Soul – The Missing Link

Rebecca Turner, London UK

When I came across Universal Medicine I had been working as a massage therapist/body-worker for 13 years. I had done an extensive amount of training, always looking for more knowledge and more skills to bring to my work. When working with clients I was aware that we were only touching the surface of the problem. People would turn up with pain or muscle tension, I would administer the techniques I had learned, the tension would be relieved and they would leave… but only to return with exactly the same problem a few weeks later. This was good for business (!), but it was not my idea of helping someone long term, and it did not feel good to me.

I had an impulse to look deeper. I wanted to work with the person in front of me, not just the muscle and bone. I wanted to ask the question ‘WHY’? to all the conditions and pain that were presented to me. I was aware of other mechanical functional treatments I could train in, but they still didn’t answer the question ‘why’?, or offer real solutions on how to prevent these conditions in the first place.

Looking for the answers, I decided to do a 4-year training in body-psychotherapy and deep bodywork. This definitely took me deeper, and introduced me to emotional processing and cathartic release. I became aware of the amount of tension in my own body, and also of the unresolved emotional issues I was carrying around with me – and that these were affecting my body. For four years I went over and over those emotional processes thinking I was healing and releasing them, and doing what I thought was ‘getting to know myself’. I was being encouraged to ask clients to do the same. Although I had definitely gone deeper, it wasn’t feeling right, and I did not have a clear sense of what I was asking clients to do, or where we were going with it. It wasn’t clear to me how any healing could be taking place. I now understand that what I was actually doing was magnifying these issues and not healing myself or others at all, but doing the exact opposite. Ouch!

When I came across Universal Medicine and esoteric healing in 2007 it was a huge relief. All the pieces fell into place, and I could feel the truth of what was being presented. After the first few exercises on my first day I could feel that all the emotional stuff is actually on the periphery, and that this is not who we are at all. In the centre of us, at our very essence, is a big well of Love that is our Soul. The Soul has a warmth that when kindled can radiate throughout the body. This energy is healing. This was the missing link. Why focus on the tense muscles and the physical pain, or the emotional turmoil that is creating them, when you can go straight to Soul? What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies. It is important to address the tension and emotion that is around, but the healing also lies in knowing the greater and true part of us.

With this re-discovered awareness I could feel that my approach to my work and my own life had been back-to-front. I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out. How empowering is this! What this actually means is that each person has the innate ability to heal themselves, and need not be reliant on someone else to be responsible for their health. Obviously modern medicine, bodywork therapies and other modalities have an important role to play in supporting people to heal and indeed are likely to be more effective when supported by the awareness and livingness of daily life when in connection with the energy of the soul.

The answer to my searching question ‘why’? was very simple. When we allow life to take over we can become disconnected from our very essence, and this in turn creates stress, disharmony, tension, illness and so on. So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.

This beautiful simplicity is what Universal Medicine represents and consistently invites us to come back and return to. The esoteric practitioners who have trained with Universal Medicine are wonderful examples of people who are living this simplicity in their daily lives, and as such are able to inspire others to do the same if they so choose. They are living in connection to the Love within and continually confirming and building this Love with every choice and every move they make. From this there is a wisdom that grows from living in connection to their Soul.

The Universal Medicine practitioners have been a source of continual inspiration to me. The unwavering and loving support I have received has enabled me to make decisions in my own life based on the reality of how my own body is. Some of my choices have been surprising, including my choice last year to stop practising massage and bodywork. I know that this modality is very important, and I may come back to it in the future, but I realised I needed time to build my own loving foundation in my body before trying to treat other people.

An esoteric practitioner is not someone who simply turns up and gives a session with a whole load of skills. To practise esoterically requires an outstanding amount of integrity, and a responsibility and commitment to living true to oneself in every area of one’s life. Every movement, every word, every thought, every choice, every mouthful of food is either healing to the body or harming. The Love and responsibility needs to be to self first, before one can be there for others. It takes time to build up the energy of one’s loving choices in the body, and it takes patience and dedication to remain committed to oneself in that way. The esoteric way of life takes self-love and self-responsibility to a whole new level.

Over time I also realised that I had been under the weight of the identification and ideal I had of myself as a ‘practitioner’, and knew that I needed to let this title go. I could not have predicted how amazing this would feel, and how I now feel free to be ‘me’ without the pressures and expectations I had been putting on myself to be a ‘good’ practitioner. I am now free to build my own self-love, lovingly, in my own time.

I continue to attend the lectures and workshops presented by Universal Medicine, but now I am there as ‘me’, not as ‘a practitioner’. I am beginning to feel how being the true me is more important than trying to be something, and that I can bring the fullness of myself into whatever I choose to do.

