Soul – The Missing Link

Rebecca Turner, London UK

When I came across Universal Medicine I had been working as a massage therapist/body-worker for 13 years. I had done an extensive amount of training, always looking for more knowledge and more skills to bring to my work. When working with clients I was aware that we were only touching the surface of the problem. People would turn up with pain or muscle tension, I would administer the techniques I had learned, the tension would be relieved and they would leave… but only to return with exactly the same problem a few weeks later. This was good for business (!), but it was not my idea of helping someone long term, and it did not feel good to me.

I had an impulse to look deeper. I wanted to work with the person in front of me, not just the muscle and bone. I wanted to ask the question ‘WHY’? to all the conditions and pain that were presented to me. I was aware of other mechanical functional treatments I could train in, but they still didn’t answer the question ‘why’?, or offer real solutions on how to prevent these conditions in the first place.

Looking for the answers, I decided to do a 4-year training in body-psychotherapy and deep bodywork. This definitely took me deeper, and introduced me to emotional processing and cathartic release. I became aware of the amount of tension in my own body, and also of the unresolved emotional issues I was carrying around with me – and that these were affecting my body. For four years I went over and over those emotional processes thinking I was healing and releasing them, and doing what I thought was ‘getting to know myself’. I was being encouraged to ask clients to do the same. Although I had definitely gone deeper, it wasn’t feeling right, and I did not have a clear sense of what I was asking clients to do, or where we were going with it. It wasn’t clear to me how any healing could be taking place. I now understand that what I was actually doing was magnifying these issues and not healing myself or others at all, but doing the exact opposite. Ouch!

When I came across Universal Medicine and esoteric healing in 2007 it was a huge relief. All the pieces fell into place, and I could feel the truth of what was being presented. After the first few exercises on my first day I could feel that all the emotional stuff is actually on the periphery, and that this is not who we are at all. In the centre of us, at our very essence, is a big well of Love that is our Soul. The Soul has a warmth that when kindled can radiate throughout the body. This energy is healing. This was the missing link. Why focus on the tense muscles and the physical pain, or the emotional turmoil that is creating them, when you can go straight to Soul? What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies. It is important to address the tension and emotion that is around, but the healing also lies in knowing the greater and true part of us.

With this re-discovered awareness I could feel that my approach to my work and my own life had been back-to-front. I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out. How empowering is this! What this actually means is that each person has the innate ability to heal themselves, and need not be reliant on someone else to be responsible for their health. Obviously modern medicine, bodywork therapies and other modalities have an important role to play in supporting people to heal and indeed are likely to be more effective when supported by the awareness and livingness of daily life when in connection with the energy of the soul.

The answer to my searching question ‘why’? was very simple. When we allow life to take over we can become disconnected from our very essence, and this in turn creates stress, disharmony, tension, illness and so on. So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.

This beautiful simplicity is what Universal Medicine represents and consistently invites us to come back and return to. The esoteric practitioners who have trained with Universal Medicine are wonderful examples of people who are living this simplicity in their daily lives, and as such are able to inspire others to do the same if they so choose. They are living in connection to the Love within and continually confirming and building this Love with every choice and every move they make. From this there is a wisdom that grows from living in connection to their Soul.

The Universal Medicine practitioners have been a source of continual inspiration to me. The unwavering and loving support I have received has enabled me to make decisions in my own life based on the reality of how my own body is. Some of my choices have been surprising, including my choice last year to stop practising massage and bodywork. I know that this modality is very important, and I may come back to it in the future, but I realised I needed time to build my own loving foundation in my body before trying to treat other people.

An esoteric practitioner is not someone who simply turns up and gives a session with a whole load of skills. To practise esoterically requires an outstanding amount of integrity, and a responsibility and commitment to living true to oneself in every area of one’s life. Every movement, every word, every thought, every choice, every mouthful of food is either healing to the body or harming. The Love and responsibility needs to be to self first, before one can be there for others. It takes time to build up the energy of one’s loving choices in the body, and it takes patience and dedication to remain committed to oneself in that way. The esoteric way of life takes self-love and self-responsibility to a whole new level.

Over time I also realised that I had been under the weight of the identification and ideal I had of myself as a ‘practitioner’, and knew that I needed to let this title go. I could not have predicted how amazing this would feel, and how I now feel free to be ‘me’ without the pressures and expectations I had been putting on myself to be a ‘good’ practitioner. I am now free to build my own self-love, lovingly, in my own time.

I continue to attend the lectures and workshops presented by Universal Medicine, but now I am there as ‘me’, not as ‘a practitioner’. I am beginning to feel how being the true me is more important than trying to be something, and that I can bring the fullness of myself into whatever I choose to do.

I am now working in a busy shop in the centre of London, a regular job that is providing me with a regular rhythm through which I am learning to lovingly support my body. I serve hundreds of customers every day, and I love the opportunity of learning how to stay connected, gentle and true in everything I do, and in each interaction I have. When I am connected I love my job, simply because I am being me, and therefore able to be there fully with everyone else. There is a huge potential for healing here, for me and for those around me, and I am nowhere near a treatment room or a healing couch (!), but simply living and loving my daily life.

To Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, and the whole amazing team – thank you for your unwavering commitment to Love, and for being living and inspiring examples of what is possible for us all.

872 thoughts on “Soul – The Missing Link

  1. We all know when something feels like it is missing from our work/life and it is up to us to connect with ourselves to find out what that might be and change it. This is true empowerment.

  2. Our soul is so missing from the purely functional approach to massage and healing modalities and it is through true healing from our livingness and Universal Medicine that makes all the difference.

  3. In my experience, many of the massage techniques available today do focus on functional success as a means to gauge or read the quality of the treatments. However, with Universal Medicine it has been presented that although functional improvement is great, it is not the whole of the person, it is not inclusive of the being inside. And so I would now say that any bodywork that is done would be wise to include healing for the being too, because it is the being who moves the body, and thus it is the being who can create illness in the body due to its own hurts and dilemmas. This is why we can heal from the inside out and see so much change, because as the being learns to move differently, so too does the body respond with feelings of vitality, ease, and grace.

  4. Soul is the missing link to our true healing. S(s)pirit only takes one so far and often in the opposite direction, seeking relief rather than true healing.

  5. As a complementary medicine therapist, I often joke with my clients and say ‘I hope I never see you again’ – in terms of the success of the treatment 😉 . On that note there are many businesses that thrive on repeat clients but how unethical is it to milk this as a form of income.

  6. When we are connected with our soul we have everything that we are ever going to need because we have access to the whole universe.

  7. Deepening our connection and feeling our body brings the wisdom of the ages – and the soulful impulse we all look for underneath. Supermarket, airport, or on the couch, the possibility to live with Love is always there.

  8. It is interesting to feel the difference between a massage that offers temporary relief to our stress and tensions in the body versus a massage in which we surrender to a deeper connection with our bodies and being. The later offers us the opportunity to look at the ways we may have been moving and behaving in life that do not truly support us.

    1. Mainstream modalities address function and make us fit for more of the same again and thus, we have to go back to it, over and over again, often for the very same problem. And thus, we don’t learn that it is our movements that cause the problem and look on the outside for a fix without ever investigating our role and responsibility in the scenario.

  9. There is indeed no greater form of success or medicine in life than re-connecting to and live fully the love that we are.

    1. Well said Jenny – and if I recall correctly, Serge Benhayon has mentioned that if it is the way that we live that is making us sick, then changing the way that we live could be our best medicine. But this does not just mean ticking the lifestyle and nutrition and exercise boxes as there is so much more to it than just that – we must look at the source of energy that feeds that practice, for herein lies the true answer. Serge has always talked about the fact that energy is the core of everything – everything is energy and everything is because of energy.

  10. What we consider to be a temporal ‘failure’, such as leaving a job, may not in fact be a failure if this opens up opportunities for us to serve others to a greater level than we previously had. It’s important to observe possibilities like a changing career path and not get too attached because of the pay, hours or convenience, because they may be opportunities to evolve, OR to minimise our service to humanity.

  11. I have experienced massage from both with and without soul connection. The one without at times felt great on a physical level but I walked away only with that experience. When it has been with a Universal Medicine practitioner who is in connection with their Soul and I receive the massage with this as its intention, I have felt a very tendering and loving massage, physically it feels beautiful along with physical release, and once coming off the table I can feel how deep I have dropped I have felt the depth of the session which lasts for days afterwards. Two very different styles of massage, one is harming and one is healing.

  12. “What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies.” – This is such a simple and yet very profound truth shared by Rebecca, and one that I seem to have somewhat forgotten until recently, when a coworker and I noticed how we had gotten caught up in focusing on all the things at work that we thought were wrong, unjust, or unfair and the end result was that sure enough, those negative traits were what we got reflected back to us on a regular basis. It was only when we changed our conversations at break and lunch to ones that appreciated the qualities in ourselves and others that we previously were critical of that things began to shift and there was more harmony between people as we worked, even if much of the abuse still prevailed.

  13. The constant searching with the focus being outward will always be never ending, never fulfilling and with a twist of complication. Turn the focus inward and it’s complete and all rather simple.

  14. This is so important and I can really relate with what you have shared in that we ‘think’ we are getting somewhere with healing or development when in truth we are just going round and round in circles. Only this morning when reading the title of your blog I asked myself what exactly am I living. I also love what you have shared in .. why focus on tension, muscle or emotional pain when we can go straight to Soul! Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are certainly an Amazing team dedicated to brining true truth and healing to humanity.

  15. I love the fact that our greatest form of medicine is the way that we live as it brings us back to our responsibility about our choices.

  16. “So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.” – what a great line, and yes from my own experience I agree with this. Not being connected to and living from my soul has been behind the reason I feel stressed and anxious, and have made choices that were not good for my health and led to chronic illness. Being connected to my soul means I make choices from love and this is great medicine for my health and wellbeing, as is loving and honouring myself.

