Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

I feel to share my experience with tenderness and practising the modality of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy as presented by Universal Medicine.

It is such a beautiful and fine method of healing.

This particular esoteric modality has supported me to drop deeper into my body and into stillness, and to really begin to connect to my tenderness.

Part of the training for Connective Tissue Therapy involves practice sessions. In the beginning I did not enjoy giving sessions… I tried to do the technique how I have learned it, however time didn‘t seem to pass in a session. I was often not trusting myself and thinking I had to do the technique a certain way with a certain speed or pressure.

During my practice hours, I swapped with another esoteric student who I trust very much and feel safe with. I felt safe to treat her in a way which honoured the very tender, fine and still way that I am, and which she is.

I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others.

To connect to my tenderness and truly drop into a deep stillness, connecting to the person and allowing myself to be as tender as I am, is beautiful. And to trust, and listen to what I feel is needed is supporting and expansive for both of us.

Through the many presentations of Universal Medicine and the esoteric modality Connective Tissue Therapy, I am learning to allow myself to be all the tenderness and love that I am; and learning to connect to the depth of tenderness and love that we all are.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany (EASL)

451 thoughts on “Connective Tissue Therapy – Connecting to my Tenderness

  1. “I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others” – that feeling of “too much” and holding back ourselves, I can relate to that, but too much for who? I get a feeling that how that for me was actually a misplacement of responsibility.

  2. Being tender and loving is our natural way, not roughness, toughness or hardness. Our body just loves it when we are delicate, still and tender. I find having certain things I am consistent with supports me to bring that tenderness out of myself, small stop moments through the day like how I place towels and tea towels very tenderly, these moments help break down the momentums of rushing and hardness, or lack of presence, and build tenderness back into my life.

  3. “I thought that to be so very tender and delicate was too much, but I was wrong: it is the most precious gift I can give to myself and to others.” Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy invites us to deepen our sensitivity to the natural tenderness that we are.

  4. Whenever we are stressed or intense about something, our body tenses up as well. Our muscles shrink, joints tighten, hearts begin to beat faster. Esoteric connective tissue works with the body & elevates these symptoms, not because it tackles them directly – but it supports a deep connection with your inner-most, which in turn leads to all of that.

  5. Connective tissue therapy is like having a massage from the inside out. It is a most gentle, supportive modality that allows a person the space to fully let go and surrender.

  6. Esoteric Connective Tissue sessions are a great compliment to working out in the gym. They support us to honour our body in such a way that we naturally have more respect for ourselves and everything is more steady and flows more easily. We develop an inner strength that is equal if not greater than our outer strength- and being present with ourselves in this way we build a growing confidence from the inside out.

  7. I am also doing my practice hours for Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and I find that the quality I am in and expressing from my soul has a profound effect on the treatments I offer. There is something about this modality that when I practise it I feel it helps me to deepen into a more soulful quality in my movements. It somehow feels like it’s healing both the practitioner and the client.

  8. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy connects us to the universe and the universal flow of life that is equally within us too. This is why i adore this healing modality so much, my body bathes in it.

  9. This is such an awesome modality where – if we are willing to surrender to it – our toughness, harshness and hardness just melt away. Our lymphatic system fires up and we get to feel such a beautiful feeling of space in the body. It literally rearranges us in a away that we can appreciate the fluidity of our movements and the delicacy of our body in ways we may never have done before.

  10. Whenever I receive Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy all defences fall away as I surrender to love and tenderness.

  11. It is deeply beautiful to receive connective tissue therapy with such tenderness and stillness that you cannot but drop very deep and surrender.

  12. “This particular esoteric modality has supported me to drop deeper into my body and into stillness, and to really begin to connect to my tenderness” – yes Janina, through the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy sessions I always feel stillness as you also and additionally feel my delicateness; and just how delicate I am/our bodies are… and in this quality I feel at-one with myself and with everything else.

  13. Trusting what we feel in our bodies is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, because when we’re honest, we can’t push aside what we know we feel in the depth of our being. Listening to and acting upon the truth in our body liberates us from the pictures we hold on to, and the expectations we have for ourselves, about what life ‘should’ be like, or how we should be in it. It helps us to move forward.

  14. The feeling throughout my body when I either attend a Connective Tissue Therapy session, or do the exercises I have been given at home, is one of deep tenderness. It doesn’t take long for my whole body to begin to settle and any tension that I had felt slowly begin to be released. This modality has been unbelievably supportive for several long term physical issues and as a result the quality of my life has improved immeasurably.

    1. I have found the same impact from the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy modality and exercises. I’ve been astonished by changes in my body after a 30 minute session of the gentle exercises, including a reduction or elimination of pain, and a general feeling of vitality and wellness afterwards. It’s a very settling modality, amazing to reduce stress.

  15. It is interesting, because in many situations, the word tender is used to describe something that is sore or bruised, or something that is recovering from injury. Tenderness is not often a word that I hear in the workplace for example, when a woman describes herself. But I have found that tenderness does have a quality to it, a very definite quality that can be felt in the body, which is not about feeling sore but actually more about being sensitive and aware.

  16. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an exquisite modality through which we can physically and tangibly feel the one pulse/one breath/one song that unifies us all.

  17. When we are at one with our tenderness we are truly being ourselves and this reflection offered, as we live in connection to the quality of our stillness, presents the opportunity for others to feel that this is the quality of who they are in essence.

  18. I would agree with you Janina when you say
    “This particular esoteric modality has supported me to drop deeper into my body and into stillness, and to really begin to connect to my tenderness.”
    This Esoteric Modality has supported me to drop down from my mind into my body. I did not comprehend just how much time was spent in my mind and not in my body. It felt normal to be in my mind and as far as I could tell that’s where most people lived too, so it did not seem unhealthy. Now I have a completely different understanding of how the body works and can feel the benefits of being in my body. There is an awareness of life and my surroundings and as you say, there is a tenderness to feel and to cherish.

  19. Through allowing ourselves to connect with our tenderness, we are feeling a divine quality which is innate within us and to share this unhindered is a blessing we can offer to all.

  20. I don’t get to experience many Connective Tissue Therapy sessions but I do the exercises every day, and have done so for the last 4-5 years. And what a huge difference they have made to my life. Not only has my body benefitted so much with healing of a long-term painful condition but my connection to my body has deepened immeasurably. I love that it doesn’t take too long into the exercises to “connect to my tenderness and truly drop into a deep stillness” and in that stillness the healing has the space to begin

  21. The Esoteric Connective Tissue exercises can allow such space and more fluidity into our movements, which supports not only what we do in life but the being within the body to express itself more fully.

  22. It is so beautiful to feel our own tenderness as it reminds us that we really are divine beings.

  23. Esoteric Connective Tissue therapies honours our tenderness in a way that gives the body permission to flow and shine.

  24. Our bodies are incredible teachers when it comes to how delicate and tender we are – and it’s amazing how quickly our bodies respond, it’s like the more tender we are the more responsive and the more fluid our bodies become.

    1. Beatuifully said Meg. Connective Tissue Therapy is such a delicate treatment for the body and allows it to respond with equal delicacy as it re-introduces the natural and innate flow and rhythm from within.

    2. Very true Meg, our bodies are so quick to respond and the more we listen to and honour them the more they show us and support us to return to being and living the natural delicacy and tenderness that we are.

    3. That is a valuable sharing, if we don’t connect the dots between everything that impacts our bodies, our movements & how we are through the day we will remain confused by everything that happens.

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