I am now working in a busy shop in the centre of London, a regular job that is providing me with a regular rhythm through which I am learning to lovingly support my body. I serve hundreds of customers every day, and I love the opportunity of learning how to stay connected, gentle and true in everything I do, and in each interaction I have. When I am connected I love my job, simply because I am being me, and therefore able to be there fully with everyone else. There is a huge potential for healing here, for me and for those around me, and I am nowhere near a treatment room or a healing couch (!), but simply living and loving my daily life.

To Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, and the whole amazing team – thank you for your unwavering commitment to Love, and for being living and inspiring examples of what is possible for us all.

940 thoughts on “Soul – The Missing Link

  1. I really appreciate that Universal Medicine represents and invites us to return to what we know and have always known.
    From my own experience I have hidden and protected what I know to be true because I felt no one was prepared to listen or wanted to know, so I withdrew from life. I have by my silence enabled or stood by and watched our society be completely manipulated by the lies that are constantly circulated to hide the truth.
    The level of deception is so great that if someone stands up and dares to express the truth they are singled out and torn down by a society that isn’t yet ready to hear that we live in an absolutely corrupted world which we have all played our part in building.

  2. What is our essence? We can try to improve or modify our life to be smoother or more comfortable – but so often the amazing beauty of who we truly are can be hard to accept – it’s so so different from how we have chosen to live. We shouldn’t let this put us off though but as you have Rebecca, open up to start to see that none of what we thought was it, is actually true.

  3. Soul – the missing link indeed. The fact is it has always been there. It is we who walked away from it …. time to return ✨

  4. Serge Benhayon is the only person in this life that has truly answered all the ‘Why’ in such a way that it settles our bodies. When our bodies feel settled then those anxious feelings melt away and life seems much easier.

  5. ‘and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out.’ After approaching my issues in this way I can honestly say I have come to true healing. I have let go of most, if not all, of my hurts and am not just more at home in my own skin, I am way more self accepting and self loving than I have ever been.

  6. “What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies.” This is so true and what can be truly horrible is that to deal with the magnification we become numb to it and bury it further into the body. However, the body cannot contain it and it comes out in another form which then makes it even more difficult discern the true cause of the condition and thereby resolve and heal it.

  7. “I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out.” This turns the standard approach to healing on its head.

    1. Our return path to God is to go back in and so all of the time we spend floundering around on the surface is really just us avoiding the truth of who we all are.

  8. Many of us wake up one day and ask the, ‘why’ question, why am I feeling like this, why is this happening or why am I feeling that. And they know deep inside, that whatever they are doing isn’t it.

    Well before I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I was dubious about when I would receive a massage and by whom. I could feel I wouldn’t be left in a state of relaxation. There was something missing and just going through the motion despite how it left me feeling.

    I recall 30 years ago, a colleague had a weekend at a health spa. Whilst there she had a massage and I was intrigued when she explained how she was left feeling. Completely opposite to being ‘relaxed’. She explained that she walked away with this agitation. The masseuse was late arriving and agitated and then went onto massage my colleague.

    So yes, we need to discern everything, ‘every movement, every word, every thought, every choice, every mouthful of food’

    1. “So yes, we need to discern everything, ‘every movement, every word, every thought, every choice, every mouthful of food”. I agree Shushila because every single thing originated from the energy of soul or from the energy of prana and so therefore every single thought, word or action is designed to either lead us back to our soul or keep us traipsing around here, there and everywhere but with our soul. It’s an age old game and one that we need to master in order to return to the truth of who we all are.

  9. Thank you Rebecca, putting our own bodies on the line so we understand what it is sharing has made sense from day one and learning to walk in a way that supports our body also adds so much to our Livingness.

  10. ‘What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies.’ This makes so much sense and I know it to be true. I’ve recently been on training – solution focused. It seems to be in vogue again. It seems to be the opposite of the focusing in on the tense muscles by going to all that is going well but without asking the question of why?
    It too has missed the point.

    Knowing our essence we know what is from our essence and what is not. Choosing our soul we know what doesn’t belong and say no to that. Choosing the what is not makes us stand out from the Soul, stand out in the crowd and that’s why we like it, for the individualism it gives us. What we choose, Soul or not, is our choice and choosing to be aware there is always a choice is how we get to feel the why.

  11. Is it possible that practitioners get exhausted and worn down because of this missing link? Because they are so focussed on fixing their clients themselves that the ease of movement & wisdom that pours through when in connection to our soul is blocked off?

    1. Even as a health care professional I became exhausted, busy doing and running around, hoping that people would like me for every ounce of service I gave to them. Well that was never enough, and absolutely spot on Viktoria, you become exhausted when disconnected.
      It is much different when we are connected to this link, we are more energised and able to work with an ease, it just happens.

      1. Yes, I’m starting to see that regardless of how devoted you are to somebody you will never be able to please everyone. People choose to like you or not and what you do doesn’t really have much to do with it.

