Soul – The Missing Link

Rebecca Turner, London UK

When I came across Universal Medicine I had been working as a massage therapist/body-worker for 13 years. I had done an extensive amount of training, always looking for more knowledge and more skills to bring to my work. When working with clients I was aware that we were only touching the surface of the problem. People would turn up with pain or muscle tension, I would administer the techniques I had learned, the tension would be relieved and they would leave… but only to return with exactly the same problem a few weeks later. This was good for business (!), but it was not my idea of helping someone long term, and it did not feel good to me.

I had an impulse to look deeper. I wanted to work with the person in front of me, not just the muscle and bone. I wanted to ask the question ‘WHY’? to all the conditions and pain that were presented to me. I was aware of other mechanical functional treatments I could train in, but they still didn’t answer the question ‘why’?, or offer real solutions on how to prevent these conditions in the first place.

Looking for the answers, I decided to do a 4-year training in body-psychotherapy and deep bodywork. This definitely took me deeper, and introduced me to emotional processing and cathartic release. I became aware of the amount of tension in my own body, and also of the unresolved emotional issues I was carrying around with me – and that these were affecting my body. For four years I went over and over those emotional processes thinking I was healing and releasing them, and doing what I thought was ‘getting to know myself’. I was being encouraged to ask clients to do the same. Although I had definitely gone deeper, it wasn’t feeling right, and I did not have a clear sense of what I was asking clients to do, or where we were going with it. It wasn’t clear to me how any healing could be taking place. I now understand that what I was actually doing was magnifying these issues and not healing myself or others at all, but doing the exact opposite. Ouch!

When I came across Universal Medicine and esoteric healing in 2007 it was a huge relief. All the pieces fell into place, and I could feel the truth of what was being presented. After the first few exercises on my first day I could feel that all the emotional stuff is actually on the periphery, and that this is not who we are at all. In the centre of us, at our very essence, is a big well of Love that is our Soul. The Soul has a warmth that when kindled can radiate throughout the body. This energy is healing. This was the missing link. Why focus on the tense muscles and the physical pain, or the emotional turmoil that is creating them, when you can go straight to Soul? What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies. It is important to address the tension and emotion that is around, but the healing also lies in knowing the greater and true part of us.

With this re-discovered awareness I could feel that my approach to my work and my own life had been back-to-front. I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out. How empowering is this! What this actually means is that each person has the innate ability to heal themselves, and need not be reliant on someone else to be responsible for their health. Obviously modern medicine, bodywork therapies and other modalities have an important role to play in supporting people to heal and indeed are likely to be more effective when supported by the awareness and livingness of daily life when in connection with the energy of the soul.

The answer to my searching question ‘why’? was very simple. When we allow life to take over we can become disconnected from our very essence, and this in turn creates stress, disharmony, tension, illness and so on. So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.

This beautiful simplicity is what Universal Medicine represents and consistently invites us to come back and return to. The esoteric practitioners who have trained with Universal Medicine are wonderful examples of people who are living this simplicity in their daily lives, and as such are able to inspire others to do the same if they so choose. They are living in connection to the Love within and continually confirming and building this Love with every choice and every move they make. From this there is a wisdom that grows from living in connection to their Soul.

The Universal Medicine practitioners have been a source of continual inspiration to me. The unwavering and loving support I have received has enabled me to make decisions in my own life based on the reality of how my own body is. Some of my choices have been surprising, including my choice last year to stop practising massage and bodywork. I know that this modality is very important, and I may come back to it in the future, but I realised I needed time to build my own loving foundation in my body before trying to treat other people.

An esoteric practitioner is not someone who simply turns up and gives a session with a whole load of skills. To practise esoterically requires an outstanding amount of integrity, and a responsibility and commitment to living true to oneself in every area of one’s life. Every movement, every word, every thought, every choice, every mouthful of food is either healing to the body or harming. The Love and responsibility needs to be to self first, before one can be there for others. It takes time to build up the energy of one’s loving choices in the body, and it takes patience and dedication to remain committed to oneself in that way. The esoteric way of life takes self-love and self-responsibility to a whole new level.

Over time I also realised that I had been under the weight of the identification and ideal I had of myself as a ‘practitioner’, and knew that I needed to let this title go. I could not have predicted how amazing this would feel, and how I now feel free to be ‘me’ without the pressures and expectations I had been putting on myself to be a ‘good’ practitioner. I am now free to build my own self-love, lovingly, in my own time.

