How Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Connected me back to God and Religion

I haven’t been one to dabble in different religions throughout life, but whilst I attended Catholic Secondary College I accumulated much experience with the Catholic Church, and in my senior years my interest in the many differing religions brought me to undertake a subject called the Study of Religion.

Whilst I could always see the similarities between the array of religious and spiritual beliefs that inhabit our world, I always felt that they were only bringing part truths but perhaps missing something, or missing the whole.

I wondered how we could all be equal if some are excluding of others? And how is it that people can preach certain rules or disciplines but not actually live them for themselves?

I also had to ask: if God is Love, how could there be any discrimination against people, degradation of women or even a lack of self-love and true care within our very homes if we considered ourselves to be love and so-called religious?

Because God is Love, there can be no punishment, no judgement and certainly we won’t be sent to the fiery depths of hell for not being perfect, when perfection doesn’t even exist!

Through Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy with a highly qualified Universal Medicine practitioner, I have been able to connect back to God and the fact that God is with me, in my body.

Through this modality I claim the light that I am and feel a freedom or expansion in my shoulders that feels like I have wings. Right through to my feet there is a fullness of the natural flow and rhythm that my body’s connective tissue just knows how to be – every cell within me feels like Divinity.

When I connect to myself and to the very core of my being, which I call my essence or my Soul, I know exactly what it feels like to be held in God’s love and I am reminded that I am held in grace and absoluteness at all times. I sense the very glimpse of what it truly feels like to hold everyone else as equal Sons of God too, whether they choose to know God or not.

I cannot help but feel that we are brothers and that this makes us all one and the same.

In my Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy sessions I am fully supported to feel the lightness and acceptance of who I am as a Son of God on earth, and this forms a marker to carry with me wherever I go.

Whether I feel aches, pains or tension in my body or get caught in the tension of my day, nothing changes the fact that my body knows how to naturally align to love and flow accordingly.

As we know, the universe naturally moves in cycles and rhythms all of the time, and as our bodies are made up of the same particles as our universe, I realise I have this same opportunity to choose to live with awareness of my own cycles and rhythms every day. I can accept and let go of that which does not feel supportive for me, choosing to honour my body, my delicate exquisite connective tissue, to choose to align to God and embody love once more.

My body and the way that I live, is Religion. 

I live religiously each day through the choices I make to connect deeply to myself and thus to God and his love.

With this understanding, and thanks to the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine together with the many healing modalities I have studied, I now know the true and whole meaning of religion on a very personal level.

Religion resides in my very own body, in the graceful way in which I choose to live, to move and in the choices I make to reconnect to the love that I am. It is then through this quality, which I bring to my every movement, that I can consistently confirm my connection back to God and Religion.

In deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Kate Greenaway (physiotherapist and Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy extraordinaire) for their consistent and supportive approach in inspiring many to reconnect to the wisdom held deeply within our own physical bodies.

By Cherise Holt, 32, Nurse, Australia

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728 thoughts on “How Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Connected me back to God and Religion

  1. Someone posted once that the Buddha wasn’t buddhist, and Mohammed wasn’t moslem – and it makes sense of why we can feel there is truth spoken within religions, but the whole package of religion doesn’t bear any resemblence to truth. The true teachers have presented the wisdom down the ages, but those not living that same alignment have taken the words and created everything that purports to be of truth but which instead glorify and give power and dominance to false creation of men – in order to serve the individual purpose.

    1. Hi Annie, I like what you have written here about Buddha and Mohammed – I have found that as soon as we try to label people with a religion it can tend to narrow our views and they feel separate from everyone else. These true teachers delivered something that we can all resonate with, and they lived a love that we all know.

    2. You have clearly identified here, Annie, that the accepted religions are interpretations of what the original teachers taught and therefore not the Truth of what they taught. To truly represent what they taught it has to be lived.

  2. I continue to feel each day how every choice I make impacts my body. To appreciate this level of sensitivity is a surrender to grace that at one time I would never have believed to be possible for me. Now it is simply, my living way. It feels to me, that as Cherise shares above, I am living religion.

  3. The more we realise and surrender to the love we are within is where the oneness God is known, the more we will understand that religion is a livingness which can only truly be experienced through our movements in connection to our love. Love is the Soulful quality that we all equally hold within our bodies, by virtue of the fact that we are living beings here together on earth. As you have wisely shared highlights how our relationship with God and religion is always available, we only need to surrender to it – ‘Religion resides in my very own body, in the graceful way in which I choose to live, to move and in the choices I make to reconnect to the love that I am.’

  4. It really does seem quite amazing that people will commit themselves, as I have done in the past, to ‘religions’ that are so contradictory and as you so rightly expose Cherise, It is such a joy to encounter a religion, The Way of The Livingness, that ‘walks the talk’.

  5. “I cannot help but feel that we are brothers and that this makes us all one and the same.” This modality is profoundly healing for humanity.

  6. It is awesome that we have a modality such as esoteric connective tissue therapy that can connect us to our (w)holiness. Our bodies are sacred and to feel this from inside is a great gift . This is so powerful because the practitioners of Univesal Medicine follow a code of ethics that is second to none and take responsibility for the quality of energy In which they live.