  17. Giving ourselves the space to feel exactly how we are operating in our lives and the quality we’re actually bringing is a healing in itself. I was an esoteric practitioner before moving to another country four years ago, so I’ve had this time to really feel the beliefs that were there about what I did and the expectations I had on myself. It’s been a great learning to see how healing can take place by just staying present and bringing all of me to an office job.

  18. We all have our pictures of what it is that we need to do to save the world, some people work hard to become prime ministers and presidents, others study endless hours to become a doctor, third strive to create a global company and reach people from every part of our planet. We strive, drive, and move mountains to change the world, whilst we are screaming in discomfort from the idea of having to change ourselves. Realising that what changes the world is not the big hoo-haa moments, but the tiny, almost unnoticeable ones in the moments of presence.

  19. We cannot complete a jigsaw puzzle if we are missing a piece. At best we can form some sort of vague picture that falls far short of the complete masterpiece we can see when all the pieces are in place. So it is with spirit and Soul and the simple yet vast understanding that comes from this wisdom.

  20. Yes, we can choose to focus on the emotional turmoil and physical ailments, or the steadiness, space and enormous amount of love that we hold within us. When we connect to those inner feelings and solid knowing of who we are, nothing is a drama and nothing is too big to handle. There’s a feeling of more space within and around us.

  21. “I could feel the truth of what was being presented”. I can relate to what you write here about Universal Medicine. I did lots of ‘soul-searching’ and ‘spiritual seeking’ and adopted some practices for a while over the years and had some benefits (none of them long lasting), but like you nothing ever felt 100% right, there was always something that was not quite right.

    Enter Universal Medicine into my life, and I could feel the absolute truth of what was being presented. And I just finished their 2018 Australian Retreat and it was filled with love-bombs of truth, opening my eyes to much. This truth I can feel in my bones.

  22. The difference I have found between the alternative modalities I have tried in the past and Universal Medicine is two fold: the presentation of two different sources of energy, the spirit and the soul, or prana and fire and the responsibility of the client to look at lifestyle, hurts and patterns to self-heal with support of an esoteric pracitioner.

  23. The role of the Soul is something that has been willfully obscured in this world, for when it is included in what we do, the individual who’s been running the show has to take a back seat and stop telling the body what to do. The Soul knows the purpose of Love and makes life simple as can be.

  24. What a difference to look at bodywork from the inside out. This is a cool sharing Rebecca – it shows again how as clients we can give our power away to the therapists to fix us, but in this we choose not to appreciate that true healing starts from within.

  25. Often solutions offer us short term relief, but as you’ve shared Rebecca if you revisit that person or area further down the line, perhaps a few weeks later, this is when you get a clearer indication of whether the solution was a band-aid answer, or a sustainable initiative that offers evolution, development and has stayed strong.

    1. We can busy ourselves for a long time re-applying a bandaid all the while telling ourselves we are making progress – we have to be right, as we are doing something. But when we are willing to be honest and go to the root of the problem the bandaids can become obsolete.

  26. Many years ago I attended a psychotherapy session which was designed to have the ’emotional processing and cathartic release’ the author has mentioned, but the whole process disturbed me greatly that I never went back. During the session, I was asked to go deeper and connect to the anger inside (which was there), but then it turned into a blaming session of those around me who I felt had wronged me. Now I know that this was not true healing because at no point was I asked to responsibility for my part.

    1. Going into emotion to “release it” is a big part of the New Age as well. I read a book by a well known author and it encouraged having an anger release session which the author did using a tennis racket to beat her bed. I’m not judging people’s right to explore emotions and healing in their own way, but I now realise how harmful this was to magnify that energy in my body but believe I was healing myself.

  27. It is not about doing something for someone, it is about working with them. The practitioner is never responsible for someone else’s wellbeing. That puts the client on the driver’s seat of responsibility.

    1. This is true Eduardo clients tend to want to be fixed without taking responsibility as to why they need to go to a practitioner, and practitioners want to feel they are responsible for healing or fixing someone so in affect we are feeding each others needs, but no true healing takes place.

  28. So very true and well said: ‘When we allow life to take over we can become disconnected from our very essence, and this in turn creates stress, disharmony, tension, illness and so on. So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.’ Anything else is purey a form a relief from the excess we have taken on and gone into.

  29. It is so interesting that we often seek relief in modalities such as massage from the tension of not living in connection with the soul.

  30. It is interesting that we often seek relief in massages from the tension of not living in connection with the soul.

    1. this is true Jenny, in fact we use most medical and alternative modalities to find relief so that we can continue to live in the same way and not suffer the consequences that are inevitably calling us back to the soul all the time.

  31. When we don’t consider the effect of the quality of what we do and the impact that has on the body, there is a clearing that has to take place because the body is vibrating to one rhythm and we are moving to another.

    1. This is so true Lucy and this clearing is called ‘illness and disease’ and it is why our greatest form of medicine is the way that we live.

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