Appreciation of Us All

Recently I re-visited the workshop The Livingness – Stage One, by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

It was a beautiful gift I gave to myself to attend this one-day workshop, and what made it even more special was that I attended with a few friends from the Gold Coast with whom I had shared my study and learning about the Livingness for a few years.

I remember my first Livingness One workshop I attended about 8 years ago very vividly; how I just sat there, listening to Serge present and feeling clearly like I was finally home.

I remember I did not want to leave that day as I felt so held, like never before in my life. It was a huge marker in my life; a marker of confirmation of my own knowing of true truth and real love.

What blows me away every time I attend an event with Universal Medicine is the supreme quality and absolute integrity that is offered, from the first moment of any event to the last. And this workshop was no exception of course.

After a very interactive morning exploring the layers we have chosen to put on our true selves to seemingly protect ourselves, we delved into the Science of Appreciation.

Again we did some interactive exercises, one on one or with a small group of four. What happened here for me was absolutely huge – opening and deepening the awareness and the sharing of what beauty and divinity we see and feel in each other.

I was able to do the last exercise with an old friend from way back – over 8 years ago we had connected at the first Universal Medicine Retreat. Since then we haven’t really spent any extra time together outside of this, and we have only seen each other fleetingly at Universal Medicine events.

She started to share with me how much she appreciated me, who she felt I was, and what I meant to her. It was so beautiful to feel that there is a deep connection between us, even though we don’t hang out a lot. The amazing thing was that I did actually feel absolutely the same about her too and I felt my heart open so much.

Feeling her appreciation of me was such an amazing gift and confirmed to me my own feeling of the huge appreciation and love I had for this woman too.

I started to express how much I appreciated having her in my life, feeling how I was always aware of her being there, that we were in this journey and school of life on earth together even though physically apart most of the time.

Within all this beauty and love a sadness came up for me, for all the times that I had felt that closeness with her but I had not expressed it for whatever reason.

Once we finished, I realised that the huge love and appreciation I felt was also about Serge Benhayon, the whole extended Benhayon Family and the whole Universal Medicine team and the Student Body, with whom I have been blessed to share this extraordinary learning about ourselves and each other as we remove more and more of our protections and masks, and with that, by default, also learning about humanity as a whole; plus history, science, religion, philosophy, relationships, work, our divinity and every aspect of our daily lives.

I deeply felt this huge appreciation for everybody, every one of the 120 people present, plus another few hundred who were not there on that day, and the sadness of not having expressed this enough to most of them.

Writing this, I can feel that this exercise also showed me that I have not appreciated myself enough either – just for being who I am, without perfection, sharing this life with amazing people and choosing to grow and learn until my last breath of this, my present incarnation.

By Esther Auf der Maur, Gold Coast, Australia

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932 thoughts on “Appreciation of Us All

  1. What a beautiful gift to give yourself Esther;
    “opening and deepening the awareness and the sharing of what beauty and divinity we see and feel in each other”.

  2. The science of appreciation as presented by Serge Benhayon is truly powerful and allows the space for a deeper connection to love that has a flow on effect that blesses and inspires others around you as well.

  3. Yes Esther, each time I do a course with Universal Medicine I learn more, deepen what I already know and claim who I am more and more. Even if I go to the same course years in a row, it’s never the same. The universe has expanded, the Sun, earth and all the planets have shifted since the last course – and with a name like Universal Medicine, the courses keep in alignment with what is happening out there and how that affects us down here. Truly amazing to be part of these teachings again.

  4. Being able to let go of our guard and protection and to see the Love the we are inside changes the way we start to see. I know since putting this into practice that even the concept of appreciating myself has been embraced and it feels incredible. Looking at myself in the mirror and feeling a genuine love inside but also seeing this in others is super powerful.

  5. Gorgeous Esther. It is so confirming for us when we appreciate ourselves and express our appreciation of others. For it confirms our connection to truth and love we know and feel within ourselves, but also the same equal qualities we feel within others. As such it is appreciation that confirms our movements impulsed from our Soul.

  6. It’s amazing how life can be seen in such a negative or fearful light, when there is actually so much to appreciate that is truly beautiful, as well as in ourselves and others. Thankyou Esther for the reminders here.

  7. There are many levels to appreciation and many versions but there is only one true appreciation. We have played around with this word for it to mean many different things to many people and we can think it’s something we can have from one to another. True appreciation has no bounds and isn’t for one on one but can be grown from this point. In any moment when you see true appreciation you see the individual action that has bought the awareness while instantly seeing many other parts including yours. It’s like you see everyone in a single moment and yet you may only have one in front of you. There is so much to see even in the simplest moment and this is only limited by how you limit yourself. The more you truly appreciate what you see the more this opens up for you to see more, it’s like steps. This article is one of those steps and it’s great to not only see it but also to have it recorded in this way.

  8. This is the second article I have read on “The Livingness – Stage One, by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.” and in both articles people have been stopped in their tracks by what was presented. I have attended one many years ago and can see that it’s time to go again simply from what has been written in this article alone. It is obviously a life changing event or workshop and for many like me significantly so. I can always appreciate a workshop that doesn’t carbon copy itself but more moves with the times and presents what ever is needed, not only to the group attending but what supports them to walk further out into the world.

  9. ‘What blows me away every time I attend an event with Universal Medicine is the supreme quality and absolute integrity that is offered, from the first moment of any event to the last.’ I too feel deeply held when I attend a Universal Medicine course – appreciation and learning, inspiring responsibility with no judgement or critique just understanding and evolution.

  10. To appreciate ourselves and others is very confirming and support us to deepen our relationships. It supports us to let go of any judgment, comparison and jealousy and allows us to deepen our love for each other.