I continue to attend the lectures and workshops presented by Universal Medicine, but now I am there as ‘me’, not as ‘a practitioner’. I am beginning to feel how being the true me is more important than trying to be something, and that I can bring the fullness of myself into whatever I choose to do.

I am now working in a busy shop in the centre of London, a regular job that is providing me with a regular rhythm through which I am learning to lovingly support my body. I serve hundreds of customers every day, and I love the opportunity of learning how to stay connected, gentle and true in everything I do, and in each interaction I have. When I am connected I love my job, simply because I am being me, and therefore able to be there fully with everyone else. There is a huge potential for healing here, for me and for those around me, and I am nowhere near a treatment room or a healing couch (!), but simply living and loving my daily life.

To Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, and the whole amazing team – thank you for your unwavering commitment to Love, and for being living and inspiring examples of what is possible for us all.

800 thoughts on “Soul – The Missing Link

  1. You have reminded me what is emotional is on the surface, and if we are looking for what is truly relationship with ourselves, we have to go deeper and access what is within us.

  2. It must set off mental alarm bells when techniques such as massage do not support clients to heal, but rather temporarily improve function. Similarly, I found there was something big missing from my nursing training and our medical understanding of the body. It is only since I discovered the soul, body and spirit that everything about health and illness make sense. It’s a shame that Plato knew all this thousands of years ago but we have conveniently forgotten it.

  3. There must be a lot of practitioners in this world that have thriving businesses because their clients keep coming back time and again without anyone asking the question why, as you did Rebecca. Nothing will ever get healed it the root cause is not addressed.

    1. Very very true kevmchardy, I hadn’t actually considered practitioners from this point of view but its true, if you don’t heal the root cause its effectively like cutting off the top of a weed only to have it grow back again, and again…

      1. I like your analogy Suse, it is so true and makes sense. Sometimes when we cut off the top of a weed it can grow back stronger, and I can see how this is very similar to how we treat illness, disease and our ill behaviours. If we do not address them at the roots, we are simply just covering them up or trimming the tops off them which most likely means they come back stronger.

  4. It is interesting, this model of therapy which is focussed on a cathartic release. And, while I can understand its value and place in the overall journey of coming to understand ourselves, I do wonder if by placing so much emphasis towards the pains we have experienced we do forget the glory of who we are. And perhaps it is not so much a forgetting, but more of an avoidance. Maybe by delving in to the pain exclusively, the power and the beauty is simply not seen. Which is why the work of getting to know again and of re-establishing a relationship with one’s soul is so vital for life moving forward, because without it there is the possibility of being lost in a constant wave of misery and turmoil of not knowing the glory and the beauty of who we are.

  5. I love the fact that you see the value in what you bring Rebecca and that it does not have to involve a treatment couch or the tag of therapist pinned to your chest to bring healing to those you meet.

  6. When we live from a place of true connection with ourselves, we are all practitioners of life regardless of what we do, and we don’t need a ‘therapy’ in our job title to identify us. How amazing to know that it is possible to bring this same quality and inspiration to anyone and to anything that we do.

  7. I have done this myself Rebecca, become identified with a role or a profession. I love what you’ve shared. I agree, how freeing it is to let this need for identification and recognition go. It also allow me to feel and treat everyone I meet as an equal. By holding onto any identification or recognition it blocks true connection and equality.

  8. “I had been treating the body from the outside in, and could now feel with a growing clarity that true healing comes from the inside out. ” I agree Rebecca, and unfortunately we still have a long way to go as there are many who seek the relief and not the true healing that comes from the responsibility of how we live.

    1. Yes Francisco, I’m afraid just seeking relief without the responsibility of true healing is much the norm here as well.

  9. Rebecca I loved your acknowledgement that clients would keep coming back after treatment time and time again, because until you break the cycle by finding the root cause nothing is actually going to change, the problem is many want to find relief rather than start being honest about how they are living, however through that honesty we get an opportunity to deeply heal ourselves.

  10. Going over and over old emotional issues probably feels like it is helping at the time, as there is some form of relief felt in the expression. But what if the tension that needs relieving is due to the rehashing of emotions? It’s like having a coffee because you are tired, which stimulates the flight or fight hormone of cortisol, thus draining you more, which means you need another coffee. It’s a trap that keeps us stuck and the thing we think is helping is actually part of the harm.

