How Did Taking Good Advice Start Meaning You’re in a Cult?

by Suzanne Anderssen, Brisbane Australia

Your article titled New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families is full of holes, innuendos and, to put it bluntly, lies. I totally agree with Dr Rachel Hall in that there are no grounds to call Universal Medicine a cult. People choosing to live a life in harmony with themselves, their partners, families, friends, colleagues and environment should be regarded as something wonderful, celebrated as a way of life.

In one article, we are told by the medical fraternity that caffeine is not good for us. In another we are told alcohol is bad for us. In another, we are told to get more sleep, go to bed at a regular time. Many, many, many people and doctors know gluten is harmful in the body. And many, many others know dairy causes them gastric or allergic issues. So when someone (be they male or female) decides to listen to themselves and to the many medical articles that have been written separately, and decides to follow all of that advice at the same time, then it is considered weird, cult-like behaviour. How weird is that?

The treatments Universal Medicine practitioners offer are nothing short of beautiful, caring procedures. There is no impropriety involved in an esoteric breast massage whatsoever. The creams used have been created by people who treat themselves to an amazing amount of self-love, and thus the end product created is one of integrity and care for its users. Don’t buy it if you don’t agree.

And to the journalists Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh, you should be ashamed of yourselves for insinuating that it is normal for men to touch their partners without their permission. This is not normal behaviour. If I ever lived in a relationship where it was okay to be touched by anyone without giving my permission, I would leave in a second. Being touched without permission is nothing short of assault.

90 thoughts on “How Did Taking Good Advice Start Meaning You’re in a Cult?

  1. Thank you Suzanne for a very clear and powerful response to the extremely harmful reporting by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh. A great opportunity squandered by these two to be able to present truth to humanity by choosing instead to resort to lies and sensationalism. And the public also have a responsibility in this when it comes to choosing what to read.

  2. Universal Medicine being a cult is just farcical. Any true investigative journalist could discover and report the truth in a minute, for many journalists that is not their intention. I look forward to the day that changes.

  3. ‘So when someone (be they male or female) decides to listen to themselves and to the many medical articles that have been written separately, and decides to follow all of that advice at the same time, then it is considered weird, cult-like behaviour. How weird is that?’ Definitely weird Suzanne, very well said.

  4. Hear, hear Suzanne, I agree with all you say. One has to conclude that there needs to be the return to true journalism, true reporting with true investigations, with real concern for people and for humanity at large. Whatever are these so called ‘journalists’ on about?

  5. It really is sad that many see one who chooses to live in a way that honors and respects their body, to the degree where what they eat and how they live changes, because it is felt that the old ways were not honouring and respectful. What if just doing this in our lives could enrich our health and wellbeing, bring back a true sense of responsibility and to boot, relieve the pressure on our health systems. Now this is what needs to be reported.

  6. I love the header of this blog Suzanne, it exposes their own stupidity of what they are trying to make be doom and gloom.

  7. If looking after yourself means you’re in a cult then the world is truly crazy. I don’t care what anyone says – I’m going to look after myself until the end!

  8. It is crazy to think you are treated with suspicion or said your in a ‘cult’ because you make lifestyle choices that are truly loving and supportive, you lose excess weight, become more productive at work, deepen all your relationships, have more energy and vitality, become more engaged in the community – who is really living in a cult? I leave it for you to decide.

  9. It just makes no sense for these journalists to call Universal Medicine a cult just because we have chosen to make life style choices that are loving and healing to our bodies, this way of bringing in self love is so foreign to a world that is all about self identification which brings abuse to the body in many varied ways.

  10. The true story here has been overlooked for the push for sensationalism and showing headlines. I can see now how many people are swayed away form knowing the truth because of the doubt that is portrayed within sections of the media. The true and very worthwhile story is that many people are changing everything about their lives and it’s making a difference.

  11. ‘Being touched without permission is nothing short of assault.’ It is assault plain and simple. In legal terms it’s called Common Assault. I volunteer in a hospital for people with neurodisabilities and during our training we were shown that even touching someone gently on for example, their arm or shoulder without permission is Common Assault. It is not OK however normalised it has become.

  12. Well said about this irresponsible piece of journalism printed by the Courier Mail, Suzanne.
    To so-brand people who are inspired to actually improve their lives and care for themselves, as so many students of Universal Medicine are doing, is impossibly ridiculous – and yet, there it is, in print.
    We have a long way to go in order to fully call our media – at least sectors such as this – to account.

  13. Suzanne thank you for clarification in your awesome blog that Universal Medicine is not a cult . . . I am sure these journalists have never been in a cult otherwise, they would describe it differently or the only reason why they wrote it like this was to get more newspapers sold. If that would be the case then something very important is out of order.

