My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

By S.B, Nurse, Northern Rivers, Australia 

I first became aware of Universal Medicine through my daughter, in 2008. At that time, unbeknown to me, my daughter had been involved with Universal Medicine for some time. I began to notice various lifestyle changes she was making and was very curious about the reasons for these. Even though all the changes were decidedly for the better, I began to get very defensive about what she was doing. When it became known to me that she was involved with a ‘group’ of people, alarm bells began to ring.

I had in my past been involved with a group for 15 years, and although we started out with grand ideas of universal brother and sisterhood, in the end there was much misery generated by the experiment.

My daughter was using terms such as ‘honour your own loveliness’ and ‘all you have to do is come back to who you really are, which is love’. These terms sounded familiar to me, and I began to place them in the field of Eastern religion.

I had also had an academic and practical background of study in philosophy, theology and theosophy, so I was very ready to argue that joining a group was not the answer.

As my daughter was very adamant that she was very happy doing what she was doing, and as I could see the amazing change in her self-confidence, self-esteem and the gentle, lovely way she now lived, and since I could not convince her to change her mind, I decided that the only way to really do anything was to get first-hand information of the ‘group’ she was involved with.

I attended a talk with great caution and very ready to criticise.

What I found was a simple message. A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.

In all my studies, and from all the gurus/teachers I had listened to in the last 40 years, I had been reading and hearing about meditating into a peaceful state of being. I practised and practised but never seemed to be able to bring that knowledge into my daily living and actually be in peace in this turbulent world.

Listening to the talks from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I began to understand that indeed, I had not been connected to the love that is really me, and without that connection there was no question of being able to connect to that inner stillness so often talked about.

I found that Universal Medicine is not a ‘group’. There was no suggestion that I should hand over any money, or that I should believe in a dogma or doctrine. It does not expound nor denounce any religion. There is a non-judgemental foundation, and talks and healing are open to all to come and go as they wish.

I am now able to claim and honour my own loveliness. I now take responsibility for my own health by awareness of diet and exercise. I express love through attempting to make my every action gentle. I experience joy in the stillness I am now able to achieve.

I have found the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action.

At last I have come back to myself, which is where I was always supposed to be.

This is home.

232 thoughts on “My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

  1. How lovely that you checked out the group your daughter was spending time with, and how you found the message to be so simple; ‘A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.’ Extremely simple, yet very powerful when we live from the love that we are first.

  2. I love how your sceptical curiosity led you to such a wonderful place with yourself and no doubt your relationship with your daughter is ten fold better.

  3. Through this gorgeous testimonial you highlight so beautifully how an openness to seek truth is what dispels the walls of protection we assembled from our hurts, where we realise that we are so much more that our hurts or protection, and the love we are within is what truly guides us to know ourselves and all of us.

  4. It is very interesting to read how you found it hard to accept your daughter’s choices even though you could clearly see that she had changed for the better, and that your scepticism came from you having been previously exposed to something that sounded familiar and good but turned out not true. It is those sneaky lies that present themselves as good that does more damage.

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