Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

I feel to share my experience with tenderness and practising the modality of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy as presented by Universal Medicine.

It is such a beautiful and fine method of healing.

This particular esoteric modality has supported me to drop deeper into my body and into stillness, and to really begin to connect to my tenderness.

Part of the training for Connective Tissue Therapy involves practice sessions. In the beginning I did not enjoy giving sessions… I tried to do the technique how I have learned it, however time didn‘t seem to pass in a session. I was often not trusting myself and thinking I had to do the technique a certain way with a certain speed or pressure.

During my practice hours, I swapped with another esoteric student who I trust very much and feel safe with. I felt safe to treat her in a way which honoured the very tender, fine and still way that I am, and which she is.

I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others.

To connect to my tenderness and truly drop into a deep stillness, connecting to the person and allowing myself to be as tender as I am, is beautiful. And to trust, and listen to what I feel is needed is supporting and expansive for both of us.

Through the many presentations of Universal Medicine and the esoteric modality Connective Tissue Therapy, I am learning to allow myself to be all the tenderness and love that I am; and learning to connect to the depth of tenderness and love that we all are.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany (EASL)

362 thoughts on “Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

  1. This is such a beautiful example of how often we are governed by what we think we should be doing, trying to do something rather than trusting what we innately know is true and allowing it to unfold organically. I also love how by allowing this divine modality to support you that you were able to connect with yourself at a much deeper level; a reconnection to the tenderness you naturally are.

    1. Trying rather than trusting.. this is such a great point Ingrid. When we trust ourselves, the need for trying is greatly diminished because there’s no need to prove or justify anything to ourselves or others.

    2. It’s a great example of letting go of solely focusing on what we do, and making it about who we are and the quality of energy we are in – that is when the magic happens!

  2. I find that Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is as beautiful to give as it is to receive. This modality is like no other. Loved your blog Janina , all we have to do as a practitioner is connect to our innate stillness and surrender.

  3. I too found this Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy really supportive in connecting to my stillness and tenderness, it is an amazing therapy that really supports you to go deeper in ones connection. It is through these sessions that I really began to understand the truth of what tenderness was.

  4. I can totally relate to the pressure of doing something the ‘right way’, and losing complete sight of the purpose. It’s so easy to fall into that trap of mistrusting ourselves. How awesome to have someone in your life, a point of reflection to remind you that you already know it all and there’s no such thing as getting it wrong when you’re connected.

    1. What a wonderful line Elodie…”there’s no such thing as getting it wrong when you’re connected”, now that would make a great fridge magnet! Beautiful, simple words to live by.

  5. The power of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is in is super simple. It is so deeply resting, rejuvenating and healing that it often surprises me how something so simple can be so powerful.

  6. It’s amazing that within our bodies there is a river flowing of pure harmony, there and ready to be connected to and have as a flow if we are willing to. Funny isn’t it that the harmony is there as a potential but quite often we go about life in a manner that keeps this river from being connected to. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is helping us out with connecting us back to that and gives us a safe space to explore us embracing this harmony once again. And it feels tremendous in the body!

  7. Tenderness is the stand-out quality of connective tissue therapy – I’m with you Janine – I absolutely love it.

  8. I find Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy helps re-establish a flow of love and tenderness in my body – it is like it sends waves up and down the body allowing it to be more open and spacious rather than keeping it tight as we are generally so used to doing. It is definitely highly recommended and the effects from such ‘minor’ movements are truly profound.

  9. I really enjoyed the strong sense of surrender in this blog, just allowing yourself to be all that you are. I find that with all the Universal Medicine therapies, including Connective Tissue Therapy, that they support me to return to who I truly am, and let go of the constructed version of myself.

  10. When we move and live from our stillness of love within, tenderness is our natural way. This is what the world needs so much more of today. It is a quality that we can never have too much of as being all that we naturally are is what brings lightness and the wisdom of our love to all that we do.

  11. A lovely sharing Janina thank you, I really love Connective Tissue Therapy, it is a very powerful modality that allows the tenderness within the stillness to be truly felt and experienced.

  12. This goes the same for men. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy allows my tenderness out, in receiving and giving sessions. It is amazing how much I can drop more in my body doing this, a feeling I love and had almost forgotten.

