Walk, Walked, Walking


I am a young toddler learning to walk and taking my first steps. The divine joy I feel in my body cannot be contained as I explore what it feels like to move my body in such a way that my legs are holding me up and as I move them -I move. Having spent the past twelve or so months adjusting to being in this amazing body of mine I am now ready to move into the world around me.

My family surrounding me is full of love and joy as well, their beaming smiles reflecting this back to me and our laughter intermingles and fills the room as they encourage and support me in taking my first steps. The love in the room is palpable and I feel how my joy and love of being touches the same heavenly place within them.

Over the following months and years, I experience sadness for the first time as my family’s openness to my joy-filled and deeply loving way of being slips away and a stealthy disconnection and hardness settle back in. These were some of the last moments where I felt my family express such unbridled joy and the marker stays with me as I move into life longing for this level of joy naturally flowing through me to be reflected back to me. Instead, what I begin to feel is my connection to the joy and love I naturally am slowly slipping away from me, too.


I am a teenager struggling to find my feet with the unsettled sense that I am being walked. My walk, I have learned, risks exposing others in their lack of joy and love: that unchecked joy of my first steps is no longer welcomed or appreciated and I am a quick learner when it comes to conforming and staying under the radar as much as possible. My movements and my walk have come to mimic those around me as it’s the only way I can figure out how to live my life in the reflection of those who long ago lost touch with their innate joy and love for life. Although I put on a similar mask to the ones I see those around me wearing, I have not forgotten the joy and love I came into this world with, I have merely learned to pretend I have forgotten.

Deep inside is a restlessness that occasionally tries to call me back to the love that I am from, but I have learned by now that allowing myself to be called back to this love is a dangerous and futile exercise. So, I establish and build upon my wall of protection, layer upon layer, year after year to keep me in and everyone else out.

By the time I leave my teenage years behind, I have mastered the art of living in disconnection to my true self and even manage to convince myself and those around me that living life like this is where it’s at. I busy myself with all manner of distraction, believing that the next ski run or exotic beach, the next boyfriend or job or house will deliver me from the restlessness I feel festering just below the surface, no matter how much I try to distract myself from it.

I haven’t forgotten the stupendous love and joy I entered this world as, but I have taken on the belief that my way back to this love and joy is lost to me forever. I spend the next 30 years being walked, rocking the boat only when the truth of my being absolutely has to be expressed, no matter the cost or consequence, only to cower back into my being walked-ness as the resulting wrath coming towards me through others for speaking the truth is unleashed.


I am a 50-year-old woman taking my first steps toward walking my own walk again. The path of return to walking my own walk has been a long and arduous one, yet pales into insignificance when I look at where returning to walking my own walk has led me to thus far. Walking my own walk, I am re-discovering, is about me in the fullness of life, exploring the grand love that I am, and am from, and my inner constellation that is reflected back to me in the stunning night sky. It’s about me deepening, walking my own walk every morning along the river before going to work where the light of the early morning moon playfully dances along the water’s surface, reflecting this playfulness back to me in the cold, dark but embracing winter months, just as the rising sun and shimmering blue sky reflect new life and beginnings brought on by the rhythm of the spring and summer cycles.

Walking my own walk has seen the dawn of me leaving my crippling self-doubt and unloving ways behind, peeling away those protective layers so carefully put in place in my younger years. Walking my own walk again sees me touching on the joy and love I came into this world as, reminding me of who I truly am and how every returning step, regardless of how daunting or painful some of the steps may seem, is a step closer to re-turning to the joy and love I felt in my body as that young toddler taking her very first steps. Walking my walk to re-discover that the re-turn to the joy and love we are, each and every one of us, is not lost to us… covered up under layers of protection and neglected, yes -but never ever lost.