  14. Branding something a cult inappropriately immediately casts suspicion and judgment on it which is always the intention.

  15. At Universal Medicine everyone is free to come and go as they choose. It is a sad reflection on much of journalism today that many who call themselves journalists jump on the bandwagon of the sensation seeking cult-ure of rubbishing what they have not bothered to find out for themselves.

  16. When a woman is touched even by their partners in a way which is inappropriate and without the respect she rightly deserves, a woman has every right to say ‘No’. Why should it be any different? It is appalling that we as women have got to this place of utter disregard where our society even considers that this behaviour is normal and acceptable.

  17. In our current modern society, it is considered very normal to go to the gym obsessively, even if that includes replacing meals with protein shakes and partying religiously on the weekend and training hard again to work it off. This is just one of the many lifestyle choices we accept as normal….but why? Why is it that we are completely unchallenged by a person living in this way? And further more why are we so challenged by someone making positive lifestyle choices after attending Universal Medicine events? It seems very convenient that an organisation like Universal Medicine becomes the villain, the cult, the strange thing, when in truth it is the most all-encompassing and deeply considerate philosophy I have been privy to, to date. There is no obligation to sign up or attend and it is open to the general public. There really is nothing weird, well nothing weirder than what is already accepted by many, but very interesting that most people try to put it in the weird box, for as long as it sits on the ‘cult’ side of the room, nobody has to ask themselves why they are not living this true model of health.

  18. It should be front page news the miracles that have happened in the lives of the students of Universal Medicine, through choosing to be responsible and make self loving choices they have a vitality and a joy that they have not experienced before. Totally opposite to the lives of people living in a cult.

  19. “And to the journalists Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh, you should be ashamed of yourselves for insinuating that it is normal for men to touch their partners without their permission.” . . . Thank you Suzanne and for this . . . “Being touched without permission is nothing short of assault.”

  20. Most people do weird things, things that are harming to themselves and to others. Yet, they and these get accepted as mainstream and normal. Some people revise the concept of what is normal according to what they do to the body and they are accused to being in a cult. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

  21. This article and the story is it writing to, was some time ago now but many of the comments still linger. It’s not up to me to convince or prove things one way or another as most wouldn’t listen anyway. What I do continue to do is live what I talk and everyday it changes and moves. Each day my eyes open to something that I may not have understood or seen in that way before, there is a freshness to life. People can believe whatever they need things to be but that won’t hold me back from enjoying the difference in what I see and what I feel. My life has changed significantly for the better from my association with Universal Medicine and so with respect call me what you like, the people that know me know who I am.

  22. I agree Suzanne, soon as anyone does anything to support themselves whether it be dietary changes or live differently, you are labeled.
    I have been called ‘weird’ by staff members because I do not eat diary, gluten or salt but the end of it all is that I have simply made choices to support me and my body and they have made their own choices.

    As for most journalists their profession is based on shocking people by either dooming or dramatical news – it’s the way of the profession but there is often another side to the story that is often unexplored.

  23. Yes clearly stating – it became obvious to me that the level of integrity in the journalists, listed above, would have to be very low that they have come to attack a company that works from absolute integrity and love, and try to make it look bad, whilst actually it brings the absolute truth to mankind. Now that to me this is a dangerous form of journalism – which is not at all what journalism is about – and the fact that this is possible is very alarming and should not be accepted by us at all.

  24. Perhaps the reason others react so strongly to those who make loving changes in their lives like no longer drinking alcohol, feeding their bodies nourishing food, going to bed early etc, is because they can see that these would be loving choices to make for themselves, but it all seems too hard. When we are entrenched in a comfortable way of living it does seem rather scary to even begin to think about making changes, let alone start to make them.

  25. Suzanne you bring up a great point about inappropriate behaviour, being touched without permission is abuse, and now many well known actors, and prominent people are being brought to account for inappropriate behaviour, I recently heard one say ‘it may have been acceptable a decade ago, but it is not acceptable now’, when in truth it is never acceptable.

  26. Sadly, we have allowed a culture to generate massive mistrust of anything that offers a point of difference outside the deemed normalcy of comfort and security that we have settled for, due to our lack of awareness and being able to discern what is true and what is not, as a result of overriding our bodies and sense of truth. The fact that we have allowed abuse to be an accepted part of life is not right and obscene, and admitting that the way we live has had a hand in this culture developing is not always accepted easily, and often we think it is easier to blame another or another group. Choosing to live with love in our lives may not, at this point seem normal, but this only highlights just how far away we are living from a truly honouring, respectful and harmonious way.

  27. You can twist anything to look bad if you want to, it makes no sense when all our healthcare systems are bowing under the pressure of just how unwell we are as a society to criticise and ridicule people who simply choose to look after their own health and well-being.

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