  13. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy allows you to drop to a very deep level of tenderness like no other modality I have ever experienced when you choose to trust and let your body deeply surrender.

  14. My body has changed so much from all the connective tissue sessions I have had and has released layers of hardness and protection. Thus my body says a big yes to receiving connective tissue as it knows how deeply supportive it is in returning to health and vitality.

  15. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a powerful modality that supports the body to truly surrender and to feel the exquisite stillness we all have within.

  16. What I’m finding is how much more I enjoy life, and anything that I’m doing, when I don’t try, and just allow myself to do it and with that, allow myself to make mistakes. In the trying to get it right there’s a force and a drive that’s uncomfortable to feel because it’s not our natural way of doing things. There is no right or wrong, only what’s true and what’s not, and if something doesn’t work out, then we get the chance to do it again differently, or the same way, and learn from it each time. Life is about learning, not trying to get it right.

  17. I have found tenderness to be one of the antidotes to hardness. And this comes from someone who has lived with hardness all of her life, and is now learning to re-connect to my tenderness. It is a much more gorgeous place to come from. And I agree that Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a true support to keep re-connecting to the tenderness.

  18. I love how Connective Tissue Therapy helps reminds me and my body of how exquisitely tender I am and how the more I surrender inwardly the more I feel a sense of flow in my body as opposed to the tension and anxiousness I usually live with.

  19. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy modality is exquisitely tender, so simple and revealing. I cannot hide how I have been living that is not honouring of my body’s natural rhythms, and cannot hide from the beautiful tenderness I naturally am. The contrast may be a huge pause for reflection but I am never not inspired to honour my innate tenderness in my everyday life despite all the roughness I see around me that I interpret as being told it’s not acceptable to live tenderly. Not reflecting the tenderness I feel inside to the world confirms to others that it’s not safe to feel so lovely.

  20. When we trust in our inner knowing we are flowing with the universe, but when we allow ourselves to be influenced by our doubting minds we are going against the natural flow of the Universe.

  21. The level of care, delicateness and tenderness shown by the Universal Medicine practitioners has to be experienced it is utterly gorgeous. It can bring up the fact that you have never before in your life been treated with such a deep a level of care and understanding. That in it self is very healing as the body gets to feel what it is like to be held just like a new born baby and it can let go of the sadness that this can bring up. Everyone of us wants and deserves to be treated in such a way that it allows us to regain trust with humanity and the world. That there are people who hold such a deep level of care and love for themselves that they can pass this on to those who are yet to get to that level of self care and understanding in their lives, just to feel it and know it is truly there is very inspiring. This is what true love feels like to me.

  22. Awesome blog for me to read at the moment as I am learning to build and deepen my tenderness in everything I do. What I am realising is that I get thrown off from staying connected to myself when I am not moving and expressing from this tenderness that is naturally in me. My communication and the way I express to others is very much affected by how I choose to be with myself first. Amazing to be more aware of this.

  23. I am learning to be more tender with me and that I can be this in the world, actually that I can dare be this in the world and that in fact the world needs more of our tenderness. So great to read this today, reminding me once again to be tender, and take it with me everywhere.

  24. This is one of the many things I love about Universal Medicine – “I am learning to allow myself to be all the tenderness and love that I am; and learning to connect to the depth of tenderness and love that we all are.”

    That is is supporting people to return to live the tender, amazing beings we truly are.

  25. I have had the same experience of dropping deeply into my tenderness, love and stillness when receiving or practicing a Universal Medicine Healing modality. It’s an amazing feeling, it’s like a surrender to all that I truly am and feels delicious for the body to experience. We often think of health as pertaining to physical things alone like exercise and diet, yet when I surrender to my love, stillness and tenderness and this energy floods my body, it has a very powerful and positive effect on my health.

  26. I am beginning to learn for myself just how powerful tenderness and delicateness is. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy gives us a beautiful felt experience of these qualities, which we can then embody and live – and reflect to others. It’s great you no longer hold back Janina!

