A Man’s Experience – Construction Industry and Sports Injuries

by Greg Jordan, Lennox Head, Australia

I am writing about my experience of being a patient of Kate Greenaway at Universal Medicine and the benefits I received through ongoing treatments.

I started seeing Kate Greenaway in 2007- 2008 at age 38 for treatments relating to stiffness, mobility and associated pain in my neck from two car accidents in my twenties, one near fatal, as well as 15-20 years of being hard on my body working in the construction/building industry, and also sporting injuries.

The first thing I noticed when I first started the treatments was the gentleness and non-invasive nature of them. There was also a strong depth of connection felt and a few times I even fell asleep in the session, which was rare for me as for twenty years previously I had been running on a lot of adrenaline and could only fall asleep at the end of a day – self medicated with dope and alcohol. I only had two speeds – flat out, or flat, passed out.

So profound was my experience that it made me more interested in myself health wise, and also the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

There have been at least two occasions where my lower back went out, to the point of not being able to walk properly or drive a car. I was astounded that, in this case, with one session of light connective tissue work, gentle Esoteric Massage and cranial sacral work from Kate Greenaway, my back was fixed. Prior to seeing her, in a state of panic I went somewhere else twice and was painfully stretched and cracked but it did not relieve the problem.

Astounded and happy to be pain free I continued to see Kate regularly through 2008 and 2009. My body was feeling better – no chronic neck pain, and my mobility was a lot better. I then started to take better care of myself and learn to know my limitations and the old patterns of overdoing it dissipated.

During this time and even more now, I realised that this Esoteric Healing can go very deep, deeper than anything else that I have experienced so far, and when we take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, mixed with a healthy more balanced lifestyle and loving relationships it creates a life where joy can be a constant theme. Not just pushing to get things done, or the ‘no pain no gain’ slogan I’d heard all my life.

I now live my life without pain or stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders, I feel like my body is closer to my twenties/teens in suppleness – not the hard-ass version I had been creating previously.

Thank you Kate Greenaway and Serge Benhayon, and the other Universal Medicine practitioners I have seen, for the life changing effect of these healing modalities. Keep up the great work you guys do for people everywhere.

159 thoughts on “A Man’s Experience – Construction Industry and Sports Injuries

  1. Even though I don’t work in the construction industry, reading this kind of reminds me of the things I used to do from a woman’s perspective. Pushing myself to the extreme and living a life of hardness.

    Those injuries don’t suddenly happen, they build up over the years and receiving a session to help heal isn’t an overnight process either.

    To truly heal a body requires consistency, a commitment from the client, patience and to live life with more of a sense of responsibility. Question is, are we willing to take on that responsibility?

  2. “When we take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, mixed with a healthy more balanced lifestyle and loving relationships it creates a life where joy can be a constant theme. Not just pushing to get things done, or the ‘no pain no gain’ slogan I’d heard all my life” – so true, joy can be our everyday normal quite simply when we stop resisting and fighting.

  3. It’s great that you feel better after your treatments with Kate and esoteric modalities, Greg. It seems that you allowed the surrender that was needed to understand how you arrived to that point and lovingly restore your health. Our body always knows what supports it.

  4. Experiencing the quality of delicateness and tenderness in an esoteric healing session was a revelation and opened my awareness and sensitivity that I had never come near to treating or honouring my body in the same way.Instead I numbed and distracted myself to stay focussed outside my body rather than building a loving relationship with myself. This has enabled me to transform my health and well-being by taking more responsibility for my choices and living in a far more loving way with myself and in my relationships with others.

  5. There is much to be said (if you can) about the Universal Medicine modalities such as Esoteric Connective Tissue and Esoteric Massage. They are extraordinary and something to deeply appreciate. We have been truly blessed with these modalities and sometimes I feel I take this for granted.

  6. Undoing is not just about the physical body. It is also about undoing what impulses the movements. That is why the quality of the practitioner and his/her movements leading the undoing are so key to both.

  7. Two speeds – flat out or flat – that is way too familiar and then we wonder why our body breaks down and how quickly we can get back to normal on the flat out or flat cycle again. Kate Greenaway offers a moment of pause to feel the stillness that is actually so enjoyed by our body when it is in its natural flow.

  8. Like you Greg I absolutely love esoteric connective tissue therapy as I have observed and can really appreciate the changes and the healing my own body has experienced over the years I have received it.

  9. What I love, love, love about the way Kate Greenaway and Serge Benhayon work, is they simply offer us an opportunity to feel what the relationship with our body could be like when we take the foot off the ‘drive’ pedal. To be able to feel the natural flow and grace that lives within our bodies is inspiring, but the challenge is taking it off the treatment table and out of the room. That is where our responsibility kicks in.

  10. It is gorgeous to read about you experiencing the delicateness of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and not only enjoying it, but seeing the benefits of it in your whole life, which has further inspired you more.

  11. What is truly remarkable about esoteric connective tissue therapy is that not only does it support the body to heal and recover from injury but it also has a longer term preventative effect of changing the way people treat their bodies as you have described here Greg.

  12. Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Connective tissue therapy are amazing, both very needed by many in the world today, from experience I can attest to how much they’ve both supported my body to be more fluid and supple and the old stiffness is now gone. And hearing of another who has been supported in a similar way, not just to no longer have pain or stiffness but to have more joy in their live is amazing and highlights that these therapies go way beyond function and provide support to live life in a way that is more about being the joy and fullness we are.