I have been hugely inspired since attending the Walking Therapies sessions presented by Serge Benhayon. Several years before Serge introduced the Walking Therapies, I observed him walking across a courtyard towards the building I was in and I remember being struck by his walk. It felt like he was walking at one not just with himself and his surroundings, but also with the universe – walking without disturbance or imposition. This feeling felt foreign to me and yet, oh so familiar. Serge being Serge, holding nothing back and walking in full transparency, he is now sharing Walking Therapies with the world as a way of presenting how supportive, powerful and life-changing a walk can truly be. What a man, what a walk.

What a gift!

Although my daily morning walk felt supportive before, it incorporates purpose-full-ness now as well: it is my daily re-connection to me and my surroundings, and to the universe and my place in it. My walk has become the foundation that supports me as each step I take, not only on my morning walk but throughout my day, confirms my purpose and provides me with a platform of clarity and connection that supports me in my every movement throughout my day – the simplicity of walking my own reclaimed walk to deepen my purpose and reflect to others the all that I am.

By Brigette Evans

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89 thoughts on “Walk, Walked, Walking

  1. This is a great way to show how with each step we take, we choose to ingrain ourselves further in depth to a way of being that is empty and less. Equally though, we can walk back to health when we make our next steps all about truth. It’s a challenge though – familiarity of contraction has a strong pull we have to address.

  2. To be able to see clearly that we have disconnected from ourselves because we stopped being confirmed as children is the beginning of the end of it. From the recognising of it we can begin to introduce some very simple and practical ways of self nurture and self love, beginning to appreciate the innate essence and gold we were born with, every time we choose to connect with it. From there it is about letting go of the old hurts and rebuilding that consistency in the connection to self – divine joy is then normal again.

  3. “By the time I leave my teenage years behind, I have mastered the art of living in disconnection to my true self and even manage to convince myself and those around me that living life like this is where it’s at..” Is this one of the reasons why so many teens feel alienated from their environment, where the adults around them have given up on living joyfully and with purpose? Yet their idealism is often denigrated. Currently a 16 year old is causing the world to wake up to the catastrophe of climate change.

  4. I love how you have taken us through the years of learning to walk and how you have come full circle to re-discover the magical joy of a deeper connection with your body.

  5. I would never have believed that walking could be so profound and impactful. But having put it to practise (walking as an exercise to re-connect to/get to know my body) I am blown away by the changes in my relationship with my body and life. And how much more aware I am throughout the day of how I am moving, what is going on around me, what needs to be attended to… it is like I have developed a whole new set of observation and awareness skills. So yes to all that you have shared Brigette. Thank you.

  6. When I read, the unsettled sense of being walked, I remember this well. It was what was lurking just under my conscious awareness in the haze that I’d chosen to block this out and the devastation I felt at being in a world where I all I could see was misery or masked joylessness. I can say this and this happened to me growing up, that I couldn’t handle how lost I felt nor how devastated I was that the people all around me felt like they were just going through the motions with a few peaks of random elation here and there to keep them going; but to notice that I’d handed over my movements brings freedom. Why? Because when I am truly honest about what’s actually going on I can be aware of what’s moving me. Do I want to be a puppet or do I choose to move with love, with the expanse of the universe?

    1. Great comment. It is in the teenage years that this becomes so prevalent, we find ourselves conforming to one thing or another but really struggling to be ourselves.

    2. A great question we would all do well to ask ourselves – “Do I want to be a puppet or do I choose to move with love, with the expanse of the universe?” We all have a free choice.

  7. It is so true Brigette, how as we grow from early childhood, through teenage years to adulthood, we gradually take on for various reasons impressions of the way others move, and their breathing patterns too. Once in this state of diminshed existence we are no longer ourselves and cannot possibly walk our own walk. To feel the reflection of Serge’s walk and the pulse that vibrates through him in our own bodies reveals to us what is possible for us, to walk more than ourselves — to walk the space of the Universe, and its pulse, its breath. and connection to all.

  8. This a such a great read, although I know that we can leave our essence, our true selves, as we grow and mature, this really highlights how it happens in a practical aspect – our walk. It’s is so rare to see an adult walk with love or joy, but small children are bursting with it in the way they move. Also appreciate what you have shared about walking not just with ourselves and our surroundings, but with the universe.