  11. Appreciation is like to adding fuel to the fire – it is the extra bit of expression that lets the flames burn brightly and not just smoulder the embers. With full expression there is no regret only more of the same.

  12. Just this morning I was appreciating myself for the confirmation recently of just how much my expression has changed. Having just begun a new relationship I have observed how easily I express and amazingly how much I now share myself. And with my appreciation I can feel my self love deepen.

  13. Esther, this is one of those blogs that leave you in deep appreciation of the all you have chosen. Appreciation grows appreciation, and appreciation grow commitment, responsibility and love. It’s the ultimate evolutionary way to live with thy self.

  14. An appreciation shared with another is a beautiful way to confirm the interconnectedness of us all and that without first appreciating ourselves these offerings of love would be few and far between. Appreciation for who we are and the joy and qualities we hold is a blessing and one to be shared with all, as it brings a real warmth and intimacy to our connections too.

  15. When we truly appreciate another we are, through our expression, confirming how we have been touched by their divine qualities.

  16. Our world of today is very much focused on the lack and the imperfections of the people and the world around us – where as the science of appreciation totally shifts that mentality and if taught in our schools, our homes and our workplaces it would literally transform our world as we know it today.

  17. What a beautiful appreciation piece, I loved what you have shared. We are so incredibly blessed to have opportunity after opportunity to deepen within ourselves and with others.

  18. Appreciation and confirmation are the keys for our constant expansion in line with evolution, the more we live in constant appreciation and awe of how amazing life is the easier we get to surrender to the flow of the universe.

  19. What a beautiful and confirming blog to read Esther. I love the appreciation you express for your friend, the community, Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and yourself. The science of appreciation is indeed expanding.

  20. Thank you Esther for this beautiful reminder to keep ourselves open and expressing at all times. Appreciation is a particular quality that is so important to keep alive and constant in our day to day lives as it really does open up the multidimensionality that we are all a part of. The appreciation I am talking about is not just the appreciation of the things and physicality that we see and find around us and the people around us, but it is also about how we appreciate qualities of ourselves and others. Appreciation is a key ingredient in the soup of life.

  21. It is true that we can still hold a connection with another without it constantly needing attention. This to me reflects the true appreciation felt between two or more and that is a powerful foundation that doesn’t wobble, if we simply stay with that choice.

  22. I agree that we don’t appreciate enough and reading this blog I could see how important it is and how fascinating it is we put at times more effort into seeing our issues than at least giving appreciation a go.

  23. Deeply beautiful to read this today Esther. Thank-you for sharing.
    What if we let in the true light of Appreciation every day? If we paused, not only to feel this richly for ourselves, but to appreciate and value deeply those in our life who mean so very much…
    If this became our living way, humanity would step itself right out of the misery and complication so commonly lived, bringing us far closer to receptivity to the light of our soul – where Appreciation becomes but a flicker of the greatness of Love that is there for us all to embrace, live and know.

    1. ‘Appreciation becomes but a flicker of the greatness of Love that is there for us all to embrace, live and know.’- words of a master Victoria, highlighting the responsibility we all hold to allow appreciation to be part of our everyday living, as we then bring the light of who we are to the lives we live more and more.

  24. I can relate to what you have shared and I find that I need to be living in appreciation of and valuing myself to be able to really appreciate another- when I live this with myself it just naturally flows to others too in how I am with them.

  25. Yesterday, I had a very humbling reflection of being dismissed and in that reflection I could see how dismissive I am of myself. Not just rejection, but dismissal. I was offered the opportunity to see my own pattern of self-dismissal, over a long period of time and how this momentum exists within me – by my own creation and choices. So, here I am today, feeling the call to be more appreciative, in a big way. So thank you Esther, for sharing your experiences here. It is very healing to read.

  26. What I find so beautiful is that when we appreciate and value who we are, we are also appreciating and confirming everyone else around us too. It just shows how interconnected we all are and how much love can truly hold us all as one.

  27. Every time we hold back we abuse ourselves. We choose to not feel the impact the lack of expressing has on our body and place others before us because of the fear we may get hurt. Putting others before ourselves which has been a long held behaviour of mine creates emotions such as resentment and bitterness which if left to fester can lead to illness and disease.

  28. As a society we have really skipped over what appreciation offers, which makes sense in a way, as we were not raised to know its value intricately. Thanks to the courses like The Livingness, we are all offered a taste of what our lives could be like if we choose to truly appreciate all we are in ourselves and all we feel in others. We are so comfortable running ourselves down or running others down but when it comes to knowing peoples amazing traits inside out, we shy away, which is both sad but also exiting, as there is much to explore and share both with ourselves and others.

  29. Beautifully expressed, thank you Ester for your sharing, I too remember too my first Livingness workshop it was strange but also familiar, a part of me knew that deep down I knew all that was being presented and experienced, being held that day by the love that Serge emanates awakened that same love within myself, for which I deeply appreciate.

  30. Appreciation is so important. It is so easy to take people for granted – especially those we live with or see every day. But it all starts with appreciating oneself. If we don’t do this how can we truly appreciate another?

  31. The Science of Appreciation… how incredibly beautiful to see and live appreciation as a science. My relationship with the word science is changing tenfold. Even though I have always known it’s true meaning I chose, to the detriment of my body, to listen to that which was outside my body. I checked-out and numbed myself in reaction until Serge Benhayon began to share what the word ‘Science’ meant in our everyday living. As I let go of what was causing a block in my relationship with the word it simply makes so much sense to welcome the science of the way I choose to live into my life and to question and confirm how it plays out.

  32. Very true Esther, I repeated Livingness 2 the other day and it’s perhaps the 5th time I have done it but what was delivered in this course was absolute gold and very different to other times I have attended, making it so practical and applicable to our understanding of life today.

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