    1. Well said, Elaine. I have always called Connective Tissue therapy ‘God’s work’, because in every session I cannot deny the connection to my (w)holiness.

  7. Having a session of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is like feeling the truth of how we once lived freely in our bodies as young children – before the assaults and impositions of the world molded us into a restricted and contracted way of living that is what we know ourselves to be today but is actually very far from what we truly know ourselves to be.

  8. ‘My body, and the way that I live, is religion.’ Beautifully expressed Cherise. When we live in connection with God and the Masters we cannot but fail to live true religion.

  9. We have seen and are still seeing so much unclarity about God, religion and what they both mean. We have groups, communities and whole countries pulling against each other in the name of both of these. Years ago I would have given you an opinion on this, well, to be honest, I would have shrugged my shoulders and possibly just changed the subject. I’m saying I would have put it all in the too hard basket and not wanted to get into something I didn’t understand. This was how school was and growing up with these two words I remember wanting to know more but felt like I should have known and then I always felt silly whenever I asked questions with the answers always making me more confused. It seems like there was a never-ending trail of questions that then lead to me turning away altogether.
    As the article states I was looking outside for answers that were already with me, all I needed do was connect to them. As a note; we have a perception of what answers look like, they should be written, on paper and be a certain way. What I am saying here is that the answer comes in many forms and in many ways, we only need be open to hearing or seeing them. What I have seen time and time again is that the quality I am in directly controls how the ‘answers’ are seen, or at times not seen. We have far more responsibility in all this then we see and it all comes from the quality we are in every step.

  10. “I live religiously each day through the choices I make to connect deeply to myself and thus to God and his love.” I love what you have written here as it makes religion very clear and simple. It is not more complicated than that.

  11. This is such a beautiful sentence, Cherise, that I just had to read it over again – “Religion resides in my very own body, in the graceful way in which I choose to live, to move and in the choices I make to reconnect to the love that I am.” If everyone learned from an early age that true religion was so natural to us, there would no doubt be much less conflict in the world.

  12. How powerful it is to have a marker in your body for what it actually feels like to be connected with your innermost essence and with God, so that it’s not a mental construct but a known quality.

    1. Yes Fiona, this quality you write of is so tangible once we connect. I am shocked by how easy it is to feel it more and more every day!

  13. ‘my body and the way I love is religion’ – this is awesome and so powerful and absolutely brings me an understanding of how powerful connective tissue is.

  14. A beautiful celebration of this wonderful modality that as you say unlocks the amazing wisdom held within our own bodies and helps to restore true wellbeing.

  15. Esoteric Connective Tissue modality is very supportive in allowing us to feel deeply the flow and rhythms within our body. Through a series of small gentle movements our ability to reconnect with our essence is fostered and once we have experienced the depth of this glorious feeling there can be no doubt whatever that love is what we come from, and is what we are all made of.

  16. It’s pretty crazy when you consider the way we marvel at science shows that display microscopic views or our body, that we celebrate when we can launch a probe into a new part of space, but all the time we have 24/7 guraranteed, unlimited access to the complete wisdom and knowing of God, just through connecting to our cells. It is like being given the ‘book of life’ and reading every other thing that has ever been published. It’s perverse, almost like we don’t want to know the truth. We can’t help but see it in the end as its written in large letters in everything. Thank you Cherise, for sharing how Esoteric Connective Tissue has helped you return to the simple wisdom that lives inside me and inside you.

  17. Reading the words ‘God is Love’ in this blog, brought up an instant response, clearly a memory from my own religious experiences. This was to add the words ‘but we are not’. This was one of my understandings from the messages of the Anglican church growing up. Yes, God is love, no argument there…but we are the problem here because we are not love. What it seems we are not readily told is that we can choose love from within where ‘the Kingdom of God’ is in us all – so we can be love too.

  18. Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy is simple and life-changing – feeling the reconnection to the truth of who we are allows us clear sight of the many destructive patterns and behaviours we run that is anything but the truth of us. Awareness is the key to truly changing, so slugging it out at the coal-face of drugs, domestic violence, abuse, bullying and corruption is necessary only because we have allowed ourselves to lose that connection to our essence, and have brought up generations lost to who they truly are. The ills need to be addressed on all fronts, but to start with the original ill, would render all subsequent powerless and without foundation.

    1. Sure Annie, we have to address it at the root first otherwise anything else we develop would be lacking foundation and doomed to fail as can be seen so clearly in the way we repeatedly are trying to improve our lives but avoid to go to the root of the ill first.

  19. In my experience there is a big difference between thinking and feeling. As Cherise shares here she ‘cannot help but feel that we are brothers and that this makes us all one and the same.’ When I go into what I feel, I feel the same way – there is an instant connection with everyone. But if I go to my thoughts, then I can start to perceive differences and believe in separation. These thoughts though are part of a conditioning from life itself not something that arises from the innateness of who I am and hence when we rely on our mental structures, we perpetuate this conditioning rather than express what is felt within.