  9. I am understanding more and more the quality in which we do things rather than the activity. For example, as you have shared we can walk checked out, in anger, in protection, in frustration which of course then not only impacts our body but all around us, our whole environment. I wonder if this is the actual reason for global warming .. the way we are actually living/expressing? Or we can walk in connection, with awareness, openness, care which will have a harmonious effect both within our bodies and the all around us, our environment. Walking Therapies is such a simple yet beautiful and powerful modality. Who would have thought we can change everything just by the way we walk!

  10. So lovely to read this. To be reminded we can let go of the walk we took on that wasn’t expressive of who we are but of who we are told or think we need to be to fit in. I am discovering my walk and who I am which is so different from the disguise I’ve been walking.

  11. “Although my daily morning walk felt supportive before, it incorporates purpose-full-ness now as well: it is my daily re-connection to me and my surroundings, and to the universe and my place in it” Its amazing how we can be re-inspired by something we do every day – to give it a greater purpose- and how that can transform our lives.

    1. Exactly and this is not attached to finances or privilege, there is nothing that separates us in that respect. Even when we have pain, there is an awareness, a tenderness and a kindness we can bring to ourselves that emanates throughout our body as we move with more awareness.

  12. Could it be possible what you have exposed Michael, is the surface layers that we can see, as so much is not-seen as it is hidden in the Vatican vaults or behind closed doors.

  13. And all of that in our walk. Wowzers. I get it. And am super inspired by this article and the simplicity with which we can return to the natural joy that we experienced as young children.

  14. We may have walked a million miles away from the unbridled joy we knew as a child – but the profound thing is we can always return in just one step.

  15. By starting again to walk free from ideas & believes I joined, free from the loads I did put on me, free from the worries I created – I feel a innocence in me. I feel space. I feel joy. So much more is now possible. And I am able to support what will come. I feel like: through walking free again, reconnected to the Universe we all a part of, I am ready for whatever will come. I am truly fit for life.
    This may all sound a bit airy-fairy, but for me it is a lived experience. My body become free again from what I have put into and with that I feel the space again. It’s magical. And so real.

  16. It is so beautiful to share your joy Brigette and to realise the power of walking our walk. Walking with conscious presence allows us to connect to the deepest part of ourselves never quite left behind and not totally lost in those many layers of protection. We come shining through as we walk the steps of return to our soul.

  17. Having walked for most of my life without me, it’s a revelation and beautiful to simply be and walk with me.

    1. Yes!!!! Sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it … walking without us! But that is exactly what we do 😶 or currently what we do and have done for a very long time. Time for this to change ✨

  18. This sharing is for all, very relatable and precious.
    It brings me back to deeply appreciate my journey back to me, the work with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine along these years, our committment, honesty and priceless support we share in our community. Thank you Brigette

  19. I love attending walking therapy sessions as they support me to remind my original walk and with it, I energetically reconnect with my true nature and purpose, purely so.

    1. I love attending walking therapy sessions too… my awareness of how I move and how this supports a deeper connection to my body is quite remarkable and yet it feels so normal at the same time.

  20. Brilliant sharing Bridgette – as someone around a young baby daily I can only confirm that they are 24/7 bundles of Love. With this piece you have perfectly exposed the war on joy that has devastated so many of our lives.

    1. That’s exactly it, ‘the war on joy.’ So great to see and expose what’s going on so we can choose to say no more and embrace the joy knowing it is possible 24/7. What an amazing reflection your baby is of this.

    2. Wow – the ‘war on joy’ – that’s some description of the way the world is. Seeing your young one on social media and others around me in the flesh reminds me of how we all were once. Why did we ever choose to leave that? To have a reflection such as yours and your partner will remind your young one of the life that can be lived. Pure joy……

  21. We learn so much about ourselves when we pay attention to how we move. There may be layers upon layers of re-configuring from trying to fit in or perhaps do the right thing, but underneath is the simplicity of our own walk. How healing to re-discover that and be able to build a relationship with that regardless of what is happening in the world around you.

