Appreciation of Us All

Recently I re-visited the workshop The Livingness – Stage One, by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

It was a beautiful gift I gave to myself to attend this one-day workshop, and what made it even more special was that I attended with a few friends from the Gold Coast with whom I had shared my study and learning about the Livingness for a few years.

I remember my first Livingness One workshop I attended about 8 years ago very vividly; how I just sat there, listening to Serge present and feeling clearly like I was finally home.

I remember I did not want to leave that day as I felt so held, like never before in my life. It was a huge marker in my life; a marker of confirmation of my own knowing of true truth and real love.

What blows me away every time I attend an event with Universal Medicine is the supreme quality and absolute integrity that is offered, from the first moment of any event to the last. And this workshop was no exception of course.

After a very interactive morning exploring the layers we have chosen to put on our true selves to seemingly protect ourselves, we delved into the Science of Appreciation.

Again we did some interactive exercises, one on one or with a small group of four. What happened here for me was absolutely huge – opening and deepening the awareness and the sharing of what beauty and divinity we see and feel in each other.

I was able to do the last exercise with an old friend from way back – over 8 years ago we had connected at the first Universal Medicine Retreat. Since then we haven’t really spent any extra time together outside of this, and we have only seen each other fleetingly at Universal Medicine events.

She started to share with me how much she appreciated me, who she felt I was, and what I meant to her. It was so beautiful to feel that there is a deep connection between us, even though we don’t hang out a lot. The amazing thing was that I did actually feel absolutely the same about her too and I felt my heart open so much.

Feeling her appreciation of me was such an amazing gift and confirmed to me my own feeling of the huge appreciation and love I had for this woman too.

I started to express how much I appreciated having her in my life, feeling how I was always aware of her being there, that we were in this journey and school of life on earth together even though physically apart most of the time.

Within all this beauty and love a sadness came up for me, for all the times that I had felt that closeness with her but I had not expressed it for whatever reason.

Once we finished, I realised that the huge love and appreciation I felt was also about Serge Benhayon, the whole extended Benhayon Family and the whole Universal Medicine team and the Student Body, with whom I have been blessed to share this extraordinary learning about ourselves and each other as we remove more and more of our protections and masks, and with that, by default, also learning about humanity as a whole; plus history, science, religion, philosophy, relationships, work, our divinity and every aspect of our daily lives.

I deeply felt this huge appreciation for everybody, every one of the 120 people present, plus another few hundred who were not there on that day, and the sadness of not having expressed this enough to most of them.

Writing this, I can feel that this exercise also showed me that I have not appreciated myself enough either – just for being who I am, without perfection, sharing this life with amazing people and choosing to grow and learn until my last breath of this, my present incarnation.

By Esther Auf der Maur, Gold Coast, Australia

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1,001 thoughts on “Appreciation of Us All

  1. I notice the more I am open to appreciating myself how much easier it is to appreciate and value others, there is a flow on effect of appreciation that is felt far and wide.

  2. For me, as well, it is the “supreme quality and absolute integrity” that all Universal Medicine events are presented with that I always deeply appreciate. Add to that; there are no “have to’s”, no dogma, no chasing you for money and no expectations, simply the feeling of unconditional love and honouring of each person who steps through the door. And if you choose to step away you are not hounded to return. There is so much to appreciate about Universal Medicine and all of us.

  3. It is such a beautiful way to be with each other when we choose to appreciate, I wonder why we don’t do this more often.

  4. Quite often the people we have spent spent the most time with are the ones we appreciate the least yet when we look a little closer there is so much to appreciate in them. I feel inspired by this blog to voice my appreciation for and to members of my family and workmates much more often.

  5. We may enter home through the main door, the service door, a window, the roof, the chimney, the garage, etc. It does not matter how you made it there. All it matters is that you felt it and this changes everything, including how to relate to it.

  6. Stopping to appreciate those who are on this path with us, along with the constant reflections we receive from each other is massive. Thank you for the reminder, Esther.

  7. “It was so beautiful to feel that there is a deep connection between us, even though we don’t hang out a lot.” – It’s beautiful how we can have deep connections with people regardless of the amount of time spent together in physical presence.

  8. Beautiful Ester, when can underestimate the power of appreciation. Not only does it confirm our love for others, it connects us back to the love we are within.

  9. We all too often hold back from expressing what we really feel about another, because we are reserved or we believe it’s not what one does, yet if we all truly expressed our appreciation for one another the world would be a very different place.

  10. I placed myself on a daily appreciation program and appreciate a moment whether ‘small’ or ‘big’ in my day to day life. I either message this to another person or we express it. From this I know more is revealed to us both.

    Even in what we perceive as a ‘bad’ situation there is beauty in this too if there is willingness to receive it for what it is.

  11. Appreciation is what I am working on more and more everyday. For me I didn’t know how to appreciate myself but also receiving this appreciation from others was seen as ‘yes its my job or duty’ instead of receiving it through its glory.
    Now I see the appreciation at a another level, a confirmation of what I bring to the world and to keep adding to this, it is forever evolving.

  12. Appreciation confirms the multidimensionality that we are, and that which is lived when we are in connection to our Soul, so it is more of this light that is what we align to over and over again, bringing more and more of our multidimensionality to life.

  13. No matter how many times we experience our beauty there is always more to accept, allow and expand. Every time I do this course I fall more in Love with us all – the truth of who we are is grand. Thank you Esther!