  20. Indeed thanks to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy I am now able to connect more deeply to my body than I have been able ever before. The delicateness I now can connect to I never have felt before and was not even aware of that I had that in me. This connection makes me feel that I am so much more than only flesh and blood and my thinking, that I am part of something much grander than me and that, like the symbology of my connective tissue, am connected with all people I live with and even beyond, with all people in the world.

  21. Many of us struggle with accepting God as anything other than how most mainstream religions portray him – it has been a revelation to learn that we can access God through our own body.

  22. Cherise you beautifully describe how it feels when we connect to what we are made from. In this connection all are one and we feel the divinity we can chose to emanate with our every move.

  23. If we could only truly understand that God is pure love and that there is not an ounce of judgement only space for us to come back to our soul, then we wouldn’t buy into all these dogmas from religions which only keep us away from our true power and connection to the Divine.

  24. I whole heartedly agree with you Cherise, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is absolutely heavenly to receive!

  25. God (still notice I have an issue with the word God while writing this!) is love, it is us that has bastardised that love. Great you came back to feel the truth of this through your body.

  26. I feel that religion must encompass an understanding of people and a willingness to bring compassion and care as the foremost qualities. I just see very little of this in the practiced religions of the world. We know how much better life is when we care for one another, so we should really ask what corruption we have allowed in the dominance of certain religions over our way of life and whether this is deeply harming us. Religion must not be a word to be feared, but our current religions bastardised as they are appears to certainly make us wary at the very least of the idea that we are all religious in our own personal way.

    1. Stephen maybe that’s the catch?
      “but our current religions bastardised as they are appears to certainly make us wary at the very least of the idea that we are all religious in our own personal way.”
      The fact that we are wary of religion actually keeps us away from knowing true religion which is a living way naturally known in our bodies if we but give permission. I know I can feel true religion in my body now but I had to work hard to reestablish the connection by discarding all the ideals and beliefs that were in the way.

  27. Beautiful Cherise, connective tissue has been an incredible support for me also. I had a couple of month where I was having an incredibly sore shoulder and wrist on the same arm. I had had a connection tissue session and chakra puncture session on it which brought up my connection to god and the lack of support I felt. From then on I was committed to letting God in and feeling what support was on offer continuously that I was choosing not to feel or accept. I used connective tissue exercise daily during my day focussing on my shoulder and wrist. What came of this has been life changing. My connection to God has deepened, and continues to expand as I accept the support on offer. I still continue to use these exercise they have become part of my living way.

  28. Connective tissue at first was challenging for me to experience, because I had been so used to controlling the flow in my body and Connective tissue therapy is offering a flow which is far deeper, expansive and harmonious for the body – which I had not been living on a day to day basis. But I could not mistake that I felt like a new born when I hopped off the table and was truly amazing and en-lightened.

  29. Thank you Cherise, this was gorgeous to read, in fact my body responded quite strongly and felt very light and spacious as I read your words! This is such a powerful line “Religion resides in my very own body, in the graceful way in which I choose to live, to move and in the choices I make to reconnect to the love that I am”. It’s so very simple, the temple is already there in the body, and so is the love and wisdom in connection to the inner heart, no books or buildings needed as we ourselves are ready made packages of true religion. We are living Sons of God and always part of God’s body.

  30. Practising Esoteric Connective Tissue exercises in my daily rhythms has been a great support for me to deeply connect with my body. When I experience this connection, I also feel connected to everything and feel that I am much more than a body as a human being. With this tangible experience I can say that Love, that is, God, lives inside of me.

  31. “Religion resides in my very own body…” What music to the ears, and what a blessing that such a true knowing can be experienced with the support of a modality such as Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy.

  32. The denizens of the catholic church would do well to take note of what you’ve shared here Cherise – your words lay to waste such controlling notions as “fiery depths of hell” and restore us to the true Sonship light that lives within us all (and not ‘only one’).

    1. The words “fiery depths of hell” expose the fear and control in religion and attitude to God being punishing, whilst the words “fiery depths of love” speak volumes of who we truly are as Sons of God and the source we come from. Rather than religion telling me I can never be enough I prefer to connect to God and the truth I can never not be love as a Son of God. The Way of The Livingness is so simple as it’s the unfolding path of living as a Son of God in daily life and it comes from within, from my own relationship to God

      1. Very powerfully said Melinda – would love to read a blog expanding on the “fiery depths of love”, as you’ve brought us here. Reading this has been a high point in my day!

  33. Thank you Cherise, it’s a great conversation on what religion truly is, a whole body experience with God within, not “out there”, and each Son of God with equal divinity and authority. This is a great line “nothing changes the fact that my body knows how to naturally align to love and flow accordingly” as the true study of religion comes from the inner heart and body, not the mind studying words. It’s a living energy – and it’s there to be connected to and lived and moved with.

  34. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an amazing therapy that really allows you to let go in the body and totally surrender. I find that this is the greatest way in supporting myself to connect to what is deeply inside of me and to start to build a relationship with my true self and from there let go of the pictures and patterns that don’t support this.

  35. Cherish, it is beautiful to read that this is religion; ‘My body and the way that I live, is Religion’. This is so simple and liveable, institutionalised religions have made religion so complicated, heady and rule based and have gone so far from the truth if what religion is.

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