  22. We walk so much during the day but we haven’t collectively stopped and pondered on the quality of our walk and how walking can be a joy so all those moments of walking can be a joy.

  23. What Serge presents in Walking Therapies is so simple yet absolute gold. So much can be felt and changed simply by our movements through walking. Such an beautiful teaching and modality that is so needed and makes perfect sense.

  24. Brigette you have so beautifully captured the power of our walk, what true power feels like with no imposition or need to be recognised, but instead reflecting our fullness and glory.

  25. Brigette I have just read your sharing for a second time and could feel myself dropping more and more into my body as a consequence of the fact that what you have shared you have shared from your body. Powerful, powerful stuff. My body thanks you.

  26. We think that the purpose of our walk is to move from A to B. But that is only a minor part of our true walk. When we walk our true walk, free from all the impositions the world tries to let us walk in, we emanate our origins in full. That we are one with the universe and come from there and one day shall return to.

    1. Absolutely Nico it is not about getting from A to B but instead how, what quality are we in, in moving from A to B. I love what you have expressed here ‘That we are one with the universe and come from there and one day shall return to.’

      1. Agree Vicky – it’s not the how many, but the how – the quality. When I see someone move with grace and beauty the quality of their walk stands out. We can bring so much healing – and not only to ourselves – as we move about in our daily lives.

    1. So well put and spot on, Alexis. ‘…as we scramble to find our identity we lose our one real identity, the One United Face of God.’ Time to discard the mask and let our true light emanate out.

  27. Having observed my children and their cohort grow from pre-school to secondary I have noted the hardening and shutting down over time, until all that amazing early joy has been suppressed and denied in so many, if not all, cases. It really is a tragedy that we do not pay more heed to what we are actually doing to our children when we funnel them through an education system that does not recognise the essence of each child and wants them to do at the expense of the quality they are.

  28. The walking therapy is an amazing modality has it highlights that there is more going on in our days energetically that I was not previously consciously aware of. So much is communicated in how we walk and it’s much clearer than any words we may speak.

    1. I have learned to observe others bodies more as well as my own and it is interesting to see how constrained we can be by ideals and beliefs, so much so that we have no conscious awareness to what they are doing to our bodies – believing and saying one thing, but our bodies expressing a different story entirely.

    2. I now take myself for a walk everyday and am bringing more and more attention to my body when I am walking. The changes in my body and my life are properly extraordinary and yet so ordinary, in as much as I guess I am returning to how I used to move before I learnt to pretend I had forgotten the joy that is innate is us all and was a natural part of my early years.

  29. The main thing that first came to me reading your blog was the responsibility we have in parenting and bringing up children. As really the joy, love and magic you felt when you took your first steps should not be something that fades away into the background but a beautifull foundation that continues throughout your entire life so by the time you reach your teens your feel more amazing then when you took your first steps .. living and being all of you, knowing who you are, your truth and having a solid knowing and purpose in life. Also it made me ponder on the ‘being walked’ part and something I feel we should be aware of and discuss far more, for if we are not walking from the love and truth we know and hold within then what are we being moved by?

  30. What if, when we are walking with our self again in the fullness we started with, and our reflection plants the seed in those that are beginning to hide by being walked? What will happen to the world we live in if we never lost our walk?

  31. Dear Brigette, thank you for your blog, it’s been supportive to understand how we walk as babies and how this changes over our life, and how important our walk is in terms of whether we are being our full selves or not. Your blog has reminded me of how much there is to appreciate, that we have this opportunity everyday to move and walk the essence of who we are and express ourselves in a true way through our bodies. It’s not just knowing ourselves but expressing it in full.

  32. “Walking my own walk, I am re-discovering, is about me in the fullness of life, exploring the grand love that I am, and am from, and my inner constellation that is reflected back to me in the stunning night sky.” Beautiful Brigette. When we walk with ourselves, with presence it feels harmonious and glorious – not trying to get anywhere – just being as we move.