    1. In the world we live in today a therapy that supports another to live in their fullness and joy needs sharing with the world, ‘I realised that this Esoteric Healing can go very deep, deeper than anything else that I have experienced so far, and when we take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, mixed with a healthy more balanced lifestyle and loving relationships it creates a life where joy can be a constant theme.’

  13. I’ve had sessions with Kate Greenaway, and they have been supportive on a lot more than just the physical level. The level of contentment I experience after is just incredible, I can only describe it as walking through life with the knowing that nothing can touch me.

  14. Our pattern of movement is everything. It reduces us or helps us grow. We are not aware, and do not wish to become aware of what we are doing to ourselves as we move; what are we moving towards?

  15. The results from the gentle ways of Esoteric Connective Tissue and all the other Esoteric Modalities that Universal Medicine have presented, are proof that being hard isn’t always required and in fact that being gentle and loving with ourselves is far more successful when it comes to healing than being rough or fighting any condition.

  16. I recall having a neck injury about 20 years ago and I went to a local chiropractor. She was incredibly rough with my neck and said to me it will feel much worse for the next few days so I want you to put ice packs on it twice a day. She was true to her word. It did make it much worse for a few weeks and then I was back with the original problem. That was the first and last time I went to a chiropractor! Connective tissue therapy on the other hand is a joy to receive and is very effective.

  17. This is AMAZING! ‘I now live my life without pain or stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders, I feel like my body is closer to my twenties/teens in suppleness – not the hard-ass version I had been creating previously.’ I have had sessions with Kate and concur the level of care, quality and integrity which she works as well as gentleness is extremely high .. no cracking or pulling and better results.

  18. When we find a healing modality that goes to the root cause of the illness and disease and a practitioner that apply it in full integrity, we are able to achieve this kind of results as you Greg and many many more have achieved. Thanks to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, all the practitioners subscribed to the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) code of ethics and the honest surrender of any client attending to them, this is possible.

  19. I too have also benefited greatly from being treated by Universal Medicine practitioners who have encouraged me to be more honest with myself to feel more deeply into the underlying causes of any injury or illness that my body has, and at the same time an understanding as to how my way of living has contributed to the cause, which has offered me an opportunity to make changes to the way that I live.

  20. I have received and trained in various types of bodywork before encountering esoteric healing modalities and I agree that it is incredible how such gentle and simple techniques can do so much without doing much, way much more than anything that I have experienced before.

  21. Are we really that surprised when we run our bodies ‘flat out, or flat, passed out’ that inevitably it affects our general health and wellbeing in the way of aches pains, accidents or illnesses.

  22. Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Healing Modalities are a foundational support for my well-being and I’ve never looked back at the days when lower-back pain was a familiar occurrence.

  23. The gentleness and non-invasiveness way through which Connective Tissue is applied is extra-ordinary and quite something. I have had Connective Tissue recently and I was astounded by the level of depth and spaciousness I felt in my body as the reconfigurations occurred supporting my body to heal.

  24. Somehow, we are under the impression that hard bodywork is what a body that is out of order needs to bring it back up. There are countless modalities that build upon such image. This is not at all the case with Universal Medicine therapies and practitioners. They re-imprint a body with movements that bring it back to its true movement. This is why the impact is so clear and so amazing.

  25. Thank you Greg for an inspirational blog about the amazing changes that have happened in your body due to your own self loving ways and the amazing modalities of Universal Medicine, I love Connective Tissue sessions, so very powerful to heal in a very gentle and tender way.

  26. Beautiful testimony Greg – both to sessions with Kate, Universal Medicine and your own choices.

  27. I remember some years ago starting treatment with Kate Greenaway and having Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. I had had many treatments before for chronic pain and injuries and nothing came close to this. I couldn’t believe how something so gentle could have such an enormous impact and an ongoing impact. Like this article is saying I believed the harder the better when in fact this has never worked and now that I can see how being truly gentle is far far more powerful. This has been showed to me over and over again, it’s also something I have experienced first hand many times, it’s has been life changing and what is more it continues to be so.

    1. It makes the mind flip out to consider something gentle to be powerful doesn’t it?! Much more logical would be to pull, push and prod it into shape. Well, not logical to me because that push, prod and pull is so imposing on the body and the same thought process that most likely led to the breakdown in the first place!

  28. I have really benefited from Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. It is so very gentle, but very powerful.

  29. Discovering the these modality was life changing for me too, what a great way to express your appreciation Greg, you have a great down to earth style of writing too, no fuss but plenty of love.

  30. What an amazing transformation Greg. I love what you have shared about how the theme in your life has changed to being more consistently one of joy, through all areas in your life, including loving relationships. Isn’t that how our normal way of living should be? For it seems crazy that we have been accepting less than this.

  31. Connective Tissue Therapy is a miracle, I’ve experienced it a number of times, and it’s amazing at creating a feeling of spaciousness and steadiness in your body that leaves you feeling supple and steadfast and ready for anything that life throws at you. It’s without doubt an amazing modality.

  32. We have a tendency to think that unless we are being pulled apart trying to put the bones back into place nothing is being done and we expect results straight away. From what I have observed too the stretching and cracking bones does not get to the root of the problem and therefore only temporarily if that, relieves the problem. It is testimonials like Greg’s that can change the way we view healing the body in that it is through the gentle approach of the Esoteric Modalities that truly makes a difference and no longer are we in pain. Truly miraculous. Thank you for sharing Greg.

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