Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

I feel to share my experience with tenderness and practising the modality of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy as presented by Universal Medicine.

It is such a beautiful and fine method of healing.

This particular esoteric modality has supported me to drop deeper into my body and into stillness, and to really begin to connect to my tenderness.

Part of the training for Connective Tissue Therapy involves practice sessions. In the beginning I did not enjoy giving sessions… I tried to do the technique how I have learned it, however time didn‘t seem to pass in a session. I was often not trusting myself and thinking I had to do the technique a certain way with a certain speed or pressure.

During my practice hours, I swapped with another esoteric student who I trust very much and feel safe with. I felt safe to treat her in a way which honoured the very tender, fine and still way that I am, and which she is.

I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others.

To connect to my tenderness and truly drop into a deep stillness, connecting to the person and allowing myself to be as tender as I am, is beautiful. And to trust, and listen to what I feel is needed is supporting and expansive for both of us.

Through the many presentations of Universal Medicine and the esoteric modality Connective Tissue Therapy, I am learning to allow myself to be all the tenderness and love that I am; and learning to connect to the depth of tenderness and love that we all are.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany (EASL)

378 thoughts on “Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

  1. I agree the Connective Tissue modality by Universal Medicine is absolutely profound. With the slightest of movements and the ability to let go and surrender is incredible. Each time I have this I feel deeply supported and feel my body and the vibration that I am emanating is super tangible.

  2. I too love the Esoteric Connective Therapy, during a session one time I felt my hips very subtly adjust, it was an amazing feeling as it released any tension I had in this area.

  3. I love how having a session of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy reflects and confirms the tender and delicate vehicles we express from and subtly of the movements made. It is magic.

  4. When I first had a connective tissue session I wondered what on Earth was happening as the session was so subtle, but the feeling in my body was not. My body went through massive changes and to me it was something magical.

  5. I have found Connective Tissue Therapy to be of great benefit to my body as it brings the stillness of life to me and supports me releasing the imposition of the world.

  6. ‘I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others.’ So gorgeous to feel and read such truth.

  7. Our natural tenderness never leaves our body, we just allow it to be suppressed in disconnecting from ourselves and accepting the many false ideals and beliefs from outside of us that hardens our body. This profound and divine modality is the gateway to reconnecting back to tenderness and stillness, our true quality of being, and offers us the opportunity to surrender and allow our body to realign back to our essence and our true rhythm.

  8. Having previously been a remedial masseur and kinesiology therapist for many years I never stop being amazed by Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy in that it is so gentle and appears to do so little yet it is so profound.

  9. This is what it is about, allowing ourselves to be all that we are already. So often life catches us trying to be something or trying or driving to be more etc etc and yet not only on our very door step but waiting asleep inside of us is everything we have seen life needs to be and all we need do is surrender to it and allow it out. Call it love, divine connection, God, ancient wisdom, we only need to stop and release ourselves to being everything we feel. It’s not that you don’t move but more our movement is inspired from this connection and from here life truly takes a different turn.

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