of comparison, jealousy and personal achievement – all of which stem from judgement, something which has no love in it all.

  11. ‘It is not possible to ever be separate from God, it is only possible to have the belief that God is separate from us.’ So true Alexis, God is forever holding and loving us no matter if we turn our back on him or walk away, as God’s love is not conditional in anyway.

  12. “When you download a belief you subscribe to the whole package, you don’t choose the parts you want”. So from where I see it, you can’t just go instantly to the bottom of the ladder as each rung you have climbed is part of the whole ladder and each issue associated with that rung needs to be examined. I can see the easiest way to live is not to step foot on the ladder at all, but simply turn within – the ‘u-turn’ – where all the answers to life’s questions are waiting.

  13. Coming back to the awareness and wonder of a small child while having the understanding of an adult is one of the nicest experiences in the world.

  14. To short cut the ladder thinking while living esoterically – which says basically we are already everything, we are complete – it is key that we feel that we are divine, to feel that we are love, and that all the healing sessions we are doing, the yoga, the walks etc are not destined to make us better, but to discard what we are not to uncover our essence, the divine being we are.

  15. Superb piece of writing Alexis. I too was on this ascension belief path for a long time. And if you are not careful you can take the esoteric also as another ladder trick, I realize now. To really embody you are already everything is key. Wake up call, thank you.

  16. This whole ladder and attaining thing has such a lot of self and identification in it such as it was ME who did it. The complete opposite to true evolution and the RETURNING to the oneness that holds us ALL us equally glorious.

  17. “When you download a belief you subscribe to the whole package, you don’t choose the parts you want.”

    This is absolute truth. We are not as free to ‘pick and choose’ from the smorgasbord of life as we think we are. We either align to the energy of love or we align to all that is not of this love and thus the many abuses that soon follow.

    1. So true and once we align to the package or align to the energy that is not love, it gives us the illusion that we have many choices and we make all the decisions but they are all the same choices disguised as good or bad.

  18. “Within the beliefs that surround yoga there are clear ranks of distinction, the top of the pile being God-like figures who are revered by everyone underneath them”.
    I attended a few yoga classes many years ago and felt the push of the class to always strive to do more amazing holding of postures and poses, but feeling little connection to anything except for hurting my body in ‘trying to’ keep up. Years later Esoteric `Yoga came into my life and it took a while to realise that there was nothing to achieve or attain, simply to surrender and be with myself and the re-connection to stillness within. Read more about Esoteric Yoga at http://www.unimedliving.com/yoga

    1. This is a great example Stephanie. If we see life as lineal then we introduce a beginning point and an end point and lose ourselves oscillating between A and B as we try to get to B and leave A behind. By doing this we miss out on the depth and richness on offer when we surrender to deeper and deeper levels of our multidimensionality that can then be brought through into our daily way of living. This approach eliminates ‘trying’ as we are not caught up in the illusion that we have to ‘get somewhere’ but are simply returning to something we already are that we may not yet expressing in full. Evolution game changer.

  19. “When you download a belief you subscribe to the whole package, you don’t choose the parts you want.” I love this sentence. Its not something that we consider as we think that we can get away with liking only a portion of something, but we can become so imbedded in the whole consciousness without even realising.

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