  27. When I did Level 1 Esoteric Connective Tissue I did not enjoy giving the sessions although I enjoyed receiving them, and I felt the course wasn’t for me as a practitioner. Level 1 Esoteric Connective Tissue is going to be presented in the UK in November and I feel that I need to discern as to whether the course is for me and that there are issues within me to heal. Thank you Janina for sharing.

  28. I had the most awesome Connective Tissue session with Universal Medicine practitioner just the other week. I have had many sessions before with this modality, and whilst I’ve enjoyed the stillness of lying on a massage table and not having anything expected of me, this time was different. I really allowed my body to surrender and whilst I can’t describe exactly what it was I was feeling, it was almost as if I could feel the connective tissue in my hips and joints with each gentle movement. The movements are ever so small, but at the same time very profound.

  29. When a practitioner connects to their tenderness it is very supportive to feel, and the body automatically drops to a much deeper state of being.

  30. In amongst all the horror and realities of this world we often feel small, want to hide and protect ourselves from it. Being open, tender and delicate can feel rather vulnerable in such a world but it is by far the strongest way to be as it can make so many melt and open up their hearts too.

  31. A very beautiful way to learn that we can live in that way all the time and that it is very natural for us to do so.

  32. A lovely sharing about how less is more, though really it is more in the first place when we appreciate the delicacy with which these modalities are to be delivered and that this is their strength and power.

  33. This is beautiful Janina. We are often so scared to be tender. We spend our lives building protection and hardness that we can forget that there is another way to be with each other.

  34. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a beautiful esoteric modality that allows us to feel our innate tenderness within our essence, our body naturally aligns back to our true quality, the more we surrender and allow it.

  35. I love this modality and how much it can support you and allow your body to surrender- there is nothing like it. It is a true blessing to receive and to give.

  36. A great sharing Janina, and one I can well relate to. Working with the Esoteric Modalities as taught by Universal Medicine has also played a hugely significant role for myself in letting go the striving and ‘trying’, and embracing a natural flow from my own body, in response to the call from another’s, that is simply already there.

  37. There’s a famous ‘Star Wars’ line from the character Yoda – along the lines of “No try, just do.”
    It is no small thing to actually get ourselves completely out of the way, of the magic that’s possible when we allow the natural flow of energy available to us 24/7, to express through our own bodies…

  38. How could we ever doubt that tenderness could be too much, and yet we do, and how many of us have accepted a life without or very little tenderness. What we learn from the world that we have to be rough and tough to get through life is not true and it is up to us to claim back the tenderness that we all deserve all the time.

  39. It takes some commitment and dedication to get back to the tenderness we were born with. This has been a work in progress for me, as I break down the false idea of tenderness meaning meek and mild. There is so much strength in simply knowing who we are, and the more we practice accepting that, the clearer it becomes that we have spent so much time trying to be someone we’re not.

  40. Coming back from the hardness and the roughness can take time, but would be so much more difficult to do without the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy – this I have found has been a huge support over the years.

  41. So true we often think we have to do something to offer support to another. How amazing to know that being ourselves deeply is the most precious thing we can offer to another.

  42. It is a great modality, I liken it to being back in the womb, I just fall into a sought of sleep that is not really sleep but very restful healing place each time.

  43. Our bodies are made of so much connective tissue, that the level of tenderness and stillness that is naturally within our body just in the connective tissue should be felt as a normal part of our Livingness by everyone. Thank you for sharing Janina, if we were to all live with a focus on what our bodies are moving like, and the effect that we are having on our connective tissue would we treat our bodies the way we do? Being tender with our bodies should be our normal way of living.

  44. I love Connective Tissue Therapy, it is so very tender and gentle, so subtle, yet so powerful in bringing me into stillness in my body feeling all the parts connecting in the warmth of whole bodyness.

  45. It is quite sad that as a society we have come to the point where we question our tender way of being and even consider that it is ‘too much’, or a quality that is undesirable. Yet it is our natural way of being, and when we allow ourselves to embrace our tenderness within we are basically being ourselves and expressing who we are. It is beautiful to feel that there are modalities of healing such Connective Tissue Therapy that are supporting us to return to feeling the power of our connection to an inner-most tender quality, a quality what truly defines who we all innately are.

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