  11. It is extraordinary how so many so called treatments actually cement someone deeper in their issues without truly healing at all. I have met many people who have had vast amounts of work done in the past and seem to be completely identified with their story and issues which they long-windedly seek to trot out again without realising nothing has really changed. Once we change the energy and start to truly clear the body this changes, and I can recollect some fine examples of this in action. Thank God for Universal Medicine Therapies that’s what I say.

  12. Someone who has integrity and responsibility to how they first treat/care for themselves before administering this treatment to others, it is a level of healing that most practitioners are not aware of. And yet there is never any perfection in ourselves, so the way we are being true to us when consistently practiced we would also naturally be that with everyone in our lives.

  13. Thank you for this reminder of this simple, yet life-changing Universal law – “What we focus on and give energy to simply magnifies”.

  14. Rebecca, this is gorgeous to work on; ‘I love the opportunity of learning how to stay connected, gentle and true in everything I do, and in each interaction I have’, I am learning this in my work too.

  15. Esoteric healing and massage has become a regular part of my life. These sessions give me a great stop moment to consider and make adjustments to support myself more in work and home life. They are also tremendously nourishing for my body. Everyone seems to be stressed to varying degrees nowadays. I appreciate that I have made a claim to not accept carrying stress as normal and to support myself as much as I can out of this.

  16. I went the same path as a bodyworker professional and also became aware about the fact that being a massage therapist without supporting people to feel the hurts they kept in their body, was just an invitation to feel those emotions and by feeling them allowing them to increase in the body.
    Like you said, true healing comes from within the person. When they allow the love in their body there is a holding in which the hurts can be felt and released. Nothing stays behind, it is released forever.

  17. How awesome it is to find the true missing link, for living was right there all the time and all it takes is a moment to pause, appreciate and move from it’s wisdom. Thank you Rebecca a lovely blog indeed.

  18. “..but I realised I needed time to build my own loving foundation in my body before trying to treat other people” – the very core and basis of any work, job, profession too i.e. a livingness that is not just for those engaged in body-work, medical fields… because essentially ALL jobs contain the element of dealing and interacting with people.

  19. To be able to feel the truth of our whole being and the warmth of the soul does reveal how we have stayed distracted at the level of physiology, emotions and the mental.

  20. I was one of the clients you mention at the beginning of your blog. I would seek out practitioners of various modalities trying to get rid of the pain the was in my back neck and shoulders. I used to ask myself why am I suffering more than most people, I could feel there was something deeper but usually stopped at the fact I rode horses, and had many falls and the work was very physical and demanding. I would be continue with the same practitioner for a while seeking relief but I would be back a week or 2 later. I would then find a new modality and start the cycle all over again. It is only when I met Serge Benhayon that I began to see how I had disconnected from my body and from my Soul. The further I moved away the more painful my body was. It has been a process that has taken quite a few years to completely heal. I am now pain free and when I do get a slight twinge in my back I stop take a few steps back and see what may have happened to cause the pain or discomfort.

  21. When we are trapped in the idea that we are ‘just a person’ the merry go round of incidents and emotional ups and downs grabs us and leaves us feeling justified for our individuality and choices. Soul changes all that and only sees room for Love and evolution -knowing we are all part of something great. Thank you Rebecca.

  22. We can spend our lives looking for answers, but if the search is not genuine, we will only ever come up with solutions!

  23. Identifying ourselves as a practitioner is a big one to crack – identification as any role is an imposition and does not allow all that we are to be expressed. This has been a big learning curve for me and I am still discovering areas of identification and degrees to which I have identified myself with things/roles etc.

  24. It is the universal joke that we look outside of ourselves to confirm and identify ourselves, when all the time we are really craving that re-connection to our own inner heart.

  25. ‘When we allow life to take over we can become disconnected from our very essence, and this in turn creates stress, disharmony, tension, illness and so on. So the root of healing is found in the re-connection.’ I love this reminder to return to the simplicity of what brings true healing.

  26. There are many modalities around that talk about working more than just the physical body and even though I knew that was more than a possibility but a fact but nobody was able to explain to me how this was so with the clarity that I could recognise as truth, until I met Serge Benhayon. What I have learnt is that the Energetic Law cannot be packaged as knowledge, it is an awareness that is to be lived with and applied to every aspect of life.

  27. It is interesting to read about your journey with massage, and how your overall desire was in fact to find a better way or ways to help people. This is beautiful and needs to be deeply appreciated. You had at the core of your work a love for people.

  28. There is an enormous amount to learn about being a practitioner and it is very joyful and sometimes humbling to go through the process.

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