  12. An esoteric practitioner is committed to living responsibility to oneself in every area of their life however there is no such thing as perfection. Whatever we choose to do in life, it is a forever unfolding and deepening within the relationship we have with ourselves.

  13. Beautiful; ‘I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out.’

  14. Rebecca, I remember years ago when I first arrived in London meeting you as I was seeing one of your colleagues where you massaged. Now 16 years on, I am thankful to say that I haven’t had any of those massages since then and can feel the benefits of Esoteric Body Massage and the stark difference between he two. Also you look and feel completely different as well since connecting to your quality within and living from there.

  15. Looking back I always wanted to see the client as a whole person and not just the ailment, however the world at large doesn’t typically support us with the time and space to do that even though it is so natural for us.

  16. Great point Rebecca, I too now attend Universal Medicine courses as myself for myself and for sharing with others equally without the sense of being “a practitioner” as such.

  17. I love the absolute clarity in the way true healing is explained in this article. Healing is from the inside out, starting from your Soul who is always there, and not from the outside in.

  18. There is definitely a missing link to why we get health conditions, I always felt this too but never really found the answer until I came to Universal Medicine. One of the key things for me is understanding that we have a being and that we can either be with our spirit or soul, and that being with my soul is very healing for me and fosters a caring and loving way of life, whereas when I source my being from the spirit it is quite harmful to my body.

  19. We all know this feeling – that there is more we can bring, to ourselves, to others, to our work, in service. But as long as we attempt to do this from the outside in, nothing changes and we create more theories and complications, until of course – we discover the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Universal Medicine.

  20. “I wanted to work with the person in front of me, not just the muscle and bone. I wanted to ask the question ‘WHY’? to all the conditions and pain that were presented to me.” When I was a practising Homeopath, I used to ask this question ‘Why’ all the time. For me there had to be something much deeper than simply the physical condition that was being presented. Thank goodness for Serge Benhayon who has answered all my questions and more, and continues to deepen our understanding of true health and the true reasons as to why we get sick.

  21. As much as I am amazed as a practitioner at what a healing treatment can do when given with love I am even more amazed at how people in all walks of life affect the people around them and the consciousness of their profession and or social environment on such a big scale by simply being true to themselves and what they know to be true and loving for everyone equally.

  22. I also experienced the limitations of Band-Aid treatment when I was nursing. We could patch people up, but we couldn’t change the momentum of how people live. I have also been on this race track of life, coming into the pits for a short illness then back out doing the same things that made me sick in the first place. This changed when I discovered the incredible simple art of listening to my body and caring for it.

  23. It is usually not taken into consideration that you improve your professional skills by developing deeper levels of self-love and self-responsibility, but actually that is true for every profession, because it means to deepen oneself as the true person that you are in the sense of bringing forth your potential as a human being. Esoterically said, we evolve from being the son of man to being the son of God, meaning that our capacity/potential to return to our source and therefore activate the innate divine, multidimensional spark is forever present. As far out that may sound, it is very practical and real and simply shows as being a very loving, understanding, caring, inspiring and progressively self-less fellow human being. Of course that reflects in everything that we do and thus also in the effect we have in what we do and in interaction with people.

  24. I also studied as a massage therapist and experienced the same.
    I then started to learn different energetic healing techniques and many times the pains disappeared, but something felt strange. I did not know what energies I worked with.
    After studying with Universal Medicine I became aware how important it is to first feel the Connection with Yourself. This takes care that the energy flowing through comes from Soul.
    This way we can truly bring love through for others so they can re connect back to the love they equally have within.

  25. If we think that life is purely physical we will never understand it and know why certain things happen. Despite the fact that we know nothing is a coincidence, we leave things to “chance” and explain circumstances as “coincidence”.

  26. It is interesting to consider that there are many layers to us as human beings that require healing and that all that can be reached within the body.

  27. Having a massage from someone who is connected to their soul and is offering the client the space to do the same is completely different to someone who is just giving the body a massage. Down to the touch and everything our Soul is deeply loving and supportive.

  28. “I realised I needed time to build my own loving foundation in my body before trying to treat other people.” This is key to all parts of life, you could replace treat with before I build relationships with people, choose what job to do, choose a place to live etc… Once we have a steady loving foundation in our bodies, then we can interact with the world in a much more solid steady way.

  29. If it is true that every one of us is an awesome being playing at being less than that with the attendant long term consequences, then this would have profound consequences for mental health research.

  30. The tension so many of us feel in our lives is offering us the opportunity to see that something is not right with the way we are living.’There is another way’ it says. For me, the way of the Soul is that way.

  31. Lovely to read Rebecca and so very confirming of the sense that ‘there is more’ – more within us than most of us have as yet realised. The magnificence of the Soul is that missing link in healing practices, our true essence and purity, untainted and untrammelled by this existence we have chosen to pursue. It will have its day. That I know for sure.

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