  14. True appreciation brings us to tears, partly for the realisation of what has not been previously expressed and partly because the sheer beauty of it all reminds us of who we are and where we come from.

  15. It is deeply sad to feel, truthfully, how little we have appreciated ourselves, family, friends, work mates, aquaintences, moments of joy, the beauty and lightness of life, the joy that is felt when we fully share ourselves with another. There is so much to appreciate in our lives, and it is never too late to begin to do so.

  16. When we allow ourselves to feel and see the beauty of anybody we meet independently of how they behave or look, the world would be a completely different place than that we have not known for ages.

  17. It is only our lack of self-worth and self-love that makes us not to feel the beautiful, lovely and powerful people we are.

    1. Such a simple truth that you share Mary, that by reflection to one another we are taught the the lessons of life, that we are worth living that precious life that is given to us as a means to experience and explore the true beauty and power of our being in a physical body in this world. Much to appreciate…

    1. The world loses its sparkle, and so do we, when we forget to appreciate, and deny or dismiss who we are and what we bring.

  18. Beautifully expressed Esther, thank you for sharing about appreciation, this is such a huge key to our evolution, at times when life is difficult it is hard to find appreciation, but when we do appreciate what our soul is revealing appreciation can ease our passage and open up our understanding.

  19. Appreciation in our society is very under valued, yet it’s the missing piece to our puzzle. A little goes a long way, and it’s important to note that appreciation is not the same as gratitude. Appreciation starts by appreciating who we are and what we bring. It is not about saying please and thank you and being polite. It’s about really valuing ourselves and others and seeing beyond our daily activities/behaviours etc.

  20. There will always be another time to appreciate and another and another. It is always up to us to take the choice but the choice is never too late as appreciation itself is a return to love so anything but that won’t be appreciation but delay so any time to begin would be the most perfect time.

  21. Like you Ester, I too have this openness and willingness to learn about life, about myself, to connect deeper with my body and the wisdom therein to keep expanding my awareness and evolution.

  22. It goes to show the absolute love when we are connected to our soul we have for people whether it is for another we have only met once or for a member of our blood family. Love is love… there are no privileges because of blood… we can only be one big family.

  23. Appreciation solidifies our truth and confirms it in others. Appreciation is a must. Thank you for your beautiful story Esther

  24. Just as important as appreciation is the expression of it; we brush this aside and think it’s not important or that the other knows or can feel it anyway, but there is a certain magic in the expression of it that grows more of it’s own and enriches us immensely.

    1. Yes, love what you’ve brought in here Gabriele about appreciation and enrichment.. appreciation is the foundation that nurtures, supports and enriches all of our relationships. Once we start appreciating ourselves and what we bring, it becomes so natural and easy to see and appreciate others for who they are, too.

  25. It is amazing that one of the biggest hurts people have is holding back their love and appreciation – imagine if we all let it out!!!

  26. I am only scratching the surface of the healing power of appreciation in both our lives and the lives of others. “She started to share with me how much she appreciated me, who she felt I was, and what I meant to her”, what you share here is not an ounce about what we do, any product we produce. This is about the essence of what we bring and in order to bring that to another we need to take a moment to offer it to ourselves first.

  27. I can feel I do not express enough appreciation for the people I have in my life who truly hold and support me when those moments come when I need support. One of those people is my daughter, she is like my rock, when I wobble here and there, I call her and I get steady again! She is amazing and also a dear friend.

    1. That is beautiful Jacqmcfadden04, it is a blessing to have people in our life who we can call on for support. And, through the reflection of their love and steadiness they naturally support us to reconnect back to our own steadiness and love.

  28. “The amazing thing was that I did actually feel absolutely the same about her too and I felt my heart open so much”. I find appreciation is very heart opening and warming, and brings us back together. It drops the walls we put up to protect ourselves and we get to re-discover the deep and natural love we have for all people.

  29. I have spoken to many fellow students of the Way of the Livingness, and almost without exception, there was a sense of returning home the first time we heard Serge Benhayon present the Ancient Wisdom. For me this was felt as a deep knowing of all he was saying, something I’d always known but had forgotten. A returning and a reawakening sums it up beautifully.

  30. One of the many things that I love about each workshop is that it doesn’t matter how many times you do the same workshop, they are never the same and the learning at each sitting is huge. Like the schools of old.

  31. I see a lack of appreciation for one another particularly in the workplace which causes tension and we believe it is warranted to be closed off. If we appreciated ourselves for who we are and what we bring just by sitting at that desk or walking from a to b and how that supports the whole business and everyone in it then there wouldn’t be any room for office politics.

  32. The ripple effect of appreciation goes beyond our eyes and ears, it is an energetic ripple effect that can be felt by others because it completes the moment, it nods its cap to the love we are held in, the love we are from and the love we are constantly called back to.

  33. I must admit I often sit back and don’t appreciate my part in what goes on around me. I see others and you compare, try to measure up and also hit out with jealousy if you see something that in your eyes at that point isn’t what you want to see. All this comes from me not seeing my part, meaning stopping short of appreciating what there is around me, appreciating my part in the whole part and appreciating the simplicity of what is there. I know it sounds so so simple and it does take practice because the pattern is to compare, critique, be better etc etc and yet a daily dose of appreciating the feeling of just being where you are and no need for anything more is so refreshing and supports to build all that you truly are.

      1. Ah and nothing like the reflection from another who is already seeing what is truly there as an offering to step into the same quality, thank you.

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