    1. Walking our own walk is a declaration, a declaration that we are consciously inhabiting the space that is us, as opposed to being an empty vessel that is being constantly filled up with all manner of energetic debris. It’s a ‘here I am, I’m coming through on behalf of us all’.

      1. Humanity as a whole has set the bar pretty low, it really has. Compared to the luminescent life that we’ve lead before we are now leading a very tardy existence here on earth. So Brigette I’m with you, hands on the bar together, 1, 2, 3 LIFT!

      2. “It’s a ‘here I am, I’m coming through on behalf of us all’’ Loving this declaration Alexis.

    2. Feeling harmonious and glorious in our walk and our movements is the re-turning to the sacredness we deviated away from by choice all those lifetimes ago. Our sacredness is the inner constellation that is reflected back to us on a nightly basis, gently shining and guiding and us back to the magnificence we all are, each and every one of us.

  33. What an amazing post Brigette. I felt the sadness and could connect with the experience of being a toddler and then a gawky teenager wanting to fit in. But I too so value the walking therapies brought through by Serge Benhayon. Priceless, as we reclaim ourselves and walk back to truth.

    1. So true, kehinde2012, for how can one compare walking with God? The joy flowing through us when walking in the fullness of all that we are aligns us with the all that we are from – a connection that holds all equally thus allowing us to truly feel how our every particle is a part of the universe in the same way every particle of every star is a part of the same said universe. Walk in the fullness of all that you are and ye shall know God.

      1. ‘Walk in the fullness of all that you are and ye shall know God’. Beautiful Brigette. Thank you.

      1. A truth that in truth we never left, we’ve been walking around with it inside us constantly it’s just that we distort our ability to feel it to such a degree that it feels like it’s not there. But it is.

    1. And isn’t it grand that we can reclaim ourselves through something so seemingly simple as our walk? Humanity has attempted to make life very, very complicated so as to distract itself from the simplicity of Truth – whether a walk, a breathe, a movement or a word.

  34. Brigette this is a monumental claiming, a no holes barred ‘this is who I am’ and therefore ‘this is who we all are’ declaration. A coming out and a coming back and an absolutely stunning piece of writing. I am standing up in my seat and cheering for more.

    1. Alexis I adore what you have shared here because it is true, the claiming back of ‘this is who I am ‘ a coming out of a life time of hiding in the shadows that no matter what, the truth of who we are is worth standing up for.

    2. Appreciating what is coming through you as it is me, Alexis. Is it not by standing on the shoulders of giants that we can claim and declare ‘this is who I am’ and therefore ‘this is who we all are’?

  35. “Walking my own walk, I am re-discovering, is about me in the fullness of life, exploring the grand love that I am, and am from, and my inner constellation that is reflected back to me in the stunning night sky.” – What a gorgeous description of your return to walking the true you, Brigette. I especially loved the visual of your inner constellation being reflected back by the night sky. When I feel this, it is like the most harmonious music to my ears, reminding me of my true origins. I love the simplicity of this claiming sentence too, it is an allowing to just be ourselves and feel that when we walk, without trying to prove anything or need to do something for recognition, but simply enjoying the full expression that we know we come from and have walked before as small children in this life and countless others.

    1. I so agree Michael, being out with the night sky and the stars is truly magical. I’m aware of the vastness of the universe and my part in it at the same time – just being.

    2. I love that you held a spotlight on this particular expression of Brigette’s ‘my inner constellation that is reflected back to me in the stunning night sky’. Reading and seeing this I also feel the complete harmony in the words and it reminds me of the magic we all hold within. Inner constellation a great reminder of who we are and what we are all a part of ✨

    3. Thank you, Michael. Allowing ourselves to just be brings such joy – it is then that we can hear the harmonious music of life’s orchestra and remember our true origins. Absolutely.

      1. “it is then that we can hear the harmonious music of life’s orchestra and remember our true origins’ This is beautiful Brigette. Thank you

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